First true cuckold experience.

This is the true story of the first girl who really cheated on me.
I had experiences before this. I highly recommend reading my first story posted on my profile.
You'll have a lot more information, and will be able to get a better understanding of, where I am coming from.

This is the first time a was a true cuckold.
It was about 5 or 6 months after my experience with Celina, I had moved on a little but not really.
I was still hanging out and skating with Colton and Christian(Who is Celina's little 8roth3r)
School had started we were all trying to adjust to the new pace, trying to figure out who we are.

I had a sweet girlfriend who I loved very much. She was smart and cute, blue eyes ,with braces.
Her name was Rylee.
We had been together about 4 months. She told me that she was a virgin, and we had obviously never had sex. I wanted her tight young body SOOOO badly.
We would roll around on my bed dry humping and kissing.
She let me finger her a few times, and feel her breasts.
Every time I tried to take her shirt off she would never let me.

Here's some pictures of her.

One day I had a bunch of people over at my house because my parents were out of town.
She brought her friend Kassie to my house. Kassie was a tall leggy blonde I found sexy as hell. This girl did not like me.
We had went out briefly, and broke up for some reason I cant remember.
I told everyone she kissed like a dead fish.
But she was pretty hot. I later had an experience with her that I will write about.

So it was me ,Rylee , Kassie, Colton, Malcolm, Eliot, and Christian.

Again Christian is Celina's little b*o.
This k** is a couple years younger then us. He was so damn cocky and desperate for attention.
I used to call him "Jock Strap" a nickname I gave him because he was always jocking himself.
The minute the girls got there he was gunning for their attention.
We were outside skating on this ramp I had built in my driveway.

Then Eliot, who was a lot older then us, busted out a bag of mushrooms.
My girl hated it when I smoked weed. So you can imagine how livid she probably was when I crowded around the bag with almost everyone else.
So everyone but Rylee, Kassie , and Christian is high on mushrooms.

I proceed to make an ass of myself.
Acting like a moron completely off in trip world.
I don't remember exactly what happened. Everything's rather hazy.
Anyway I ended up taking off my pants cause "I couldn't skate with them on."
So I take my pants off and skate around like a jack ass for a while.

At this point Rylee was pouting and acting mad. Kassie im sure, was talking MAD shit on me.
Rylee looked pissed and Kassie shot me a dirty look before they went into the house.
It was ruining my trip, I cared about my relationship with her and didn't want it to end.
I followed them into the living room, trying to get her to talk to me.

Finally I got her to look at me. She started yelling at me, telling me off.
In the middle of her scolding, Christian came up behind me and pulled down my boxers.
Rylee had never seen me naked or touched my dick before. And I was on mushrooms so I was getting some pretty severe shrinkage.
I watched the girls faces turn from disapproving glares to light up sheer amusement.
I quickly pulled my boxers back up as Rylee giggled and Kassie right out laughed.
"Oh my god" They both said as I felt the numbing embarrassment creep through my body.
That was probably the most defining moment of my sexual life.
I could feel the bl**d rushing to my face and ears.
I didn't know what to say. I felt like id fallen off the world and was just hanging out there.

I wasn't sure what to do so I went back outside and sat on the lawn watching everyone else skate.
While I was tripping on the lawn, Christian was sweet talking my girl.
I bet he was telling her that I was pathetic.
That his cock was bigger then mine, despite being younger.
I could tell Kassie really liked him.
Considering she's usually a cock blocker.
I don't know what was said but, I do know that he ended up taking her up to my room, while Kassie
waited on the couch.

After about 20 minutes on the lawn trying to get my crazy whirlwind of emotions to simmer down.
I realized that Christian had not come back out to skate.
Meaning he was inside my house with Kassie and Rylee.
I knew he was probably hitting on her.
But I was too ashamed and embarrassed to show my face for another 10 or 15 minutes.

Finally I decided I couldn't have him in there alone with my girl and her friend.
I went back into the house to find Kassie sitting alone on the couch.
"Where's Rylee?" I asked.
She ignored me.
I asked again, louder.
She looked up from her cell with a nasty smirk on her face.
"We went up to your room to use the computer." She said
"I came down here because I was on the phone.""

I suddenly got a very sick feeling in my stomach.
I didn't even answer her I just turned and headed towards the stairs.
My heart and mind were both racing.
I knew what was probably happening, and in MY bedroom.
I stopped at the top of the stairs.
I was dizzy and high and was SO nervous and anxious about what I was about to see, when....
Christian walks out of my room.
The cocky little shit didn't say a word but gave me a look as he passed me on his way down the stairs that said it all. It was a look and body language that clearly said "I fucked your girl"
A smirk that said "She was a little slut for me."
A glitter of Alpha male triumph in his eyes.

I stood in the hallway for a second, trying to absorb what I just saw.
The mushrooms made everything so hazy. But intensified and expanded my emotions as if they were a
beam of light passing through a prism.
The feeling of looming doom, horrified shock mixed with agonizing jealously and embarrassment, combined with a desire to KNOW. And underneath it all a strange sense of excitement.

I opened the door to my bedroom and walked in.
She was lying fast asl**p on my bed.
Her hair was messy and her jeans were unzipped.
Her shirt was on backwards and inside out.
The room smelt like sweat and there was a vague smell of pussy also.

I saw these things and I knew.
I knew my girl had given herself to another guy. And on my bed no less.
She had allowed him to take her most precious and intimate gift.
She would never really be mine anymore.
I fell to my knees beside the bed.
I crawled up next to her and pushed the hair out of her face with my finger, hoping to wake her.
But she didn't notice at all.

Now that I was closer I could see the evidence of her betrayal all over my bed.
The blankets had been kicked aside onto the floor, and the sheets were barley on the bed pealing off from 2 corners.
The bed was so damn wet. And it STUNK.

I got up onto the bed and laid next to my girlfriend.
She was laying on her side ,facing me, fast asl**p.
I attempted to wake her up again, this time by gently kissing her face.
I could taste the sweat and see finger marks around her neck, as if he had been choking her from behind.
She didn't wake, so I sat and stared and tripped out on the celling fan for a while.
I couldn't believe what had just happened. I kept expecting to wake up.

Suddenly I had an inspiration.
I decided I wanted to strip her down a little and see how messy she was.
To try and figure out exactly what she did with him.
I started slow just to see if she would wake up.
I ran my hand up her shirt and felt her tits through her bra. I noticed it was not done up properly.
Slowly and delicately worked her shirt up to her armpits and began to lift her bra up.
She had petite little 32b's, with the cutest pinkest nipples I've ever seen.

When I had her bra up and I could see her tits I was overcome with a meaty lusty feeling.
I had never seen this much of her before.
Naturally I started jerking off my dick which had begun to get hard.
Stroking franticly with one hand I reached with my other down the front of her unzipped jeans.
Crawling around with my hand I could feel that only one of her legs were in her panties causing them to bunch up a little around her crotch.
They were SO DAMN WET.
I was sure she must have let him cum inside her.
The smell that came from her crotch confirmed this for me.
It smelt like male cum very strongly.

I pushed passed all the evidence of her betrayal and stuck my fingers in her pussy.
It was so warm and sticky and wet. And STRETCHED, I bet he really was big. Id never felt it so puffy and swollen.
I had fingered her before but never felt It that moist and nasty before.
I got even more turned on, and began sucking on her perfect little breast.
At this point I must have gotten to frisky and she started to wake up.
A few months ago I had stolen some socks from Celina's room and had started to develop a serious foot fetish.
And Rylee had some ticklish feet. I would always try to tickle her feet when we were fooling around. She loved it!

So I decided I was going to wake her up by licking her feet.
Like the rest of her body her feet were very cute and petite.
She had some cute blue nail polish on that was chipping slightly.
I rubbed her feet on my bare rock hard cock for a couple minutes until I came with her dick in-between my toes, making a big mess all over her leg and foot.
Not wanting her to know what I just did I franticly wiped my cum off her with the sheet of the bed.

(Later after discovering and embracing cuckolding, I began to regret not licking my cum off her gorgeous feet.)

I started to lick from bottoms to toes.
I licked in-between her toes especially.
When I finally put her foot in my mouth, she woke up with a
"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I don't know I thought you would like it." I said sheepishly.
"Sorry im really high. "

"Fuckin weirdo" She said irritated as she rolled over so her back was to me.
I was so sure she had been awake for sometime and knew everything id done.
I put my arm around her so my hand was on her tit.
She brushed it off , sat up and put her clothes on properly.
There seemed to be something ugly in the room with us.
A sense of betrayal, and shame. From both me and her.
At one point she gave me a guilty look with those big blue eyes.
But neither of us said anything or discussed it ever again.
Later I found a used condom left blatantly on the floor of my bathroom leaking cum all over the tile. Left there like "Yeah I fucked your girl, do something."
I conquered that they must have had sex twice. Once with a condom and one time without the condom.
I bet he did have a way bigger dick then me, the load in the condom would have taken me 3 or 4 to produce that much. and he was a couple years younger!

Me and Rylee dated for about a year after that. Im ABSOLUTLEY sure that was not the last time she cheated on me. I suspected her of cheating on me with Colton as well.

From time to time she would make fun of my dick.
And I would say things like "Oh you just wait" "One of these days"
She would always just laugh knowing she would never fuck me.
I came close a couple times but she always shut me down.
Once it seemed like she was down but changed her mind.

Kassie however spread my "Little secret" to just about everyone she could.

Im 5 and a half inches now and this was like 7 years ago.
So I can imagine I was smaller then that at the time.
Not a very impressive size.
I guess apparently all my friends had bigger cocks then me.
And that's what happens when your not quite adequate.

Annoying little twerps get to fuck your girl.
And you don't.....


Thanks for reading!
This is my true story of how I became a real cuckold.
Please comment.
Let me know what you thought and what you think of her pics.
Id love to hear your 2 cents.

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1 month ago
So it's true xD
1 month ago
SUB112 learn fuckin english
1 month ago
You talking so much bullshit. This sould be your girlfriend?
5 months ago
Ohh sexy! you can write love this! Keep it comming!
5 months ago
That is a real (and cute) cuckold story but your GF Rylee wasn't a virgin to start with, she just wasn't interested in sex with you.
5 months ago
very hot!
i had very similar experience with a few of my well hung friends fucking my girlfriend and i became a cuckold too!
6 months ago
Oh it did.
The mushrooms certainly didn't help.
And now I have an obsession , which is why im here looking at porn, fantasizing about being a cucky.
6 months ago
I may have commented on the wrong story - check my comment on the other one :) I'm amazed this didn't destroy you
6 months ago
She's a cutie, but I would've fucked her and then popped on her face.
6 months ago
another great story I wouldn't have been able to resist licking the cum off her feet though