How I discovered I was a cuckold. Agonizing Jelous

How I discovered I was a cuckold. The first time I felt that agonizing jealousy.

This is a true story of how I discovered I liked to watch girls I cared about get fucked by other guys.
This experience would start an obsession and a desire that will be with me the rest of my life.

I was in my EARLY teens and it was the summer before I started my new school.(So wait we have 7 different teachers now??!)
I had a few skateboarding buddy's and we would all hang around at my "Friend" Christians house.
I didn't ever really like him. He was 2 years younger then me and he was WAY better and skating then I was.(This is the k** that later ends up fucking my girlfriend in my first true cuckolding experience.)
Anyway, he had a hot tub and a home movie theater in his house, and more importantly, he had the most beautiful older s****r named Celina.
This girl was SO gorgeous. She had long brown hair with blonde streaks, pale skin, the longest sexiest legs and the greenest eyes I've ever seen. The kind of beauty that is capable bending the wills of men and turning them into submissive cucks. And she was kind of a slut.
I was so in love with this girl. Just the hugest crush.
We would hang out and I would try so hard to make her laugh. Often successfully.
I used to do favors for her. Such and helping her with her chores.
Every night I would imagine that I was holding her.
Every time I stayed at their house I fantasized that she would invite me into her room.

It was the middle of the summer and we were staying over their a lot.
We would hang out in the hot tub every night.
One night when we all got out I went into the bathroom to change.
Well I forgot to lock the door and one of her friends Melissa, caught me with my pants down.
This girl was a bit of a bitch. Very malicious.
I had just got out of water so I was much smaller then I normally look.(Im 5 1/2 inches now, at the time I was much smaller.)
She saw everything. Deer in the headlights. She says "Oh my god" and closes the door.
I could hear her on the other side laughing. I was SOOO embarrassed.

We spent the rest of the night in Christians room playing Xbox, where we could hear the 4 girls in the next room laughing. I was positive they were talking about what Melissa had seen in the bathroom.
I could hear them talking about it. Making jokes about me.
I specifically heard "Well he is half Asian"
The next day Melissa and the other girls were calling me "baby dick".
Celina laughed but didn't really ridicule like the other girls.
But she did make a few choice comments and jokes at my expense.
I just played it off, saying "You don't even know".
Melissa called me "baby/tiny" for the rest of the time I knew her.

I few days after that embarrassing incident, we were again staying at her house.
This time her friends were not there.
It was me Christian and our other friend Colton.
Colton was a short pasty k**. He was the kind of dude that would bad mouth you behind your back.
He would say anything to get a laugh. A real two faced little liar. He could be pretty funny though.
Despite being white as a sheet, he always claimed to be half black. I never saw it.(although maybe she did)

After skating all day, the three of us ended up watching a movie in his basement.
Christian passed out 15 minutes into the movie and me and Colton were not really into it.
So we decided to go upstairs and hang out with Celina.
We crept up the stairs to her room and knocked on the door.
I think she might have been masturbating because the door was locked, which was practically unheard of.

She let us in, Colton had some weed so we smoked it and we all ended up lying side by side in her bed with Colton in between us.
From the moment we walked into the room I felt like the third wheel.
She seemed annoyed by my jokes and everything I said.
Laughing at all the jokes Colton's cracking, many of them he stole from me.
She was treating me like a nuisance. Like an annoying little k**.

At some time during all of this, he started to finger her underneath the blanket.
I could tell cause the bed was shaking from her tremors, and his short restricted movements as he tried to finger her discreetly. At this point I felt like I was in a bad dream.
The weed and the rushing bl**d as my heart beat faster and faster made it seem so surreal.
I got up and tried to move to the other side of Celina. She was right up against the wall and made absolutely no attempt to let me in.
"Will you scoot over?" I asked." They had started to kiss and I was completely ignored.
I felt so foolish standing over them on the bed trying to get on the other side of her.
I wanted her so badly. I wanted to be a part of what was happening.
Finally I decide im going to f***e my way next to her.
I squeeze my way next to her, and now im squashed between her and the wall.

She's mad at me now and turns towards Colton so her back is to me.
I sniff her neck and start to feel her ass.
She lets me feel her up while she passionately kisses my friend.
I slowly stick my hand down her pajama pants.
I start to think that shes going to let me fuck her.
I begin to finger her. Her pussy was so damn wet, I could feel how SOAKED her panties are and i almost cum.
I got 2 fingers in and starting to give her a good fucking when I think she got irritated with my technique, or maybe she just didn't want me, im not sure.
But she rolled on top of Colton, away from me and to the other side of the bed.
At that point I realized, it wasn't going to happen.
That she didn't want me. That I wasn't adequate for her. That I was going to have to lay here,
and watch my supposed friend, fuck the girl I felt like I was in love with.

At that moment I felt the strangest rush.
This feeling of insane jealously and anger.
My heart was racing as I listened to the two of them. I felt so dizzy and sick.
I couldn't believe what was happening. It felt like my soul it self was aching.
But I was SO turned on.
At this point Celina finally says something to me.
"Can you get out?" She says

"Do I have too?" I ask.
"Come on can I pleeease stay?"
I honestly think she would have let me stay, but Colton not wanting to be cock blocked said
"Dude get the fuck out."
I don't know if I would have been able to lay there and watch her get fucked anyway.

I went back downstairs feeling the most inadequate I've ever felt.
The burning jealously in my heart was enough to make me sick.
I tried to watch the movie that was still playing, but some how "The Rundown" isn't enough to
distract you when the girl you love is getting fucked a little douchebag.
All I could think about was what they were doing up there.
I wondered if she would suck his dick.
If she would make him wear a condom.
If she would let him inside her ass.
If she would let him cum inside her or swallow him.
I sat there in that dark basement theater in my state of panic and metal anguish, with my tiny cock in my hand sucking on the fingers that had been in Celina's pussy.
Imagining what he was getting to do to her.
I could still smell and taste her on my fingers.
The smell drove me crazy, and finally I couldn't take it anymore.
I had to go upstairs and see.

I crept up the stairs feeling the most lustful horny feeling I've ever felt in my life.
I was about to hear Celina getting fucked by my backstabbing fake ass best friend.
I got to the top of the stairs and I could hear the mattress squeaking, and Colton moaning.
I was scared to get too close or to approach to fast for fear they would detect me.
She was sucking his dick, I could hear the sloppy sounds of spit and slight gagging.

"Oh my god this thing is big" She said.
"I want it inside me"
"Please?" She pleaded.

I could not believe what I was hearing. He was living my fantasy.
Some little arrogant lying two faced bastard, and she was begging him to fuck her.
It hurt so bad. I felt like I was going to throw up.

"Bend over" He said.
"Okay" She said subserviently.

The jealousy was unreal. But my cock had never been harder in my life.
She was about to get fucked. Celina, my love , was about to willing give herself to another man.
I started to creep closer. I HAD to see it. I had to see her get fucked.
I post up in the door way, which was how I had left it when I walked out in my jealous rage, halfway open.
There was a dresser next to the door and a pile of dirty laundry, I hid behind that in the door frame.
And listened to him go into her.
There was a wet sticking noise and a sharp intake of air as she received his manhood.
She moaned. A deep, lustful moan. None of the girls I had ever been with had moaned like that.
Not even close.
"Oh my god" she said.
"That's right" Cotlon said
"Good girl."

She moaned again, as he began to thrust into her.
I could hear the squeaks of the bed , they coincided with her moans of ecstasy.
I spotted the panties she had been wearing, the ones that were soaked.
I saw that, and a dirty sock. I slowly peaked around the dresser.
What I saw made me forget all about the panties.
I saw Colton taking her from behind with two hands on her breasts.
They both had the look of two people who are new to sex.
Trying to get the rhythm down.
I watched in a horrified fascination as Colton took the girl I had such feelings for.
Took her so completely. She was so fully his. Again, the jealously was indescribable.

I noticed her panties and socks again and slowly made a reach for them.
I put her soaking wet panties to my nose and too a deep lustful breath in.
Im telling you I have NEVER smelt anything soooo good in my life. (I still have the panties.)
I wrapped the panties around my dick and reached for the socks.
Still stoking my cock and listening to my girl get fucked.
I ended up with 2 different socks.
One must have been her gym pair because they were sweet smelling.
The other one smelt but it wasn't as pungent.

I laid on my side with my body out in the hallway so only the top of my head and eyes were visible.
I doubt either one of them would have noticed me anyway. They were so overcome with lust.
I put the sock over my dick and the panties in my mouth while I smelled the other sock and stroked madly as I watched him pleasure my girl.

"Why don't you sit on me" Colton demanded.
"What ever you want" Celina replied.

She sighed again as he entered her.
Colton sat up to kiss her. The sound she made while he held her and gently kissed her with his cock inside her, was a sound of complete content.
She pushed him down and began to ride his cock like a champ.

Watching her completely give herself to him in such a way, while her tits were bouncing in the dull light of her desk lamp was enough to make me cum.
I came. HARD. Into her sock.

I must have been quite the site.
Sitting in the hallway, pants half way down with my tiny spent cock in a now cum filled sock.
A pair of panties in my mouth and a smelly sweaty sock on my face, watching my girl ride another guy.

I hear Colton say
"Im going to cum"

Celina said. (and this really broke my heart)
"Cum inside me"
"I want to give myself to you" I mean what teenage girl says that? I was so horrified, and jealous.

I started getting hard again.
Colton groaned.
She let out a lusty tired sounding moan.
I started to cry. I was soo hurt. She did it. She actually did it.
She gave herself to him completely.
She received his orgasm. And when a girl receives a mans orgasm...... she becomes his.
In body and spirit.
They laid there for a moment, her on top of him , the sounds of the mattress and creaking wall gone. Just breathing.

Then she said

"I want to taste it. do you mind if I taste you?"

"Of course not!" he said eagerly.

I watched the girl I loved cup her hand over her pussy as she got up, catching all the cum in the palm of her hand.
She submissively ate the cum from her hand. looking into his eyes the whole time.
The slurping sounds were amazing.
She started to suck his cock again, which of course was getting hard again.

He flipped her over onto her back and came again on her face and in her mouth.
I came again into her sock.....

They were both done, he rolled off her and they passed out almost immediately.
I knew the show was over but laid their on the floor for a long while.
Finally I took the sock off my dick and threw it back on the laundry pile.
I took the panties and gym sock with me back down to the basement.

I laid there for a long while, listening to the dvd menu of The Rundown.
Around 4 Colton came back down into the basement.
I pretended to be asl**p. He fell asl**p and I just laid there, thinking about what I just saw, what I just did, what I just missed out on.

I was so angry. I started to get horny again smelling her panties, and sock.

I decided FUCK THIS im going back up there.
I wasn't sure what I was hoping to accomplish.
It first I thought I was going to go there and get the sock I had left on the floor, the one I had came in.

But when I went into her room, I stood over her and watched her sl**p for a moment.
The room was so humid. It stunk like sex and sweat.
Untill she opened her eyes slightly and looked up at me.
Those big green eyes.
She says
"Come here"

This feels even more like a dream then earlier.
I take off my shirt and slip into her bed, pulling the covers over us.
I can feel how wet the bed is from there sweat.
She slides up next to me, puts her finger on my chin, turns my head..... and kisses me.
I hesitated for a split second. Then I had the best most passionate kiss of my entire life.

I couldn't taste the cum in her mouth, but I knew it had been there.
I could however taste the dried bits of cum on her face, and I could feel it in her hair as I ran my fingers through it.
It felt like she was trying to put her whole tongue in my mouth.
She told me to open my mouth. Then spit into my mouth.
She did that several times.
I returned the favor. I kissed her sooo deeply, trying to lick the entire inside of her mouth.
The fact Colton had cum in her mouth, only an hour or so ago was in the back of my mind.
At the time I didn't care , I just wanted her SOOO desperately.

She pushed my head down toward her pussy.
At this point I was hesitant. Not sure why, he came in her mouth and I had been licking that like a dog at peanut butter.
But I went down between her legs.
When I got down there I saw the reminisce of a messy messy creampie.
I could see it dried up on her leg, and in the crack of her ass.
I could also see it in the tiny amount of pubic hair she had.

I gingerly poked my finger into it.
I could feel the wetness, the reminisce of her betrayal.
I felt angry again.

"Whats wrong?" She asked maliciously.

"Come on I want you to eat my pussy."
"Will you eat my pussy for me?"

I lowered my head to her, and took my first taste of creampie.
To taste the evidence of infidelity is one of the most lustful most exhilarating feeling.
I ate her out for 15 minutes , while she giggled.
It sounded maniacal to me. Like she was enjoying making me eat another mans leftovers.

I licked every inch of her down there.
I licked all the dried cum that had run down her legs.
I licked all the cum from her ass crack.
I ate it out of her pubic hairs.
I sucked it out of her like a vacuum.

"Do you want to fuck me?" She said
"Do you want to get those sloppy seconds baby dick." I almost came when she said that.
Thank god i didn't.
I franticly climbed on top of her.
"Lets see whattcha got tiny"

I was eager to punish her for all the shit she had put me through.
I was going to fuck her HARD. She was going to be sorry.
She was going to want my dick again.

I entered her.
She fucking giggles.
No moaning.
No lustful cries.
She laughed.
She made some comment about Asian guys, and I was pissed off.
I started to fuck her as hard as I could.
I focused on fucking her as hard and fast as possible.
I wanted her to give herself to me like she did with Colton.

She fell asl**p.

After about five minutes of me pounding franticly I looked up and noticed she was fast asl**p.
That was the most embarrassed and the most emasculated and worthless id felt all night.

I decided I was going to fuck her awake.
I Sat up off her so I was on my knees with my cock in her.
I put her leg on my shoulder and fucked her that way for a while.
I wanted to lick and suck on her feet, so I did that.
I rubbed my cock on her tits.
I tried to put my cock in her mouth but it didn't really work.
So I grabbed the sock I had came in earlier and tried to feed it to her.
She actually ate a lot of it. (Soo hot)
Finally I realized I could probably fuck her ass.
I leaned down to stick my fingers in her ass and taste it again and to lube it up a little. I needn't of bothered.

I went to stick my dick in her ass and it slid in easy. It also felt wet, and warm.
I pulled my dick out of her ass and I saw a load of Colton's cum start to ooze out.
To my surprise I found myself wanting to eat out her ass.
I cleaned her ass up while I used one of her feet to jerk myself off.
I dug my tongue as deep as I could inside her ass.
Because her ass was so tight it held all the cum inside it.
So I could really taste it.

I had to have that ass.
I scrambled on top of her and thrust into her ass.
I fucked it for about 2 or 3 minutes and sucked one of her feet until I came.
It was the most intense and to this day the best orgasm of my life.
I came as deep as I could in her.
Then, you guessed it.
Proceeded to eat my cum out of her ass.
I ate her ass until dawn.
Finally my jaw was too tired.
I left the sock I tried to feed her over her face, gave her one last kiss and went back down to the basement.

This is my first story.

The part where I sneak back up after is fictionalized.
I wish it wasn't. Its been my most masturbated to fantasy.
But I did watch her get fucked, by my friend.
And I did get busted in the bathroom by Melissa.
Which led to my first real cuckold experience, where Celina's b*****r fucked my girlfriend.

Hope you liked it.
I will post my other 2 cuckold stories if this one gets any reaction.
So comment if you liked it.

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1 day ago
very hot, real and fantasy parts
1 month ago
Wow ! That was a very detailed and very hot story. Colton, sounds just like the arrogant, pushy type of guy, that for some reason always gets the girl... Then uses her and dumps her.
5 months ago
Very good read!
5 months ago
Nice story but "technically", you weren't a cuck since Celina wasn't your partner. You just lusted over her. Which doesn't mean you weren't jealous and feel betrayed.
5 months ago
really amazing writing...that was very intense to read. Great stuff, very hot. Thanks for sharing!
5 months ago
a friend would have waited until she fell asleep and let you back in to use her too
5 months ago
Thank you for sharing. I am currently in a relationship like this. Oddly enough, believe it or not, I don't suffer from physical limitations like you but some rush comes over me watching my lover being fucked by another man. I've yet to taste another man's cum but I will soon enough as she is fully onboard with it.
5 months ago
good cuck story. i had to slow down my jerking cause i didn't want to cum yet. it took all my willpower. thanks for the exciting story.
6 months ago
holy cats - I read your story because a guy I met wanted me to cuckold him, and I wasn't sure what he meant , now I know. i can actually feel how you must have felt - i'm amazed this didn't destroy you.
6 months ago
please post the other stories I loved this one
6 months ago
pretty good
6 months ago
A really nice story. Shame not all true!!