Gawaine Caldwater Ross
Words? ?1688
? ?I’ve always loved young women’s feet.? ?I think in my last lifetime I was a Chinese nobleman who had a harem of women with? ‘?lotus?’ ?feet.? ?I know that in real life such girls had their feet painfully bound and sometimes broken to achieve the desired look.? ?That part has nothing to do with my fetish.? ?I lust after healthy feet and shoes.? ?Even so,? ?it’s a puzzle.? ?A Freudian would make some glib remark about the toes being phallic.? ?Wrong?! ?It’s about the toes being? ?clitoral that’s so damn exciting.? ?I also have a thing about a woman getting me off with her feet.? ?This has been a deal breaker for some of my relationships.
? ?I also sniff bicycle seats,? ?but that’s another fetish.
? ?As for shoes,? ?my enthusiasm for them borders on the nutty.? ?I love those inexpensive cloth shoes you can get in? ?Chinatown that are decorated with all kinds of flowers against a red or plum background.? ?I get a hard on looking at women in sandals.? ?My? ‘?porn?’ ?collection consists of all the photographs I have taken of women in their shoes.? ?It goes without saying,? ?the more expensive the shoes? (?I adore high heels?) ?are,? ?the more stimulating I find them.? ?I go to parades to leer at women’s feet and shoes.?
Fortunately I’m a systems analyst,? ?so I make a lot of cash.? ?Unfortunately it means I work all day with other socially awkward guys like me.? ?But at least I get laid on an irregular basis.
? ?I was quite surprised at lunch when a new woman sat at my table.? ?Her badge read,? “?Francine.? ?IT Intern.?” ?There was that F sound again,? ?just like Fucking and Feet and Fetish.? ?Once she got her lunch items unwrapped,? ?I gave her a devilish smile and asked,? “?Are you new here??”
She looked at me with the most liquid eyes the color of obsidian.? ?She was quite pretty and slender,? ?with long legs poking out from the kind of skirts nuns wear.? ?And she was wearing black patent leather high heels?! ?Her skin was a warm chocolate brown.? ?She was wearing a wedding ring,? ?a minor obstacle.? ?10? ?to? ?1? ?she felt unappreciated by her husband.? ?It makes the game more interesting.?
“Mmmm?!” ?I thought.? “?Ten? ?pink? ?clits?!”
“Are you listening??” ?she asked sharply.
? “?I’ve been distracted,? ?I’m sorry to say,? ?by the complexity of the problem before me.?” ?She thought I meant a work problem.? ?Being vague has its uses.
? “?And your name is??”
“Phillip Franklin.? ?I?’?m? ?a systems analyst,? ?which means sometimes we’ll be collaborating.? ?You wouldn’t believe some of the security problems this place has had.?”
Her interest was sparked now.? ?I watched her labia like lips move as she inquired,? “?Like what??”
“About four months ago one of the employees stole all the women’s shoes in one shift.? ?He had ferrets to help him and? –“
She laughed with real pleasure.? “?I can see you like to tell jokes?!”
“Oh yeah?!” ?I grinned.
? ?She looked at my tray.? “?What on earth are you eating??”
“It’s kind of hard to explain.? ?The mother ship in orbit around Mars keeps sending s**ttered signals to my replicator,? ?and? ?it’s always malfunctioning.? ?Yesterday it was? ?sautéed rubber.?”
She laughed again.? ?Then she looked worried.? “?You are k**ding,? ?right??”
“Well,? ?the only way to find out is to have lunch with me tomorrow.?”
“I can’t? ?see any harm in that,?” ?she agreed,? ?which was an error.
? ?We had five more or less normal lunches together.? ?I finally figured out her shoe size and the next day I asked her to go shoe shopping with me.? ?My younger s****r was just going off to college,? ?and I pleaded desperately for her help.
Which she gave?! ?We had to go downtown for this and dinner was on me.? ?She may have had a little too much to drink,? ?but that didn’t interfere with my plans.? ?She pointed out that she was married.? ?This? ?didn’t bother me if it didn’t bother her.
So according to my sneaky plan,? ?she would sit on a chair while I requested the salesman to bring out all the jeweled shoes or sandals in a size? ?6.? ?Then I would hold her foot in my hand and try each one on her.? ?She leaned forward to display her cleavage and that’s when I was sure we were connecting.? ?When she put on the shoes,? ?her hands would linger over mine and finally she was starting to breathe in lust.? ?I quickly bought the most expensive pair and then asked her to come home with me to help me wrap them.
? ?My address was First Union Condo on? ?Kluck St.? ?As soon as I opened the door,? ?she punched me on the arm.? “?You have more shoes than I do?!?” she exclaimed like an excited? ?connoisseur..? ?She sat on the sofa while I brought out two bottles of fine champagne,? ?one for each of us.?
I gently pulled off her right high heel,? ?filled it with champagne,? ?and drank it down.
? “?Are you kinky or something??” ?she demanded.
? “?Oh yes ma’am.? ?May I have the other shoe too??”
“I guess so,?” ?she laughed.? ?I drained the champagne out of that one.? “?So what’s next,? ?Mr.? ?Fokker??”
It was the first time she had played with my name.
? “?Your pantyhose.? ?I can’t worship your feet with your pantyhose on.?” ?I showed her the bathroom.
? “?I’ll take off my pantyhose,?” ?she said with a giggle.? “?But I’m keeping my panties on.?”
“Well those are an effective barrier to fucking,?” ?I laughed to myself.
? ?She came out with her panties on,? ?but nothing else.? “?That’s what I like,?” ?I said,? “?a tigress who knows what she wants.?”
She curled herself up in a chair.? ?She was very sexy with her very full lips,? ?the fine contours of her breasts and nipples,? ?and those Feet to die for.
? “?We need to clear up a couple of things first.? ?This is just a fling for me.? ?After tonight,? ?we go back to being colleagues.? ?And you’ll never speak of this to anyone.?”
“I guess it means I’ll have to take these very expensive shoes back?; ?I suppose your husband would get very suspicious.?”
“Exactly.? ?Why don’t you give them to your s****r??”
“That would be i****tuous,?” ?I protested.? “?I do have standards.?”
“Okayyy.? ?Do you have any condoms??”
“I? – ?er? – ?was hoping? ?-er? – ?that you would use your feet on me.? ?No danger of pregnancy there.?”
“You’re a fruitcake,?” ?she laughed.
? ?I took off my clothes and joined her on the big sofa.? ?We finished our champagne as I lovingly sucked each toe.? ?It took her some time to start enjoying it,? ?so I played with her upright clit and butterfly labia.? ?I put two,? ?then three,? ?then four fingers inside her and twisted my hand for extra friction.? ?She looked up at me with an unearthly lust and squiggled a bit so she could wrap her long hand around my cock.? “?This thing is handsome,?” ?she cooed.? “?You really want me to jack you off with my feet when you could have a? ?really fine blow job??”
“I might need to be finished off that way,?” ?I confessed.? “?Mmmm.? ?I love sucking your toes so much?!”
She brought her feet up close to her groin.? ?Now I could take my pick,? ?and for the first time I buried my nose in her pussy,? ?awed by her sexual odor.? ?Then I softly gummed each pussy lip and stretched them out until her natural butterfly was doubled in size.? ?She pulled back her hood to expose more of her hungry clit.? ?I took some time off her toes to focus on this.? ?She worked me expertly with her hand and lots of spit.? ?Pretty soon she was moaning and began to tremble as her pussy felt better and better.? “?Mmmm,? ?keep that up?! ?My husband doesn’t do this.? ?Not so hard and a little slower.? ?That’s it?! ?Now you’re getting?’ ?it?! ?Use two mouths?! ?I mean,? ?use both hands to pull me open?!”
I did.? ?She was quite stretched out now and looking inside,? ?I could see her juice collecting in little pools in the folds of her flesh.? “?Man this is sexy?!” ?I purred.
? “?Now put your whole hand in and make a fist.?”
I’d heard of fisting but had never tried it.? ?Her face contorted with lust as I moved my fist back and forth,? ?slowly.
? “?Aaahhh that’s a good fucking?!” ?she cried.? ?She was pulling my hair and slapping my chest.? “?Give it to me?!!!” ?she nearly shrieked.? ?My fist picked up speed and then she? ?spasmed with her whole body.? ?I could hardly imagine how she was feeling.? ?Women are lucky? – ?they have so many more nerves down there.
? ?While recovering from her orgasm she wrapped her feet around my cock and pulled up and down on the shaft.? ?Then suddenly she bent over me,? ?kissing my cock and balls to get acquainted with them.? ?She popped the head in and out of her mouth a few times and then deep throated me like a pro.? ?She could squeeze her throat around me,? ?just as if it were her cunt.? ?I’d never felt this before.? ?She came up for air,? ?gave me a lusty work,? ?and returned to her? ?art.? ?Cradling my balls she said,? “?I’ll swallow it all.? ?Just come for me.?”
I asked her to sit on my face.? ?This was all the extra stimulation I needed.? ?As I erupted inside her mouth in the best orgasm of my life,? ?I caressed her feet.
? ?After serene moments of luxuriating in bliss,? ?I got us some more champagne.
? “?You’re a complete kook,?” ?she smiled.? “?Kinky,? ?but very nice.?”
‘Yes,? ?and it’s too bad we can’t see each other again.? ?I would really like to.?”
‘You mean you actually have feelings for me??”
“Sure.? ?I’m a romantic guy.? ?But my lips are sealed at work.?”
She lay her head in my lap.? “?Maybe this could work,?” ?she said drowsily.
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