My Muslim mom with black bull

My mom is a 44 year old mature Muslim single mother. My dad left us when i was 10 and since ive lived with my mum. My mum was a very attractive lady for her age, she wore a hijab/scarf, very attractive facial features, busty figure, big boobs and a massive ass. Everytime we used to go shopping she would get so much attention from guys including young ones, and especially black guys. Once a black guy came and commented on her ass right in front of me, she laughed it off and thanked him.
My story is about when i was 16 and wasnt feeling too great at school so the teachers decided to send me home. I quickly rushed home when they let me go. I reached home and as always i go through the back door because its open all the time. As i entered my house and placed my bag on the table in the living room, i heard screams which sounded like my mom and a guy talking. It was coming from upstairs, scared to death, i slowly started walking upstairs, thinking somebody was attacking my mom. I got on top of the stairs and started walking towards my moms bedroom, i could hear the guy saying

"Now get on your knees you dirty Muslim slut"

I was now confident that my mom was in trouble, my pace slowed down and i started walking even more slow, then i hear the guy yelling,

"Argh argh argh......take that you cock sucking whore".

I could hear my mom gagging and choking, at this point i really thought he was strangling her. I stopped for a second but then carried on walking towards the bedroom door. The door was half open, and opposite the bed, my mom had a wardrobe which was mirrored. As i got close to the door, i leaned back against the wall and looked in the mirror to catch the reflection of what was going on. When i looked at the mirror i couldnt beleive my eyes. I could see a black guy, over 6 ft tall, bald head and built like a bull, standing up while having his hands grabbing my moms head from the back. My mom was on her knees with her black maxi dress still on and had his cock inside her mouth while he was facefucking her violenty. I could hear my mom gagging and choking. He kept taking his cock out of her mouth and ramming it back in again with f***e while she tried to scream but her screams were stopped by his cock being in her throat. When he took his cock out again, my mom turned her head away and complained,

"Thats it, i cant do it anymore"

"You fucking wish bitch, ive just started, im gona open that throat up today" he ordered with rage.

He dragged my mom and placed her head at the edge of the bed while her face was hanging off. He then spat at my moms face and rubbed his saliva all over her face. My moms mascara was running down from her cheeks. He then made her open her mouth and shoved his big black cock in her throat again, only this time he was using using his hips to face fuck her even more violently. He then pulled my moms dress up and i saw she was wearing white lacy underwear, he pulled the panties to the side and shoved 2 fat fingers inside her pussy, my mom tried yelling but again she couldnt because of his cock disrupting her speech. He started fingering her even more violently as i watched helplessly, occasionally taking his finger out as well as his cock and making my mom suck his fingers which have been drenched with her pussy juices. He then commanded,

"Bend over you dirty slag, let me see how tight that Muslim pussy is"

My mom turned around and bent over at the edge of the bed. The black guy then pulled down her top, exposing her massive boobs, hanging down touching the bed while she was bent over like a slave. He then lifted her dress from behind and i saw my moms big juicy round ass which was ready to get punished by this big monster. As he grabbed and stretched her cheeks with his big hands, he said,

"This Muslim pussy is gonna get stretched today"

He put his head lower and dived into my moms pussy, swiping his tongue inside her slit, then moving onto her ass and licking it with his swivelling tongue. After a few minutes, he got his big black cock which was even more erected and without showing any sympathy towards my moms pussy, he rammed it in. I heard my mom scream,

"ARGH FUCK, my pussy"

My moms complaint didnt do anything to his attitude, he carried on fucking my moms pussy so violently as she scream helplessly crunching up the bed sheets. Then i saw him grabbing my moms hijab/scarf from behind and yanking her head back as he fucked her with full f***e. My moms body was losing balance as he carried on thrusting her from behind.

"Your pussy is so fucking tight for a 44 year old slut, not had many cocks in there i guess", he insulted.

He then stuck his finger in my moms ass as she scream out of agony,

"You like that bitch?, your ass is next after i ruin your pussy", he confirmed.

Then he grabbed my moms head and smothered it in the pillow, i could see my moms big ass sticking up with her juices running down her thighs. This black bull was now ripping my moms pussy as i saw her pussy walls opening and giving up. He carried on fingering her ass and making it loose so his cock could fit in after. As i saw his cock pull out of my moms pussy, i saw the size and thought, no way that cock is going to fit inside my moms ass.

He then ordered,

"Get up you whore and clean my cock",

I saw my mom get up and sucking his cock again like she has been thirsty for years, her big juicy boobs swaying left and right. I couldnt believe he was asking my mom to do so many dirty things and she was doing it without any hesitation. At this point i realised my mom is a slut and she loves this kind of treatment. He then made my mom lye down on her back and commanded,

"Open your legs up for me you filthy whore, time to stretch your asshole",

I saw my mom willingly grabbing her legs up in the air and exposing her dark brown asshole. The guy spits inside her ass and starts to finger her again, this time using 2 fingers. I saw my moms ass stretch as she moaned in pleasure and pain. He carried on fingering her for 5 minutes until her ass was open enough to merely accommodate his black monster. He holds his rock hard cock and slowly positions it in line with my moms asshole. He starts to push it in but is refused entry by my moms tight asshole. He spits inside it again and tries again, this time using alot more f***e. I saw the expressions on my moms face as she tightened her teeth while her was slowly penetrating her ass. He finally managed to slide all of his cock inside her, my mom looked in pain as she wrapped her tight little asshole around his big cock. He slowly leans towards my mom, crushing her body with his weight and opening her legs even more with her legs on her shoulders. I could see my moms ass changing shape as he started pounding her big round ass. He really started pounding my moms ass now, i could hear my mom screaming her head off and saying,

"Fuck fuck fuck, thats too big, your tearing my ass",

"Shut up bitch, your gonna know how a black man fucks a Muslim cunt".

He carried on pounding her ass like no tomorrow, she kept complaining,


But not use, this black bull wasnt going to get off until he cum. After 15 minuted of seeing my moms ass get ruined, he finally decides to cum, he rips his cock out from my moms ass and takes it to her face, shoving it inside her throat and facefucking her until he cums inside her thoat. I could see his legs shaking as he was emptying his balls inside my moms mouth. Just so she doesnt spit out his load, he keeps his cock inside her mouth till she swallows every last drop. He then takes it out and falls on the side of my mom. My mom looks at him with her face all ruined by dominating treatment he gave her, smiles and says,

"You are a fucking a****l, i wish my husband could fuck me like you, i had been craving this for decades".

I was finally convinced that my mom was a slut who likes to get fucked like a whore.

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Love it!
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Nice story, fuck that got my cock hard :-)
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Thanks guys
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nice story
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very good
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cool muslim whore :)