Taxi Cab Fuck

My wife Bethan and I had decided to go out for a night on the town one Bank Holiday weekend. After our meal we arrived at a dance club that had recently opened, and quickly set about getting d***k.

Bethan was ever the sex kitten, twenty eight years young and beautiful. Shy and conservative, until she’s had a few vodka red bulls, and tonight was no different. She looked stunning in her short, tight, black strapless dress. The thin fabric of the material hugged her wonderful body, showing off her tight, pert buttocks and firm 32C bust. Standing 5”5 tall, her smooth legs moved effortlessly around the dance floor with her sexy four inch heels.

She was wearing the perfect outfit to attract attention from every red hot bl**ded male in the joint, young and old. As always she danced with a few admirers, allowing their perverted hands to wonder whenever she thought I was out of view. I loved that dangerous streak inside her, I often wondered how I could get a hold of it and harness it for both of our pleasures, but for now I was happy to just watch and enjoy my wife’s d***ken antics.

We hadn't realised how late it was until the lights came on at 2am. With the meat head bouncers quickly trying to get everybody to drink up and leave, we stumbled outside to find a taxi cab. Thankfully being a couple we didn’t have to wait long as a few drivers quickly signalled before the gangs of youths came out.

We lived about twenty minutes outside of the city centre and it wasn’t until half way into the journey that the Asian cab driver, in broken English, asked for the thirty pounds fare.

“What!” I exclaimed, “Since when did fares go up by that much?” I protested, realising the meter wasn’t even switched on.

“NO! NO! NO!” the driver yelled back, “You pay or get out here.” He added before quickly pulling over into a lay-by off the dual carriageway.

“What’s going on?” Bethan asked, waking from her d***ken daze. “Are we home yet?”

“No sweetheart,” I replied, “not yet.”

As Bethan closed her eyes again the cab driver turned off the engine and stepped out of the car. I quickly followed arguing over the meter.

After a few minutes of what was obviously a losing battle on my part, I reached into my back pocket for my wallet only to find it wasn’t there. Panic quickly struck me as I thought of all my personal details that were in my wallet. Drivers licence, credit cards, bank cards, you name it, and it was in there.

“FUCK!” I shouted into the black sky, “I’ve lost my fucking wallet.”

I turned to the cab driver and asked if he would continue to take us home and I would pay him his asking price. I no longer cared about the meter; I just needed to cancel my cards as soon as possible.

The cab driver however was having none of it. “Come on,” I pleaded, “we can pay you at our house.”

“No! Money now or you walk home and I phone the police.” He angrily replied.

“I’ll call the police too, I’m sure they would like to know how you abandoned honest working citizens on the side of a dangerous carriageway.” I fought back.

We argued but it was no good, I didn’t even have a mobile phone on me. It was hopeless.

“We get your wife out of car and you walk home.” He said, “No money, no ride.”

“There must be some other way.” I continued to plead.

As the cab driver opened the door, he stared down at my sl**ping, d***k wife. Slowly walking around the cab to meet her I caught a glimpse of what he was staring at. Keeping his eyes on my wife’s deep cleavage he spoke with lust in his voice.

"Let me have her for a while and I will take you home."

I refused immediately and he reached for his radio to call the police. I pulled him to the side and said quietly, so my wife couldn't hear.

"How about playing with her tits? Will that be enough for you?" I offered without a moment’s thought for my wife. He shook his head and suggested a blow job. I said no and again he reached for the radio. I pleaded with him not to do this, but he turned to me and said that this was his last offer; he wanted to play with my wife until she came and be allowed to suck and fondle her tits.

I nodded reluctantly and then turned to my wife who was half asl**p in the car. I told her that the driver would only take us home if she'd let him play with her.

“Whatever.” She d***kenly mumbled. The driver and I knew she had no idea what she had just agreed to.

I could only step back and watch as this man, this stranger stepped towards my wife and pulled down the top of her dress. Her tits looked full and round as the driver’s groans quickly filled the still air. Licking his lips he rubbed his hands together before slowly reaching out and cupping my wife’s breasts. A soft moan escaped her lips as she smiled weakly, then another groan followed by a thrust of her body as the Asian man took the hardened nipple of her left breast into his hungry mouth.

With my cock growing stiff I lit a cigarette and stepped to the side, giving myself a better view as the driver took each nipple in turn into his mouth. With each firm but gentle squeeze of my wife’s breasts, he sucked, bit and chewed her nipples.

Then, Bethans eyes quickly shot open, full with fear and surprise as a foreign hand was suddenly shoved up her dress. My wife’s body quickly arched up from the seat only to crash back down again as she moaned feverishly grabbing at the driver. Did she know who it was? I wondered.

“What? What?” she muttered as her groggy gaze searched for me in the darkness.
Letting go of her tits, the driver quickly pushed her dress up to her waist and then yanked her black panties down. My heart missed a beat as the driver spun my wife round and put her panties into his pocket, but not before he got a good sniff of the lace gusset.

“Mike ... Mike ...” she called out to me with her legs dangling out of the car.

I was frozen to the spot; powerless to help as I watched two dark skinned fingers enter her shaven white pussy. She groaned louder and tried to sit up, but the driver f***ed her back down flat again as he grabbed both her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the seat.

“Mike, what’s going on?” she panicked, grabbing for something to pull herself up with.

As if watching my life flash before my eyes, my wife’s legs were suddenly on top of the drivers shoulders and he was rubbing his engorged black cock up and down her pink slit. For the first time I saw the drivers cock. It was long and thick. Pulling back the foreskin to reveal a dark swollen pink mushroom like head, the driver looked at me and chuckled. My mouth fell open but no words came out, instead I went numb watching the sticky droplets of pre-cum oozing from his cock.

Bethans cries for help quickly evaporated as I watched the large head press up against her wet pussy and start spreading her swollen, wet lips. She hadn’t even agreed to it, but it was too late now as her moans of pleasure echoed from inside the taxi cab. Taking a firm grip of her tits once more, the driver slowly inched his cock inside my precious wife.

Since the first time we met, another man’s cock was entering my wife. The cries of Mike had now been replaced with satisfied grunts of yes, yes, yes.

Then, after what felt like an eternity, the driver rammed his cock deep inside my wife before holding himself still. As if perfect timing, I watched and cringed as Bethan, my beautiful sacred wife climaxed on another man’s cock. As my wife shook violently, groaning in ecstasy, the driver also started groaning as he emptied his balls into her silky cunt, splashing her sensitive insides with thick, fertile sperm. He twitched and cursed with each spurt, holding my wife hard against him while he filled her womb with his cum.

As the driver slowly pulled his spent cock from my wife's cum filled hole, I watched as it dribbled out of her and splashed onto the ground. It was such an erotic sight to see my wife’s hole wide open with a continuous stream of cum leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy.

We did get home safely that night, and I still had to pay the thirty pounds fare.

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3 years ago
Another outstanding story! please keep them coming!!