My 7 year older s****r continuously leaves her wet panties and nylons in our bath. One day,out of curiousity, I SIMPLY HAD to enjoy the fragranance of her damp pretty pink panties ! Taking them to my face ,I could see the wet spot on her panties and inhaled for the 1st tim a female vaginal secretory soaked pair of satin panties. My cock got hard instantly ! along with the wer pink panties, a nice pair of sheer pantyhose was laying next to them. I quickly picked up her panties and pantyhose and escaped to my room. I could NOT wait to slip on the sheer pantyhose. They fit like a glove. I reached down and smoothed the silken nylons all the way up to my inner thighs. The feel of the pantyhose against my woodie was sensational. The smell of the wet pink panties was intoxicating. I started to stroke my penis ,clad in the smooth hosiery. I started to ejaculate. The smell of fresh vaginal fluids and the feel of the pantyhose made me begin to prematurely come. Not noticing my door ajar, my older s****r snickered. Then she came in. Little pervert ! wearing my nylons ans sniffing my panties huh? I'm telling mom ! NO s*s ! please-don't tell mom, I'll get in big trouble ! Well, she said, what now? Just don't tell mom, OK? Not that easy b*****r...if you want thois to be hush-hush, you'll have too do as I say, and I MEAN IT ! What do you want s*s? Just keep stroking that nice penis of yours for right now ! Alright...I jerked off in front of her in her pantyhose. You have nice legs litle b*****r....You really think so s*s? YES- I have a cute pair of high heels I want you to try on...Oh and a very sexy bra too. She got them and told me to put them on as she watched. I put on the high heels and the nice bra . Very pretty baby, walk around for me-Iwant to see how you model my things. I strutted around in the heels and nylons as she rubbed herself. Let me feel your legs-come over her ! She caressed them-and I let out a sigh. Like them? she asked, yes s*s, what now? Get on the bed-I'm going to show you omething you'll enjoy ! She pulled my nylons down a bit and licked my penis. Feel good? Oh s*s ! MMmmm ! Now, I'll spread my legs so you can taste me . Lick my wet cunt,NOW! Oh, yes s****r, I licked her vagina already dampened through and through ! That's it little b*****r, very good-your learning...I'll be back after dinner. I only wish I haad the opportunity to eat her more.....
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3 years ago
Great story. I hope u Have more to tell.
3 years ago
great start,,we all nkow you have more info,,so go ahead and tell us