A Military Service

Chapter One: The Surprise

Daniel was an 18 year old celibate soldier, just trained as one of the UNA's top guns. He was about to be sent out to his first assignment aboard a small ship called the Virginia, stationed off the coast of China in the North Pacific. He was going to meet up with his squad, and begin his career as a "mercenary peace keeper", performing missions in war zones, designed to bring the conflicts to peaceful conclusions. Swinging his duffle bag over his back, he climbed into the helicopter and put in his ear plugs. This was it, his dreams were about to come true.

Dan prepared himself to meet his new squadron leader, he thought to himself about how he would puff out his chest, and make sure his handshake was firm. Soon he would be meeting 20 other soldiers, who would become his new shipmates for the next 3 months. The Virginia had already been at sea for 10 months, doing important recon off of the cost of China. He was being sent as "alleviation" according to his briefing. He assumed that this meant the 20 other soldiers were having trouble keeping alert for shifts, and one personnel more was being added to keep things running smoothly. Twenty odd minutes later the helicopter slowed and a rope was thrown out the door to land on the deck of a small V17-8 sitting in the water. Soldiers covered in black hoodies stood on the deck waving there arms. Daniel threw down his duffle bag to be caught by one. Then he harnessed up, and slid down the rope to be caught by a few soldiers, and then to duck down as the helicopter sped away into the night. The soldiers were saying something, but he couldn't hear it because the noise from the chopper was still too much. The hooded figures led him through a door into the dress room of the Virginia. They took his bag and then began taking off their boots and gloves.

One of them pulled down a hood and a baclava to reveal a strong attractive female face with medium brown hair, and mocha skin.
"Hello Cole," said the woman, "welcome to Kilter Squad, I'm your squad leader Jenna Rudderham."
Daniel's mouth hung open, and a slight noise came out of his mouth. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He had expected a stern, strong looking man, and here was a woman who looked like she could star in the movies or pose in a magazine. Three other hooded figures unveiled themselves to be a gorgeous red head, a voluptuous ebony girl, and a sweet dirty blond girl with the most penetrating green eyes. They all shook his hand, and he witlessly greeted them with a shocked stare and stupid looking grin.

"I trust you've been briefed?" said Lt. Rudderham
"Yes, I'm here to alleviate" replied Daniel
"Correct," said Rudderham, "we've all been waiting for some relief since a few months back when Williams lost her composure."

Dan walked along the ship toward his new room, seeing nothing but young, athletic women smiling, checking him out, and blushing. He walked by an open door and caught a glimps of a brown haired girl and a latino kissing on one of the bunk beds. A third girl sat opposite them, reading a book obliviously.
"This is where you'll be sl**ping for now," said Ld. Rudderham, "we'll take it slow and keep these arrangements until you get more settled."
Aaron looked around the room to find a bunk bed on the right with some clothes messily piled on, and a single bed on the left with fresh blankets and a single white pillow.
"Just wait here a minute;" said Ld. Rudderham, "I'll get a trunk for you to keep your belongings in."

Thoughts raced through Daniel's mind. Were they all women? Was he serving on a female vessel with a female squad and squad leader? Why was he stationed as the only male member? He felt something under his hand and pulled a pink cotton thong out from under his covers. They had been just barely peeking out from underneath. Suddenly he heard a confident female british voice.
"Those are mine then," said a tall brunette wearing tight military camo shorts and a white tank top with pink bra straps peeking out.
"You must be Daniel," She said, "Carmen Woods, I'll be one of you roommates."
Daniel had a hard to describe feeling; like having the wits scared out of you, and immediately after being told that you've won the lottery.
"Hi," he said, "that's right... I'm Dan".

TO BE CONTI[/image]NUED...
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i'm waiting anxiously
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cant wait to see what comes next!