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3DSex is an online virtual sex MMO created strictly for adults who, as described by
the developer, want to connect and experience a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming.
I don’t know what that’s all about,
but I do know that if you want to have virtual sex,
or look at virtual privates, this is the type of game you would play. Sex, in whatever variety, is available everywhere
you turn in this new online virtual kingdom of debauchery.
This isn’t the first time I have reviewed an 18+ Online Virtual World, and it probably won’t be the last (Stop making me review these Cody!).
However, this is the first time I have reviewed a title that didn’t hide the sex behind a façade of social gameplay.
3DSex is what it is, and it’s not shy about it either. Featuring a virtual world made up of 4 different tropical island resorts, players of different tastes and styles have a wide range of locations to pick from.

Beginning the game, I was initially quite pleased by the small download needed to start playing.
The game doesn’t have the most amazing graphics, they are quite dated and cheap-looking actually, but it makes up for it with such a small download size.
If you are looking for something that is quite visually pleasing, you might be advised to search elsewhere, but if you have a low-end PC or aren’t very picky, you should be happy enough.
With this in mind, let’s move on to what this online paradise has to offer.
Players will find themselves in the Main Resort when they begin, a place to meet new and old friends.
This place is probably the most popular location in the game because it’s an easy place to meet up before venturing off for other activities.
Set out almost exactly like a fancy tropical island resort, players can meet people at bars and by pools,
even in night clubs.

If you are a free player, this is as far as you can go,
only VIP members may access other areas and have sex.
This is mainly to verify that you are 18+,
so if you want to get to the good bits you will have to become a VIP member. Otherwise, it didn’t take long before players began approaching me and dancing, if you want to start a night of adventure, this is definitely the recommended place.
After meeting a new friend in the Main Resort, I noticed quite a few players take their fun to the Fetish Resort,a place for those with darker tastes.
This area features locations like, the Bondage Playhouse, 3DSex’s private dance Club, and the Dungeon Pools.
These locations offer different locations for players to participate in bondage sex, whipping and chaining up their new friend.

It’s not all chains and whips though, there is some dancing and chatting in between. If you want to cut to the chase however, skip Main Resort and come straight here to one of the locations in the Fetish Resort.
Players will hang out in areas that interest them, so it’s not hard to find what you are after, and what others are after as well.
There’s a bunch of spots to meet people, and this is definitely a very different area to the rest.
You couldn’t call yourself a serious sex MMO without catering to the large gay community around the globe. 3DSex offers a resort where gay players can retreat and have some fun of their own.
I didn’t spend any time here but I hear players should try out the Nutty Banana Strip Club, it’s nutty.
Sometimes a player’s significant other might believe that they shouldn’t have all the fun, for couples both virtual and real who want to play together, 3DSex has you covered. The Swingers Resort is as you might expect, a place for couples to go swap themselves amongst each other and share an ‘experience’. Players looking to hang out here can find others at the Switch Strip Club.

So you might be asking by this point, what about the sex? Well, players have a massive number of different ways to experience this virtual act, each location and object offering different positions. Players can perform actions such as dancing, massaging, having sex in a bed, with a group or standing.
Upon performing one of these actions, players can then swap between different positions and actions.
Someone dancing might perform a different move, someone having sex might change from doggy to missionary.

[imagThere is more to do besides having sex though, there are locations that provide mini-games or other diversions,
I think I even saw virtual counselling at one point.
For me though, I went straight for the gambling and mini-games, then finished it off with a walk down livecam alley. This alleyway links to a series of different live streams of girls from various live cam porn sites (I’m sure you know the ones).
Clicking on these live cams takes you to an external site, basically acting as a simple in-game advertisement.

It’s easy to explore these locations yourself, with a very simple UI it’s not hard to familiarise yourself with what’s going on. There are also customer service reps in-game who can help out, you will find them in Main Resort, this was a nice touch.
One of the other nice things about 3DSex is its economy. Players can buy things from clothes and props, to renting private apartments for real cash. Much like Second Life, players can design their own clothes and items then sell them for real cash to other players. With a user-generated store,
it’s easy for players to make some real cash or spend some on some new threads.
Players create the models, textures, animations etc for the items so as you can imagine they aren’t always of the best quality.
In fact, one of the downfalls of 3DSex is small details such as certain animations not working properly. This is coming from the developers work as well, but I’m sure everything will be ironed out in time.
Personally this isn’t my sort of game, but if you are simply looking for a game which lets you have sex in any way you can imagine, this isn’t a bad choice.
Posted by Fenna1 2 years ago
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