My teacher and I

We woke up in the morning around 9am.
Me lying beside her, vaguely uneasy, as the output of a long and confused erotic dream. "I just sl**p with my teacher, Sarah, still naked beside me, her dark hair spread over the pillow intertwined. "I took off a little blanket and watched: she slept on her stomach, a leg up. Her buttocks slightly apart, hinted thick hair and black sex. I stroked lightly the white skin of my fingers and écartais his half moons pale me seeping between his lips still moist. She woke up moaning and languidly waving her back, giving me a view of the most enticing. Intoxicated, I would push my fingers into this delectable heat when it froze, suddenly very awake. She looked at me anxiously, and sat on the bed. She said: "We can not continue what we have done is not correct. "I was speechless," But we do nothing wrong, "I managed to articulate.
- I know, but I can not make progress if I go with you, everything will be confusing if I do this.

- Really? I say really surprised.
She started to get up and get her panties hiding her breasts with her arms. I looked vexed, the awakening was abrupt. She got dressed in silence, as in a hurry to be somewhere else. With bitterness, it occurred to me that I should not be a one night stand.

- You do that often, bring your students here? Any busy seeking her business, she quickly raised her head and looked at me hard.

- No, of course not.
I read in his eyes the lie, and I let her incredulous look her clothes again. She was now completely dressed and took her purse. I almost suffocated, and shortness of breath, I let go:

- Well then salvation.
She stood for a moment surprised by the dark tone of my voice, expecting probably more vehemently. She smiled as a courtesy, and said "next week, Lise. '
I stood alone in the fucking room, bruised heart. No, I did not cry I was too offended to it. I left the hotel a little later, lost in shock, not knowing where to go. Despite the early hour, the whores of the rue Saint Denis were already the sidewalk, and I overshot, at a rapid pace, to achieve the Halles. After a few minutes of indecision, I jumped on the subway and went home. The inside of my maid's room seemed sad in the gray drizzle of Paris, and fully dressed, I let myself fall on my bed, taking a kind of sob content. But my mind rebelled: I can tighten others, and if it is to suffer and to suffer, I can also make them suffer! Or where the next would take expensive!
The next course had already begun half an hour when I was in the garden of La Villette, lying on the grass with Fanny. It was sunny and mild weather. Intoxicated, we whistled the last twelve pack of beer. "Shit, this is the last," said Fanny. I got up heavily trying to smooth my clothes with the flat of my hands. "I gotta go ... I'm d***k" and I tanguais excessively to laugh my friend. I advanced a bold step to college, I fonçais corridors, half-conscious, half-closed eyelids. Alcohol had fortified me. I walked into the classroom without knocking and saw Sarah standing in front of me. "Excuse you," I said before I sit down without so. The hour that followed was foggy that was happening, what we were talking, my brain had a meager understanding of course content, my eyes were vague, and fragments of sentences professors came to me without no logic.
At the end of the course, the sun had finally left the scene and I got up heavily taking in passing my bag that I had not opened.
Saturday that followed, I spent in bars lesbians Marais. Around 4am, a small group of girls and I found ourselves in the last open bar in the basement. Under the stone arches barely lit, warm and sweaty bodies shone like lamps flickering. I was intoxicated by all kinds of substances. Sprawled on a couch. I plissais eyes, what were they, who kissed who? Came face to fit into my field of vision, the face of a smiling girl, beggar, why you do not amuse me, she said. She kissed me to see, I felt absolutely nothing terrible. Politeness, I moved a little mouth, then turned his head resignedly, that was enough ... A shadow went a little farther, and I thought I saw a burst of hope in the flexible approach, and black hair ... That Sarah n was not it, but ... almost! I made him a sign to join me but the figure was watching me from afar and laugh. "I must look like a pasha alcoholic who calls one of his subjects. "I thought. Dismayed by the failure of this attempt to entertainment, I got up to leave.
After the course, I arrived on time, tired of rebelling, tired, abdicating to the demands of college. The hour ended, I went to the toilet. I began to pee slightly, without much conviction, balanced not to touch the bowl. When I opened the door, Sarah turned to face me. "As expected" I thought.
"Lise," she said. I washed my hands "... Lise, sorry for acting like that." Hands in hot water, I turned around, she was in a pitiful state: her dark eyes wide with anxiety, showed she had suffered.
She said no more, and then took his enthusiasm: "I have a husband." I stopped net. "You have a husband? "If she experienced with women, she sl**ps with a man. I remained gripped by the complexity of human, but repeating my attitude soured, said laconically: "so this is how with him, you're having fun? ". I made him evil, dug her belly as if the blow had been physical. She looked at me silently cured. Her reaction touched me. Planted in front of me, she broke the silence, "I'm sorry Lisa, I'm sorry" as to conclude the discussion.
This softness in the pronunciation of my name, seepage final S made me lose some capacity. "Lise" repeated she whispered that mouth ... and let my name appear pearly white teeth. My mind was trying at all costs to counter torpor overcame me. But I was fascinated, warmth spread in me blowing my anger barriers. "What" I said, "What is it? "She smiled," Come, "she said almost in a whisper quiet. I moved the body moist, "why," I said, "Why do you think I let do it again? You think you're overkill perhaps? '
She held out her hand. I walked enough to be touched. But she hugged the waist with such tenderness that I melted under his caresses. She dyed her close, his body against mine, so strong, his hands running all along my body. "Lise" she repeated, as if to make sure I was still there. His mouth met mine once like to see a light blow dry and fast, and the verdict, she plunged into the mine with the release of pleasure found. Her tongue wet me random ... I let myself be gripped by this change, not believing, closing his eyes. His thirst to go more in me, to have him grab my butt, returning his hands in my jeans. My breathing quickened, I pushed my legs. Taking a sudden urge, she feverishly unbuttoned the buttons on my jeans, lowered enough to clear my panties and place his hand. She patted my swollen sex through the fabric, and the precipitation of sexual desire are engulfed his hand. His fingers returned to me with the suddenness of an erect penis. And suddenly, his face expressed the pleasure of relief. She stooped to better calibrate and at the same time as his fingers disappeared into my sex, she went up close to my face and kissed me warmly. I let myself do more dilated, his thank you. I began to scream loudly, so much she put her hand on my mouth. As possessed, I did get his fingers in my mouth, I mouillais the greedily licked. "Fuck me from all sides," I sucked his fingers gripping her hand, and she crouched and fingers lodged in me, engulfed his tongue into my sex, and lapped my clit.
All of a sudden rattling a bunch of keys was heard. Before we had time to recover, the door opened, leaving the keeper. Standing in front of us, frozen like a pillar of salt, it's eyes widened as if struck by lightning. Cheeks on fire, I climbed awkwardly my jeans. Sarah stood up, leaned in front of me to hide myself, and after a pause said in a clear voice, "We were just about to leave. '

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