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Can I write about this on here? I sure hope so. First, I want to start by saying… I am a different breed of woman lol. I have met only a few other girls that are able to come as quick and as much as me. I am truly lucky. But here are some tips that should work with most (:

TOUCH! The touch of your hand is everything. Before intercourse starts, girls will notice even the slightest contact you have with them. Softly tracing your fingertips up and down and all around her body will awaken her sense of touch. Even when the sex starts and even if she likes to be dominated.. slowly tracing your hands down her ass right before spanking her will make it that much better for her. Or while you are whispering dirty things into her ear gently rub her face with your hand. (If she’s anything like me.. smack her afterwards lol)
TEASE! Don’t go straight for her privates. Kiss and touch her everywhere else. It will build up her present lust for you which will make her horny beyond belief.
Do NOT stop. When you can tell that your partner is digging what you are doing… do not stop no matter how tired you may be. You’ve found the spot and she will cum if you don’t lose it. When I feel an orgasm cumming (lol) I will actually beg my partner not to stop. Some girls aren’t so open so you need to pay attention. What I’m going to write next won’t work for most… Right after I cum.. I just need literally 5 seconds to cool off, where I want you to slow the sex down… but right after that 5 seconds is up… go at it! Seriously. Some women get overly sensitive after coming which could be why they can’t cum multiple times.. For me, the more sensitive I get the easier it is for me to cum… It may take me a couple minutes to cum the first time, but after that I can come over and over and over again if you can keep up. So after I cum, take a QUICK breather, then pound me fast and hard!
Posted by Fenna1 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Thanks for the intimate hints!!!
2 years ago
that's really nice quick advice,thanks cool,nice 2 b with u
2 years ago
2 years ago
Sounds fair enough to please a sexy little thing like you
2 years ago
hot sexy