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lesbian initiation

My best friend is my beautician. It is now three years since I attended the institute due to once a month. Of course we also see outside because best friends do not just once a month. Leah and I are very free, very promiscuous. Finally, me for so long. We often talk about sex. We tell our evenings with our naughty guys ... So the current going very well.

2 years ago, one morning in August, I went to the institute for my monthly waxing armpits and legs. But this time I decided to add the jersey. It was the first time that I was going to pluck this part of the body. I liked to talk about sex but show my private parts to another person that my boyfriend and my gynecologist was unthinkable for me.

That day, however, I decided to skip it because it had become a habit for girls around me who did not care a bit about me. Anyway Leah greeted this news with a smile of satisfaction. We entered the small room pink and yellow hair that smelled of lavender. Small room which remains one of my favorite places. Leah came to me, put his arms around my waist and went to close my skirt fell to my feet. Each time, she took herself to the care undress whatsoever for hair removal underarms or legs. This ritual had the effect of making me everything and she knew it. I loved feeling his fingers on my skin, his breath near my mouth. Bra and thong I sat on the white leather chaise.

Leah stood in front of me. Our eyes met and that was the signal. I already knew what was going to happen without me admit I waited for this moment for a long time. Her hands caressed my feet, my legs then remounted brushed my thighs by making small circular movements. I was getting hot. My breathing quickened. His soft hands rested on the cut of my already wet string and slowly slid my thighs to finally get it off. Then she unhooked my bra.

My breasts appeared huge and proud. Size, imposing, seemed to delight. Demanded the erect nipples thousand and one kisses. They were soon to be honored by scholars licks the nasty, which brought me great pleasure. Pleasure which accelerated the production of sap my juicy pussy.

Leaving aside my chest, she walked towards my mound which could no longer as he waited to be taken care of him. She slid a finger into my slit and two now wide open. She rummaged in my heart. My whole body was hot. It accelerated the movement. I Cambrais. I gémissai of my fill. I wanted more!

My legs parted alone. More, more! A third finger came to participate in the festival. But this one is my clitoris that was attacking. He tried, yes! The kneaded, caressed, hmmmmm! it felt good. No, it is to me that it was good! All of a sudden she stopped everything. I looked at her eyes all round. Not yet! they seemed to say.

She opened a drawer and pulled out a sumptuous plastic phallus. Relieved, I sent him a smile of satisfaction. She dug this member did move me and gently then faster and faster, farther and farther. My lips parted ever. I screamed my satisfaction. I enjoyed and looked at it, this girl who made me feel good. My liquor flooded the meridian. I was at the height of happiness.

She paused again and looked at me through his tongue over his lips. I imagined her lips were mine. Those between my thighs and at that time, dripping delight. She smiled and said:

- "Next time I will taste your fruit."
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2 years ago
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