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A meeting many naughty!

We had met once on occasion. A good meeting chaste compared to what would place this time. We all waited with anticipation that the meeting was coming. There was a little over a year since I had not had the chance to taste a pretty pussy and my husband at the same time was not him either dipped his tail in another cat.

On their side, and JF San had never met and San torque despite its perverse desires lesbians had never touched another woman. Something even more exciting for me. San and I had several discussions of future meetings and was generally in a state of extreme excitement every time. Thus, we were first appointment in a restaurant history to bring down the pressure a bit ... then we went to a motel room whatsoever.

The dinner was held in wonder and despite a few glasses of wine that came down during the meal (I had to continue fasting, pregnancy requires) I felt nervous but also libido everyone up. San was red as a beet and waddled on his chair like a schoolgirl and JF, I could already see the bulge in his pants indicating that he was also very excited about the upcoming events.
We found a motel with a large whirlpool (I have a fetish for bathroom side). We bought beer and the guys are put at ease on chairs with a beer in hand. I invited to sit on San knees my husband and I sat on those of JF.

San kissed Sly (my husband) and I saw that it was beginning to feel the desire rising. He suddenly plunged his nose into the neckline of San. From my side I was not abandoned, JF somewhat more enterprising had already released one of my breasts and licked the nipple greedily browns while the other kneaded his big hand. Its tail pointing through his pants a little and I would have thought it would pierce the material ...

As a k**, I jumped up and I took off all my clothes while I was running the bath water. My nipples were hard all anticipations and JF was already naked, cock forward. Sly and San followed us and soon we found the 4 a little cramped in the bathroom. "Tell me San, and if you were going to sit on top of the bath a little? "Sly smiled, already knowing what to expect, San output obediently, red peony, she hesitated ... Slowly, I drew back legs, she was breathing hard, while I was on all fours in front of her ... I slipped my head between his legs and began to lick gently over large pussy lips. She gasped softly, Sly and JF presented themselves gently to her tail tight.

I loved the taste of her pussy, my tongue felt throbbing her clit virgin female language. While she literally snapped two tails, I continued to lick and suck her clitoris swelled under my tongue and I decided to enter three fingers in her sweet pussy who asked it. To hear the sighs from the other three had to caress my rage ... and made their San reciprocate ... To not end the party early, we exchanged JF place ... took place on the edge of the bath and I presented'm standing in front of him so he could lick my big melons wish. His tongue immediately triggered a wave of pleasure that made my knees weaken, but I kept on. San began to lick the cock of her man while putting on a condom mine. Once the operation is finished, he grabbed her hips and entered San. She was so wet that he easily penetrated. I love seeing my husband when he is with another fun, excitement is contagious and soon I had myself the desire to please me.

I gently pushed him away JF to indicate that I also wanted to sit on the edge of the bath. It did not happen and I pray its position, well spaced leg open pussy fondling all possible. Timidly, San came towards me and spread my labia to drop a kiss. I gently stroked her face and encouraged him to continue. JF stood before me, and I sucked greedily. San gradually took the insurance penetration and my husband had a little help because his language became more and more hungry my pussy.

Finally, excited by the input, we only took the time to wipe us before we find entangled on the bed. I had the tail of my husband's mouth and I felt intrusive language to the entrance of my pussy ... Opening his eyes despite the pleasure I felt, I discovered with joy that Sly licking pussy San who sat on him and swung astride his pelvis forward-backward. Tongue in my pussy slid suddenly into my anus and I could not repress a cry of pleasure. JF feeling the enjoyment of his caress, alternately vicious licks my clit and between my anus which snatched once again a cry despite the bestial tail that I had in the mouth. The tail of my boyfriend was now on the verge of collapse and I decided to leave it to San. Sly put a condom on his cock and San impaled himself on it. From my side, still on all fours, I experienced royal treatment from JF also decided that it was time to get serious. He put on a condom and then gently slid his cock into my pussy already swollen with excitement. I moaned again. San fidgeted more, her breasts swaying above Sly who wore it to his mouth eagerly.

Finally, after a few minutes, I heard the soft moans from Sly and San who cums so small mouse. From my side, I caressed my clit while penetrated deeply JF me. Suddenly I felt a thumb gently slide into my anus and I cambrai closer to the edge of the bed, JF activated a little harder as his thumb with his tail and both, we enjoy a burst of guttural sounds and cattle ...

I was out of breath and I went up to San Sly and which was lying on the bed, I plaquai against San JF while snuggled against me. We were sweaty, but happy. Once a little recovered, I was invited back to San bath to refresh ourselves. The guys had decided to give a little modesty and spend their boxers and drank this a well deserved beer. San and I savonnèrent mutually benefiting us and discover caress our bodies. San was now relaxed and we kissed under the eager gaze our spouses. Our lips touched gently, then with a little more passion, I was surprised to discover language of San in my mouth and his hand on my breast. His mouth slowly down my neck and slid down to my breast.

She gently licked, then sucked a little, she shivered with excitement. I climbed slowly to his face and kissed mine again my turn then slid my tongue to my nipples. I kissed, sucked all the malaxai a little more firmly. I felt her excitement rise and I was also more excited. We went out of the bath and dried up we went to bed.

I arranged delicately San fours (I love this position, both for me and my partner) and I slipped behind her, she had her ass in the air pussy wide open and exciting, very slowly, I began to lick her labia, then I opened easily to suck her pussy for small and I slipped my tongue inside her pussy. San pussy throbbed under my caresses, and soon I planted two fingers and pulled away from each other, I spat in her pussy and it did penetrate the rest of my fingers, I did go to front to back, taking care to keep my thumb on her clit. For a moment I introduced him to the pleasures of women. Then she asked me to return the favor. I pray place in the same position, ass in the air and began to lick my pussy sucking my clit, stroking his fingers around the hole and gently slipping three fingers ... She did apply, and learned quickly, I was running through my roaring.

Then I asked him to lie down next to me, for a moment, we kissed, caressed, licked and then seeing that our love had taken the f *** es, I proposed to San something special. I invited JF to be sucked by San Sly and me while we were occupying her pussy and her ass. Sly slipped between the legs of San and began licking her pussy while I sucked a little ... Sly and the taut feeling, I began to lick the anus of San, gently slide a finger then two fingers, remove the to prepare well loved ... San treatment and reared each lick.

JF I proposed to lie on your back and put on to San tail erect her lover ... then slipping a condom on the tail of Sly, I invited him to slip into the anus of San prepared . Double penetration, first for the San dear unparalleled discovery. The pace was hard to take, but after a while the guys managed to hear and San was fucked by all holes, not to stay aside, I walked up to her and handed her one of my nipples ... she licked between two small cries of pleasure. Finally all finished with skewer enjoy. San was exhausted and fell softly on her man and Sly and I are huddled against one another.

After a short rest, I got a lick session memorable. Alternating three languages ​​on my pussy, my ass, on my breasts and when I came, I thanked all my lickers with a splendid skating. Finally, the evening ended with a last swim, and we dressed and we kissed feverishly before we leave.
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2 years ago
Sexy story, but it suffered so much from using
google translate, I'm afraid, Fenna - poet Pete