Owned:Fantasy Becomes Reality


I blame XHamster.

No seriously...if it wasn't for XHamster, none of this would have happened.

Now in all fairness, some would argue it is my fault; as it was my own stupidity and my own weakness that led to this whole crazy mess; that said I wouldn't change a single thing. I am just saying...it really never would have happened if it wasn't for XHamster.

Now I suppose I should start by saying I had and still have a pretty good life. I am happily married to a beautiful woman named Maryanne who is 5'4, delicate olive skin, long dark brown hair, memorizing hazel eyes, a killer smile, small perky breasts and the thin body of a swimmer. I have a good job at a marketing company; my job is in design. As for me, a little short at 5'10, have fair skin, brown hair, blue eyes and I have a decent six inch cock. Unfortunately, I am also somewhat scrawny and thus have never been seen as a manly threat.

This whole sordid tale begins because of XHamster. I had been an avid fan for some time when I came across a gay story. Now actually if I must be exact on who to blame, beside blaming XHamster, I should also blame the author of that story as well. I really enjoyed his stories and decided to read his 'How I Became a Gay Cock Slut'. Now I honestly can say that I, at the time, had not even remotely considered another guy in my life. I just thought the title hilarious and thought reading about such a faggot would be entertaining. So imagine my surprise when my cock rose as I read about this straight guy who became a faggot and loved it. I was stunned when he was willing to be a cock sucker in front of his wife...and was really disappointed when there was no part two where he indeed submitted in front of his wife. Before I knew it I was often searching for stories about straight men who become little faggots. Then I read a story called 'Becoming a Cock Slave', I instantly got hard and wished I was the guy who submitted to this Master.

I soon began searching for stories about men dominating sissies. My addiction to these stories became somewhat disturbing as I began to search for men on online chat-rooms. I found a few who verbally dominated me online and I could not even begin to explain how it turned me on. It always ended with me pumping my cock and shooting cum all over myself as the online master called me faggot, sissy, cock sucker, and so forth. Now all that said, I still didn't consider myself gay or even gay curious. These were just dirty fantasies. Don't we all have some dark dirty perversion deep inside us?

Anyhow, that leads me to my actual story....

My addiction had become an obsession as I began to do chats while at work. I had met a few online Masters to dominate me, but then I met the perfect one. He was dominant and for some reason I felt compelled to actually really obey each command. I would check to see if he was online often and would always feel a tinge of disappointment when he was not online. I eventually had my chat on at all times, at the request of my online Master, as he insisted I be available every possible minute; he reminded me that I was simply his fuck boy and it was my job to be ready to please at a seconds notice. I have my own office and thus have enough privacy to be able to be ready for him when he beckons.

Things began to change on Tuesday. I went online after a quick meeting about a new product line we were trying to win. Then just after ten I logged on.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: U there Master?

BigRod: Yes faggot. R U wearing the pink panties and lace bra as instructed?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

BigRod: The matching pink stockings, faggot?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master. They are underneath my suit.

BigRod: Good slave. Take your shoes off, boy.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, master.

BigRod: R U wearing socks, cock-toy?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

BigRod: Take them off now, cunt.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

BigRod: Throw them in the garbage, sissy.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock:???, Master.

BigRod: Do as U R told slut!!!

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

I don't know why, but I actually obeyed and took off my socks and threw them in the garbage.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Done, Master.

You would think that I would pretend to obey, as this was just online role paly, but I obeyed, keeping my shoes right beside me so I could quickly slide them back on if I had to. I also really was wearing pink silk panties, the matching lace bra and pink stockings. I bought both at a lingerie store as instructed by my online Master.

BigRod: Did u obey at the lingerie store, my pussy?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master. I tried on the panties, bra and stockings as instructed. I then asked the young girl, who was no more than twenty, how I looked in them.

BigRod: And....

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: She asked why I was wearing them. So I explained that my Master had instructed me to. She gave me a quizzical look before saying 'You look slutty.' I responded, 'My Master will be happy to hear it.' I thanked her and went and changed.

BigRod: Were u embarrassed?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.


WhiteFaggotCravesCock: No. No, no. I loved it. I was just being honest; I am very shy in real life.

BigRod: I see.

There were a couple of minutes without a response and I began to fret. Had I upset him? My submissive online addiction had begun to ooze into my real personality, I realized.

BigRod: I forgive u.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Thank u, Master. I don't want to disappoint u.

BigRod: Good homo, don't let it happen again. There are many other cock-suckers to please me if u can't.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Sorry, Master. It will not happen again.

BigRod: So did u lick your cum from your wife's pussy as instructed?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

BigRod: How did it taste?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Salty, Master.

BigRod: Did u enjoy it?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes I did Master. It made my cock hard knowing that I was doing it for you.

BigRod: Good cunt. U will get to prove your worth to me soon faggot.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master. I look forward to being used as the faggot I am.

BigRod: Good. Let's see if that is true. How far R U willing 2 go to please ur Master faggot?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: To the ends of the earth, Master.

BigRod: Good. Do not put your shoes back on, and go walk to your photocopying room and photocopy something. You must stop and talk to at least two people on this journey.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: OMG!

BigRod: Do it NOW Bitch.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

I sighed. This is where the rubber hit the road. It was fine to be called a bunch of names; it was fine to eat my cum from my wife's pussy; it was fine to pose in girlie lingerie like a slutty girl, but potentially having my obsessive perversion known at work was a whole different manner. So I put my shoes on and did the rest of what he commanded. It felt weird to walk in my shoes and just silk stockings. I ended up talking to my secretary Annie and to Eric, another designer like myself. I returned to my desk and lied to my online Master.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: I am back, Master.

BigRod: Did u complete the task?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, I did Master.

BigRod: LIAR.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Pardon, Master?


Oh shit. How would he possibly know that? I assume he was just guessing, so I tried to keep up the lie.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: No, Master. I did as I was told.


Oh fuck. I had never even told him where I worked. Nor had I ever given him any names of co-workers. My face went white. Oh shit, how the hell would he know those were the two people I talked to?


I had no idea how to react. My whole career was on the line now.


I instantly responded.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Sorry, it is just this is all a little overwhelming.

BigRod: What is?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Well, I...U know where I work.

BigRod: I know a lot about u faggot. Your wife, Maryanne, is 30 and works as a personal care assistant. You are older, 38 in fact. I know u really have obeyed all my commands, up until now that is.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: How do U know all this?

BigRod: It is my job as your MASTER. When u agreed to be my slave, u became my property. U remember the oath u agreed to?

I had got the following email from him after our first online conversation:

From: BigRod

To: Faggot567

March 14th, 2011

Please read and send back if u agree to be my personal slave.


I, _______________________________, swear to obey every command my MASTER instructs me to do. I promise to be online every day at some point to get new instructions. My sole responsibility in life now is as a cum bucket for my MASTER and will, when requested, drop everything to complete a task. I solemnly swear to obey every word and task my MASTER gives me and understand and accept any punishment that MASTER seems fit to dole out if I ever do not fulfill a task or disobey my MASTER.

If you agree to this oath, e-mail it back, with the understanding that every word in that oath MUST be true.

If you disagree with the oath, do not respond and I will move on to another cock slave.


I sent the e-mail back, but treated it like a game. I didn't take it seriously, or ever consider it to be the gospel or that someday I would be held to it. I didn't know him and he didn't know me.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master


WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes I did, Master.

BigRod: U NEED 2 B PUNISHED...disobey again and the punishment will include ur wife.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: I understand, Master.

I was freaking out, but what could I do. Somehow, he was watching me.

BigRod: Go ask Annie if there is a package for you.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: A package, Master.

BigRod: Yes. I sent u a little something.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

BigRod: And take your shoes off, if they are not off already.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master. BRB!

I took off my shoes again and opened my office door. I walked up to Annie's desk and asked, "Annie, was there a package delivered for me today?"

Annie, a beautiful redhead in her mid twenties, and just oozing sex appeal, said, "Yes, Mr. Wilson, it came a few minutes ago." She then handed me an unwrapped box and I gasped. It was a butt plug. She smiled and asked teasingly, "A gift for the wife?"

"Yeah," I said, thinking she saved me from thinking up some lie. She also looked quizzically at my shoeless stocking-clad feet. I grabbed the toy, went back into my office and returned to my computer.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: I got the package.

BigRod: Like it?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master. I have never used one of these before.

BigRod: Put it in your ass.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Now?

BigRod: Yes,faggot.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Ok, Master, just give me a second. I need to lock the door.

BigRod: Don't you dare, faggot.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: But someone could see?

BigRod: Do u think I give a fuck?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: No, Master.

BigRod: Now put the toy in ur ass NOW faggot.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

I took a deep breath and stood up. This was way too much. My career was at stake, yet my cock was fully erect in my pants. I pulled my pants down and panties down and awkwardly place it at my anal entrance. I, without instruction, sucked the toy a bit to get it at least a bit lubricated. The rubber tasted terrible.

BigRod: Is it in your ass yet?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Not yet Master, I'm getting it lubricated.

BigRod: And how r u doing that, faggot?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: By sucking on the toy, Master.

BigRod: U really r a whore aren't u?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.


I obeyed. The pain was extreme as I slowly pushed the toy into my virgin ass. I had never had anything in my butt other than my finger last week at the demand of my Master. As I pushed the five inch toy deeper in me a pain so extreme shook my body.

BigRod: Make sure it all gets in there faggot. MY cock is a lot bigger than that five inch toy. NOW PUMP IT IN AND OUT.

I gave out a moan, a mixture of intense pain and the subtle beginnings of pleasure, as I pumped the five inch toy in and out of my ass slowly.

BigRod: You like that, don't you faggot.

I didn't answer, as I tried to focus on the toy in my ass.

BigRod: Answer me whore.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master. It's beginning to feel good.

The pleasure began to feel good, the pain simmering to a subtle inconvenience. I began to stroke my raging hard-on as I fucked my own ass.

BigRod: STOP!!! Keep the toy in your ass and pull up your panties.

I sighed. I was close to cumming. I could have ignored the command and finished, but the thought of disobeying seemed so wrong. I obeyed and I pulled up my pants and awkwardly moved back to my desk.


I hesitated as I wondered how I was going to be able to sit with a toy in my ass.


I did and gave out a yelp as the toy went deeper into me then I could even imagine.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: I am back again, Master.

BigRod: How does your ass feel?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Ok, but it burns a bit.

BigRod: Soon u will be taking much bigger things in that faggot ass. We need to get that ass loosened to take my big cock.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

As I considered this I finally realized this internet role play, these fakes games, were now real and he probably was planning to fuck my ass.

BigRod: Bounce up and down on your chair 5 times.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

I did as instructed, petrified of disobeying again. Each bounce sent a painful charge through my bottom. Any earlier pleasure faded quickly from the punishing assault of my ass.

BigRod: Done?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

BigRod: Hurt?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Immensely.

BigRod: Don't worry...eventually having a cock in your ass will be as casual as having lunch. And you will be having a lot of lunches!!!

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

BigRod: Do u want to be my cocksucker, sissy?

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

Amy walked in and said, "Mr. Chetty wants to see you". Instantly, I was worried, he had laid off a few people the past month, the economy being what it was. And he was not someone who called you into his office to exchange pleasantries.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: I have 2 go meet with my boss now.

BigRod: Ok, good luck.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Thanks, Master. I Will check back online as soon as I can.

BigRod: And make sure you keep the plug in ur ass, faggot. I will know if u disobey and I will punish u severely.

WhiteFaggotCravesCock: Yes, Master.

I logged off and stood up. The toy lodged awkwardly in my ass. I walked around for a few seconds, trying to get used to the odd feeling. I contemplated taking it out, but yet the submissive side of me convinced me not to. I put my shoes back on and headed to the elevator to go to the 12th floor: Mr. Chetty's office.

I had never been to the 12th floor as only the President and two Vice-Presidents had their offices on that floor.

Now I should note that Mr, Chetty is an incredibly good looking man. He is a well built, 6'1", with a shaved head. To be truthful, many of my gay submission fantasies involved him as my Master, but in real life he was a scary boss who intimidated everyone. I got to his office and told his secretary, oddly a guy named Eugene, I was here to see Mr. Chetty.

Eugene gave me an odd once over, with an annoying smirk, and said, "Take a seat." As I sat down, slowly, I wondered how a guy ended up being a secretary; it was such a stereotypical girl job. That said, he was exactly like someone named Eugene should look like. He was the poster boy for geek. He had the glasses, the goofy smile and was as skinny as a stick. I figured he was probably gay; I then smirked to myself as I judged someone else as gay as I sat with a fucking butt plug up my ass and wearing lingerie.

"He will see you now," Eugene said.

"Thanks," I responded and walked into Mr. Chetty's office, wondering what he could possible have to say to me.

As I entered, Eugene followed me in and closed the door. I thought that was odd, but said nothing.

From behind his desk, Mr. Chetty instructed, "Sit down Dave."

I did, giving a slight grimace in the process, as I sat back on the toy, which was lodged at a really uncomfortable angle.

He stood up from his desk and walked over to me. "So Dave, do you know why you are here?"

"No," I said nervously and honestly.

"No clue?" he asked.

"None, sir," I responded, a feeling of worry creeping upon me.

"Eugene, please hand me Dave's file," Mr. Chetty asked.

"Yes, sir," Eugene said and quickly handed Mr. Chetty a manila file folder.

Mr. Chetty looked at it a long while, now leaning on his desk. "This file is full of some very entertaining reading."

"It is?" I asked, wondering what could possibly be in there.

"Oh yes, very interesting," he said slyly. He stared at me for a long while before finally letting the bomb drop, "Did you know we track all computer action in this building, Dave?"

My face went red I am sure as I began to understand my predicament.

Mr. Chetty smiled at my silence as he continued, "And the last couple of weeks you have had some very interesting," he paused for dramatic effect, "correspondences." He flipped through the folder as he listed, "With the likes of Hammercock, AssMaster, 10inchDong, and," he paused for what seemed like an eternity as he finished "BigRod."

Desperate to save my job, I said, "I can explain."

"You can?" he said mockingly, "This I am looking forward to hearing."

"Um," I attempted to begin, "I...was," I again tried to explain.

"Yes, I understand," he said sarcastically, as he went back to his desk. "Now the question becomes, what do we do with you?"

"I'm so sorry," I pleaded, "I really need this job. I will do anything."

"Anything?" he asked, his eye brow raised with curiosity.

"Yes," I replied, having no idea what I actually meant.

Mr. Chetty looked at his computer and then asked, "Did you obey your," he then put his hands in the air and fingered quotation marks, "Master?"

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Take off your shoes," he said.

"Um," I began.

"NOW,' he roared.

I quickly took off my shoes, revealing my nylon covered feet.

"Interesting," he said, his rage completely dissipated. "I assume if you are wearing the pink stockings, you are wearing the pink panties and bra?"

"Yes," I said in a humiliated whisper.

"Show me," he commanded.

I paused briefly, but stood up and took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt, revealing my pink lace bra. I then looked at him, who was looking back at me with an amused expression, before I undid my buckle and let my pants drop to the floor.

"Well," he said, "You did obey your Master." He paused and then asked, "Why?"

"I don't know," I said, which was largely true.

"You must know why you would dress in girl's underwear, like a little slut," he inquired.

I don't," I responded, adding, "I can't explain it, I felt compelled to obey, even though I am not really gay."

"You're not?" he said surprised.

"I'm married," I explained.

"So?" he countered.

"Submitting to him online was a turn on," I explained, "a fantasy that was nothing more than that."

"Really?" he said, clearly not believing me. He looked at me standing there in girl's undergarments and finally said, "So you are not gay. But you fantasize about men?"

I sighed and answered, "Yes."

"Turn around," he commanded.

I hesitated briefly, but obeyed, my cock getting harder in my pink panties.

"You still have the butt plug in your ass," he said matter-of-factly.

"Yes," I said.

"Did you fuck yourself and bounce up and down five times as instructed by your Master today?"

"Yes," I said ashamed.

"But you are not gay?" he asked.

"No," I said, me no longer completely convinced.

"Turn back around!" he demanded.

I obeyed.

"Do you want Eugene here to suck your cock?"

"Pardon?" I asked stunned by the question.

"I think the question is quite clear, do you want Eugene here to suck your cock?"

"Um," I began, with mixed emotions. My cock was so hard I would fuck anything, but this seemed incredibly weird.

"I'll take that as a yes," he said with a smile and snapped his fingers.

Eugene, obediently, like a servant, walked over to me, and without saying a word, took my cock in his mouth. I was stunned. The shock quickly turned to pleasure as Eugene began to bob up and down on my dick.

"Enjoying having your cock sucked by a guy?" my boss asked.

What can one say to such a question? I was greatly enjoying it, my erect cock in his mouth and my slight moans gave me away. So I whimpered, "Yes."

"But I thought you were not a faggot?" he asked. "Eugene, stop sucking." Eugene instantly took my cock out of his mouth.

Mr. Chetty explained, "Eugene is a great cocksucker. He is a complete faggot. He has never been with a woman. He services me and some others, but he is not attractive enough for my business clientele. Now do you want Eugene to finish sucking you off?"

I did not even hesitate as my hard cock spoke for me, "Yes."

"But you are not gay?" he teased.

"Fine," I said, "I am bi."

"No," he chuckled, "You are a faggot; a homo who craves being dominated by men."

I said nothing.

"Aren't you?" he asked, his voice rising.

"Yes," I whispered.

"Louder, boy!" my boss demanded.

"Yes," I repeated.

"And you want Eugene to suck your cock and swallow your load?"

"Yes," I admitted. Mr. Chetty gave a nod to Eugene and he instantly took my full six inches in his mouth. I instantly let out a moan from his expert mouth. This was easily the best blow job I had ever received. He did something with his mouth I could not explain. But it felt like my dick was swimming in an ocean of joy.

I then leaned back and within a few more seconds my cum bubbled and exploded down Eugene's mouth. He didn't miss a beat as he kept moving up and down taking every last drop of my cum.

Mr. Chetty then demanded, "Did you just come in my secretary's mouth?"

"Yes," I said, relived to have just cum and yet embarrassed by what had just occurred.

"Now you should thank Eugene," he said.

I looked down at Eugene, this nerd on his knees, and said, "Um, thank you."

Eugene smiled and said so absurdly, "My pleasure."

"Now kiss him," my boss demanded.

For some reason the idea of sucking a cock turned me on and didn't disgust me; but the thought of kissing another guy groused me right out. But I pulled Eugene up and kissed his mouth. He shoved his tongue in my mouth and I could taste the lingering drops of my semen. He then broke the kiss. He turned and walked out without a word. I sat there, my cock slowly shrinking, trying to figure out what had just happened.

"He's good, isn't he?" Mr. Chetty asked.

"Yes," I answered, still bewildered by the situation.

"Better than your wife?" he asked.

I didn't answer right away, but he asked again, his voice more f***eful, "It's a simple fucking question you fucking faggot, is Eugene a better cocksucker than your wife?"

Knowing the answer was yes, I replied defeated and slightly frightened, "Yes."

"I thought so, Eugene has an expert faggot mouth," Mr. Chetty said. "Now I have a secret for you," he began, as he unbuckled his pants.

I stared at him hypnotized.

"Do you know my first name?" he asked, his pants dropping to the floor.

"No," I said honestly having no clue.

"It is Rod," he said.

"Oh," I said. He said nothing as he let me make the connection. It took a little while, apparently I am not all that swift, before I finally caught on and asked dumbfounded, but already knowing the answer, "You are BigRod?"

"Yes, I am, faggot," he said, taking his underwear off and revealing a massive nine plus inch cock, "and now I am your Master."

I stood there stunned. All my dark dirty fantasies had all cumulated to this very moment. Inside I knew I wanted nothing more than to suck his big cock. Yet, I also didn't want to really cheat on my wife. It was one thing to role play, but this was very different. Of course, I had just come in Eugene's mouth, so I guess the concept of cheating was rather irrelevant.

"So you have two choices," he began, "You can get on your knees and crawl to me and beg to be my fuck toy or you can quit, get dressed, and walk out of my office. The choice is yours." He looked at me with a dominant smile on his face.

I already knew the answer. I couldn't lose my job, plus deep down I desperately wanted this. I slowly dropped to my knees.

"On all fours faggot!" he demanded.

I got on all fours like a puppy. My heart was beating so hard, and my cock was also as hard as I can ever remember.

"Now crawl over to your Master," he commanded.

I obeyed and soon was at my Master's feet.

"Clean my shoes with your tongue, homo," he instructed.

I again obeyed cleaning his black dress shoes. I did this for a minute or so until he said, "Have you ever sucked a cock?"

"No," I answered.

"But you want to suck mine," he asked.

"Yes," I answered, still on all fours in a submissive posture.

"You understand that once your sissy mouth engulfs my cock I own you," he explained.

"Yes," I said, eager to please, my cock now throbbing.

"You will not only please me. But you will become my new faggot for certain clientele," he said.

I looked up a bit confused.

He continued, "Dave, you are a very handsome man. You're all American good looks will be a great asset to many of our foreign clients as well as some of our elite American ones with unique tastes."

I still was confused, my baffled facial expression looking at my new Master.

"You will be my sissy faggot who will suck and fuck whoever I tell you to," he explained.

"Oh," I said.

"You have a problem with that pussy boy?" he asked slightly annoyed.

"No, no, no," I pleaded like a boy in trouble from his mother.

"Good, faggot," he said calm again, "Now beg to be my sissy fuck thing."

I looked up, still on all fours, and said, "Please Master, let me be your fuck toy. Use my mouth and ass for your personal pleasure."

He smiled and said, "Now beg to suck your Master's cock."

I got up onto just my knees and said, eager to please, "Can I please suck Master's big cock?"

He said, a victorious smug look on his face, "Get to work boy."

I leaned forward and took my first ever cock in my mouth. His mammoth cock was hard to take, but I tried my best. I moved slowly at first, trying to get used to this weird feeling. "That's it faggot," my new Master said, "Suck my cock." I started to move a bit faster, but each time I went deeper I would gag a bit. This seemed to frustrate my Master as he said, "Fuck faggot, you are really not that good at this." He then grabbed my head and began to pump his thick rod in and out of my mouth. My eyes watered as I desperately tried not to gag as he fucked my face like it was a pussy. He kept pumping, ignoring my gags, until I felt his hot seed explode in my mouth. I swallowed it as best I could, but gagged, cum dripping out of my mouth and onto the floor.

"Fuck," Master roared, "You spilt my cum."

Without even thinking, frightened to upset my new Master, I dropped to the floor and retrieved the cum with my mouth. He then pulled up his pants and said "You are not much of a cocksucker, yet." I looked down, the aftertaste of his cum filling my mouth, as he said, "But practise will make perfect."

I said nothing, waiting for what I was supposed to do.

Finally, Mr. Chetty, back behind his desk, said, "What is your cell number?"

I gave it to him and he explained, "I expect you to have it on at all time. When I call, I expect you to drop everything and meet me wherever I request."

"Yes, Master," I said, "but what about my wife?"

"What about her?" he asked dismissively.

"She can't find out about this," I said with a sense of desperation.

He shrugged and said, "Does it look like that is my problem, faggot?"

"No," I said defeated.

"Good, now get back to work you fucking pussy," he said, not even looking up from his desk.

I quickly got dressed and left Master's office. As I left, I kept my head down to avoid eye contact with Eugene or anyone else, fearing they could see through my manly exterior to my shamed interior. I went to the elevator and out for lunch. The rest of the day was uneventful but nerve-wracking. I kept expecting a call from my Master or something, but none came. I went home and had a nice supper with my wife. We were watching NCIS when I got a text.


Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

Be at Walker's in twenty minutes. Go to the last stall in the bathroom. Close the stall. Service the man who knocks on your stall three times, with your faggot mouth. Understood?


Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

I can't. I am with my wife.


Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

That is one.


Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

Excuse me?


Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

That is one strike, hit three and not only are you fired, but the whole world knows what kind of faggot you really are. UNDERSTOOD?!


Tuesday Mar 29, 2011



Tuesday Mar 29, 2011



Tuesday Mar 29, 2011

Understood, Master.

I told my wife, rather honestly, that that was Mr. Chetty and he needed me ASAP. My wife seemed surprised. This had never really happened, but I shrugged as I explained, "I think I have a chance to move up the corporate ladder." Which in some ways seemed true.

My wife has ecstatic for me and said, "Well go do what you have to do." The irony of that statement only I knew.

I left and headed to Walker's, an Irish Pub. I walked in, did a quick perusal of the bar, it was half empty, and headed to the washroom. Much to my relief, the bathroom was completely empty. I went into the final stall and nervously waited. Each time footsteps entered the bathroom, a nervous chill went up my spine. When the expected three knocks did not occur a mixture of relief and disappointment filled me. I sat there for half an hour and was just beginning to wonder how long I had to sit here, when three slow, strong, knocks echoed in my stall. I took a deep breath and unlocked the door. I apprehensively opened the door and was face to face with a teenager.

He had a smirk on his face as he walked in, "Hi, cocksucker. Rod says you need practice."

I quickly closed the door and stood there awkwardly. I asked, "How old are you?"

"19, faggot," the baby-face boy answered, before he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me onto my knees. "Enough small talk, boy." I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his zipper and dropped his jeans to the ground. I pulled down his boxers and a nine inch cock stood erect at my attention. I stared at it, hypnotized by the big cock. "Get to work, faggot, I don't have all night," the teen demanded.

I opened my mouth and took in the teen's cock. I began bobbing up and down, taking in half his long rod. The boy said, "Slow down old man, this isn't a race."

I instantly quit bobbing, and used my tongue to slide up and down the thick shaft. He gave a soft moan as I took his mushroom top back into my mouth. I sucked his head with my tongue and lips, move up and down just an inch. After a lengthy tease on his thick penis top, I deep throated him as best I could, and began to really bob on his cock. He moaned instantly when I attempted to deep throat him and his moans continued as I picked up the pace.

"Oh yes, faggot, that's much better. You may be a good cocksucker yet," he said approvingly.

My own cock hardened, as I pleased this teen cock. At that moment nothing else mattered, but making this teen k** cum. I desperately wanted to taste his seed. I continued a steady pace, trying to go a bit deeper each time, and after a couple more minutes I could tell he was on the verge of cumming.

"That's it cocksucker, get ready to take all my cum," he grunted.

I obeyed, keeping his cock in my mouth until I felt the surge of cum explode from his cock. I kept sucking until every last drop of his semen was in my belly.

As I was finishing swallowing, I saw a flash. He had taken a picture of his cock in my mouth. Finally he pulled out and said, "Thanks faggot, I'll tell Uncle you obeyed his command and that you showed some potential." He pulled his pants up and left without another word.

I got off my knees and then left the bathroom, thankful it was still empty. I returned home and luckily my wife was already asl**p.


It is hard to work when you have no idea if or when your boss is going to call you in to use you as a sex toy. Each day for the next two weeks, I sucked his cock. Sometimes it was in the morning, other times at lunch and one time it was at the end of the day. The routine was always the same. He called me names, I sucked his cock for a few minutes and then he would face fuck me and cum down my throat. By the end of the second week, I was getting much better at pleasing him. My rod stood erect the whole time I pleased him, desperate to cum myself. The rest of the day would include Eugene coming and sucking me off in my office and me returning the favour. I was officially addicted to cum.

It was on a Friday that Rod upped the ante. As I knelt before him ready to suck his hard cock, he asked, "Are you ready for the next level, faggot?"

I looked at him slightly confused, "Yes, Master."

"Ready to take my cock in your faggot ass?" he declared.

I didn't even flinch as I responded, "Yes, Master."

He said, "Bend over my desk faggot," as I saw him greasing his massive tool.

I stood up and bent at the waist so my chest was flat on his desk and waited nervously.

I soon felt his big strong hands pull apart my ass cheeks, "Are you ready to be fucked, faggot?"

My stiff erection spoke for me as I begged, "Yes, Master, please fuck your faggot. Fill my ass with your big cock."

Instantly, I felt the sharp pain as his enormous cock split my ass cheeks apart. It was way more painful then I could even begin to imagine. I held onto the desk, wincing in pain. Master, seeing and hearing my discomfort, said, "Don't worry homo. Soon the pain will subside and the pleasure will take over."

He began to slowly move in and out, only partly in my tight burning ass. Slowly, as he said, the pain began to fade and the thrill of such a complete submission began to overwhelm me so much that the next words out of my mouth surprised even me. I begged, "Oh Master, please fuck my ass faster."

"You really are a faggot. You want this don't you, cunt?" he grunted. He obliged as he began moving faster and going deeper.

I moaned and whimpered. The pain resurfaced as his cock went deeper than I could even begin to fathom. But the pleasure also increased as he began to really fuck me. Soon he was drilling my ass at a consistently fast pace and I began to really enjoy the feeling of a big cock in my ass.

As he pounded my ass he asked, "So what would your wife say if she walked in right now?"

Instantly I panicked, but grunted "She would freak out completely, Master."

He chuckled, "What would you do if you had to choose between your wife and my cock?"

At the moment I would do anything for him, my cock and my submission doing all my thinking, "You are my Master, I will always do as you demand." As soon as the words came out, I knew it was true, I loved my wife, but I could not quit his cock. I was addicted to it and being a complete submissive sissy to him.

"That is very good to know," he grunted as he continued fucking my ass.

I moaned, desperate for more pleasure, "Don't stop, fuck your faggot, fuck me hard."

As soon as I said that, he gave one final thrust that had me scream in ecstasy as my ass was completely filled with his hard cock. The hardcore pumping continued for another minute until he pulled out, flipped me over to my knees and shoved his cock, that had been in my ass for over twenty minutes, into my mouth. All I wanted was to please him, and I bobbed up and down eager to take his full load.

I heard his usual grunt which signalled that he was going to cum and felt his hot seed slide down my throat. I continued sucking, extracting every last drop of his cum.

He finally pulled out, "You are turning into a very good faggot."

I ridiculously responded, "Thank you, Master."

As he pulled up his pants, he declared, "I am coming over for supper tomorrow. Around 6 o'clock."

Instantly, I had the deer-in-headlights look as I sputtered, "Y-y-you are?"

"Yes, I am," he said, "And I expect you wearing your slutty lingerie underneath your clothes, understood?"

"Yes, Master," I said defeated, my mind reeling from this new piece of information.

"Good, now get the fuck out of here, faggot," he said, dismissing his fuck-toy.

I stood up and left, my ass still burning. I spent the rest of the work day in a state of anxiety, knowing my whole world, as I knew it, was about to come to an end.

That night, I fucked my wife the hardest I ever had, the whole time thinking of Master's cock in my ass.


My wife was thrilled to have my boss coming over as she loved to entertain and I had implied this was a key supper for my career. She went all out making a gourmet supper and dressing like a 50s housewife: long skirt, pretty blouse, pantyhose and heels. It was all very surreal.

Rod showed up on time dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt and a black blazer. The next two hours were disturbingly normal. He was polite, asked my wife lots of non-invasive questions and we talked about other random things: sports, movies, travel, etc.... The only three things slightly out of the ordinary was the fact I was wearing girl's lingerie under my clothes, Rod gave Maryanne tons of compliments and Rod had touched her many times throughout the evening.

When I went returned from the washroom right before dinner, my wife's face was very flushed. I wondered why, but didn't think too much of it.

Eventually we were having a glass of wine when things got strange. Rod asked "Maryanne, please don't be offended, but I have to ask. You are amazingly attractive. Why did you settle for someone like Dave?"

Maryanne gave an awkward laugh thinking he was k**ding and responded, a little tipsy from the wine from supper, "Well he is good in bed."

"I heard that," Rod chuckled, looking directly at me. I shifted uncomfortably, catching the not-so-subtle innuendo.

Maryanne looked at him oddly, but didn't say anything. An odd silence filled the room.

The silence was broken when my Master asked my wife, "So, Maryanne, are you horny right now?"

"Pardon me?" she asked, surprised by the question.

"It's a simple question. Are you horny right now?" he repeated, his dominant tone beginning to shine through as he stood up.

Maryanne looked at me nervously, and slightly guilty.

Master looked at me with a smirk and said, "Dave, your wife is one hot woman." His hand reached for my wife.

Embarrassed, Maryanne quickly stood up and rushed out of the room muttering something like, "Excuse me, I need to go to the washroom."

As soon as she was gone, Rod commanded, "Get undressed right now, faggot."

I knew it was coming, but still hearing the words had me a nervous wreck. Here is was, now or never. I unbuttoned my shirt, took of my shoes and pants and socks and stood before my master in pink lingerie, my wife just upstairs.

He stood up "Come over here and get my cock out faggot. I want you to get it ready before it goes into your wife and I make her crave my cock too."

His confidence stunned me, as I asked, "How do you know Maryanne will submit?"

He chuckled, "She already began to, when you were in the washroom. I fingered her in the kitchen. She did not even remotely resist, in fact I think she wanted more, but I wanted to wait until you could see it faggot."

I was shocked, I never thought she would cheat, but I knew he was not lying, he didn't have to.

I knelt in front of him and pulled down his pants. He had no underwear on and his large cock saluted me. I grabbed it and began sucking my Master.

"That's it faggot, get your Master's cock ready for your pretty wife."

I bobbed up and down faster, my mouth getting way better at taking his massive cock in my mouth. He asked, "Can I fuck your wife, faggot?"

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, "If she will let you?"

He smirked and asked, "Do you want me to fuck your wife, to use her and make her crave my big cock like you do?"

I knew the answer he wanted and I was beginning to want it too as I answered, like a good faggot, "Yes Master. Fuck her hard and deep like I can't."

"Are you sacrificing your wife to me, faggot?"

"She is yours, Master. I can't deny you anything, Master," I responded hungry for his cock.

"Maryanne, get undressed for me, slut," Master said.

Mortified, I looked around and saw my wife standing in the doorway entrance. She was glaring at me a mixture of shock and anger.

I looked back at her, but said nothing.

She spitefully asked me, "What are you doing, Dave?"

What could I answer?

Master responded for me, "Maryanne, your husband is my faggot. He loves sucking cock, don't you cocksucker?"

Ashamed I answered, "Yes, Master."

"You love my big cock in your ass, don't you, fuck-toy?"

"Yes, Master," I whispered.

"You want me to own your wife like I own your faggot ass?"

"Yes Master" I whispered again.

My wife muttered stunned, "I can't believe it."

Master said, "Maryanne, don't play all innocent. I wasn't here an hour and you let me finger you in your own kitchen, and you definitely liked it slut. You don't get that wet if you don't like it."

My wife went red, "but, he is sucking your cock."

Master smiled and said, "Why don't you come and replace him? Get on your knees and see what your faggot husband has been worshipping. I know you want to slut. I can see that look in your eyes."

Maryanne thought about this for awhile before glaring at me. I had seen that glare many times before, the 'you-are-dead' glare. The next words out of her mouth surprised me. "You want that, faggot? You want to see me take his cock?"

I was shocked to hear my wife call me a faggot. But my cock loved it. Humiliated, yet horny as hell, I admitted, "Yes, honey."

"Honey," she said, "don't you call me honey, you fucking queer." She walked over and slapped me in the face.

She ordered, "Go sit over there faggot and watch as I become a slut for his cock. It's obvious that is what you want." Once I obeyed, she dropped to her knees in front of my Master.

Master smirked, "If you submit to me, I own you, like I own your husband."

She looked at Master slightly surprised and said, "What does that mean exactly?"

"You obey my every command. You suck and fuck who I tell you to. You cum only when I give you permission. You will make yourself available to me whenever I need it and wear whatever I tell you too. Do you understand my slut?"

Maryanne glared at me, smirked and then submitted, "Yes I do, Master. I fully understand what I am about to do and what I am about to become."

"Take off your clothes slut. I want you naked as you submit to me. I want to see what I now own."

Maryanne stayed on her knees and quickly stripped. In no time she was naked and reaching for the big snake before her.

I watched as she took Master's cock into her mouth. Clearly desperate to make a statement to me, she bobbed and slobbered on his big cock with reckless abandon.

Master moaned and said, "Hmmm, my new slut sucks pretty good faggot."

"I know," I responded.

Master grabbed my wife's head from behind and began to fuck her face like he had done to mine over the past couple of weeks. It was such an odd feeling. Instead of being angry he was face-fucking my wife, I was jealous it wasn't me. I watched by wife, being way more enthusiastic sucking Master's cock, than she ever had when sucking me.

"Maryanne you are one of my many whores now. Tell me who owns your cunt?"

"You do Master, it's yours, and my other holes are too," my wife said with a grin on her face.

Master shoved his cock into my eager wife's mouth and continued the hardcore face-fucking. Soon Master gave his now very familiar grunt and began pumping cum down my wife's throat. He pulled out and sprayed the last gushes onto her face, as if to mark his territory.

As soon as he finished coming, he sat back on the coach, still looking at my wife, and announced, "You will make a good little slut, won't you?"

"Yes, Master," she purred.

"Do you still love your husband, slut?"

"I don't know," she said.

"You must understand, he is who he is. He couldn't resist me, just like you couldn't."

"Faggot, do you love your wife?"

"With all my heart," I sincerely replied.

"Do you want to please her?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good, come and get me hard again, so I can fuck your beautiful bride."

"Yes, Master," I obeyed and crawled over to him.

I looked at my wife, her glare of hate gone, but her expression unreadable, as I positioned myself between Master's big strong legs. I took his cock in my mouth, preparing him for my wife.

I sucked his cock slowly, as I knew he liked after his first ejaculation and after a few minutes of sucking he was prime and ready. He stood up, "Let's go your bedroom. I want to fuck your wife in your bed. I want it to be something you both remember, the night you both officially gave yourself to my cock."

We obeyed and as soon as we were in our room, Master asked, "Slut, how do you want to be fucked?"

"Any way you wish, Master, I am your property," she replied in a completely submissive voice.

I was completely shocked by my wife's submissive behaviour.

Master ordered, "On all fours then, slut."

"Yes Master," she obeyed and got on our bed. Master went behind her and slapped his cock on my wife's tight ass.

"Get over here faggot and put my cock in your wife. That way I know you want me to fuck her and own her cunt," he ordered.

My wife, clearly extremely horny, began moaning instantly and begging, "Come on faggot, put that big cock into my pussy."

As I aimed his stiff cock at her pussy, she pushed back taking the cock easily in her pussy.

"Oh yes Master, fuck me with that massive cock. Oh my God. Go deep and don't ever stop."

I watched, knowing this would be a long fucking session. After his first cum, he could last an hour. He moved in and out slow at first, but started really hammering her when she begged to be fucked harder. I watched, my cock a stiff missile in my panties, as my Master fucked my wife.

She verbally humiliated me constantly during her first fucking. "Yes, fuck me like a real man," or "Oh my God, your cock is so much bigger than my husband's" or "Fuck your slut, fuck her in front of her wimpy pathetic husband." Shame burned in me as I realized I had allowed all this to happen. Yet, what overpowered my shame was my lust. I desperately wanted to be the one on all fours being filled by Master's enormous cock. I wanted to taste his seed.

The next half an hour he fucked her in a variety of positions until he was close to coming. "I'm going to come soon slut. Are you on the pill?"

"No Master, we use protection." she grunted between hard strokes.

"I am going to cum inside your cunt, and there will be no protection from my dominant seed," he announced.

To my surprise, my wife begged, "Yes, Master, shoot your load in my pussy, fill me with your seed."

"You want to carry Master's baby?"

"I will do anything for Master," she moaned from the hardcore drilling.

Master grunted and began shooting his second load into my wife, this time up her cunt. He kept pumping and pumping, long after he was done. Making sure to push his seed as deep as he could inside her womb.

Finally, he pulled out, "You will make a good addition, my slut."

She looked up at him dreamily.

"Sometimes our clients want a woman to close the deal. Other times they want a faggot and other times they want a couple. You two will be a great asset."

My wife was breathing heavy still and rubbing her clit. My wife, my prim and proper wife, demanded, "Faggot, get over here and get me off."

I quickly obeyed, crawling between my wife's legs and was face to pussy with a delicious cream pie. I began licking my wife's pussy and my Master's cum. As I licked and licked, I wondered, could I have it all?

My wife.

My Master.

My job.

As I pondered hopefully that I could, my wife pulled my face deeper into her just fucked cunt and ordered, "Please your Mistress, faggot."

'Mistress', I liked that.

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Omg I can't finish reading it! I always cum everywhere! I want to be someone's little bitch!
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I want to be owned so badly
2 years ago
A fantastic story, got me so hard, to be treated like that and clean my wife's pussy filled with a masters cum would be my favorite fantasy........if only!xx
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Whoaaaa! Nice!
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The best story I have ever read.
Im in the same boat and would love to be turned and shown how to do things!!
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Fucking awesome!!
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A fantastic story got me so horny I had to stop and cum Hal way through and then again once I read it a second time. So hot.
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Easily one of my favorite stories on this site..I was rubbing MY li'l penis in my panties and wishing I was in his place. Well written story and I hope to read more from this author while I masturbate..

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I am SO hard! Fantastic stuff, please give us more.
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Wonderful tale, hope there will be more. Loved it all.