First time sucking cock

This story is fiction. I have never had an experience with another man, but I suppose I’ve had the fantasy for a while now, so this is how I always imagined it going down. Enjoy…

After a long, hard Thursday night workout at the gym, I was feeling very exhausted but also satisfied with my effort. There was hardly anyone left in the place since it was getting quite late. I stumbled into the change room with my legs still burning from the squats. I sat down on the bench to undress, which I usually don’t do since it’s generally busy at my normal workout time, but I was the only man in the room so I took my time. It was certainly nice to have the peace and quiet of the gym locker room all to myself. It’s the thing I hate most about the gym… a busy change room with too many guys talking and yelling and so many out-of-shape dudes walking around naked. But this time it was peaceful, just me. I started thinking I should change my schedule and come at this time every day.

I stripped off my gym clothes slowly to avoid the pain in my legs, put everything away in my locker, threw the towel over my shoulder and walked towards the showers. I stopped at the water fountain on the way and had a quick sip. When I leaned up again I noticed the full-length mirror and took a minute to do something I very rarely do… look at myself. I always hate all those guys who just go to the gym to stare at themselves and admire their muscles. Maybe I’m just jealous, but I think it’s just because I don’t like a person with an ego. Either way I vowed I would never be like that, but for some reason this time I stopped and just had to check on my progress. I had gained too much extra weight from the holidays so I’d been trying to trim it off. I slowly scanned over my body from the top down. I’ve always had strong shoulders, but I noticed that my chest looked bigger now and I was impressed. My biceps looked twice the size they were so I was definitely happy with that. I did a little twist with my upper half and suddenly there were my abs. I had lost 12 lbs since I started back at the gym and it really showed in my stomach. I was pleased that I was finally looking lean again. Scanning further down, I stopped to admire my penis. Only six inches in length, but as thick as a wrist (a girl’s wrist anyway) I took a minute to inspect the size comparatively to my new toned body. I had to admit, it looked good… it looked really good. Unfortunately for me, my legs are like tree trunks. I’ve always had thick thighs, and while they are muscle, they just look disproportionate to the rest of me but I suppose some people like it. My girlfriend has always said she likes my big strong legs, so I guess that’s what matters.

Anyway, I finished with my vain little mirror session and moved on to the showers. I usually skip the sauna because I don’t have time, but as I passed it this time I figured why not. It’s relaxing, it will help my legs feel better, I can stretch them out real good, I’ve got the time. So I cranked up the dial on the outside and went in. it’s a rather small sauna, but it’s sooooo nice. There is a window on the door, but there was a little corner of privacy inside the sauna that a passerby couldn’t see, so that’s where I sat. I had the towel under my butt, but unfolded long enough that I could cover myself should someone enter. As the minutes went by I realized I am probably the only person left in the gym by now so I stood up, completely nude, and decided to work my legs. With my legs straight, I bent forward and reached my hands to the floor. As I felt the stretch I realized I was face to face with my own penis. Instinctively I reached my tongue out to lick it, and just barely got it. I had attempted to suck my dick before so this was nothing new, but suddenly I had the urge to try now, at this moment. I really don’t even know why, perhaps the excitement of maybe being caught? I’m not sure.

So I walked over to the window and looked out to make sure I was still alone. I walked back into my corner and sat down on my towel again. I spread my legs, put my head back against the hot wall and started lightly stroking my cock. My mind ran wild with thoughts of my girlfriend and some girls I’d seen earlier in the gym and also, for some reason, myself… my own body. I fantasied about getting my own dick all the way down my throat, something I knew wasn’t possible because I just don’t bend that much. After a while I opened my eyes and realized my cock was rock solid. Standing tall and slightly throbbing. So I grabbed under my big thighs with each hand and pulled my head down to my crotch. As I bent forward my penis went in towards my stomach. I lashed out with my tongue to try to grab it. After a few tries, I finally rested it on my tongue. I struggled to bring my mouth down farther and at the same time I started sucking at the tip. Doing my best to hold the position, I could feel my body slowly start to settle into it more. As the slight pains in my neck subsided I knew I could slowly get further down. I continued to suck the tip of my dick and managed to get the head almost entirely in my mouth. I stuck my tongue out again and licked around the rim of the head. It felt good, but not just on my penis… in my mouth too. I bobbed my head for a little while, popping the head of my dick in and out of my mouth over and over, but I couldn’t go any further than that. Then I heard a noise outside.
I immediately stopped and sat back up against the wall. I threw the towel over my hard cock just as a man opened the door to the sauna. I looked at him as he entered and nodded as if to say ‘hello’. I was praying that he couldn’t tell my dick was solid under my towel, but knew there was no other way to hide or cover it up.

As I said the sauna is small so he had no other place to sit than in front of me on the upper bench perpendicular to mine. He had his towel wrapped around his waist and did the same thing I had done, started stretching. He worked his arms and his back, pulling and twisting. Then he bent forward, also as I had done and stretched his legs, towel still intact. I pretended not to look by facing the floor and mainly attempting to watch out of my peripheral vision. For some reason I just couldn’t help it, the man was fit. It’s not every day you come across people at the gym who actually look good. This guy was tall, dark and definitely handsome. He had to be about 6’2” with broad shoulders, like me, and a strong chest. His arms were toned and muscular, as were his legs. But the most undeniably attractive part of him was his abs. As he stretched and leaned in all different ways I could see his abs popping and flexing, it was amazing, I’d never seen someone in real life with a body like that; he was like an underwear model. Suddenly I felt so inferior, since I had to flex in a certain way to get my abs to show.

He finished up his stretching routine and sat down on the bench. To my surprise he loosened the towel around his waist and flung it open. As the towel flopped down on either side of him there was no way I could help but notice his cock. It practically sprang up after being released from under the towel. Not that it was hard or anything, it wasn’t, just that it seemed so thick and juicy that it’s like he was setting it free. It was similar to mine, but looked as though it would probably be larger when erect. He was circumcised, like me, and kept things nicely groomed and trimmed, also like me. While the sweat started to collect on his body, his juicy cock began to glisten. I did my best not to look and keep my eyes on the floor, but for the life of me I couldn’t stop from glancing at it every few seconds. All I was trying to do was wait for my penis to soften so I could get up and go hit the shower, but the more I glanced, the longer my cock remained hard. Then, after what seemed like an eternity of silence and awkward glances, he spoke. “You look like you like what you see.” He said frankly. Surprised I looked up at him. With a grin he continued “As if I wouldn’t notice you looking at me. And I saw that thing as soon as I walked in here.” He said pointing to my crotch.

Embarrassed, I immediately looked back to the floor and started to apologize. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“It’s okay!” he said. “I get it all the time.”

I stayed silent. I could feel he was still looking at me.

“You don’t look like you’ve ever been with a guy, am I right?” he asked with confidence.

Shocked, I looked up again and saw him smiling. I shook my head. “No.”
“But you want to be don’t you? Or at least try it once?”

My heart started racing and if I wasn’t so sweaty already I probably would have started sweating. Staring straight in his eyes I replied “Maybe… I mean, I’ve thought about it.” I was surprised at how quickly and honestly I answered. Perhaps some small part of me thought this could actually be the moment a fantasy would be fulfilled so subconsciously I jumped at it.
“Well,” he started as he leaned forward and opened his legs wide, his cock and balls flopped down and smacked the towel on the bench below him, he placed his elbows on his knees and folded his hands in front of him “Maybe now’s your chance.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. My heart really started racing now, faster than it had throughout my entire workout. I lost my inhibitions and allowed myself to stare at his cock. His beautiful glistening cock. This time I didn’t answer quickly, in fact I don’t know if I said anything at all. I looked at him and took my time deciding how to proceed. I thought about my girlfriend, and what this might mean. But the more I gazed at that juicy dick, the more I realized… I wanted to taste it. This could very well be my one and only opportunity in life to touch and taste man meat. And maybe, just maybe if I was lucky, even have a real cock in my ass, just like all the toys we have at home. Ultimately I decided I could not pass up this opportunity, and motioned with one finger for him to come sit next to me (since I was in the hidden corner of the sauna).
He smiled big and wide and shimmied himself over towards me. As he repositioned his towel to sit on I immediately reached out to touch him. I first made contact with his abs since I was so impressed by them. His stomach was unbelievably hard. But even to my own surprise I quickly moved my hand down towards his crotch and lightly grazed his cock down the entire length with my fingertips. I didn’t waste any time putting my hand firmly around his meat and squeezed it. I started to lightly pump downwards, still gripping it firmly. I was actually amazed at myself and how willing I was to just go right at it. Perhaps I was in a hurry because there was a danger of being caught, or perhaps I was just eager and truly wanted it to happen so badly. Either way I was now enjoying my first touch of another man’s penis and couldn’t contain my excitement for more. I must have had a stupid grin on my face as I continued to stroke him, all the while staring at the member I was working. I didn’t even realize he had removed the towel off my crotch until he said “Jesus man, you’re thicker than me!” I looked over at myself, with his big hand wrapped around my shaft and just looked up at him and smiled. I was still hard this entire time.

He had a firm grip on my penis too and was basically mimicking what I was doing to him, except that I was stroking him down towards the floor, while my penis was standing straight up and he was pulling up on it. So I changed my grip and stood his penis up as well, which is when I noticed how large and loose his balls were. Hanging there, resting on the towel beneath him, shining in their smooth, shaved glory. I let his hardening dick rest on his abs while I slowly picked up his balls and felt the weight. I rolled them gently in my fingers and actually heard a quiet moan from him. He started to stroke my thick meat a little faster and I realized how good it felt. In fact it felt too good. I suppose with all the excitement I was experiencing I didn’t realize just how turned on I was. It was my own fault really, after the self-sucking. But I was too turned on, and started to feel I might actually cum if he didn’t slow down or stop. I didn’t want to cum. I wanted him to cum. This was the first time I realized that actually. What I really wanted, in this moment was to make the man cum. And not only that, but I knew deep down I wanted to taste it. I wanted to know how it felt to have a spurt of man juice in my mouth, and swallow another man’s seed. That was my true fantasy. Sure I had tasted my own many times before, I’d even shot directly in my own mouth… but I wanted to taste someone else.

So I leaned forward to get up, forcing my dick out of his hand. I think for a second he actually thought I was getting up to leave as I saw surprise on his face, but I spun around with my right knee on the lower bench. I had my body stretched upwards still and something came over me as I leaned down to kiss him. Not on the lips, but on the chest. I had his member in my hand still as I flicked my tongue over his nipple. I looked up for approval and saw him smile down at me. For some reason I kissed a trail down his chest and stomach which I even thought was odd since I knew in my head all I wanted was cock and his cum. When I finally got there, I stopped. Now resting on my folded knees on the lower bench, sitting on my feet, I stared at his manhood again, now directly in front of my face. It was still only semi-hard, but already longer than mine, and starting to stiffen in anticipation of what I was planning to do to it. I knew I wanted as much of it in my mouth as possible so I had to just do it right away before it got too solid. I could savor the moment later, but for now I had to just down it. So I opened my mouth and licked some tasteless pre-cum off the tip. I looked up and locked eyes with him one last time and put the head in my mouth. He beamed from ear to ear and I looked back down and the meat I was about to swallow. I closed my mouth around his slick cock and began to devour it inch by inch. It was so velvety smooth and delicious. I tried to swallow with my throat as often as I could to help it further down. I could feel his semi-soft meat flexing every now and then as I got more and more in my mouth. Finally, my nose touched his nicely trimmed pubic hair and I realized I had almost the entire thing down my throat. With one final push, I had it all and it felt so satisfying. I bent my head down a bit so that I could look up again. He was staring down at me with his eye wide open. “Holy fuck” he said with amazement. I guess he was shocked because I was a virgin, but I had practiced many times with toys and food, and I already knew I didn’t have much of a gag reflex. Although, to be perfectly honest, I was shocked with myself as well. After seeing the size of him, I wasn’t entirely confident I could suck him all the way down, but I did. The problem I knew now was as soon as I took him out of my mouth, he would stiffen up more and there was no way I would get that far again. So this was the moment I had to savor. As I looked up at him, his thick, juicy cock deep in my throat I relished the taste and smells. They say sweat is a natural aphrodisiac; I can understand why. It’s pungent but smells so good in the moment. I lightly rocked my head back and forth, feeling his knob in my throat, not daring to release a single inch of his swelling cock. Soon it got to the point where I just couldn’t hold it anymore. His shaft had hardened too much and I couldn’t keep the angle in my curved throat. With a slight gag, I had to release him and quickly pulled my mouth up the entire length of his cock. When my mouth came off it, I instinctively swallowed hard which eased my throat a bit.

Puzzled, he asked “Jesus, so you’ve never done this before?”

“No.” I replied simply.

“Well how the hell did you do that?”

“I’m not sure.” I answered “I guess I’ve just always dreamt about it.”
My hand was still stroking his now solid dick and I took a breath and continued my quest for cum. I leaned in again with my mouth open and slid his member as far in as it would go. Sadly it was only about half way this time. His cock was so rock solid that he hit the back of my throat and I gagged immediately. He must have been at least 8 inches at this point, fully erect, so I backed up and tried again. This time taking it a little slower, I felt the length with my tongue as it slid deeper. I knew I wouldn’t be deep throating him again so I just started using the techniques that my girlfriend uses which I love so much. At this point, I’d had my first taste of manhood, so all I was after now was cum.

I started bobbing my head up and down on his shaft, being sure to twist and pull and suck at the same time. I was stroking his meat with a medium grip with my right hand and slightly tugging and rolling his balls with my left. Every now and I then I would pull his balls towards my chin and thrust my mouth down on his shaft until I almost gagged, slowly pulling off to continue. As I worked his cock with my hand and mouth I could feel him starting to squirm. I was completely concentrating on getting that cum out and continued to lick and suck and pull and twist, stopping only to urge him on by saying things I had never imagined myself saying to a man. “Cum for me.” I would say, then quickly shove him in my mouth again before pulling out and continuing “Your cock tastes so good” gulping it in again quickly “I want to taste your cum too.” Stroking, sucking. “Let me feel it.” In and out again. “Down my throat.” Squeezing his balls and pulling his shaft. “I want it so bad.” Shoving down again until I gag, then back up. “I want your load” I said between mouthfuls “Your big hot load” harder and faster I gobbled his manhood. “Please cum for me”. I cried.

Then I could feel it. His balls tightened in my fingers. His breathing turned to panting. His back arched. And as his cock was throbbing I took him out of my mouth and placed his knob on my tongue. I opened my mouth wide and stroked his shaft furiously. I couldn’t wait! “Oh yes!” I said. “Give it to me.” I repeated. “Give me your load, I want to taste it so bad!” and as those words came out of my mouth, a tiny bit of cum went in. I threw my mouth open wide and closed my eyes. I heard him moan and grunt uncontrollably as the first real spurt hit my tongue. “Ahhhh… yeeaaaah.” I murmured with my mouth still open. I continued to stroke his erupting cock and squeeze and pull on his fiery balls. Another jet hit the back of my throat and then another. As his cock pulsated in my hand his delicious cum filled my mouth. 5 or 6 spurts and I could feel his climax subsiding. I immediately moved my left hand from his balls to my own penis, and slowly squeezed my right hand up his shaft, as the remainder of his juice oozed out the tip of his spent dick.

I didn’t swallow right away. I looked up at him, my mouth still gaping. I could feel some of the delicious load escaping my mouth, and some also sliding down my throat a bit. I was now furiously beating my own cock and closed my lips. I tilted my head down and dripped some cum from my mouth onto my cock to use it as lube. It started getting sticky quickly so I beat it faster. I was surprised that I hadn’t swallowed yet since that was what I wanted so badly, but I think as his warm, juicy load sat in my mouth I got the idea to swallow it at the exact moment that I came myself. So I leaned my head back opened my mouth again and continued to jerk off, as he just watched me, exhausted from his orgasm. I was still holding his softening meat, and kept a firm grip while I pounded myself. I can only imagine what it must have looked like for him. A stranger with a mouthful of his big load, showing it off while jerking to orgasm. It didn’t take long. Just when I peaked, I opened my eyes and watched him watch me gulp down his tasty juice as I unleashed mine onto the bench and floor beneath. His cum tasted tangy and sweet at the same time as it slid down my throat. I couldn’t help but express “Oh my god, you taste so good.” I don’t think I had ever cum so hard in my life. As I looked down and saw the massive mess I’d made, I unknowingly wiped the dripping cum from the corner of my mouth and licked it off my finger.

“Fuck, that is so hot!” He exclaimed. I looked up confused, not realizing I was polishing off his cum. I laughed and tipped his now semi-soft cock up towards my mouth and sucked on the head. Still turned on, even after my orgasm, I decided one last taste of cock couldn’t hurt and engulfed his entire manhood once again. Savoring it again, I rested there for a minute with my nose firmly planted in his pubic hair, slightly working his meat with my tongue. I looked up at him and locked eyes again, and again he smiled.

I slowly slid him out of my mouth and sat back on my feet underneath me. My legs were very sore, which I only now realized. I stood up on the floor and let my now softening cock spring out towards him. He quickly grabbed it to admire it while saying “That was one hell of a first time, eh?”

To which I could only respond “You got that right.”

99% (53/1)
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1 month ago
I have finally had my fantasy and sucked someone elses Cock! I loved sucking my own when I was young and limber but it so much better doing someone else!
10 months ago
second reading. off to join a gym!!!
1 year ago
Great story! Kind of my same fantasy. I think a lot of guys are feeling the same way. This story
actually aroused me more than watching guys jerk off on the live cams. I came right at the "happy"
1 year ago
OH, IF ONLY .... Loved the story. It's a fantasy of mine too. Thanks for writing and posting!
1 year ago
A fantasy of mine as well
1 year ago
great story. i'm about to blow a big load right now just thinking about it
1 year ago
Great first time story! Very similar to fantasies I used to have when I was young and limber enough to suck my own cock! Which I did as often as I could! really loved it. Sure miss it! I sure want to try a real cock even worse now than I did back then!
1 year ago
great first time blowjob
1 year ago
jeez, got me hard as a rock!!!!
1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
Outstanding. But enough about my dick after reading that. Great read, mate.
1 year ago
good story
1 year ago
1 year ago
You never? Damn what a start!