The day I encountered a sissy

It’s a warm day when I arrive, you have followed instructions and have freshly shaved cock and balls, your pubic hair has been trimmed and you are wearing a nice lacy pair of panties. I am carrying a small bag with my equipment!!

Under instruction you undress me carefully, avoiding any contact with my swelling cock or balls. I put a leather collar around your neck and order you on to all fours. You are instructed not to touch your own cock whilst you watch me put my ball stretcher weights onto my balls, almost 2lbs of shiny steel that pulls my balls low. You can see but cannot touch!

Oh where shall we begin in our journey to abuse you and to make you cum like a fountain? You will be 100%Submissive – whilst I am experimental in how I degrade you and use bondage on you for my masochistic pleasure.

Suddenly I reach down and through your panties grab you roughly by the balls and pull you to your feet. I reach into my bag a pull out two lengths of cord, with one I tie your hands behind your back and then I rip of those oh so pretty panties that you love, and you are naked and helpless before me. With the other longer cord I bind and split your balls so that they look like two, increasingly purple coloured, peaches all tight and smooth. I reach again into my bag of BDSM magic and pull out 10 small shiny crocodile clips. One by one these are attached to the rim of your cock head, drawing a little bl**d as they bite into the tender skin of your dick. It hurts but I have forbidden you to so much as wince. A lot more joyfully painful than those sissy clothespins you have used before.

I leave you to feel the joy/pain for at least 10 minutes before releasing you from the clips and the ball binding.

Next from my bag is a ball parachute. I stand you up with your legs spread fit the parachute, making sure to avoid all contact with you now sore cock, and attach Weights of about 5lbs, which I hold suspended until all connections are secure then I drop giving a sudden tug of some f***e on your balls, you let out a loud noise for which you are punished with a crack of a little riding crop on your little white ass.

Now swing that weight and let the pull of the weights give you an ache deep in your little abused ball bag. But you have learned not to make a sound!
In the 30 minutes since I arrived you have watched my balls swinging around, slapping the inside of my legs and seen my cock get hard and strong. Oh how you wish that I would hold and gently caress your cock or that you could taste the saltiness of my pre-cum. Not yet…not yet!

I remove the weights and the parachute and untie your hands and order you to wait for me on the bed, on all fours again with your sweet ass in the air and your stretched balls not sure whether they want to hang low or withdraw up into your body for protection. You are facing away from the door so that you are unable to see me arrive in the room or see what I am doing, or about to do.

At least 10 minutes pass and you begin to wonder where I am, you know I haven’t left…you didn’t hear the door, but you are now wondering why the wait and what next? Then you feel me grab your cock and balls plunging them into a bag of ice and I tie that bag tight so that your balls almost instantly shrivel to the size of wall nuts. The ice cold is painful and you let out a wince, which is rewarded with 5 hard cracks of the crop on your ass.

2 minutes achieve the desired effect and any possibility of you cumming too soon has gone and I release your cock and balls from their icy prison.

The next thing you know is ass is being invaded and I tell you that it is a large black butt plug, and with the flick of a switch you realise that it is a gently vibrating plug.

“On your back sissy girl” I order.

Then I again bind your balls tight and tie the two ends of the cord to each of the corners at the foot of the bed. I then take each hand and tie those to the two top corners of the bed. Your are spread eagled with the plug still gently vibrating in your ass and your balls stretched tight. I raise your head on a pillow so that you can see what happens next. I produce my favourite toy, a twelve inch ribbed sounder rod that is 8mm diameter.

Taking hold of your cock I pump some lube in your peehole and gently but steadily work the sound into you. You can feel every rib as it pushes through the meat of your cock and then deeper and deeper. With the sound fully in your cock I sit astride your face and start to swing my weighted balls so that the soft warm touch of my taught ballbag brushes over your chin and your mouth. This is good you think, very, very good.

Time to remove the sound from your cock, release the binding from your balls and pull out the butt plug. But just when you thought release for all that cum might be soon I enclose your sweet little cock in a chastity cage. The dog collar goes back on and whilst you rest on the floor I relax for a while with a nice cold beer.

Time for the fun to resume with a BANG …….

With the butt plug back in, but this time with a much stronger vibration to drive you wild, I roughly push you onto the bed and having removed the chastity cage start to use a pin wheel on your little abused cock. The wheel with its sharp pricks runs up and down the length of your cock and I take care to press harder as I run the pinwheel around and around the head of your abused cock, all the time you feel simultaneous pain and pleasure.

Another break as we cannot have you cum yet. So how about a bit of cock bondage? Lets truss up your cock.

As I release you from the binding cords I once again sit astride your face, with my cock rubbing across your chin, your lips and your eyelids you feel the warmth of my pre cum on you as I take your little dick in my mouth and work around the head with my teeth. Suddenly the butt plug is out and is replaced with first one, then two and finally three fingers. All the while your cock is going deep into my mouth. But do not cum…. Don’ you dare cum or you will be severely punished….. so to save you a good slapping I withdraw and tightly squeeze my thumb over your urethra and put a finger hard on the end of your cock… that cum that is desperately trying to get out is for you, not me.
I let you subside for a while and again restrict your cock in the chastity cage and then order you once more onto all fours and I take my cock, still with the balls weights on, and ram it hard in your tight little man cunt. And as I pound your ass my weighted balls are swinging forward and back and are giving your balls a good bashing. Then just before I cum I roll you over and taking hold of my hard throbbing cock cum all over you…… over your face… your mouth…..over your chest until I am completely spent.

Now you sissy girl you can lick my cock clean, a small reward for my pleasure and a bit more cum in your mouth.

Finally girl it is your turn……………………….

I order you on your back with your legs spread wide. The Butt plug is back, with vibrations on full. I take some baby oil and smear it on your cock and I take your balls in my left hand and tug while squeezing hard. Then I take my right hand pull your foreskin back and in a slithery oily grip take hold of your cock. Pulling down on your balls I slide my gripped hand up and down, slowly and gently at first but gradually increasing my grip and the speed increasing it is sliding up and down the shaft of your trembling dick until you can contain all that hot cum no more and it explodes in a fountain all over you.

The relief you feel as your dick shudders and with each shudder a bit more cum seeps out. I take a drinking glass and scoop up your cum as you will need a little refreshment after all that exertion. There’s a good girl now drink that up it’s good for you.

And as I take myself to the shower you are to stay in your own man smell. I pack my bag of BDSM magic remove my ball stretchers dress and, 4 hours after we began, I disappear into the Night.

100% (2/0)
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3 months ago
Oh so very hot! Especially knowing the inspiration! ; )