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The Toy Contract

"The Toy Contract"

Her E-mail said she had 9 "letters" to read.........a melange of "Junk E-mail" promising "Unlimited Financial
Rewards" for subscription with Internet programs to quickly notes from friends.......but ONE caught her
attention as she scanned the origins and "titles".

"Toy contract"
Origin /"unknown".....server unknown
Dated and posted early that same day.

Quickly she double clicked on it's name....and it unfolded before her anxious and wary eyes.

"I hear your collection of toys is vastly unlimited.......but I bet I have one you do NOT have! This
marvelous piece of art may be yours for the keeping with the following preclusions!"

:::No one must know where or how you got it.

:::You must keep it in your own possession,,,,no relinquishing" to another as a the event of subtle
boredom, you desire to abandon MUST be returned to me!

:::You must relent to either a luncheon or dinner date )to be held in a "public dining establishment) to
receive this toy....with no hesitation or remorse expressed upon our initial contact.

:::You must arrive......and remain dressed in the following manner:
Medium length skirt...loose fitting
Cotton or silk panties
NO pantihose (garter & stockings ARE permissible.....but not necessary)
Silken or similar fabric blouse......button front....of your own person choice.
NO brassiere

:::You must relent to being blindfolded in a chair, unbound with the promise of NO unsolicited stimulation
by direct hand contact.

You MUST arrive alone for the above luncheon or dinner........any indication of "outside security or
surveillance" will result in immediate severance of this agreement.

I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with this "object"

An "admirer"

She sat staring at the screen for what felt like minutes.......maybe hours, but a quick glance at the clock on
top of the monitor showed it hadn't been but a few minutes at the most. Quickly she sent the letter to her
print buffer and waded thru the balance of her E-mail.

As she signed off, she picked up the stack of printed letters from the printer out basket and wandered into
the kitchen to fix a drink. As she sat at her kitchen table....slowly sipping her drink, she again pulled the
letter out and read it again.

A shiver ran up the back of her spine......something scared the living hell out of her, .......yet she felt very"wet". She felt her nipples .....distended...erect with excitement......and burning

She gulped the last ounce of her drink.....the sweet liquid fire crawled down her throat....leaving a trail of
courage as she rose and headed back to her computer. She had little at risk, it WAS after all ..."In a public
place".......and the dress code.....while a BIT on the libidinous side...WAS.....kind of alluring....especially in
public....she had on occasion wanted to dress like this....but put it off as simply a "trashy thought".
things DID seem to "be threatening" always COULD just get up and leave.....what the hell was one
more more ....more......toy!!

Her answer to this mystery man was simple....just hit"reply to:"....and type...

"Okay.....where and when??"

To make it easier to "catch" her mystery writer.....she left the phone number for her voice mail....which
would let her know as SOON as someone left a message.
Then, she hit "Send"....logged off....and went to bed!

Deep in a sound sl**p....fueled with the itchy sweet dream of lust and passion with a mystery man......she
was barely aware of a "chirping" sound coming from beside her. It seemed to go forever, when she finally
surfaced enough from her trance to surmise that it was her pager...beeping away. Snapping on he light,
and squinting her sl**p blurred eyes...she f***ed herself to focus on the tiny numbers.

It was the voice mail number!

Picking up the handset, she flumped back into her pillows and punched the number for her service, waded
thru the maze of answer protocol......and waited to hear....more than likely....some idiot that wanted a "Sex
hot line" that had a number CLOSE to her voice mail number....but one or two digits off.
"Hello...........this is your's 2 am....I just got your response......lets have St. Juliaens....if you need directions....E-mail me."

The voice was ...deep....almost contralto.....calm....paced.....and .......mesmerizing!

St. Juliaens.........that wasn't even 2 miles from her did HE know where
she lived? And he hadn't even ask what she looked he could pick her out from the rest of the
How odd!

Hanging the handset up, she clicked of the light and tried to slip back to her deep, erotic dream......but....a
small fire had started.....deep inside her belly!


Saturday afternoon finally what seemed to be months of impatience.....and curiosity. As she
strode into the restaurant she was immediately taken by the fact that MOST of the people were dressed in
QUITE nice dresses, suits and sport clothes. She felt her cheeks flush as she walked to the hostess station,
dressed in her mid length, Burgandy colored "broomstick" skirt. To top it off she wore a clingy cream
colored silk blouse with modest...yet inviting plunge neckline....just accenting her mature 34C cleavage.
The fabric was just enough to distract ones eyes from the hint cocoa areola pressing randomly against the
fabric. The red garter belt.......Victoria's Secrets BEST replete with midnight black stockings rested
comfortably upon her shapely hips.

She felt several mens eyes, burning holes into her ass as she stood waiting for the hostess
to return from seating a couple ahead of her. As the hostess returned, she opened her mouth to ask for a
table for two when the hostess toned,

"It's quite alright....we have your table with Mr. Armstead ready...right this way please."
Standing slack jawed, she caught herself glaring at the hostesses back...Still slightly aghast before she
stepped as quickly as she could to follow the hostess thru the maze of tables..Turn after turn they wound
thru a veritable tour of the restaurant before more men....and some women, whose gazes trailed her.

Turning a sharp left corner, the hostess led her to a small sliding door before a alcove room......with a
corner table/booth area replete with serving cart and servants chair.
The seats were covered in red velvet, the table cloth a deep cotton brocade of cream and Burgandy
stitching, the deep cherry wood furniture carved ornately with fine scroll work.

As she sat down, the hostess announced that Mr. Armstead would be along shortly, and that a waitress
would be along shortly to take her drink order. As her eyes adjusted to the romantic hue of golden light
emanating from the tiny Tiffany lamp above the table, a waitress appeared dressed in a peasant girls blouse
sensually exposing her more than ample bosom and long dark skirt. Looking straight tat her the waitress
smiled and cheerfully exclaimed,
" name is Amber and I shall be your servant for the night,,,,,,,,Mr. Armstead asked I get you
ANYTHING you ask for, what would you like?"

The Squeak of the "ANYTHING" almost made her head hurt, so......without a second thought she quickly
requested a glass of Merlot wine....upon which "Amber " replied....Oh wonderful, I'll bring a bottle of Mr.
Armsteads FAVORITE Merlot....he just LOVES Merlot wines".....and scurried away. Still trying to adjust
to the lighting.....and the ambiance......she noticed the paintings on the walls.....Old masters reproductions
of pictures she'd seen in museums.....but could not bare herself to place in her own home.

Moments later, Amber arrived with a silver wine stand, and a bottle of Merlot wine, placed the stand next
to the table and uncorked the bottle...with a imperceptible "pop"...offered her the which she
waved it off.....and then...poured one glass of wine and placed it next to her elbow. Barely reaching to
grasp the glass, she looked up.........and was see not Amber.......but a gentleman....barely in
his 40's....dressed in a tweed sports jacket......polo shirt.....and khaki pants. A bent pipe dangled from his
mouth, his trimmed reddish brown beard.....speckled with random flecks of grey blending into longish
auburn hair. His smile was mischievous....yet......impassioned.
"Hello, I'm Jim Armstead"........I do hope you haven't waited long!" Pt.III

His hazel eyes....shimmered behind the golden wire frames of his glasses. Under his left arm...was a satin
covered the size of a cigar box....but MUCH fancier.....his right hand extended to take
her hand....upon which she automatically extended.......and was surprised to feel him bring it to his
lips....and softly kiss. A wave of heat......s**thed thru her chest....and up her neck to finally wash over her
face and ears. A blush she was CERTAIN he could see.

"I am so glad you came.....and I see you've abided my "wishes" in the choice of your clothing....quite
nice................and VERY nice, long nipples you have there."

She wasn't aware until she looked down upon her blouse, just how much her nipples shown thru the elementary school pencil erasures.....long....swollen...and very thick.

Once again she blushed........and upon returning her gaze to meet his, smiled. But as she did so...Amber
returned with a glass for Mr. Armstead....poured his glass of wine....and passed out two menus.
As she opened the menu to peruse the choices, she heard him say, "I do hope you don't mind if I
order" pointed to the menu...murmured something imperceptible and smiled......upon which Amber
intoned.."Very GOOD Mr. Armstead"...curtsied......and scurried away.

A wave of molten anger washed over her face as his words echoed off the walls of the tiny ten foot by ten
foot room walls. She remembered how so many times in her past..... her now espoused "Husband" had
done this for her. so many times he was WRONG in "knowing what she liked".

Jim saw the flush of color...the glare of rage in her eyes....but did not say anything, he merely smiled,
sipped his wine......and looked deeper into her eyes.
Her glare melted to fascination as he continued to look at her calm he was, so damn said "caution!"

Their chatter wandered aimlessly between politics, local area the
food cart finally arrived. It wasn't Amber this time dressed so subserviently in her peasant servers garment,
instead was a large gentleman, dressed in white.....apparently a chef. Almost silently he removed
the cover from a large chaffing flamed some cherries. As they simmered....their sweet aroma
filling the room he deftly sliced thin slivers of Chateaubriand for each and set it upon their plates. Her jaw
fell slack......again......her gaze clicked immediately to his. She was far as she knew......he
could NOT have know this was her favorite meal....HOW did he know so much??..Was he guessing?
Was this finally the man she had sought for so long?? Her fork robotically plunged into a small sliver of
beef....and slid in between her lips. The taste.......the texture.......creamy...sweet,
like....rolled over her pallet. It was heaven........and she had surely died.

Strains of Pachelbel, Yanni, and assorted chamber music wafted through the room.......the soft flicker of
golden light from the lamps added to the ambiance. Th meal passed in what seem like seconds.....yet with
each bite she felt more at ease with him. His laugh...infectious.....deep....sometimes a giggle....made her
warm with serenity. His body language....said, "I am no my friend".

As Amber returned time an time again to clear plates as each emptied, to fetch bread almost magically she
wondered if somehow Amber had a small TV camera in the room , watching from afar. It seemed almost
to well timed...almost rehearsed. Yet despite her constantly moving eyes, she could find no hints of a
camera., so she cast the idea aside and proclaimed it as "luck"....and finished her meal.

Her belly full her mind and senses complacently dulled by the bottle of Merlot....she looked at her watch.
They had been there over 3 hours and yet, it felt like just minutes ago they'd joined company.

As Amber cleared the last plate, swept crumbs from the table cloth with a tiny broom and pulled a smaller
folded desert menu from her crowded Bustiere...she asked, "Would either of you like a desert or possibly
an appertiife"??

Once again....Jim opened the menu....pointed...mumbled behind the thick cream colored paper...and
refolded and returned it to Amber before ea chance was afforded. This time, Amber did not reply or
respond in any manner. But, for The first time all afternoon, as she left the room she pulled the thick sliding
door shut and secured it with a "click". It was the first time the door had been used ...and was quite
.....surprising to see a "lock" available in a restaurant dining room.

Jim reached to the far side of soft corner seat and retrieved the mysterious velvet box.
Placing g it in front of her, he turned it to face her much as a jeweler would present a fine necklace or
bracelet in it's box. Then, before she could react and reach for the box.....he clasped the sides of the
case....and opened it.

Inside the red velvet covered case, amid more languid folds of red velvet was a long, thick pinkish phallus.
Slightly over seven inches.....and about one and a half inches gently bent to one side. It
appeared to be made of a dull, almost wrinkly finished rubber....yet....softer in appearance. Not shiny....not's shaft was replete with veins and tiny pores. It was remarkably life like, complete with the
head...which was about 25 percent larger than the shaft and a shade darker in color. The tip of the glans,
was opened......and looked almost ready to drip it's magic lubricant. It's base...... secured with a
sac.....approximately 3 inches long.....and complete with what appeared to be two intact balls. The skin
was slightly covered with finish, yet sparse hair. It was a tremendous reproduction. In the corner of the
case....was a control box of some kind....about 5 inches long.....3 inches soft black velvet finish.
It looked like a "TV remote"...yet it's "Cross patterned" lites and buttons at each end looked oddly unique.
Adjacent to the control was a "D-Ringed plug" like device with a small diameter black cord emanating
from it' base.

She couldn't help but notice, that tin the corner of the velvet lined case, was a tiny brass tag...engraved in
quarter inch tall letters...with the number"69001".

Her hand reached out to caress it's fleshy which point Jim intoned, " your
self...take it out...look at with it!" At first touch...she half expected a hard, plastic texture.....much
like many of her "toys". Yet......much to her amazement.....AND FELT very
lifelike......soft to the touch...almost velveteen, temperature (which was more than she could
say for many of her cold, hard toys) yet.....the texture ...was quite resilient.

She picked it was impressed with the was not a cheap hollow piece of rubber, it had's sac....hung nicely at about two and a half inches below the bottom of the shaft....and it's
"balls" had mass to them too. The veins were quite lifelike in color, thickness....and their patterns.
The head was a remarkable piece of art......wider than tall...yet a flowery shape...and
quite..."colorful",,,,almost as if it where ready to explode in it's climatic glory. As she continued to look
over it's body and marvel at it's shape and heft...Jim reached out and retrieved the"D-Ring" base from the's thin black cord trailing as he withdrew it nearer himself. Reaching to her hands, he grasped the
base/sac area...turned it towards himself....and inserted with a slight twisting motion the "D-ring" and
connected the two pieces together.

Passing the phallus back to her, he withdrew the "TV remote" from the case.....and almost imperceptibly
touched a bottom at the end nearest her.........instantly..sprung to life! The head vibrated with a tiny
tremor.....but with each "jab" at a rocker switch at the same end...became more intense. With a mirrored
touch he made the base of the phallus vibrate with similar intensity......then to her absolute
amazement....the entire phallus began to vibrate from tip to base...and a slow, wavelike manner.

Her eyes were drawn to the remote control in his hand....and she noticed a row of lites, blinking in a
pattern similar to the action of the phallus.

Indeed this was a marvelous toy............and she was quite anxious to try it out. So much so that as they
took turns playing with the controls....and holding the gyrating phallus, she noticed that she was getting
wetter and wetter with each touch. Her nipples.....were strained, erect....their areolas puckered like old
apricots on a platter on a warm summer day. Her cunt....burned and felt "itchy" be filled.

Jim couldn't help but stare at her puckered, erect nipples pressing against the soft sateen fabric of her
blouse.......he wanted so much to draw them to his mouth........but he had greater things in mind.

She.....stared hard into his eyes.....a look of wanton lust.....a look of need.

Jim, drawing his gaze from upon her breasts...looked back into her eyes and said,
"Would you like to try it out?"

Her face, flushed with embarrassment. Her eyes darted first to the toy, then to the door, then back to the
toy. Her hand...slowly slid towards it...then stopped.

"I can assure you, no one will be disturbing us unless I ask them to", and with that he stood...stepped to
the door....and spun a small knob on the door. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness near the door, she
noticed for the first time there was a "sign" much like that on the doors of an airplane, that when turned
said"Occupied"......but said"Do NOT Disturb"

Her eyes returned to the toy, her fingers felt it's soft skin texture, the ridges of each vein.....the ribs of the
"Wrinkled skin" near the base.

Her hand closed around it as she picked it up and brought it to her face. Pt. IV

Jim looked at her and said,
"Remember the contract?"

Her eyes glared as she met his gaze, and noticed that once again that impish grin was back.

"Why don't you stand up...over here and let me help you with your panties." he motioned to in front of the
table. Standing up himself...he walked to the servants chair, picked it up...and placed it at the apex of the
table. Sh sat still clutching the toy to her cheek. Then, as if magically drawn...slid from her corner of the
bench and stood up. His impish smile turned almost to a "principals" glare as she stood stock still.

"You want me to sit there?"....a small tremor wavered in her voice. She did not like this at all. She was
loosing control.

"Why not?" he inquired, a broad grin sweeping over his face once again.

"Why can't I just sit on the bench seat......and "try it"....under the guise of the table cloth", she retorted, a
genuine feeling of confidence washing over her face.

"Very well, we can try that.......but, I get the controls first...they take some getting used to for first timers"
she intoned.

Still standing in front of the table, she turned her back to him and began to pull up the long hem of her
Skirt, then stopped. She turned back around....and staring STRAIGHT into his eyes, leaned forward,
grasped the hem...picked it up fully exposing her panties, legs and red garter belt .

The creamy accent of her thighs against the black of the hose made his cock stir. As she began to pull
down her panties, he held out his steady her should she start to fall. But in full control she
gracefully removed placed them into his hand, the quickly slipped back onto her side of the
alcove bench.

Jim could not help but bring the panties to his nose. His eyes closed deeply as he slowly inhaled the aroma
of her nectar.
Her face flushed as she watched him shiver and smile, his eyes still closed. A soft "mmm" emanated from
his throat before he opened his eyes and swiftly pushed the hand and panties into his jacket pocket.

She sat with her right leg dangling over the edge of the bench, her left was bent and her left foot flat on the
velvet. She had slipped off her heels and the warm velvet felt so soft to her warm, swollen foot.

She reached out and took the toy into her hand....still marveling at its shape....contour, texture. Again she
looked into his eyes, then over her shoulder at the door.

:I disturbances till you tell me it's alright."....then he made a "boy scout" hand sign...and
crossed his heart. She couldn't help but giggle.

"Always prepared?" she mewed/

"Always" he chortled.

As she brought the tip of the toy below the side of the table slightly out of the line of his sight, she heard
him ask.
"Do you need any lubricant?"......and almost magically produced a tiny tube of "surgical Gel"

Gently parting her pouting lips with her left hand, she felt the heavy cream of her excitement dribbling
down her lips. Scooping some up with her middle and index fingers, she produced her hand for him to see
and said,
"I don't think that will be necessary at this time, but thank you so much for asking" a slight grin crossed
her lips as she looked at his eyes, transfixed upon the sight of her honey covered fingers.

Feeling much more in control, and very "naughty", she asked, "Would you like a taste?" and offered her
fingers closer to his face

Leaning over the table, and half standing he opened his mouth, wrapped his lips around her fingers.....and
sucked them he was licking Barbecue sauce from hi sown fingers. She could feel his tongue
swirl around each digit, gathering every drop of her sweet nectar. She felt her cunt spasm again....and
more cream dribble out.

As he leaned back...smiling and licking his lips, she again noticed his eyes closed....and ..taking the moment
at hand...slipped the toy once again below the table line....parted her cunt lips with her left hand....and
plunged the pink phallus into her gaping cunt.

It slid deep.....swiftly...almost imperceptibly. But the farther she pressed it inwards her eyes closed tight,
the more she noticed that she could feel each vein as it slid into her steamy hole. It felt as though it was
swelling up with each inch it pressed deeper. She slid into her imaginary dream state.....the one that
accompanied every dildo fantasy she had.

Finally, she felt the sac pressing against her ass. The weight of the "balls" felt ..."real"


Sitting in silence, savoring the presence of something deep inside her.....she slowly slipped from her dream
state to the quiet, almost angelic query of,

"Would you like me to turn it on now?"

She then remembered that she was not alone, her eyes opened slightly and tried to focus on his had gotten f\darker in the room now....and only a tiny single "flame" light bulb shown in the
corner. She blinked....and squinted. He noticed her strained , quizzical look and replied,
"I turned down the afford you a bit more "Privacy".

She smiled.....and nodded at the remote.....and looked into his eyes again.

His fingers stroked a small button...activating the motor at the tip of the "cock".....awakening it into a soft
"mummer" deep within her dripping cunt. It was as if someone had run a door bell, and a sl**ping giantess
was awakened....her ass slowly squirmed on the soft velvet seat.

In response to her motion, he flicked another button.....and awake The motor in the base.....almost under
her clit........and sent shivers deep upwards to her now erect love button.

Toying with the motor synchronous...he played the phallus up and down...back and forth...judging the
intensity by the reactions of her hips, her eyes.......the intensity of her moans.

THEN, he broke the silence......and whispered....

"This is the best part......" and hit the orange button in The every middle of the remote.....

It was like a symphony......the phallus hummed from tip to sac....which she had not noticed
before...but was VERY grateful for now........the lights on top of the quite brilliant...showed
the pattern the "toy" worked its magic deep inside her clenching cunt.
The intensity increased with each second....but not at an annoying magnitude....the "rhythm" wandered to
and fro....driving g her closer and closer to satisfaction.

Her mouth....opened and closed....with tiny whimpers....then guttural groans....then tight jawed screams
proffered into clenched teeth. Sh felt the burning clamp of her approaching orgasm...working its way from
her belly.....gathering speed and intensity like a freight train approaching a solid steel wall.

As she got closer and closer...she barely noticed that Jim had slid closer to to see her work the
toy in and out of her once dripping, now flowing cunt....but softly massage the erect nipples
of her partially exposed breasts.

He took each nipple firmly between the index finger and thumb of each hand and firmly kneaded each
nipple......and noticed that she bucked harder as he did so.

Her mouth opened wide, her eyes still locked shut........her ass...bucking higher and higher with each stroke
of the magic phallus.

Finally she could take it no longer, and Jim knew she was there.......for he squeezed each breast with the
palm of his hands as he PINCHED each nipple HARD.

The scream....... a mix of growl, and whine trailing off into a round "oooo" sound ....was emphasized with
the intensity of her ass bucking with each wave of vibrations from the now frenzied phallus.

The scent of her lust permeated the room like a fine perfume.

Jim quickly pressed the "off" button as he noticed her silence....and her body growing slack upon the
couch. He slid around the edge of the seat....and supported her back...slowly laying her head down.

Her eyes met she noticed for the first time....that despite the darkness of the room, teat his eyes
were a light shade of hazel now. With that her own eyes closed and she drifted off into a blissful nap.

Jim reached over.....gently extracted the toy from the velveteen clench of her cunt. Gently he drew it
closer to his nose and inhaled the creamy sweet scent. Able to stand it no more, he ran a finger over the
exterior...wiping off as much of her nectar as he could and brought this finger to his mouth.....and licked
his fingers clean.

Staring down upon her once impassioned, now serene face he smiled and moved back to his side of the
table, placing the toy back in it's case and closed the cover after stowing the cord and remote.

Reaching out he brought this wine glass to his lips and sipped. Nothing was better than wine that a
woman's cream, a broad smile crossed his face.
Leaning back...he closed his eyes and listened to the gentle strain of the chamber quintet as he awaited his
sl**ping beauty to arise again.

After all, they hadn't even had dessert yet.......the best was yet to come.

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