Father's Love (My Best Friend's Dad)

It was Saturday afternoon. Derek had invited me to stay for dinner. He was my best friends dad with whom I just spend some quality time in the gym. Derek was very muscular and he coached me to become a strong man myself. His son Samuel didn't have any interest in spending his time lifting weights, but with me Derek could share his hobby. We've always got along very well and in some way he was like the dad I never had.

Me and Samuel were friends ever since we went to primary school together. Back then his parents were still together and I only thought of his dad as a nice man. But over the years as I grown up till the age of 19, I had developed a crush on Derek, who always had been a good looking man with a very strong charisma. His strong body built was the least to say impressive and it seemed like there wasn't a muscle in that man that wasn't vigorous. His once dark brown hair had turned into a nice grey, and those deep blue-greenish eyes he had made me feel warm only by looking in them. As sexy as he already was, he had a short beard that made him even more attractive to me.

Samuel was having a little weekend getaway with his girlfriend to celebrate her birthday. That made his dad and me all alone together, enjoying a delicious meal. Not only was Derek a great cook but he also was a very interesting interlocutor. As we sat at the table talking about all kinds of stuff, suddenly he asked ''How does it come a nice fellow like you doesn't have a girlfriend?'' I very well knew the answer to that and knowing Derek I wouldn't expect him to judge me, but still I simply answered that I didn't felt like being in a serious relationship with someone yet.

After dinner I stayed to watch TV on the coach. It felt so cozy sitting there next to Derek and I longed to crawl towards him. But in the next few minutes I would learn that he already knew how I felt about him. Maybe it was the way I looked at him that all of the sudden made him say ''You know I'm 42 right'' starring deep into my eyes. It was quite obvious to me what he was talking about and my breath caught. God what was he handsome. He had no wrinkles except for a bit of crow's feet, which only made him even cuter. ''That's a nice age, isn't it'' I said carefully. He gave me a gentle smile whereupon he stroked my face with his big hand. I got chills and I felt my heart pounding trough my entire body. Then he pressed his lips on mine and slowly slid his tongue in my mouth. I never had been kissed by anyone before but Derek's tender kiss had me far from disappointed. He did it with so much passion and I loved how his beard hairs abraded my skin. After we stopped kissing we put our arms around each other and started rubbing up against one another. It felt so good to hold on to his muscular body. Not only because he had a good physic but also because I really was in love with him. But at the same time it also felt unreal that this was really happening.

While we were cuddling we undid ourselves of our clothes. Then Derek crawled on top of me and pressed his bare dick against mine. For some reason I wasn't surprised to learn he was a well endowed man. It made me so horny to feel he was hard as a rock that for a moment I thought I would come immediately. As we continued snuggling he warmed me with his body and I could feel a bit of chest and belly hair tickling on my skin. After kissing my neck for a while he got off me and went to sit down on his knees. While he was sitting in front of the coach he g****d my dick with a strong hand whereupon he squeezed it a little bit.

As soon as his tongue touched my dick I felt a voluptuous feeling flowing trough my body. First he sucked a while on the head and then... slowly shoved my dick all the way up his throat. ''Oooh'' I groaned, my hands grabbing on to his hair. Derek looked up to me with his beautiful eyes while he really went for it, sucking me like a vacuum cleaner. Some time after that he laid his big manly hands on my chest and let them slide all the way down to my upper legs, in which he then pinched with his strong fingers. ''Oh maaan'' I sighed, cramping of pleasure. His saliva was dripping off my cock and it seemed he really enjoyed blowing me. As my breath started to get heavier, suddenly I felt that I couldn't hold it any longer. ''Oooooh'', while I made yet another sound of pleasure I felt a big load of sperm shooting out of my dick. Derek swallowed it all till the last drop, his eyes closed as if he was enjoying a nice champagne. Then charmingly he smiled at me. ''That was quick'' he said. I laughed as I laid back on the coach, all satisfied. He was right though.

Now Derek stood up, his hung stiff dong dangling in front of me. I wasn't the type of guy that got all hot over a dick, but for some reason he really made me crave for his peace of meat. However, before I got a chance to touch it Derek laid his hand on my cheek and slowly pushed my underlip down with his thumb, which he thereafter slid in my mouth. Now he began pressing the big thumb on my tongue while firmly he surrounded my chin with his remaining fingers. To be honest I've always had a sort of fetish for nice well-groomed male hands, and as his hands were absolutely perfect I got all turned on by that. Naturally I started sucking his thumb and closed my eyes, while with my own hand I g****d his strong wrist. ''Mmm'' I moaned. I could feel my dick started rising again. Just when I had gotten all into it, Derek pulled his thumb back out of my mouth and the spit was drooling all over his hand.

''Do you want to give me a blowjob now?'' he asked. ''Yeah'', I definitely wanted to. He g****d his horse and while he laughed he rubbed his glance on my nose to tease me a little. I stuck out my tongue trying to lick the back of his bone, also laughing. Then finally he let the dick fall on my tongue. As it stroked my tongue it felt all warm, bl**d running trough it's veins. Now he g****d the back of my head with both hands and glided my mouth all around his cock till I could feel it pressing against the back of my palate. Slowly I started to suck his dick. ''Mmm'' Derek sighed, and as I looked up to him I could see he had closed his eyes. He wasn't the only one in pleasure though. I had no idea sucking a dick good be that delicious, and seeing him enjoy what I was doing made me want to please him even more. Derek massaged my scalp with his fingers while I was moving my head up and down, his dick sliding over my tongue again and again. ''Oooooh'' he moaned, while pre-cum was flowing in my mouth. Before he would actually come he took his cock out of my mouth and asked ''Would you like to go upstairs?'' reaching his hand out to me. I felt a deep desire to be as near to him as I could. So I g****d his hand and he pulled me of the coach.

After I followed him to his bedroom he laid down on one side of the bed. He smiled at me and with the palm of his hand he knocked on the empty spot next to him as an invite for me to lay beside him. As soon as I did he took me into his arms, who felt around me like a warm blanket, and tightly pressed me onto his body. We cuddled for some time and kissed each other, when suddenly he got up and took my legs over his broad shoulders. Eagerly he began to lick my hole while his beard hears pinched me a little down there. It was a funny feeling though. Thereafter Derek stuck his thumbs in my arse and teared it open. He buried his face deep in my crevice and I could feel his tongue sliding inside me. All wet he got me while he was eating me out like a delicious apple pie.

''You want all of me now?'' he asked, after he had fully loosened me up. ''Yes daddy, please'' I said. Derek moved my legs alongside his body. Then he g****d his dick with a firm hand and pushed the big head in my ass. Before he went any further he stroked my cheeks with his big hands and smiled at me. His face was so close to mine that I could feel his manly breath blowing in my face. He looked me deep in the eyes and then... gently glided his huge dick further inside me while I held on to his upper legs. Derek pressed his nose against my nose while he started to move his body up and down. Although he hurt me it felt good at the same time, feeling his bare dick pressing against my prostate. He gave me small kisses and even bit sensuously on my lip for some time. Then after a while I noticed that he started to take me harder and deeper. I loved it how Derek could be lovely and fierce at the same time. He wrapped his arms all around me while his massive body was pressing me into the mattress. ''Oh fuck'' he groaned. He was so heavy that I could impossibly get him off me. Not that I wanted to though. I wanted him to fuck me, and now I even began pressing my hole onto his dick myself. Our body's had become all sweaty and sticked together like paste. ''Oh maaan'' I kept moaning over and over again, and I g****d him by his big muscular butt. Derek was now really fucking me hard. Although he was gasping for breath that didn't stop him from kissing me fiercely. Then suddenly I felt his dick cramping in my ass. ''Oooooh'' he moaned loudly as he came in me. After a big load had left his cock he gave his last pushes whereupon he lay his head in my neck.

Derek got off me and turned around. He stuck his ass towards me and widely spread his cheeks. ''Now I want you to take my virginity as I took yours'' he said. I couldn't help but thinking I wanted that even more than he did. I got up and laid my hands on his ass to feel its nice shape. Big and round it was, not to be mistaken for fat. Damn, I had to get a piece of that. So I started to lick his butt and massage his hole with my tongue to get him all ready for me. As I sat there on my knees I felt the cum he had just injected in me drooling out of my butt, alongside my legs. I had only just began working my tongue up his ass until he groaned ''Oh, just take me!'' while he had his head pressed into the sheets. He didn't have to tell me that twice. I g****d my dick and my heart started pounding like a train. Then in all relieve I shoved it into his arse. ''Oooh'' that felt good. And according to the delightful moan Derek gave back he seemed to feel the same way. I began to pump my cock up and down, feeling his inside stroking my dick by every move. ''Yeah, take me'' he said, while he was wanking his dick. That made me even more hot and I went faster and deeper. Many times I had been fantasizing about this, but not one of my fantasies could beat the actual feeling of my dick rampaging trough his body. I put my arm around his broad neck and pressed my body onto him as hard as I could while I kept shoving my dick against his prostate over and over. ''Oh daddy'' I sighed as I enjoyed every inch of his muscular body, riding him like the bull he was. Never in my life I had felt so ecstatic. Derek's ass was so wet that I could here my bone splashing in his rear. When he turned his head a bit towards me I started tonguing him. After that I felt that I couldn't hold it much longer. ''Oooh I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come'' I groaned. Then a huge load of sperm sprayed out of my cock, into his tight squeezing hole.

I got off him and laid back on the bed. Then Derek got up and turned around again. ''Open your mouth'' he said. I did as he wanted me to and opened my mouth wide open for him, sticking my tongue out as far as I could. He g****d the back of my head with one hand while he was pulling his dick hard with the other, pointing it at the back of my throat. Then finally he sprayed an amazing load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could whereupon I licked my lips, tasting daddy's warm seed. Some of it had escaped my mouth though and a stream of cum had ran down my neck. Derek placed his tongue on my Adams Apple and followed the trail of sperm all the way to my mouth, which thereafter he kissed lovely.

We crawled under the sheets and I put my arms around him tight while I laid my head down on his big chest. ''I love you'' he whispered in my ear whereupon he kissed my forehead. My heart made a jump when he said that and for a moment Derek had me speechless. But then I opened up and said ''I love you too old man.'' As we laid there I wished for that moment never to end and that I could hold on to him forever. And in all happiness I fell asl**p in his big protecting arms, having sweet dreams.
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1 year ago
Very nice
1 year ago
i want to meet derek
1 year ago
Sent the blood flowing into my cock... Man taking a willing boy... hot.
1 year ago
oh god I opened a delightful story to such an extent that my pants are wet from the grease of my cock, waiting to continue as I would like to meet in real life, Derek, the man of my dreams
1 year ago
excellent, so tender, true and sexy!
2 years ago
when you going to give us another part to this tender story?
2 years ago
horny story
2 years ago
while im not gay but but curious all the same it was great reading
2 years ago
2 years ago
Lovely story. Made me good and hard. Thx
3 years ago
Great story. It really turms me on.
3 years ago
Good, yet tender, flipfuck story.
3 years ago
very sexually pleasing, i felt as if i was there too...wow my dick is nice and hard..i love cock
3 years ago
Fucking amazing - please write more
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
nice one, love it