eye to eye

My GF bestfriend Malin and I don't exactly see eye to eye. I find her immature and snobby and she finds me selfish and arrogant. However, we maintain a friendly contact for my GF's sake. However, there is one thing that we both know we have in common with each other. A craving for adventurous and experimental sex which we both feel our partners deprive us. This is what my GF told me once. "You and Malin should be together, you would have a great time. She also wants more adventurous sex with Adam." This wasn't an invitation btw but said in sarcasm.

So, one Saturday night Malin and Adam held a party. We socialised, drank, joke and laugh till the early hours when one by one the guests started to leave. We had pre-arranged that we would be staying over. At around 4am nobody was left and we went into our rooms. sl**ping in another bed to normal is always a turn on for me so i decided to try it on with Sophie but after 15mins of trying she wasn't interested and said it was disresctful to the hosts and fell asl**p.

Gutted like a man gets i got up out of bed and went down stairs. Took a seat in the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. After 5 minuites i heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Malin, Dressed in only one of her boyfriends t-shirt which covered up all areas that should be. I looked at her long tanned legs from bottom to top until I saw the black t-shirt she was wearing. Her shoulder lengthed blonde hair was hanging down and as she scracthed at her head she asked me what i was doing.

"I can't sl**p" I said
"Me neither" Replied Malin.
"I never can when i'm horny" i replied in an honest but jokely tone.
"Sophie, wouldn't give you any then?" Malin said.
"hahaha, apparently it is disrespectful to the hosts to do it in there bed" I retorted.
"fuck yeah it is, But that's what makes it sexy" Malin replied with a cheeky and flirtageous smile on her face.

I then began to excuse myself for being dressed in only my white boxer shorts and explained i hadn't planned on meeting anyone down here. She excused me and said she heard me walk down stairs, thats the only reason she put a t-shirt on. Malin then began to explain how she got up because her boyfriend past out as soon as he hit the bed.

"So we're in identical dilemmas then" I said.
"Seems that way" said Malin. "Though from what Sophie tells me its usually the case, me and you left unsatisfied."

This is the first times in months myself and Malin actually said more than the usualy plesentries to each other. With each comment that was said and each little anecdote about our boring sex life we switched to the topic of what we want from our respective lovers. We found that one of our fantasies were to fuck infront and be infront of another couple fucking!

"I can't believe it" Gasped Malin, "we should SO pretend to be a couple and find a horny couple on the net!"
"HAHA, yes, we should!" I agreed.

Malin looked over her shoulder towards the stairs turned back and leant forward and said,

"let's do it now"

I was taken by suprise. I actually though she was joking. After a little time of thinking and minimum effort in convincing Myself and Malin were on a dating website searching for "couples". It wasn't took long before we found a couple of a similar age from America. The webcams went on i was faced with a topless guy and his gf wearing only a black bra and panties.

We hadn't thought this through. As we were just thinking of watching a couple fuck infront of us, but reality his when the guy ordered us to kiss each other.

"Shit, now what" I asked
"oops, yeah, now what? oh fuck it, let's just kiss for a second, it's only a kiss".

So, we embraced each other and moving forward clossing my eyes our slips met somewhere in the middle.

"there, wasn't that hard" Said Malin.

I'm thinking to myself, no i wasn't but it was quite sexy. The next thing the couple asked was that Malin took off her t-shirt so we were all at an equal stage.

"Oh crap, i will but keep those eyes on her tits not mine" Malin order in a jesting manner.

Malin removed her t-shirt and i couldn't help but watch as she lifted it over her head. Her stomach streched her tits in a red bra pushing out. I felt my cock begin to grow as i looked on at Malin sat on the chair with her matching red underwear set.

"Why don't us girls suck our guys off?" The internet girl asked

I looked at Malin and went VERY shy.

"no we can't, right?"
"why not?" Malin asked in a seductive tone " You're not shy are you?" she asked. ending with "Big boy".
"i'm not big boy!"
"Bigger than what i'm used to by the looks of it" Explained Malin.
" You shouldn't be looking!"
"Looking? It's crawling up your hip bone" she said in reference to my no hard cock.
"well I'm not shy" I said as i pounced up and stood infront Of Malin's face offering her a chance to pull out my hard package. She rub it from the outside starting from the bottom of the shaft up to the end which was up near my right hip but taking the elastic from my boxers and pulling them down to my knees.

"Wow" Gasped Malin, "Sophie wasn't lying to me" It must be 2 inches bigger than Adams"

She took my hard rod and placed it in her salivating mouth and began to suck while massaging my balls with her hands. Malin took as much as she could inside her mouth and at random points took it out and wanked my cock furosiously infront of her face before ramming it back in to suck. Her legs started to widen and Malin's pussy must have been wanting some action as she began sliding backwards and forwards on the chair. At this moment, the internet couple logged off and understandably really as we were more interested in each other. I pulled my cock out of Malin's beautiful mouth and explained that i needed to fuck her pussy. She willingly abliged and stood up and remover her red lacey thongs, kicking them off with her feet once they dropped to her ankles.

She turned her back to me and placed 2 hands on the table and leant forward. I stood behind her placing one hand on her hip and the other on her clean shaven wet pussy (which was obviously done for poor lame Adam). i Guided the tip of my cock to Malins pussy and gently pushed forward sliding it in deep till my balls touch her pussy. Malin let a huge gasp of pleasure out whcih paused us momentarily. After all, my girlfriend and her boyfriend was upstairs asl**p.

"Sussssh" I demanded
"Sorry" Malin said "i didn't think it was going to stop. You're much bigger than what i'm used too"

I Placed both hands on Malins hips and began to fuck her from behind. Altering at stages to gets deeper and shallower penetrations. I took Malins shoulders and puller her up to me and kissed her neck from behind and holding her tits in both hands. My cock still stuck in her pussy.

"Malin, I wanna flip you onto you back so that i can see your face as you get fucked by me" I said

No arguement from Malin and she just turned herself around, and slid herself onto the table open her legs to the widest kindly inviting my cock into her pussy. Again i slid my cock inside her shaven wet pussy and began to thrust much harder than before. Malins hitched her neck up and looked down between her legs and looked on as her pussy was getting bullied by my big hard cock!

"Oh god" cried Malin "It goes in much deeper, i'm gonna cum"
"Cum" I order "But i'm gonna carry on fucking this pussy till i cum too" I warned.

With that Malin strectched her arms out wide and clenched her teeth before letting out a roar which was silenced by my hand covering her mouth. I felt her pussy clench my cock as she came. I gave her 2-3 seconds to recover before i grabbed her legs and placed them over my shoulders. I leant forward over her and again banged away at her pussy.

"OH Danny, you are fucking my like i'm a slut" Malin said
" Exactly how you like to feel then" i Replied.

I was fucking Malin much harder and faster than i would Sophie as i knew i could without guilt of treating her like a slut. It wasn't much longer until i was ready to cum. I told Malin asking her where i should dump my load.

"mmmm, in my mouth she said"

pulling of my cock and jumping onto her knees. Kindly opening her mouth. I stood over her and pumped my hot white cum into her mouth missing on 2 occasions catching her chin and dripping onto her tits. With what she took she swallow and with the rest she simply wipped off with her boyfriend t-shirt.
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4 years ago
Great story.
can't wait to her about your further adventures
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
very good but discribe the girls better