My Busty s*s Brittany

My buddies Phil and Joey are always teasing me about doing it with my big-tittied little s****r Brittany, but I never guessed it could really happen and it would be Brittany's idea! I must be crazy getting ready to fuck my lil s*s with my two best friends joining in. We all just stand there like dummies, but the busty Brittany takes charge by kneeling before us and saying "Don't just stand there like dummies - take your clothes off!"

We set a land-speed record getting undressed and she starts sucking our cocks in turn, one after another until all our cocks are hard as cinder blocks. Soon my huge titty s****r which happen to be 34DDs, is stuffing her wet mouth with the heads of our three hard-ons simultaneously with saliva dripping down all over her big round natural titties! She jumps on to the king-size bed, wearing nothing but her green lacy thong that match her big emerald green eyes and says "You fuck me first dear b*****r. Fuck me like a dog!"

I'm freaking out, but I get behind Brittany as she gets on all fours and take off her thong with Phil and Joey kneeling before her. My s****r and her huge jugs start sucking and slobbering all over their dicks again as I play with her tightly shaved pussy, inserting two fingers to get it nice and wet. "I'm about to stick my raging cock in your wet cunt Brittany" when she turns her head and surprises me with "Are you crazy? You can't fuck your little s****r like that! Put it in my ass, Big b*****r!" What the hell, I think to myself, in for a penny, right? I'm about to stick my thick throbbing cock up her ass when she surprises me again with "Are you sick or something? You can't just fuck your s****r in the ass like that. Lick it first!" By now, I'm too freaked out to think and I start licking her tight puckered asshole like I haven't had a meal since last Thursday.

Suddenly, I hear Phil screaming like a girly-man and I look past Brittany's ample bubbly ass to see him splooging all over my s****rs pretty face, while she laps it up like a pro. I'm still licking like a maniac when I hear my busty s****r tell Joey to slide under her. As he quickly complies, Phil falls back on the bed twitching like he just had a freakin' stroke. Joey slides his cock into her dripping went pussy at the same moment that I ram my precum oozing hard on into Brittany's ass causing her whole body to shudder. As Joey and I find our tandem fucking rhythm, her back arches and some weird guttural groaning/grunting sound that no b*****r should ever hear is coming out of her upturned mouth (along with the rest of Phil's cum).

Now Joey and I are ramming our thick cocks into my little s****r with huge jugs tight ass and pussy as hard as we can. My hands are tightly gripping her shoulders while Joey has his arms wrapped around the small of her back with his face buried between Brittany's giantic bouncng titties. Brittany's ass is so tight that it feels like it is sucking me in as I push my cock balls deep up her ass. As her body starts convulsing with one orgasm after another, all of our grunts and squeals get louder and fill the air and I hear Brittany shout at the top of her lungs "CUM ON MY FACE YOU BASTARDS! CUM ON MY FUCKING FACE!!"

We both yank our raging cocks out of your greedy wet holes and rudely shove busty brittany over on to her back just in time to start plaster her with our warm gooey jizz all over your contorted crazed lust-filled face. She frenziedly lick and lap and suck the heads of both our squirting cocks as we continued depositing our sticky cum all over her soaking wet cum-glazed lips. I hardly recognize my little s****r as she asks "What kind of b*****r are you? Fuck me between my big, fat titties! Do it NOW!" Joey is kneeling beside her head as I hump Brittany's monstrous titties and she take turns sucking my dick's head as it repeatedly pokes out between your tits and taking Joey's entire shaft right down her throat all the way to his balls. We cum simultaneously between Brittany's big fat tithes and down her throat.
Finally, having run out of both cum and energy, Joey and I collapse to the bed beside you.
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3 years ago
good but short
3 years ago
great story! loved it