Brittany's Life

Brittany is the type of girl who loves to flirt. Mainly using her huge 34 DD tits to get what she wants from whoever is willing to give. At 5'4" weighing roughly 135lbs, yeah she has curves and everyone loves curves. Fits into size 5 jeans. Nice round bubbly ass, toned legs, dirty blonde hair normally straight. Gleaming emerald green eyes that always have a twinkle to them and lovely innocent smile. Now Brittany wasn't always like this. She used to be quite conservative about showing off her curves.

She used to be that shy punk girl that always wore sweat shirts or crew neck shirts to attempt to hide her big bust. At 16 a lot was changing throughout her body. Her hormones for boys were kicking in and so were the hormones responsible for her tits to go from a size 32 B when she was 15 to a full cup size to a 32 C entering her soph. Year of high school. Going from a size 0 jeans to a size 5, gained a little weight but all went to her chest, hips and round bubble butt.

Brittany didnt really like the attention she and her big tits were getting from all the eyes and stares of the boys and even staff of the school. The one thing Brittany loved the most about her changes to her sexy 16 year old body was the attention her dad was starting to give her. Being a single dad for the past 10 years after his wife left him, he's always worked hard and long to keep him and his lovely daughter together. But that said a lot of his sexual needs over the years have been unmet.

Brittany returned home from a cold winter day of school. The two bedroom apartment her and her dad stayed. She loved the place because she was never to far from her loving dad even though he wasn't home often picking up extra shifts. After finishing her homework Brittany's tight little pussy began to have a small tingling sensation. Going to her dads computer she browsed the Internet to satisfy herself.

That's when everything was about to change. She found in the favorites a site that featured 18+ old girls fucking older men and calling them daddy. It turned Brittany on so much her panties which she hasn't taken off were completely soaked. She didn't even bothered taking them off and shoved her hand down her panties and inserted her middle finger into her virgin pussy. She clicked a video trailer and found a brunette getting pounded from behind screaming "harder daddy, fuck your daughters little pussy with your fat cock". Brittany had her eyes glued to the computer screen, pistoning her finger in and out of her slick pussy while grabbing her big tits with the other hand. "o my god" she thought, "I'm gonna cum" and she squirted all over her panties and soaked all over the chair.

After cleaning up the best she could she went to undress and took a shower. While soaping up her body, she started to rub her tits, making her pretty pink small nipples to get hard. She started to wonder" what if daddy fantasizes about that stuff with me? It's strange that it doesn't bother me. I love my daddy and never thought of it like that. Weird." she started to get aroused at the idea of her dad groping her tits instead of her hands. " I gotta stop, cumming once a day is enough hehe."

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3 years ago
once a day is never enough
3 years ago
another hot story! good stuff