First Time With Cousin (Gay) Pt. 1

This is a true story.

At this time my Cousin Brian and I were around the same age I was 19 and he was 20. A group of us were over at his house for a party or more as a f****y get together. As it got late people started to leave. By 12:00 AM there were four of us left. His s****r and one other cousin.We were all chilling out in the basement watching movies and playing the ol' ps2. Then later my other cousin and the s****r went upstairs to go to sl**p and it was just him and I left. We were playing videogames for a couple of hours more then somehow we got on the topic of sex.

He asked me questions like "Who would you fuck in your school" and "How would you do it?" Then as it escalated he asked me how large my cock was.
I told him its only 5 1/2 inches nothing special. He laughed a bit but he then told me his was 7 inches. We then talked about sex a bit more then sooner or later we both found out we were virgins. I could see through his sweats that he wasn't wearing underwear and you could see his pants bulge.
He started to make his cock bounce and we laughed and giggled. I made my cock hard and I did the same thing. He felt my cock through my pants and started to rub it slow acting as if it was accidental.

He asked me. "Does that feel good?"

I told him "Yeah, Brian it does."

He started to pull down my pants and boxers and was staring at my pulsing cock.

He told me that if we were going to do it. We had to do it now.

I was skeptical but I also felt pressured at the same feeling conscious about his s****r coming downstairs. But in the end I caved in and told him yes.

He replied happily and starting stroking my cock softy with his hands and he asked me if i would do so also. We were stroking each others cocks for a good 10 minutes and then we got a bit bored. He asked to suck my cock and I told him yes he started to deepthroat my cock and I could hear him gaggin on my cock. This was my first blowjob and it felt so good. I started to push his head down choking him for a good 10 seconds he pulled off and he told me it was thick and hard to put in his mouth.

I then returned the favor. He stood up and I started to lick his balls and kissing his cock. It tasted so good and had man stink all over it. I started slowly just licking under his cock and licking his head. As time went forward I started to suck and deep throat him. I could remember the taste I sucked his cock for a long time because I enjoyed the taste. His cock was black but he was asian. He was moaning and moaning chanting my name I kept sucking then boom he shot a load in my mouth and I swallowed it.

We sat there after that feeling disgusted of ourselves but later he asked me if we could try anal, so we can start practicing for sex with women I told him yes then we headed to his bedroom.
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7 months ago
hot cock story
1 year ago
a good start for both of you
1 year ago
It's always nice to have a cousin with a big thick dick to suck on!
1 year ago
When does part 2 cum out? Good writing.
1 year ago
sooo hot!.. more?
1 year ago
HEY MAN THIS IS SOooooooooooooooo HOT LETS HAVE SOME MORE???????????? XXXX
1 year ago
Nice, where's the rest?
2 years ago
Hot! You have to start somewhere.