My boyfriend (story)

I have a boy friend Jake who some might think is mean to me but I have to tell you why I like him. I have been going with him for several years now. Our relationship is based solely on sex. Not just climb on and ride but really kinky stuff. We had been going together for about three months when one Saturday we stopped at a junk yard for cars. He didn’t say anything we just got out of the car and went in together. There were four men in the office and one of them said to my boyfriend what about the money you owe us. This is the day the kinky part started.

Jake said I don’t have any cash can we work something else out in trade. The men looked at me with smiles and said yes. The one man came over and took my hand and pulled me behind the counter. Jake said I will be back to get you later. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do or say. The man took a firm grip of my arm and took me to an office in the back and ordered me to strip. I was scared but complied.

Once I was naked he came over and told me to get on my knees and get busy. He took out his cock and slapped my face with it. Then he started shoving it in my mouth and pushing it down my throat. I was gagging and he just kept pushing harder. I felt him start down the back of my throat and then he started getting a hard-on. It did not take long for him to shove it far enough in to stop my breathing. He just looked down at me and laughed. He said this is what you were built for you filthy little whore. All of a sudden he stopped and grabbed my hair and pulled me over to a desk and said bend over and spread your legs. He shoved his cock in me without any fore play and it hurt like hell. He was ramming me so hard the desk was moving with each thrust. Finally he exploded and pulled off of me. He grabbed my hair and put me on my knees again. He ordered me to clean off his cock. I did what he asked and then he pulled his pants up and left the room. I started to get up when the second man came in. The whole scene started over again.

When the fourth man came in it was little different. He was a well built middle aged man. He was polite when he asked me to undo his pants. I did and when I pulled his shorts down I got a surprise. His dick was at least a foot long and as thick as a beer can. He was smiling and said see what you can do with this. If you do well I will pay your boyfriends tab and you can make payments to me.
I really struggled to get his dick in my mouth but I could tell I was making him happy. I licked his balls too. Next he helped me up and laid me on my back on the desk. He said spread your legs and keep them up high for me. I knew he was about to destroy me. I had never had anything even half that size before. He rubbed my pussy until I was soaking wet and then he started finger fucking me. I was ready for anything by now. He started pushing that massive member into me and it was hurting a little. He was going slowly and soon he had it in me as far as it could go at the time. He fucked me until he came and then climbed off me and put his dick in my mouth again. I licked him clean. He got dressed and left. I put on my dress back on but did not bother with my panties, bra or slip. I just was too exhausted to make the effort. I was a little sore too.

I staggered out to the main office and they all looked at me and laughed. One of them said thanks bitch. They all started laughing. My boyfriend was standing there just smiling and said so she made this
month’s payment ok? The boss said Ya, I guess so. We walked out and got in the car. I was pissed. Jake just laughed and said you will get used to it. I said what the hell do you mean? He just laughed.
When we got back to Jake’s apartment I went straight to the bathtub and laid there washing myself out. I got dressed and went out to the front room and there was the fourth guy from the junk yard sitting there on the couch. Jake said I want you to go with him and setup a payment plan. Now I was really pissed. I said no and Jake slapped me hard and said get it done you fucking whore. The other man took my arm and said it will be all right, relax, you won’t regret this. I went with him against my better judgment but time would tell. We went to his place and ate dinner. Then he asked me to strip down and suck on him while he watched porn movies.

I sucked several loads out of him and then he said it’s time for bed. Once in bed he rode me most of the night. In the morning he fucked me for a while and then just as I was getting hot he pulled out and squirted a tube of lube in my pussy. He said get on your knees and put your head on the pillow. Spread you legs for me girlie. He took an empty coke bottle and began working it into my pussy. I asked him to stop but he said you need to try a little harder and it will fit. As it hit the widest point of the bottle I thought I would be torn in half. He held it there until it stopped hurting and then pushed it all the way in. He told me to hold it in until he wanted it out. He let me rest for a couple of hours.

He came back in to the bedroom and said it’s time for something new. He said to get in the bathroom. I got up holding the bottle in my pussy. It was a little different walking with my legs part way open but I made it. The bottle had been in long enough now that the discomfort was gone and it was starting to feel good in me.

In the bathroom he had me get in the tub on my hands and knees. He had a hose from the sink with a metal tip on it was shaped like a hot air balloon. It was a little over an inch in diameter. He let the water warm up and then started washing my butt. Then I felt the metal tip against my ass and the water starting to go inside me. I was nervous but he reassured me it would be fine. He filled me up and it felt really weird. I could feel water moving around in me. He pulled the hose out and put a rubber plug in me. He said to hold that in for a while. After about five minutes he said to go to the toilet and pull the plug out. I only had one hand to use as the other one was still holding the coke bottle in me. I had to repeat this task three times.

After this cleaning session he had me go to the, what he called a training room. As I walked in there was a padded leather table in the middle of the room. There was a cart full of all kinds of artificial rubber dildos, clamps, leather straps, etc. He said to get on the table on my hands and knees. He anchored my wrists to the foot of the table. Then he anchored my ankles to the same corners. With my hands secured I couldn’t hold the bottle in and he said in a stern voice if that falls out you will regret it. So I struggled to hold it in. He said to open my mouth wide and he put a huge rubber cock gag in me and buckled it in tight. It was big enough to stop me making noise except through my nose. So there I lay, his personal toy.

He pulled the bottle out of me and re-lubed my pussy and put it back in. Then he filled a giant syringe with some lube and put it in my ass and filled me up. Next he picked up another coke bottle from the
cart and started pushing and twisting it into my ass. I had never had anything in my ass that big before. It was hurting a lot. Finally he got it to the widest point. I thought I would pass out, but no such luck. After a long time the pain subsided and he put it all the way in my ass. I could feel things moving inside me. Next he put a leather harness around my waste and the lower strap went from my navel between my legs up the crack of my ass to a buckle in the back. He made sure the harness was tight and then added padlocks to the buckles. He picked up two clamps with small chains and heavy steel balls on them off the cart. He attached them to my nipples. They hurt but I soon got used to them. He left the room for a while. I was sure uncomfortable.

He came back after an hour or so and undid my restraints. I got off the table but was having a real hard time trying to walk. Those two bottles made it very difficult. He had me put on these super high heels that made the bottles even more uncomfortable. When I moved the weights on the nipple clamps moved and pulled my nipples. That made my tits hard as rocks. Then he anchored my wrists to a rope that went to a pulley attached to the ceiling. He drew it up tight so I was now stretched tall. Then he attached a spreader bar between my ankles leaving my feet about three feet apart. The spreader bar was hooked to the floor so I could not move at all. He picked this little steel thing on the cart. It looked like an egg with wires coming out of it. He wedged it against my pussy between the harness holding in the bottle. When he plugged it in went crazy. The egg was vibrating my clit and the bottle which sent shock waves clear to my cervix. He smiled and said I will be back and left me there to struggle. As I struggled to find relief the steel balls on the nipple clamps were swinging back and forth pulling on my tits and making my nipples so tender. My legs were trembling and my liquids were flowing down to my shoes. I could only breathe through my nose with the cock gag in and I started to wonder if I would survive.

I was shaking; sweating, crying, moaning, and Cumming repeatedly for what seemed an eternity. When he finally came back there was a puddle on the floor in front of me from squirting and Cuming so much. I lost track of how many time I came. He finally came back and turned off the egg and undid my ankles. I couldn’t move. When he loosened the wrist rope I just sank to the floor to weak to stand. He left me there to fall asl**p in the middle of my puddle.

That was my first month’s payment for my boy friend. I have been making payments once a month now for two years. My boy friend is long since forgotten except for the fact that gave me the best gift a girl who lives for sex could ask for. Soon I will tell you about the other twenty three payments I have made. But I will tell this, I am not allowed to have any empty holes on payment weekends. My holes are also stretching with each payment.
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1 year ago
Good stuff wish your boy friend owed me
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
no mames que buena historia realmente caliente
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wow! THat really IS a great story! thanks extreme x