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Vaginal Fisting Tips

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We've been practicing one- and two-handed fisting and footing for over a year now, and we've discovered that there is very little information or experience in our local area. So I figured it was time to share some tips that we've picked up, in the interest of starting a fisting discussion online.

Tip #1 - Lube, lube, lube!
Fisting involves a great deal of stretching. While this can feel fantastic, a dry hand pulls on the skin, which does not feel fantastic. Apply generously and frequently to all affected areas. If you start to feel added friction while fisting, apply more lube. I usually coat my fingers and hand and slowly work my hand inside, then I add more around my wrist for good measure.

Tip #2 - Lubricant brands
When looking for fisting lube, the thicker the better. We have tried a few different brands, but the Probe Thick Rich lubricant is hands down (no pun intended) the best that we've found. Other good brands that we found were the O'My and Hathor Aphrodisia brands.

Tip #3 - Cleanliness is next to godliness.
ALWAYS clean the appendages that you are about to offer her thoroughly, rinsing and drying properly too. As stretching can cause minor bleeding, it can easily lead to infection. I always scrub my hands like a doctor preparing for surgery, and I don't touch anything but her after my hands have been sterilized. With footing, I prefer to soak my foot in a bath for 15 minutes or so, towelling it off and keeping it wrapped in a clean towel until it is ready to go in.

Tip #4 - Nail care!
Make sure to keep your nails (hands or feet) trimmed and smooth. If your nails extend past the fleshy part of your fingers, it may be time to get them cut. I prefer to cut them about as low as I can, simply to prevent one of them scratching the inside of her when we are into a heavy fisting rhythm.

Tip #5 - The Silent Duck
Get to know the duck. DO NOT just try and ram your fist in like a piston! Vaginas need to be warmed up for fisting. Especially if you do not fist on a regular basis. Start with a few fingers, making small, circular thrusting motions. You should be stretching, but never with enough f***e to rip or tear. When you are learning to fist, some bleeding may occur, especially during a prolonged session. If there is bl**d, but she is not feeling sore, you may be able to continue, but use caution. If she is sore, stop immediately. Don't resume fisting practice until after the soreness goes away (this may take several days. Our personal experience has never required us to wait more that one or two days, though.).

Tip #6 - Don't expect to get your whole hand in the first time.
Or the second, or the third. And even when you do get it in the first time, stop and hold your position until she feels comfortable enough for you to move. It took us a few weeks to get her to take my hand (and I have smaller hands). It took us 6-8 months for her to be able to take both of my hands! Also, the bigger the hand, the longer you are going to have to work on making her big enough to take all of you in. Be patient!

Tip #7 - Don't overstay your welcome.
No matter how good it feels, fisting can be overwhelming in sensation. Be ready to call it quits on her word. There are times where all she needs is to feel the hand inside of her, relishing in the sensation for a few moments before asking you to take it out. Always let the person being stretched dictate the pace and technique.

Tip #8 - Anyone can be fisted with enough time and patience.
Vaginas are amazing things! Many women think they are too small to be fisted, but if a baby can make it through, a fist can too! If a vagina is not used to being fisted, though, it may take a lot of practice to work up before being able take a whole fist. On the plus side, if you are planning on having c***dren, fisting is great training for the birthing process. Fisting makes it easier to dilate and strengthens the vaginal muscles.

Tip #9 - Treat it like a marathon, not a sprint.
Fisting requires training and practice, and lots of both! Educate yourself as much as possible beforehand, and be creative during practice. As you become familiar with her body, you'll discover that fisting is not just limited to a fist plunging in and out. We often switch up our techniques, sometimes single fisting, sometimes double-fisting, footing, two-hand stretching (one hand resting against each vaginal wall and pulling the hands apart), or even just the fingers of the hand, while the thumb massages the clit.

Like any form of sexual play, fisting is a diverse and robust subject. There always seems to be new discoveries and new things to try. Just apply your creativity, but remember, be gentle!

The Fine Print
Neither of us is medically trained, so please take our advice with that in mind. That said, the physician that we have talked to reassured us that the vagina is a very strong organ and can take a lot of punishment. If you do have any medical concerns, please consult a physician. Have fun! :-)
P.S. If you are a medical or sexual health professional that is familiar with fisting, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Posted by Extreme_Insertions 3 years ago
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11 months ago
Thanks for all those tips, they are in fact of great advice....
1 year ago
Thanks for the great advice.
2 years ago
how about anal fisting tips
2 years ago
This was very informative. Thank you for sharing.
2 years ago
we'll be trying these tips ;)
2 years ago
GREAT fisting tips ........... people really do need to read materials from real fist fans , before assuming the worst or jumping into something too soon. -Thanxx 5*****
2 years ago
Thanks for this - definitely agree about taking time, being clean and keeping nails short! xxx
2 years ago
Thanks I will remember your tips when I fist my blow up doll...............Sweet
3 years ago
Nice , thanks for tips ^^
3 years ago
Wow, thanks for posting your tips! I`m hoping they`ll be a valuble tool for my wife and I to refer back to. I`ve Worked 4 fingers in so far, and after reading your post, I`m gonna use some more lube for the next step (fingers crossed). Wish us luck...We`ll keep you posted on our progress!