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[Story] My boyfriend (story)

I have a boy friend Jake who some might think is mean to me but I have to tell you why I like him. I have been going with him for several years now. Our relationship is based solely on sex. Not just climb on and ride but really kinky stuff. We had been going together for about three months when one Saturday we stopped at a junk yard for cars. He didn’t say anything we just got out of the car and went in together. There were four men in the office and one of them said to my boyfriend what about the money you owe us. This is the day the kinky part started.

Jake said I don’t have any cash can ... Continue»
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Fisting (Dutch)

Vuistneuken: hoe doe je dat?

Fistfucken is niet alleen voor Baldemar en zijn vriendje. Hoewel het voor de een een gruwel is, is het voor de ander de ultieme manier om een overweldigend orgasme te krijgen.

Lijkt het je wel wat, maar heb je geen idee hoe je te werk moet gaan? Kijk dan bij (more) en leert hoe je fist met finesse.

Wat is Fisting?

Fisten, fistfucking of vuistneuken is een vorm van seks waarbij je een deel van je hand of je hele hand bij je sekspartner naar binnen brengt. Soms, in extreme gevallen, kan dat zelfs met beide handen tegelijk. Vuistneuken kan vaginaal of a... Continue»
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Vaginal Fisting Hand Positions

Fisting requires an intimate knowledge of the relevant anatomy, as there are many opportunities for injury that can be easily avoided if you know your way around the relevant body parts. Making even small adjustments to your movements can make a world of a difference.

First of all, let's discuss the hand. The most important thing to notice about the hand is where it is largest/widest, right at the point where the thumb joins the rest of the hand. When fisting, you need to keep in mind that the vagina will be most stretched when this part of the hand is moving in or out past the vaginal ope... Continue»
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Vaginal Fisting Tips

The credits goes to: FistingFan's

We've been practicing one- and two-handed fisting and footing for over a year now, and we've discovered that there is very little information or experience in our local area. So I figured it was time to share some tips that we've picked up, in the interest of starting a fisting discussion online.

Tip #1 - Lube, lube, lube!
Fisting involves a great deal of stretching. While this can feel fantastic, a dry hand pulls on the skin, which does not feel fantastic. Apply generously and frequently to all affected areas. If you start to feel added friction while... Continue»
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