Tonight's gonna be a good night

Last night my wife went out with friends. Every couple of weeks or so, they all get together and go out for dinner. Normally this is on Friday nights, but for whatever reason it just so happened to be on a Tuesday for this week. I don't mind staying home with the k**s while she goes out to have fun. Hell, she deserves it after everything she does around the house and for our f****y. So, I let her go out and have some fun and a few drinks with the ladies.
Whenever she goes out- we have a game that we like to play. It doesn't have a name (yet) but, goes along the lines of "how jealous can I make my spouse?" This particular evening she left the house with a tight pair of jeans that hugged her ass perfectly. She also wore a low cut cammy that showed off her 34 DD's. Over the cammy, she wore a black hooded shirt with a zipper and zipped it up as if she was showcasing her gorgeous rack (see her pics in our profile).
About 7:30 last night I received a text from her stating that she was having fun flirting with a group of guys at a table nearby. She stated in the text that she thought one of the guys was really into her and she was pretty sure he was packing. She jokingly said that she was going to bring him home. My response to her was that she better make sure that he was worth the trouble. Meaning, if he has a small dick then he wouldn't be worth the time and effort. We texted back and forth for a few more minutes until she told me that he asked her to step outside with him so that he could smoke. My wife isn't normally a smoker, but she borrowed a cigarette from a friend and went outside. Apparently while outside the conversation had started to move passed flirting and into more of a seductive tone. At one point this guy (she called him Cameron) had made mention about taking her home with him. She laughed and said "I don't think my husband would like that." Like a douchebag (my words) Cameron said "Well, he doesn't have to know, does he?" She ended up turning his advance down but not wanting the fun to be over she continued the conversation with him and scooted closer to him on the bench.
Lately it has been pretty cold around our area so my wife claims that she was just trying to get warm by scooting next to him. However, I know her better than that. As they continued talking he put his arm around her and started to play with her hair. This is normally a huge turn on for her. He ran his fingers down her long brown hair and told her how much he would like to take her home tonight. After a few moments of stroking her hair and telling her what he would like to do to her, he leaned over and kissed her lips. She kissed him back and they sat there on that bench in front of the bar with their tongues dancing in each others mouths. Cameron knew at this point that he had her and he began to let his free hand wander. My wife began to do the same. She ran her hand down his leg and to his inner thigh. She could feel his member growing inside of his jeans. After a few seconds of petting, Cameron stood up, took her by the hand, and they walked out into the parking lot toward his truck. He helped her into the back seat of his 4 door pickup and he followed in after her.
Once inside, they began to kiss and pet each other. By this time Cameron had a full erection and was grinding it against her hand. My wife pulled her lips away from his and looked down to see the outline of his cock through his jeans. Cameron unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans to give her access to his huge cock. She said that it was so thick and long that she had a tough time getting it out of his jeans. Cameron had to raise his ass off the seat to pull his pants down farther so that she could grab onto him. Once freed from his jeans she lowered his underwear and watched his massive dick spring into view. She claims he was at least 10 inches long and almost as thick as a coke can. She leaned forward to kiss his lips again while her hand gently squeezed and massaged up an down his thick long cock. With every stroke upward, a little bit of precum would ooze out. The street light outside the window made his head glisten as she ran her soft fingers up and down his shaft. Cameron began to moan as her strokes got faster and faster. She pulled her mouth away from his and she leaned down to lick and kiss his member. She softly teased his cock as he thrusted his hips toward her. With her lucious lips she began to lick and suck on the underneath side of his huge dick. This caused Cameron to ooze even more. When it looked like he had had enough and couldn't take it any more, she wrapped her lips around him and took him into her mouth. She let her tongue circle his head while he oozed in her mouth. With a quick thrust he was 3-4 inches into her mouth and she began sucking and bobbing on his giant knob. It only lasted for a minute until Cameron exploded into her mouth and right down her throat. Some of his cum fell out of her mouth and onto her black hoodie. They both laughed. She kissed Cameron and told him that she needed to get back inside with her friends before they got too suspicious. Cameron asked to return the favor but she turned him down. My wife took his number because he insisted on returning the favor for her. She exited the truck and went back inside to join the girls and text me about her little adventure.
Of course this drove me wild and I waited up for another hour or so until she walked in the door. In the spirit of "the game" she told me everything that happened. She refused to do anything with me until today. She told me that she wanted to dream about Cameron pounding her pussy with his big cock with her legs wrapped around his waiste pulling him deep into her.
This morning when she woke up she told me that she was feeling very horny. She told me that she wants to take pictures and maybe our first video for this site. Obviously I gladly accepted that invitation. So I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a good night. Stay tuned for pictures and hopefully a video!!
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2 years ago
awsome story!
2 years ago
nice one :-)
2 years ago
very sexy story, bet you'll give her a serious fuckin at the thought of her mouth wrapped around that strangers cock, love my mrs to do that 4 me
2 years ago
Nice! Looking forward to hearing more.
2 years ago
that is very sexy story i did that with my ex plenty of times had great fun