Foggy Beach

Where is she?

Is it night or day?

Is she d***k or hung over?

Is she dreaming or is this real?

Whose mouth is eating her pussy?

The pleasures generated by that mouth make it hard to concentrate on anything else, but in addition to pleasure, Sarah feels something a little like panic because in fact she doesn't know where she is, or if it's night or day, or if she's d***k or hung over, or whether or not she's dreaming...

And then it begins to come back to her: how she and her husband -- already tipsy -- took another cold bottle of champagne and walked along the beach until they found a nice little niche in the dunes; how they'd cuddled and smooched like teenagers; how when she was sucking his cock they'd heard a titter, looked up, and found they had an audience: a young couple, beautiful, maybe twenty, as tipsy as she and her husband.

Don't let us stop you, the boy had said, and Sarah had giggled and said, with a mouthful of cock, I won't, but after another suck or two she'd stopped, self-conscious.

The k**s had joined them in the dune, and they'd all chatted and shared the champagne, which was soon gone. Her husband went back to the house for more, and in his absence the boy and girl kept talking with Sarah but couldn't keep their hands off each other. At one point the girl's halter top fell away and her tits tumbled free, plump and white, and at the same time her hand disappeared into the boy's fly and reappeared with a stiff white cock. A minute later the girl went up onto her knees and framed the cock with her down-pointing tits, then engulfed the cock with her mouth...

It is coming back to her, but recollections are mixed with sensations of the present as Sarah draws her knees up and turns them outward and lifts her hips to better access her cunt to the mouth making love to it -- a mouth she knows is not her husband's: it's different, doing different things...

She is in her own bedroom, she knows that now, and it is still night. Does she remember returning to the house?

And this is no dream.

She'd watched the girl suck the boy's cock, and at one point the girl had stopped sucking and offered the cock to Sarah. Sarah had simply sat in place, her eyes on the cock, but hadn't moved, and the girl had resumed sucking. A few minutes later, with the cock bobbing and trembling and swollen to its grandest, the girl had offered it again, and this time Sarah had felt a hand behind her head, urging her to do it -- her husband's. And she had: she'd gotten to her knees and lowered her mouth and taken the boy's cock in her mouth and tasted it all around, and then returned it to the girl...

She feels fingertips caressing her hips as the tongue caresses her clit, and then the fingers slide 'round to her ass and fingernails score her buttocks -- long fingernails -- and Sarah is sure now of what she has been suspecting: that her present lover is the girl.

She remembers drinking more champagne. She remembers watching the young couple escalate from sucking to fucking. She remembers admiring the boy's lean body lying on the girl, his tight round ass clenching as he pumped his fine young prick into her pussy. She remembers liking the way the girl flattened her heels beside his knees and used them for leverage, raising her hips to match his downward plunges, and then, when the boy was about to come, wrapping her legs around his thighs and clamping him to her as he shot. She remembers watching the boy thrash and twitch and drain into the girl, then roll off onto his back, exhausted, and she remembers the girl, spreadeagle on the sand, still unsatisfied, masturbating. . .

And Sarah remembers the look in her husband's eye as he watched the girl.

Sarah tosses her head from side to side as the girl lavishes her pussy with her tongue, knowing, as only a woman can know, where and how. Sarah tightens her fingers and realizes -- or has she known all along? -- that she has a hard cock in each hand, and she strokes them...

"You want to fuck her, don't you?" Sarah remembers saying to her husband as they watched the girl on the beach separate her cuntlips with the fingers of one hand and expose her clit to the ministrations of her other hand. She remembers her husband nodding, and she remembers saying, "Then fuck her..." and she remembers taking the girl's hands from her crotch and urging her husband to his knees between the girl's legs, and she remembers saying, "go on, fuck her," and he did...

Sarah trembles as soft waves of pleasure ripple outward from her womb; but just as they start her lover abandons her clit and cunt and slides up along her body, kissing her stomach, her tits, her neck, her mouth...

She remembers the four of them swimming naked in the surf, and then all their hands on her, all over her, caressing her. Her turn. Everyone had come but Sarah. But that's all she remembers.

They must have brought her here. Home.

The girl flattens her plump tits against Sarah's tits, presses her pussy against Sarah's pussy, explores Sarah's inner mouth with her cunt-flavored tongue, and Sarah kisses her back, lifting her middle upward the better to match the labial mesh of flesh and hairs, trying to continue the climb started when the girl was eating her.

Then, as if reading Sarah's mind, the men slide their cocks from her fists and rearrange the girl, turn her around so that the girl's face returns, blessedly, to Sarah's cunt, and the girl's pussy lowers to Sarah's face. Sarah takes the girl's buttocks in her hands and pulls her down so Sarah can eat the girl as the girl eats her. Once again waves of pleasure begin rippling from deep inside Sarah's cunt, the waves take her to the shore, to the edge, she's going to come...

And on the very edge, virtually as she tightens in advance of her first orgasmic spasm, the girl lifts her face from Sarah's pussy and lifts her pussy from Sarah's mouth and departs, but there is no abandonment here, no frustration -- the interruption is only temporary, only momentary -- for when the girl crawls aside, she is instantly replaced by the boy, who lowers himself between Sarah's legs and with one smooth stroke slides his rockhard cock into her wet, hot cunt.

As soon as he enters her Sarah comes at last -- oh, how she comes! -- and thus the whole, glorious fuck is contained within an orgasm. The boy fucks Sarah -- oh, how he fucks her! -- with long, even, pistonlike plunges of his big, hard, youthful prick, each thrust of the shaft stretching and filling her cunt until the bulbous crown taps her womb and stirs the hot, lavalike liquids there; then it vacates, then fills her up again, each in and out an ecstatic journey, each penetration a prod activating her every muscle, awakening her every nerve-ending. The pit of her stomach clenches and contracts with an exquisite cramp that shoots tremors outward and upward, inside and out, up into her stomach and tits and head, down through her cuntwalls and clit and all over her skin. This is no mere orgasm, it is the climax of the climax, and it keeps coming, coming, turning her into a thrashing, gripping, chattering organism. "Comecomecomecome on," she cries out. "Oh, fuck me fuck me ride me keep coming, fuckfuckoh, God, fuck me..." and she wraps her arms around his back and clamps him down against her and wraps her legs around his and kicks the heels of her feet into the back of his legs and against his ass as he fucks her and fucks her and fucks her until at last she asks him to stop, begs him to stop, not because she's done -- she could come forever -- but because it hurts, she needs to rest, just for a minute, a moment, Oh, please, stop but wait, wait, wait...

And he stops.

She clamps him to her, keeping his cock inside, and with his cock still fully implanted, the boy gently takes hold of Sarah's buttocks and turns himself and Sarah over until they have reversed positions and he lies flat on his back and she lies on top of him, his cock undisturbed.

For awhile they are still, and during this rest Sarah notices that the bed is bouncing with the same rocking rhythm that it rocked with when they were fucking; then she hears a feminine grunting behind her, which matches the squashing sound of a cock-in-cunt, the slapping of flesh against softer flesh. Sarah knows without looking that the girl is on her hands and knees on the bed, and that her husband is on his knees behind the girl, fucking the girl -- but she looks anyway, smiles at the girl, then looks down at the boy beneath her. A moment later she feels the girl's breath under her; the girl is licking Sarah between cunt and ass, and licking the boy's balls, and Sarah -- almost involuntarily -- begins ever-so-slowly to rotate her middle around the boy's imbedded prick. The girl's tongue and Sarah's twisting, turning cunt re-alert, reactivate the boy and he begins lifting his hips upward to meet Sarah's downward, prick-engulfing movements. At the same time the girl points her tongue and touches Sarah's asshole, licks and slurps and drenches it with saliva.

Within seconds Sarah is where she was minutes ago, back at her peak, almost out of control, bouncing, heaving, rotating, clenching, squeezing, as if desperate to feel more of the boy's cock, or feel it differently, or feel it someplace else.

She cries out -- a wordless cry -- part scream, part squeal, part laugh.

The room resonates with all their noises now: grunts and groans and fuckwords and the squishy-wet, Jello sounds of pricks in cunts.

The bed bounces with the unrelated rhythms of four fucking bodies; and Sarah is only vaguely aware when behind her, the girl scampers from the bed and urges Sarah's husband up behind Sarah until his cockhead nestles at her asshole. The boy spasms and shoots his first shot; at that instant her husband's cockhead pushes past the tight opening and leads the way for his shaft to move onward, inward into Sarah's ass, completing the filling of Sarah.

There is nothing left in any of them to exploit this new configuration; its beginning is also the end. The boy's cock and her husband's cock meet, separated only by the membrane inside of her; both cocks twitch, swell, and come, shooting together, exploding together as Sarah, out of control, thrashes and jerks and clutches and clenches and grabs and gives and receives until she has taken all the men have to give her and she collapses, drained and done.
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