Dean and Kate: A b*****r and s****r’s Secret

The story that unfolds here is an account, to the best of our recollection (my s****r and I), of the events of our i****tuous affair over a period of eight years. Names, towns, and schools have been changed to protect the innocent (actually more to protect the not so innocent among us).

Our story is one of discovery and exploration, of love and lust, and at times of teenage angst. But, most of all it is a story of joy. To provide some context, our story takes place when there was no internet, no DVDs, no “sexting”, no home computers, and no cellular phones; a time when most boys’ exposure to sex was through a stolen copy of Dad’s Playboy magazine or National Geographic pictures in the local library; and a time when a girl’s exposure to sex was slumber party chatter and after gym change-room discussions. Sex education was left to the individual, and misconceptions were the norm. It was the mid-sixties and early seventies.

We are now in our early sixties and for years we never spoke of our teenage “sins”. But, recently, having found many others sharing their experiences on the internet, I decided, that unlike our first tentative encounters in which my s****r tended to make the first overtures, I would share some of the stories I had found with my s****r and see how she reacted. The stories proved both enlightening and exciting, and although we have not actually had the nerve to return to our former intimacy, we have agreed that we would like to share our story. We both feel relieved realizing that there are so many other siblings who share the same special bond we share.

We have discussed an outline for re-telling the years of our relationship and thought we would take a somewhat different approach to presenting it. As we both seem to have different recollections of some of the events and certainly we both had different emotional experiences at the time, we are, whenever possible, going to present two parallel accounts of events, one written by myself (Dean in our story) and the other by my s****r (Kate). Some portions will be a consolidated view, particularly when we had no significant difference of perception or the events were less personally emotional.

In reviewing our almost decade of dallying, we have outlined about a dozen key phases and some individual incidents which were significant and would present what we think will be entertaining and hopefully arousing reading. We also think that in putting to paper our story, we will discover more about each other and we will become even closer even if we never re-engage in a physical relationship.

We will certainly accept your thoughtful critiques and any suggestions for improvement, as although we will be cross-editing each other’s writing for errors and cohesiveness, we may at times be too close to the subject matter to recognize disconnects or other non-sequiturs. However, we would really like to hear personal comments on our experiences, and in particular from those who may have had similar experiences.

Our objective is to publish a piece of our story every month (hopefully from each of our viewpoints and recollections) until we bring the story to conclusion when our involvement ended with us finding ourselves separated by long distances when I chose not to follow Kate to the same university where she was a junior.

Below is our outline, and we will publish Chapter 1 at the end of August, and follow it the end of each month with another chapter (barring work, illness, or other annoyances introducing delays).

Chapter 1 – A Chance After-School Encounter
Chapter 2 – Innocent Exploration
Chapter 3 – A Little Less Innocence
Chapter 4 – Summer Vacation
Chapter 5 – Home Alone
Chapter 6 – Experiment With Friends
Chapter 7 – Spying on Neighbours
Chapter 8 – Paperbacks and Magazines Lead to New Ideas
Chapter 9 – Kate Gets Her License
Chapter 10 – Dean Gets & Loses A Girlfriend
Chapter 11 – Another Vacation
Chapter 12 – Kate’s sl**pover Party
Chapter 13 – Finding Mom’s Toy
Chapter 14 – Kate Graduates from High School
Chapter 15 – A Last Carefree Summer
Chapter 16 – Kate’s Visits Home from University
Chapter 17 – Dean Heads West to University

We are really looking forward to writing this and reliving a very exciting time in our lives through each other’s eyes and minds. We also are very excited about hearing from others and getting their feedback. Please check back at the end of August for Chapter 1.

D. & K.

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1 year ago
Don't waste your time, I had a 6 part story on here about my sister & me spanning a period of 35 years (ongoing) and Hamster deleted all of it. Fuck 'em!
3 years ago
So what ever happened with this? Is it published somewhere else?
3 years ago
can not wait to see & read your story
3 years ago
Sounds good. Can't wait.
3 years ago
Really look forward to reading your stories. I'm a few years older than you, but close enough to recall the era and believe the era helped shape us, as it does every generation. The introduction was well written. Thanks.
3 years ago
I can't wait! What a well written introduction, I'm sure the chapters to come well be a great read. I might even be inspired to put my short but sweet own recollections of sibling sin on here!