Chocolate Oral Fantasy - Story of a Young Indian M

This is a story about a young exotic man, with rich hot an strong Indian bl**d flowing through his veins........well built with smouldering bronze skin which made women of all ages and every race want a taste of him.

They would watch as he walked by, his long jet black, thick curly locks blowing in the wind, his chiseled facial, structure, masculine jaw, sharp flared large nostrils, and full lips which kept women wondering about his kissing
skills.......How the women got so moist just watching him walk by.....admiring his composure, his determined, rugged, and fierce look........the strength of the slave within him, and his hot bl**d is what they were attracted
to. He made them melt.

The simple thought would get their panties soaking wet, imagining what it would be like to start rubbing his bulge....then feeling on his body, slowly rubbing his thigh areas.....wanting him to hold them by their chin
so she could get a clear look of him glaring down at her with a very sensual and erotic look in his eye. He loved to make women melt with this look, and it worked every time. I was as if he could feel their thoughts and their every sexual desire. He liked it very much to tease, and leave them wanting more......always and always..

He loved making the women thirst for him, and think about reaching into his boxers whilst rubbing his well defined strong hot thighs.........feeling his thick, hot, sticky, and big fudge sack of balls.....with a veiny penis they
just wanted to worship...... just looking at its beautiful chocolate skintone and muscular structure would make them fall in love
instantly. with big hot sweaty balls paired perfectly....he was the ultimate love making man.

It was far better and tastier looking than any of the altered and fake ones they have ever seen in porn. How they wanted to feel it in their mouth slowly wrapping their lips around it, then licking their sweet fudge treat...hoping that he would lay them on the bed and devour their soaked pussy with his flawless tongue work and full lips...... the thought of this would make them tremble and quiver with such sexual pleasure, that they couldn't help but rub themselves to submissive and sexual thoughts of him. He takes them to the most extreme state of sexual pleasure with his that state of natural ecstacy.

They would have visions of how they could feel the strength and the weight of how heavy his chocolatey, pulsating
cock was rubbing it all over their lips.................he'd back up to tease so that the sweet pussy would get more
soaked, and juicier for the pleasure of both of them. He loved doing this a lot. As soon as this moment arrives he has
his woman where he wants her.....he then proceeds to stripping her down slowly as he breathes sexy words like "Are you ready to have your deepest sexual chocolate dream fulfilled my naughty girl?", he waits for her as she
moans out her answer, she's too hott from his cocoa ways for words.....He then licks her lips and nibbles on them....his tongue in her mouth, then bites on her neck and sucks on it very softly and hotly.

Now feeling entrapped in his realm of sexuality, she's feeling very hot from his seductive ways and deep masculine voice. Her nipples are very hard, and her
sweet juicy pussy is hott for him...she wants to feel his stubble all over her body as he slowly starts to devour his sweet treat, caressing her whole body with his manly strong touch, and warm brown hands. They were the hands of a man with hott strong slave bl**d indeed, she could feel the strength in his touch and his hot her pussy was for him, and his deep butterscotch brown body. She couldn't get enough of him, moaning with pleasure and satisfaction wanting so badly to feel his big hott piece of
chocolate cock in here mouth. Her sexual thirst and hunger for his manliness had reached its peak.......she couldn't bare to wait anymore, she was wanting to taste him very badly and to feel him deep inside even more. She wanted him to use the many various positions of kama sutra on her, she heard about Exotic seductive men from India. His magnificent love making piece wasn't only a size which satisfied her.....but hard as well. With big chocolatey balls she just wanted to slurp on to no end She was all his......

and the rest of this story is left to your fantasies sweet ladies, I hope you enjoyed....

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