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So how many...

bitches, sluts and/or whores do you think I can fuck in a week?
Posted by ExoticIndianChocolat 4 months ago

Indian Sex Man

Look, Listen, Pay Attention.

I am a gentleman, many women have loved me on the years I've been on this earth. But if you have a problem with me being Indian, and want to be a big Fool about it..........It will surely come back to haunt you, my guarantee and full fledged promise.

Don't hate Indian men for Loving the Sex, Just remember the site rates you on the basis of how much of a Kama Sutra expert you are.

That's all you get from me, words from a Professional............and for those who Love to show Love, I love you gorgeous, sexy and beautiful Ladies ;-***
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For all the Racist Haters who Believe Indian men s

Just because we made the Kama Sutra, and are full of sexual desire, does not mean you can talk a load of horse shit about us Indian Men. If we were blessed with strong packages, and fertile balls.......please do not hate or be racist. This is a Naturally given thing.

If skin colour, culture, and sexual ability of us Indians is disheartening to you, then it is simply not my problem.

Just learn to accept and know that every man was born to love sex..........So stop showing me hate just for being who I am, and having a big muscular one, it was given to me naturally......along with all my ... Continue»
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It keeps on getting bigger..

It is like a natural disaster on my body, it keep rising in temperature............throbbing, pulsating.......sticking to my legs. It just keeps on getting bigger and more loving..
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Sexual Highs: Love to hear how it feels....

...As I slap my hott muscled fudge on those moist lips, then shove it in slowly for it to get all shiny and wet in my favourite pink juices.

Pumping her full.......with deep long strokes. The rhythm is hott and spicy..............Temptations at their peak, in a balance at overdrive......the feeling and scent of feminine clutching on to me, as I am in the deepest moments with sexual goddesses in my mind, body, and soul......

Temperatures run high, when the bl**d boils hott...

Posted by ExoticIndianChocolat 1 year ago

Real ExoticSex with an Indian country boy

Hott bl**ded, coco-bronze skin.............and muscled dick with a whole lot of strength. Balls which never make a man stop cumming

She wants to know how it feels to have a long haired wild man raised with the bulls from India taking control of her body.........taking her to new heights.

Bored at home, receiving many calls..........but he wants a woman who knows what she wants and how to take it!

Slapping this heavy cock all over that pussy juice......then giving her a taste, only to tease her hard and aroused nips with it afterwards.

They know he likes to taste.............and f... Continue»
Posted by ExoticIndianChocolat 1 year ago

The 3 components to good sex

Strong Sexual attraction

Multiple orgasms with dirty talk

Body Movement, rhythm and pacing (hips
Posted by ExoticIndianChocolat 1 year ago

The white girl who keeps telling me I got a black

Curious about Indian men, and not seeing much of them in porn or media...............she kept wondering what I was packing.

She heard that men from India were packing black fierce rods which tame pussies without any struggle at all. She was wanting to know how sweet it tasted....and how it would feel stretching out and pumping her pink sweet pussy full.....She was caught in an exotic trance....

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[Story] Chocolate Oral Fantasy - Story of a Young Indian M

This is a story about a young exotic man, with rich hot an strong Indian bl**d flowing through his veins........well built with smouldering bronze skin which made women of all ages and every race want a taste of him.

They would watch as he walked by, his long jet black, thick curly locks blowing in the wind, his chiseled facial, structure, masculine jaw, sharp flared large nostrils, and full lips which kept women wondering about his kissing
skills.......How the women got so moist just watching him walk by.....admiring his composure, his determined, rugged, and fierce look........the str... Continue»
Posted by ExoticIndianChocolat 2 years ago