The first try (VIII)

"I cleaned up and got dressed, kissed the coach on more time and left, it was time to go home and get ready for a new day."
The afternoon was pretty and though I was tired from all the work out we had done the feeling of happiness never left me the whole way. I was waiting for the bus and was just dreaming about the amazing day I had had. When I got home I greeted my parents and when they me how school was I answered it had been OK, nothing too special, then I bolted to my room and when I got there I just threw my backpack to a corner and jumped to bed, where I kept on dreaming about that body of his. The mere though made my stomach feel like it had butterflies in it tickling me. Yet my dick was far too sore to be played with today, that didn't make me sad, on the contrary, I was very happy that my love for the coach was this deep. Made my homework, had dinner and went to bed. In bed I quickly fell asl**p because I was very tired but the dreams that followed were of the most precious kind you'd imagine, considering the experiences I had gone through in the previous hours.
It all started with me in school in class, it was boring as hell and I was looking out the window, the a cloud was shaped, vaguely, like a hunky human, then it drew closer to my window and I saw it was the coach, he opened the window and carried me on his back to a room among the clouds where a huge couch was lying with a series of toys and things... He put me on the couch and started to strip me, very slowly, kissing every inch of my skin while he was exposing it, then I felt a second set of kisses and look to a copy of the coach, and then, when we were naked, I saw it: there were 3 coaches and they all were going to be a part of the fun. While still on the couch one of them, with a huge boner got close to me and I knew what I had to do, I opened my legs wide and he drove his pole inside of me, it felt even better than before because now I had another coach's dick on my hand and the third one was massaging my lips with his. The motion of his tongue on mine, his slight bites that didn't hurt but were just the right way, by now I had my dick and balls covered in pre cum and a raging boner. The coach that had his enormous chunk on my hand being massaged started to massage mine, in the most perfectly erotic way and the flow of pre cum was now almost an oozing fountain of clear liquid, then he started licking it.
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Loved it.
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