The first try (VII)

“-Yes, a nice teen cock, oh yes, the rock hard cock-and he drove it into his mouth.”
At this point I was already dripping pre cum and the soreness of the earlier exercise was vanishing in a mist of motion-this time he was not so gentle at first, the roughness of the motion, the use of his tongue as a careful caress that would drive my nerves electrical. I had fallen to the carpet, he had his head between my legs and I was being shaken by waves of pleasure and ecstasy. When he pulled his head back to breath I was ecstatic, shaking and trembling. He got on his feet and started to rub the underside of my cock on the underside of his, if my lungs were smaller they would have blown up when I took and epic breath and the moan of pure pleasure that followed. I was a puppet in his muscular and tanned arms, my will was null as his hands caressed me and his wet perfectly proportioned fingers started to enter my ass.
-Hot, you are enjoying this new class, Martin, aren't you, oh...Yes, keep it coming, yes...- If he was going to finger my ass I was going to jerk that huge fat cock. I squeezed it just right and moved my finger around, and around its underside, this fingers started to move faster and I squeezed a bit more and increased the speed of my hands' motion, he moaned over my own moaning, and no thought crossed our minds when we both cummed on each other. Though I was dry and only a little bit of transparent came out of my dick, but his large hairy balls were pumping and feeding a gushing fountain of glorious cum that hit my face hard and hot.
-oh, oh, oh, ...Coach...uf...oh...
-The party has just started, no.
-I'm ready!-and I sat on his cock while he kissed my lips and licked that cum we shared in a french kiss. I was going to be attending class on my feet after this but it was well worth it. The b**st was moving fast and tiny "farts" were the sign that I was being fucked just right. I was facing him, and he was on top of me with my legs on his shoulders, we stopped just for a change in position, as now I was a dog being drilled on all fours.
His powerful breath on my neck and his base-balls just slamming into mine as he came and went fast, fast, fast was wondrous.
-Yes, that's the way boy, I'll take you to the moon today Martin.
-Yes sir, please take me there and fuck me so hard the aliens will hear, yes! Give me more of that mighty cock of yours!!! OHHH!!!-he had cummed again and the hot cum was seeping out of my wide opened ass.
-(heavy breaths fill the air)That was part 2, ready for the third one?
-Bring it on(I breathed heavily) sir!- he just approached his cock and I took it like the baseball bat it was and started to suck it and lick it like a lollipop. I massaged his big balls like a pair of almonds ready to give me their milk. I was blushing form the heat in the office, the bell rang for class but I had no more class and so I committed myself even more to the task at hand. The expression on the coach's face was that of divine pleasure, so I started playing with his ass hair, and moving my way up that hole, until I was inside. It was very hot, and the spasms of pleasure raced through it. He stopped breathing and he had a longer harder spasm that crushed my fingers and he cummed the same transparent liquid I did before, but a lot more. I fell to the ground and he lay besides me.
-Oh Martin-he kissed my lips-that was amazing, you are amazing you know that boy? I love you.
-I love you too Coach-we hugged and kissed, our dicks were touching and rubbing but for now sex was out of the picture.
I cleaned up and got dressed, kissed the coach on more time and left, it was time to go home and get ready for a new day.

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3 years ago
That was so hot i jacked off twice and am ready for one more thanks
3 years ago
Thanks Sexy.. xxx