The first try (VI)

"-This is a dildo, I was so horny from the idea of meeting you again I needed to release some of the pressure."
-Now that you are here, we can start the fun part.-he got up and walked up to me, when we went past me he rubbed my groin gently and when he noticed the anticipation boner he smiled cutely and whispered:
-Already warmed up, heh?- He licked his lips sexily and locked the door. When the click sounded I turned around and saw his silhouette in black with the light that came through the glass that was in the middle of the door, I noticed a dangling member just dripping pre cum from between his legs, each step he took made it wobble and get animated with a life of its own. When we were face-to-face he started kissing me and undressing me. My shirt flew across the room onto the couch and soon my nipples were being tortured by pleasure derived from the masterful tongue my lover had. I was feeling too hot to have any clothes on and unzipped my trousers, they didn't fall because there was something holding them, my cock was so hard that I had to dance my way out of the pants. The bulge on my underwear was such that is was painful to wear them, he noticed it and kneeled, face in front of my small bulge compared to his mountain. Through the fabric he started to lick the tip, gently, the sensation of the fabric, wet being ribbed against my glans was exhilarating! I was gasping for more and more air, then, gently he lowered my underwear and grabbed my cock.
-Oh, oh! My god! OH!!!
-Yes, a nice teen cock, oh yes, the rock hard cock-and he drove it into his mouth.

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