The first try (V)

"-Ok, no problem, sir- I went to the locker room and just started dreaming again: "What does he have planned for next?...""
In the locker room it was the usual paradise for the likes of me, as well as hell: peeking until my eyes fell off. If I were to be caught by one of the cool k**s it was going to be hell, but it payed itself of for the first class view I got on some, the differences in development were sometimes staggering: some guys didn't even have pubes and were just like babies, others seemed to have gone through a hair growing machine all hairy and big, at least more developed. In the shower the variety was great but none was better than the teachers and my, ..., special relationship with it. The conversations that flew were the usual: boasting about "nailing" girls, and have all sorts of wild and deranged experiences that were most likely false but let the small ego-ed guys feel like the kings for 15 minutes.
I tried to be small and get out of there as quickly as possible but while I was soaping up and guy two years older than me in EVERY physical aspect let his soap slip onto the floor, I bent down to pick it up and when I lifted my head I had HIS head, the pink one 1 inch away from my nose
-You dropped this,
-OH, sorry. Thanks!
-No problem.
I dried my hair, I must explain this because I have long hair, like it can cover my eyes if I need to cry in public. After this I just slipped away from there and bolted down to the P.E. office. Because I had no more classes that day I called my mom just saying I was going to hang with some friends (oh, what a friend, a good friend indeed) and I'd be home a little later than usual. The thought of all those experiences and the though of the unknown ideas of a great perverseness that were most likely crossing his brain gave me a boner that was hidden by my long floppy shirt, thank God for these!
I knocked automatically and only then I saw I was in front of the office's door. I blushed, I was already familiar with the way here... The door creaked open when I knocked and a hot voice, filled with sexual intent came wafting out:
-If it is you Martin come in, come in...-I was drawn in by that voice. When I closed the door I stood at the entrance of a semi-dark room with some light coming in through the cracks on the blinds. There was a couch about 30 feet away from the door and there was a sexy, hunky and hot silhouette on it. I got closer and saw the following: he was lying down on his back and had a weird dick-like pink thing in his ass which he was moving in and out quite quickly.
-What is that?-the sight of his hairy, not too much, ass was really turning me on...
-This is a dildo, I was so horny from the idea of meeting you again I needed to release some of the pressure.

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