The first try (III)

"-You've given me a part, now I'll show you the other part...-he smiled again with a shine on his eyes. I stood up and saw it: a chunk of huge meat just twitching, his dick was at least 8 inches long, I got scared and touched it with curiosity."
He was looking at me while I gazed upon that humongous chunk of meat, I stretched out my hand to touch it again and it felt blazing hot, and I could feel the bl**d flowing in it. I grabbed it completely, and started moving it up, down, up down and he started to moan
-Yes...yes...-our nipples were rock hard and my dick, though sore from the extreme pleasure from earlier was very, very hard. He started to massage his nipples with a wet finger, and then he moaned louder:
-Faster, more grip!- I did as he said and started to wank my own cock, it hurt but the energy of the moment was such pain only made me wank us both harder and faster, I got my mouth close to that horny fire pole and licked the head just slightly, the pre cum was delicious, as nothing I had tasted before, and I kissed it, moving my mouth around it and of we went. My first blow job, and it was indescribable, the taste of a blazing metal hard dick in and out my mouth with pre cum and me just wanking furiously it was epic and then the crown: he moaned really loud and his abs just contracted really, really hard and he came into my mouth, spraying it all over my needy face.
-Yes, Martin, yes, ...- we just stood there lying on the floor on our butts breathing heavily.

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