The first try (II)

"-Don't be, we're alike now-he lifted my face and kissed my mouth in a sweet, sweet way, massaging my tongue. He started to take my trunks, and when I was naked he looked at my dick, 6,5 inches just twitching and he touched the head."
I shook with emotion and fright: from here on I had no idea what to do and that frightened me past any description. He got his mouth closer, and stretched out his pink, glistening tongue,it got so close the touch occurred and he started moving it around the head, I closed my eyes and focused solely on that explosion of pleasure, that immense wave of please starting from such a small area, it then moved to the underside of it and I gasped for air and opened my eyes wide, so wide the diffuse midday light that was filtered through the keyhole blinded me like the sun. I was breathing in a frenetic fashion, I dared to look down and I saw only a blur of hair moving up and down with an odd noise like nothing I had heard until then, I was sweating over him, and he was too. The heat of his hot, muscular and arousing body was intoxicating me, the scent was inebriating me I was going into orbit and then I took off. No thing was felt then, only heard him humming in pleasure while was swallowing my cum. I released the tension and relaxed a bit.
-(breathing heavily) What was that...?
-(licking slowly a bit of it that was on the corner of his lip) Orgasm, quite intense for a myth, no?
-Beyond explanation... I must give you something...
-You've given me a part, now I'll show you the other part...-he smiled again with a shine on his eyes. I stood up and saw it: a chunk of huge meat just twitching, his dick was at least 8 inches long, I got scared and touched it with curiosity.

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3 years ago
;-) You know full well I was gonna love this! xxxxx
3 years ago
You needto continue with the next chapter you got me hooked thanks