The first try

Things were going well in school, the usual, medium to high grades, the teachers liked me, we were happy people. Then I saw him: the P.E. teacher, he was still young, first time teaching people our age and he was gorgeous. The first lesson we were going to have was swimming. When I heard this a bulge starting appearing on my trousers. I cooled down and started thinking about geography, ever lasting drought before P.E. It was a strange new world this of mine, I had always been told men are to like girls yet, they never really appealed to me. Now on Christmas and whenever I saw my f****y the usual question of if I already had a girlfriend would swamp me like a tidal wave. I could never tell an almost Amish f****y that I was very, very fond of men.
Back to the present the bell rang and I bolted out and straight to the teacher's lounge, he wasn't there, so I went to his office, he was in. I knocked, and every knock sounded like my heart was going to explode
-It's Martin, sir, I need to ask you something- he opened the door, his shirt was no on and his nipples were steel hard. I was hypnotized by those guns and when he noticed he smiled in a much cute way,
-Do you like them-and he reached for his crotch -Come in.-I went, like sl**p-walking.
-What is it you needed from me?
-A...a...a... swimsuit, I forgot mine at home, s.sss..ssSir.
-Oh-he replied mysteriously...-Try this one on for size
-Ok, where is the changing room?
Oh, use the bathroom and he pointed to a door behind his desk.
I went in and closed the door, yet I did not lock it, perhaps I wanted it to become true, this fantasy of mine I had been fueling since the year before, this burning passion to feel his humongous dick drilling my ass. I put on the swimsuit and it was slightly tight, so it seemed I had a big bulge.
-Does it fit?
-I think I need a bigger one!
-Let me see that.
He open the door just an inch and his eye look through that crack, it was at my crotch's height and it gleamed,
-Oh...I think it is just fine, and he entered.
-W.w.ww...what are you doing?
he grabbed my crotch and started massaging it...
-Just evaluating you... And you have an A+++-he lifted his hand and it was dripping pre-cum, my dick was so hard it seems like it was going to burst through the trunks
-Sorry,-and I blushed, looking at that twitching bulge
-Don't be, we're alike now-he lifted my face and kissed my mouth in a sweet, sweet way, massaging my tongue. He started to take my trunks, and when I was naked he looked at my dick, 6,5 inches just twitching and he touched the head.

If you want more of this story just ask!
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3 years ago
Wow need to know what else happened thanks
3 years ago
me too please
3 years ago
WOW. I want more!!!!!!!!!