"I Sucked A Cock For You, Ma'am."

As commanded, I went to the nearest adult theater / bookstore. Shakily inside, I wandered around for a half hour looking at this and that. I could hear sounds from a film playing in another room. Judging from the number of cars in the lot, I figured a half dozen guys were in there. But no one else was looking at the take-home merchandise.

The stocky guy behind sported a neat red beard. He kept a tired eye on me but nothing bothersome. He finished a cup of coffee and poured himself another from a pot behind the counter before speaking.

“Help you find something?”

The voice startled me. I looked up from a large dildo, shaken by the vast difference between its length and mine. I knew it was my turn to say something but I had nothing. I grunted, shrugging my shoulders, keeping my eyes low to avoid his.

"See anything you like?"
"Huh? Me? No, I was just eh..."
"Of course, something for the missus, I'm sure."
"In a way, yes, only she's not my missus."
"You looking at dildos for another man's wife?" He raised his coffee cup and blew off some steam. "Whatever." He sipped.

"I was sent here by a woman, that's what I mean. Not to buy her a dildo. But to--"
"A dare, right? You're not the first guy here on a dare."
I scurried over to the counter so he wouldn't have to talk so loud.

"Take a breath, dude," he said. "I'm not your mom or your priest or your shrink. I sell tickets to fuck movies, okay? Why would you care what I think?"
"It's a weird dare."
He laid his elbows on the counter and propped his chin on his palms. "If you make me raise an eyebrow, I'll give you twenty bucks." He yawned.

"This woman, Lauren, she has an, um, boyfriend."
"If this story don't get better, I'm falling asl**p."

“She wants to know if I’m worthy to, well, entertain him. Her through him. You know?”
“You’re a shrimp dick—no offense—and she’s a domme and wants you to suck her bull’s cock but you don’t know how, that about the size of it?”
“Pretty much.”

He stood upright and punched the cash register. The drawer opened and he pulled out some quarters. “Go back to booth 17 and start watching.”
He plopped the quarters into my hand. I hadn’t realized I’d opened it. The palm closed. The quarters felt like ice.

“And then?” I said.
“And then we’ll see what happens next.”

I walked into the dark corridor of booths, looking for numbers. I rounded a corner to my left and another to my right before finding s*******n, the last booth in the place. Faint light showed from a small screen inside. I fumbled for the slot and put quarters inside.

The screen burst into color. I saw two guys in a bathroom stall, one standing while the other sat. The standing guy unbuttoned his dungarees and fished out a long cock. The seated guy looked dewy eyed at it. His mouth fell open and the standing guy rubbed his cockhead around the guy’s lips, down his nose, along his cheeks, then pressed the head into the seated guy’s mouth.

A voice behind me, outside the booth, said, “That’s what your precious missus wants to see you do.”

Shocked by the unexpected voice, I cupped my pounding heart and felt sweat slide in a sheet down my forehead.

He came into the booth. I couldn’t move.
“Easy,” he said. “You want this, you’ve just got to let yourself have it.”
“Yes, Ma’am,” I said.
He laughed.
I felt like an idiot.

“It’s good in the dark,” he said. “Look at them fellahs go at it.”
I did.
My new friend unzipped his pants. I could hear him stroke his cock. Not hard, just getting it out, warming it up.
I felt a drop of precum from my cock stick against my shorts.

He stood closer to me, not touching, letting me get used to his smell and presence.
The movie stopped.
“Feed the monkey,” he said.
I dropped two quarters but got another couple inside the machine. The movie started anew.

“You’re not even here,” he said. “It’s like a sl**py fantasy before nodding off at night. Close your eyes.”
He leaned in close now, rubbing a shoulder against mine. Chills clenched me.

“When you feel like it, I want you to kneel down on this floor so I can stick my cock in your mouth. Don’t worry about doing it wrong—long as your mouth stays wet and my dick stays hard, you’re doing well enough.”

I knelt in the dark. He laid an open palm along my left cheek to steady me.
He ran a finger around my lips. I sucked the tip. He laughed.
“Least we know you can handle that much.”
I laughed too. He took advantage and poked the head of his cock in my mouth.
“Suck it slow and easy until you realize it’s the taste you’ve hankered after all your life.”

That didn’t take long.
He held my head steady with warm hands and worked his bulging cock in and out of my mouth, gradually deepening the thrusts.

All color disappeared around us and I knew the movie stopped.

“You’re the action now,” he said. “Sucking my cock for some woman you don’t even know.”
He thrust deeper; I struggled not to gag. I tugged on his balls, hoping to distract him.

“Nice try, cockface,” he said. “Later, when you can talk, I want to hear how you felt right about now.”

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and my lips slapped together from the suction.

“Run your tongue down the underside. I love that. My sac ain’t shaved, so when it gets hairy, find my balls and see what you feel like doing to ‘em.”
He patted my head and I felt like a third grader earning a gold star.

I sucked the nearest ball, which I somehow expected to be rounder. Then its mate.

“I could stand this for a good while yet,” he said, “but I can’t leave the store uncovered.”

Without moving his legs, he pushed the door of the booth open. Faint red light from the Exit sign spilled into our realm.

“Anybody walking by could see you smoking my cock. Thought makes your dick leak, don’t it?”

I nodded. What else could I do?

He chuckled and stroked his cock. “When I say ‘catch,’ you open wide and get your first gaggle of man goo.”

He jerked in earnest. I softly reached for his sac and tugged, hoping to please him without being a distraction. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust my face between his legs.

“Suck both my balls, bitch. You were born for it.”
I did. They swam easily into my mouth. I tongued their furry sac.

He tilted to one side, stroking loud now, grunting.

He shoved my head away from his crotch and kept pressing against my forehead with a sticky palm. I banged my head against a wall of the booth.

“Wear my load, princess.”

I caught glimpses of liquid rope shooting toward me. A hot dollop hit my eyebrow. Another splattered against my top lip oozed down onto my outstretched tongue.

“You little cum lapper, you. Your girlfriend will be so proud of you!”
I said nothing, searching the head and shaft of his cock with my tongue, yearning for the last drop of spunk.

He zipped up and started out the door. He stopped and called back. “Give me a few minutes, then stagger out on your jelly legs. O, and buy something. I think an 8” dildo would be a great choice. Show your sweetheart what you took for her. Maybe practice and sneak back in here to see me sometime.”

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1 year ago
Great story
2 years ago
great story, have had similar experiences, love it
3 years ago
i learned to love dick the very same way i went into a booth and a old guy opened the door came in a blew me i was so turned on i blew him back
3 years ago
very good and real, that is exactally what happened to me, would like to meet you and have some fun, very oral and bi here
3 years ago
Thank you for the comments! Other than squeezing a big hard dick, nothing makes a writer feel better than knowing he's pleased a reader!
3 years ago
great start to a fantastic career of cocking thanks
3 years ago
Excellent post :)