A Sexy Summer Drive

The road was smooth, and the car hummed softly as we slipped our way down the streets towards my apartment. I glanced next to me and took in the sight of her: this lovely lady, this beautiful creature who stirred up in me such feelings of desire. She caught my gaze and flashed a confident smile. She didn’t mind me looking at her; in fact, she loved it, and I loved that part of her.

I returned my eyes to the road as night began to push in slowly. The sunlight was dimming, and porch lights on homes were fluttering on as we moved past. It had been a day of fun for us, with laughs and embraces and unabashed kisses; but as night crept upon us, the sensuality that had bubbled so long below the surface was making itself known. The desire I felt for the woman in the seat next to me would not leave the center of my mind.

A red light stopped us and I took the time to look at her again, more firmly this time. I admired the flow of her body, the undeniable femininity of her shape: her breasts were large and round, and her body was warm and womanly. She smiled at me again, graced me with my favorite part of her; when she smiled, there was no question of her sincerity. I ran my fingers through her hair and down her cheek, where she pressed it into my hand and captured me as a pillow. I smiled softly and she laughed.

We stayed like that for a few minutes as the drive continued before I wormed myself away as she grunted her disapproval. I placed both hands on the wheel to steady my thoughts before I turned my eyes to her. “Unzip your pants for me, sweetheart,” I told her, attempting to combine sensual authority with my desire.
She turned to me with a questioning look, though it held no disapproval. “Do what now?” I could hear a small amount of tease in her tone.

“Unzip your pants for me, babe. Give me a better a look at those panties that you’ve only granted me glimpses of so far,” I replied, as my own teasing ways slowly took hold.

She turned to the road for a moment before I saw the movement of her hands begin. The tips of her fingers played with the zipper on her jeans, sliding it down slowly, before she undid the button that held the top. The jeans opened up and in the dimming light of the evening I could see the lacy blue fabric of her panties snug against her crotch. “Like this?” she inquired, grasping the tips of her zipper and holding them apart.

I coughed slightly, the eroticism of the moment charging my thoughts. “Yeah, just like that. That’s wonderful.” My fingers rapped on the steering wheel. “Why don’t you push your pants down a little bit for me, hm? More comfortable for both of us.” I was trying desperately to keep my attention firmly on the road.

She laughed. “My, you’re quite the naughty one, aren’t you? Trying to coax a lady out of her pants.” Even as her words filled my mind, though, her hips were pushing off the seat slightly, as she nudged her pants down to the middle of her thighs. “How’s this?”

“Oh god,” I breathed. Whatever pretense of sexual subtlety had been abandoned, and my body was crackling with the energy of arousal. The tightness of my pants had become pronounced, and she ran her eyes over it approvingly, with a glimmer of lust sparkling behind them. I rearranged myself into a more comfortable position as my heart raced. “Why don’t you spread your legs and touch yourself for me, babe?” The words came out closer to a whisper than a command.

She pushed her knees outward and lewdly exposed the fabric of her panties to my view. The tightness in my pants lurched as I saw that it was a thong, with lace around the edges, and a wonderfully snug fit on her hips. “Touch myself like this, you mean?” She ran her fingers along the line of her panties, pulling my eyes along the boundary of clothed and naked. I groaned with longing to reach out and caress her.

“I mean, touch your private area, babe. Touch your pussy for me.”
She smiled again, a mischievous grin. “Oh, you mean masturbate? I would love to do that, sweetheart. I’m so damn wet already, it should be easy.” And with that, her fingers promptly went to work. I watched from the corner of my eye, mesmerized, as she toyed along her slit, grinding her thong into her sopping pussy, the tip of her finger streaking along her clit. She abandoned her aura of teasing as her lust overtook her and her groans began to fill the car: her body settled back and down into the seat, she pushed her pants down over her knees for better access, and the scent of her sex flowed out from her panty-covered slit.

“Why don’t you take your panties off?” I gasped, and within moments she had slid them down to meet her pants at the floor. I finally could see her pussy, exposed to the evening light, engorged and slick with arousal, as her fingers expertly pleasured herself. Her eyes had closed; her breathing was heavy and thick. I almost believed she had forgotten about me until her eyes suddenly snapped open and into mine. Within moments her hands were manipulating my shorts. “I want to see you, babe,” she moaned into my neck, her hands working insistently at pulling down my shorts and boxers. The cool night air made my heated erection twitch as it escaped with her help. I couldn’t help but gasp when she rested a hand on it, her fingers still slick from her own juices. “It’s lovely,” she cooed. “So sexy. You are so incredibly hot,” she said with a look in my eyes.
We were nearing my parking lot, and as we pulled in she had both of her hands busy: one for me, and one for herself. I pulled into the darkest spot I could see, and as the brake went up and the ignition turned off, I grabbed her neck and pulled her to me hard. Our lips met.

There was no build-up, no moment of tenderness. We crashed together like f***es of nature, our lips biting and pulling and sucking at any point of contact in a feverish desire for each other. I brought a hand to her tit and squeezed through her shirt, as my other hand found her pussy and began to drive my fingers inside of her. The hand that she had on my cock began pumping madly as the other raced through my hair and down my back, dragging nails in desperation. I could feel my orgasm building rapidly, and I could taste her rapid breathing as she neared as well.

My pleasure was cascading, and as I reached my climax my hips bucked furiously into her hand as I cried out into her mouth, an a****listic howl of desire and release, as my cum sprayed out over her legs and hands. Feeling my body expand into hers, feeling me press my pleasure into her through her sense, brought her orgasm on hard, and she cried back into me, her body clasping rigid around my fingers and her mouth gasping silently. I could feel the tremors rippling through her as my own body shook with pleasure.

Some moments later, our bodies collapsed into each other, and she rested her head on my shoulder as we panted. We both giggled a little, the power of the moment almost surreal now. I directed her face to mine and we kissed, and our moment of tenderness caught up. We took our time, and showed how much we cared for each other, how much we appreciated the other’s gift. I broke the kiss slowly and smiled down at her.

“We should get inside, sweetheart. We still haven’t made it to the bed.”
She laughed and scooped the cum from her fingers into her mouth with a devilish smirk. “If you can make me cum like that when you’re driving, hot stuff, I’d love to see what your full attention is like.”

Written in the honor of, and the horny desire for, a good friend of mine.
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3 years ago
i agree with alared, she sounds really hot
3 years ago
Wow, what a hot story. You did very good and thanks for sharing.