My First Cuckold Encounter

I'm an active browser of xHamster looking for any interesting vids/pics. I came across a profile owned by a couple that was into the same thing's as I, so, I sent an invitation which was speedily accepted. After a long chat we exchanged emails. I was asked to cock and tribute a few pics from the male half of the couple, for the wife which I had no trouble in doing as she was a beauty, a real stunner with curves in all of the right places.

To be honest with you I didn't really think anything like what I'm about to describe would ever happen seeing as we live miles and hours apart.

Well, it all started with and email from the husband contacting me with an offer I just could not refuse. Apparently the pics I had sent cocked and tributed excited the wife so much she wanted too experience the real thing in her hands. Jim, the husband was always the one who chose the guys. Betty, the wife, just went along with it. Now, this really shocked the husband as she was quite a shy creature. And had never suggested or shown any signs of what guy she wanted in her bed. They've role played and have had a physical person there with them, but never full on sex just watching.

Anyway I accepted the invitation and made the arrangements for the flight and hotel accommodation, and off I went.

on arriving in the U.S. I was greeted at the airport by the couple. Betty looked absolutely gorgeous, she wore a white dress of thin material as it was a hot day. When the wind blew you could see the out line of her knickers and her hour glass shape. A bulge instantly appeared in the front of my trousers which I was proud too show off. She smiled and turned her head away shy-fully but couldn't resist looking at what she just saw. Jim smiled and said “All in good time”.

We loaded up the car with my luggage and got in, Jim's wife was on the back seat so I sat beside her, her perfume smelt so sweet, She sat there quiet with a innocent look on her face. I leant over and put my hand on one of her knees, the bottom of her lip began too shiver her leg felt so soft and smooth she smiled and blushed as I held her hand and placed it on my crotch. I slowly slid my hand up between her smooth thick white inner thigh, she gasps as my hand glided over her silky skin and up onto her waiting moist pussy lips, she's soaking wet. She grabbed onto my wrist and pushed it forwards I pulled my hand out from beneath her knickers and licked off her juices ”mmmmm delicious” I said. With a smile I pulled her face towards me and told her too look into my eyes and said “it's going to be ok” I began too kiss her slowly but gently on her pink tender lips and sucked on her tongue I then kissed her neck and buried my face in between her soft white cleavage.

Jim was watching us through the rear view mirror with a big grin on his face and one hand on the steering wheel the other hand stroking his stiff hard cock. With each moan from Betty Jim tugged franticly on his rigid shaft until he shot his load off all over the steering wheel and dashboard.

Betty pushed me off red faced and hot, she said “This is your limit to how much your going too have of me, NO SEX! I just want to see and feel your cock in my hands and take a few pics, that's all. Sorry!”

She sat back, fixed her dress and remained quite until we arrived at the hotel. Jim helped me with my luggage to my room after I had checked in, he, Jim then reminded me of the special dinner they've prepared for me the following evening then left.
It was late and a hot night so I fixed myself a cold drink and retired for the evening as I was drifting off to sl**p I was devising a plan of how I could seduce Betty tomorrow after dinner as I have no intension of travelling this far and not get any pussy that just wouldn‘t be British of me.

I woke up the following morning with a skin tight hard-on and Betty on my mind. Its now evening and Jim had arrived at the hotel. After a long drive we pulled into the driveway of Jim’s house. Betty was waiting at the door in not I would had thought to be dinner attire, she wore a skin tight short black dress which had such a low cut neckline her nipples were just about covered. My eyes popped out of my head and my tongue fell to the floor at the sight of Betty, with a loud laugh Jim slapped me on the back and ushered me in through the door.

After dinner Jim and I went into the lounge, Jim poured us both a drink. Betty walked in and sat next to Jim. Jim began to massage Betty’s Plump breast “Look at these beauties” Jim said which got me aroused. I took my cock out and began to masturbate in front of them both. The sight of me stroking my cock got Betty turned-on, I could tell because her nipple began too show through the top half of her dress. Jim started kissing Betty on her neck then got up and left the room explaining he had forgot too go on an errand earlier that day and will be back soon.

There we were alone I thought to myself here’s my chance. I slid over and sat next to Betty. She said “What are you doing?” I replied “I saw how wide eyed you became when I took my cock out.” She said “Jim isn‘t here and it doesn‘t feel right doing this behind his back.”

I poured her a drink from the bottle of wine on the coffee table filling her glass to the top and half a glass for me. She must have be thirsty or very nervous as she drank the whole glass of wine in one go so I poured her another and another only taking a few sips from my glass of wine myself.

As Betty was finishing her third glass of wine she noticed me starring at her beautiful soft milky white cleavage. “Their big aren’t they” Betty said “Would you like to see more?” and before I could reply she got them out. I instantly began to cup and suck on her 40DD breast. Moving my hand lower and lower to her moist pussy. In a lowered tone Betty licked her lips and moaned as I inserted one finger then two. She grabbed my crotch and pulled out my cock and began too give me what felt like one of the best hand-jobs ever.

I pushed her back and laid her down on the sofa lifting up her short dress and pulling down her knickers “oh god you are so sexy and beautiful Betty!” I said then buried my face between her thighs and began to suck and lick her clit and her pussy lips. “You taste so sweet.” while all of this was going on Jim hadn’t really left but was starring through the crack of the door wanking as I seduced his wife. “Stop please stop!” Betty said pushing my head away. “Do you really want me to stop Betty?” I asked “No” Betty replied. And pushed my face back down between her legs. After awhile of pussy licking and clit sucking she pulled my head up and gave me a deep lip locking kiss.

I moved back down to attend her rock hard sensitive pink nipples and began to suck on them like a new born baby. Betty grabs the back of my head and held it there for awhile. I move up some more and place my thick black British cock between her 40DD breast and began to tit fuck her. As my cock appeared from beneath her mountainous cleavage Betty sucked on the head of may cock again then again

“mmmm! My pussy taste so good! I want your cock now, FUCK ME GOOD!“ With out a second thought I raised Betty’s legs up upon my shoulders and pushed my bl**d filled rigid cock inside her tight little pink helpless pussy, with each thrust Betty gritted her teeth as she felt every inch of my black cock. “Oh my god oh my god!” Betty moaned which only turned me on more and made my cock harder especially seeing her big juicy white breast and erect pink nipples bouncing up and down.

Betty then looked into my eyes and said “I have never been rimmed before, will you take my rimming virginity?” “Of course!” I replied. Betty turned around exposing her huge 50” backside, she parted her huge arse cheeks showing her little pink hole.

My mouth began too water as my face and tongue got closer and closer to Betty’s pleasure hole. I kissed and caressed each arse cheek then gently slid my tongue up and down her anus. Betty inhaled a lung full of air. “WOW! Jim never rimmed me before it feels amazing!” moaned Betty.

Jim accidentally hit the door with his hand trying to get a better look at me rimming his wife.
The door made a cracking sound Betty jumped up shouting “Jim! I’m sorry it just happened!”

But Jim only smiled and pushed his cock in Betty’s mouth. I continued to rim Betty’s arsehole Jim looked down and asked me if I was alright down there. I gave Jim a thumbs up and continued with my rimming duty.

Betty is now hot and sweaty as she has Jim’s cock in her mouth and my tongue in her arsehole. Jim pointed to her bottom while Betty wasn’t looking indicating me to fuck Betty’s arse. I gave him a wink getting up. I held the shaft of my cock and eased the head of my manhood in Betty’s arsehole Betty edged forwards but Jim held her in place and gently stroked her hair.

Jim took out his camera phone and began too take some pics. As I was building up my rhythm Betty couldn’t take it anymore and yelled out “stop for god sake your stretching out my arsehole!” But her pleads only fell on deaf ears as I was too focused on getting every inch of my black cock up her anus. As my thighs slapped up against Betty’s arse cheeks drips of cum ran down her inner thighs and with a loud cry Betty cum squirted her pussy juices all over the floor then slumped over the sofa holding onto Jims waist.

I began to feel the pleasure building up in my cock and balls until I couldn’t hold back anymore and filled Betty’s arse with my thick white cum. I pulled out and sat back in the armchair as I bent over to take out a towel I heard a slurping sound, when I looked up, to my surprise, I saw Jim on his knees with Betty’s arse cheeks spread apart and Jim licking up my cum with his tongue as betty squeezed out thick lumps of my cum from her arsehole. I asked “What are you doing Jim?!” Jim answered I’ve always wanted to be the clean-up boy. I had a bit more cum hanging out of my cock so I walked over and said this isn’t for you Jim and shoved my cock into Betty’s mouth and watched as she sucked out and swallowed the remaining cum from out of my cock.

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2 years ago
Wish I were Jim
2 years ago
Congrats to all of you for making it happen.
3 years ago
Nicely told. Hits all the hot spots.
3 years ago
Good one.
3 years ago
Damn that was hot! Care to come to oregon and do me ;)
3 years ago
pretty hot
3 years ago
all good
4 years ago
Made my dick hard.