A Vision of Pure Beauty Pt 4

After our last hotel encounter things seemed pretty good between us everything is going well. We have been talking and text messaging each other along with a few naughty videos and images. Your birthday was coming up and with numerous hints from yourself I knew I had to make it special seeing as for the past year you have been working so hard organising the world events. :-)

It would be 32 years since you have graced this rock we call earth so McDonald's with a quickie around the back was out of the question. I called up the travel agents, they had a few good deals, Dalhousie Castle Edinburgh-Scotland caught my eye. It was two weeks before your birthday I hadn't called you or text you during that time. You began to wander what was going on as I have not returned any of your calls, email or text messages

The day before your birthday seemed like the worst day of your life you hadn't stopped working since you got up even through your lunch hour you couldn't catch a break because of your phone going off. So you were looking forward to having a few days off for your birthday and a long earned holiday which you had pre-booked around the same time.

Finally the day ended and you head home tired frustrated and annoyed because I haven't returned any of your calls email etc. You got home late, went in took off your coat warmed up your dinner turned on the TV sat down and began to eat. As soon as you begin to chew the door bell rings 'Who the hell is that!' You say. 'Coming, hold on!' you shout from the living room. As you walk towards the door you can see a figure of a man standing outside you think its me. You open up the door and a delivery man it standing there with a small package. He asks 'are you Lucy' you replied 'Yes I am' he then said 'can you sign here please' You then sign the form take the package and go back into the living room.

You put down the package next to you on the couch and begin to eat again but you can't stop thinking who could have sent you this parcel seeing as there is no senders address anywhere on the package. Suspense gets the better of you and you can't resist and opened up the parcel. As you rip off the brown paper different thoughts of what it could be crosses your mind. You finally get to the box you pause and open it slowly inside you see a sweet scented envelope it reads To Lucy xxx You open up the envelope and to your surprise you find a First class ticket to Switzerland Staying 4 night on the Concorde in love package which includes the beautiful lake view Junior suite at the picture style Hotel De La Paix in Geneva, there is also a card reading see you there x.

This is what you were waiting for a chance to get away from it all and relax. You turned the card over and there was a couple of instructions which you had to follow.

1.Take the Rolls-Royce that is on its way, it will bring you to the airport.
2.Do not bring any luggage with you.

A few minutes have past you hear the sound of an engine and the screeching of break pads the sound of a car door opening and closing then foot steps walking up the garden pathway to your front door, the bell rings your heart begins to beat faster with excitement. You grab your coat and keys and head towards the door. As you open up the front door you see a tall smartly dressed man he smiles and ask 'are you' but before he could finish his question you reply 'yes I am' this way madam and he leads you to the waiting 2010 Black Rolls-Royce Ghost. :-)

The chauffeur opens the door and waits as you get in the car, there on the back seat you are greeted with a bouquet of roses and a bottle of chilled champaign and strawberry's with a box of chocolates and another note attached to it. It reads, relax and enjoy x.
As you open up the champaign the driver moves off a feeling of joy and tranquillity rains over your whole body you smile and take a sip of the chilled champaign as it slide down your throat you put you head back and close your eyes.

After a long drive a few glasses of champaign and strawberry's you are at the airport. The chauffeur opens up the door for you and e****ts you to the check in area, there you board the plane to Switzerland.

When you touch down at Switzerland airport a chauffeur with a sign with your name on it is waiting for you to take you to the hotel. On arriving at the hotel you expected too see me there but I hadn't arrived as yet so you head to the suite. Its late so you decide to take a shower, there on the bed are some clothing items; A Marc Jacob Wool-Crepe dress, Kimberly Ovitz Cotton floor-length dress dinning outfit, lingerie, pearl necklace with matching earrings and toiletries I had the hotel assistant send to the suite after your shower you go to sl**p in the king size bed. As you get into the bed you smell the sweetness of the perfumed pillows and bed sheets the mattress is so soft before you know it your fast asl**p.

Its morning the sound of birds singing and sunlight shining through the curtains wakes you up its hard for you to go back to sl**p. Their is a knock at the door somebody shouts 'room service!' You quickly get up and open the door there you see a lady with a breakfast cart 'good morning ' she said as she wheels in the cart she smile's then leave the room.

The breakfast seems like its something out of a romantic 1930s film everything is there its perfection. When you finished your breakfast you decide to try my number but it goes to voice mail so you get dressed and explore the hotel and see what it has to offer. You head down to the foyer and ask the receptionist what activities are provided here at the hotel you were given a leaflet with all the activities of what was on offer. You decide to go to the steam room first then a the spa finishing off with a massage.

It was close to dinner time when you had finished your massage and other pampering. You head back to the suite to change and prepare for dinner you feel refreshed and stressed free. You head down to the dinning room where a waiter is standing at the entrance he ask for your name and looks it up in the guest book to confirm you are who you say you are, he smiles then shows you to your table. The setting is glorious soft music, candles, pleasant company what else could a girl ask for.

You called over the waiter as you are now ready to make your order once finished a violinist comes over and started to play for you, you felt so happy as your meal arrives the violinist walks away as you begin to eat you can hear the sound of the violin gradually getting lower and lower as he is walking away. You wore you hair up and the pearl necklace I had given you alone with the matching earrings. You finished a whole bottle of champaign it must have gone to your head as you felt a bit light headed. So you decide to retire for the night. You head back to the suite had a shower changed into the lingerie I bought you and went to bed

It must have been the champaign because you started to feel honey. You had a vid of me wanking to one of your clips and tributing a sexy pic you had uploaded to xHamster we usually send each other naughty pictures and videos of ourselves seeing as we live so far apart the sight of me stroking my thick black cock with pre-cum hanging out of my already stiff cock turned you on so much you started too rub your pink hard smooth clit. You became wet instantly but because of the champaign you drifted off to sl**p half way through masturbating.

Its about 3am and you begin to feel an orgasmic sensation around your pussy area you move your hand down and feel the movement of something between your legs,as your hand moves lower and lower it stops at what seems to be a human head, the sensations of your pussy being licked makes you weak, you try to push the person away but the combination of alcohol and your cunt pulsating with pleasure makes it difficult to stay in control. The figure moves up and slides his tongue over your stomach then over your beautiful white soft smooth breast then your pink hard nipples our eyes meet and at last I had arrived.

Happy birthday Lucy. A big smile appears across your gorgeous face your reply 'thank you!' 'How do you like the suite?' I ask 'its wonderful!' You grab the back of my head and say that's no reason to stop and push my head back down between your legs, the smell and taste of your pussy makes my dick harder and stiffer. As I begin to suck and lick your clit you breath deeply and moan saying don't stop! please don't stop! and with a hard contraction you cum. Thick creamy cum oozes out of your cunt hole. By this time every nerve in your pussy are shooting off like fire crackers.

I slide up to your face and as we move closer to each other our eyes close your tongue feel smooth as we kiss and caress each other you can taste the sweetness of your pussy from off my lips. I grab hold of my cock and rub it up and down your pussy lips, cum covers the head of my dick I then gently slide it into your small tight pick wet pussy. You gasp and with every thrust you thrust back with every grind and twist you grind and twist back, our bodies are as one.

Your nipples become erected you start to massage one breast as I suck on the other. Sweat cover our bodies from the passion of our love making. 'I have a surprise for you Lucy' I say 'what is it?' you replied. I stretch over into my bag and pull out one of your favourite toys a MyStim Aluminium anal and vaginal vibrator. With a smile on your face you say 'its gorgeous give it here!' with my cock still in your pussy you slide the vibrator into your arsehole and turn it on 'wow! can you feel that babes?' you say. I could feel the vibration on the bottom half of my cock the sensation was amazing!

I tense up my cock more bl**d is pumped in to my dick making it harder and larger and with one thrust I pushed as hard as I could 'OMG!' You say. The vibrator is f***ed out but it is quickly pushed back into your arsehole. Your eyes rolled back in pleasure as you could feel both holes being filled your being pumped and stretched out. It doesn't take you long too cum again. You turn over exposing your beautiful arse your on all fours I pull your arse cheeks apart the vibrator is still buzzing away I kissed your arse you close your eyes then SMACK! 'AH!, thank you master!' SMACK! 'AH, thank you master!' I remembered from our last session how much you loved playing the submissive role and being dominated. You learnt to call me master with each slap. More cum drips out of your pussy.

We change places, eager and willing too please you slide down between my legs and grab hold of my cum covered cock you beginning to stoke it with both hands up and down slowly and gently sucking the head. Your boobs rubbing against my inner thighs adds more pleasure building up to my climax. My toes curl I hold on to your head thinking some how this will hold back my cum but to no avail I erupt into your mouth you swallow up ever bit squeezing what ever else you could get out of my thick veined cock.

The smell of sex is in the air as we drift of to sl**p. For the next couple of days we go for long walks with romantic dinners by candle light, you feel ready to take on back the world. It was the last day we went for a walk by the lake it was a full moon its light reflected on your eyes I asked you 'what else would make you happy?' You opened your mouth and say

To be continued...
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very good love story