A Vision of Pure Beauty Pt 3

It's been a couple of months since we've last seen each other in the hotel. I've been really busy from starting a new business venture. You understood and was patient. The memory is still fresh in my mind as if it had happened the night before.

I was glad that you left your number I've missed you so much! We have been corresponding over the internet and through text messaging a few times so that we wouldn't lose contact with each other. We made plans too meet up again for a proper date..

You made a video for me. You wore a brand new full bodied black fishnet outfit,and in six inch high heels. The backside of the outfit was ripped exposing your complete arse. Your face could be seen at the side of your legs and your hand fingering your wet pussy in doggy position.

You made the video so that you would be on my mind until the date we had planed We definitely share the same imagination because it worked, You really know what I like!

A couple of months past we meet up in Edinburgh at a restaurant of your choosing. We were seated at our table I complemented you on how beautiful you was 'you look stunning.' you replied with a smile 'Thank you, and I'm wearing no panties!' The elderly woman seated next to us overheard and slightly chokes on her wine. 'You are a naughty girl aren't you Lucy.' I said.

During the meal I took you by your soft gentle hands and kissed them. I Looked into your beautiful hazel eyes. I could not stress enough how serious I was about my feelings towards you, 'I am genuine and not into playing games with peoples emotions. I have never wanted anyone as much as I want you.' I didn't want to push Lucy away by coming on too strong. I promised her. 'I wasn't going to let anything come between us weather it be Race, Religion, f****y, Friends, Hail, Wind, or Snow, much less a few miles you are the one for me!' But I wasn't sure if I was the only one in the relationship going too be this committed.

It was a romantic evening with a candle light dinner, soft music playing in the background. Both Red and white wines too complement the meal. But I had planed another treat for the evening.

We go back to my hotel room, at the door I ask you. 'Do you trust me?' You said 'with my life.' I turned you around and blindfolded you at the door. As we entered the room you start giggling and say 'I can't see anything.' I replied Don't worry baby, I'm here to catch you if you fall.

We walk over to the bed, you say 'That smells lovely, what is it.' There's silence. I order you to 'get on the bed, and get on all fours' without answering back or raising an eyebrow you do as you are told I pulled your arms behind your knees and started too tie your wrist and your ankles together using my Japanese bondage ropes so that your arse remains up. You lowered your voice and said 'Ok, I've been a naughty girl and needs too be taught a lesson huh!'

The smell was from the scented candles I had lit all around the room and from the rose petals I had the hotel assistant s**tter all over the bed before hand. I began to take my clothes off. Still their is silence. I whispered in your ear. I'm capable of being a bad boy as well as a gentlemen. Before you could reply I put the ball gag in your mouth. Then slapped you on your cheek with my dick, I did it again on the other cheek. I walked behind you and lifted up your dress, your arse is sooo mouth watering I became instantly hard! I gave it a spank then a rub! Not too hard to hurt you but enough for your arse cheek too turn colour. I then grabbed your beautiful arse cheeks to give you a good rimming with my tongue. When I saw a silver ring attached to a chain, its hanging out of your arse. 'Lucy' I said “what is this?” You begin to laugh. I removed the ball gag and blinedfold. “I was really tight the last time and, It did hurt a bit, I want my arse to be more accommodating for you this time!”

I held onto the ring and gave it a tug, a small silver bead appears about an inch in circumference. I pulled again, out pops another, this bead was bigger about two inches in circumference. 'Lucy, how much more of these beads have got up there?', 'about three or four.' you said. The last bead I pulled out was four inches in circumference. I put down the anal beads and walked in front of you.

I had put on my Leather Hood Mask I brought along with me. I began to stroke my hard cock in your face, back and forth, back and forth gently and slowly rubbing the head and shaft. 'It feels so good Lucy!' theirs a long string of glistering pre-cum hanging out the head of my cock. You stick your tongue out too taste it but I pulled away slowly. I put the ball gag back into your mouth. I walked back behind you and smacked your juicy arse again 'SMACK!' I came prepared Lucy I want this date to be unforgettable I said. I opened up the bag that I had brought with me which I had left in the room. I took out

1.A Cock Locker Inflatable Monster Dildo
2.A bottle of liquid silk lube.
3.A bottle of champagne.
4.A set of nipple clamps.
5.An aluminium Mystim Anal and vaginal Vibrating dildo.

Which one should I use first, Hmmmm How about the inflatable cock, seems fun! I grabbed the silk lube and poured it into your arse, their has been a gape left from the anal beads. Your arse winks at me as the lube slowly runs into you bottom. I insert two of my fingers and open up you arse more.

I insert the inflatable cock. You seem to like it has you wiggle your bum as it goes in. Ok Lucy I guess your not learning anything from your punishment, so I began to pump up the cock. At the sometime sliding it in and out of your arse. You start to kick your feet and clinch your fist as it gets bigger. It's only been a few pumps.

I leave the cock at that size and walk around to your face. I remove the ball gag Your are breathing heavily. How does that feel Lucy? 'Huge' you say. Pardon me 'Huge' you say. I walk behind you and ask you again 'Huge' you say I slapped your arse 'SMACK!' and asked you again 'Huge' you said so I slapped your arse 'SMACK!' and asked you again How does that feel Lucy? You said 'Huge Master!' That's a good girl, thats my Lucy.

I walked back in front of your face. I want you to suck me off now Lucy. I had a bit more pre-cum hanging out of my dick. I slowly pushed it in your mouth. In and out, in and out. You started to suck the head of my cock then licking my balls by you deep throating me, the sensations is amazing you really know how to work a dick Lucy. Hands free too. I love you so much!

I walked back around to your backside removed the Inflatable cock and stuck it in your pussy. With some saliva left on my dick I climbed on top of you and slowly pushed the head of my cock then the shaft into your pink arse. As I'm fucking you I inflate then deflate the toy cock. 'OMG!' you say 'that feels so good both my arse and pussy are being stretched and fucked at the same time I can feel myself cumming.!'. 'But this is your punishment' I said so I stopped just as you were about to cum. You tried to bring yourself off but your hands couldn't reach your wet cunt. Your face is bright red and your whole body is tingling you feel ecstatic any sudden movement could bring you off.

'What should I use next? Lucy's nipples are hard and erected so I think it's time for the nipple clamps' I say to myself.. So I untied you and walked you around to the foot of the bed I tied your wrist to the bed post standing you up and then your ankles to the bed foot using the rope so that your legs remain apart.

I began to suck on your hard nipples then attached the clamps to them. It was in such a way that any movement you made tugs on your sensitive nipples causing more pleasure. Then I took out the mystim anal and vaginal vibrating dildo, I inserted this into your arse slowly, and turned it on a low setting at first. You began to moan so I turned it on a higher setting your knees bent straight away. Your eyes rolled back.

I crouched down between your legs and started too play with you soaked pussy. I then stuck two fingers in you snatch hole and rubbed your g-spot. You begin to shake your head from left to right so I started to suck your clit. You couldn't take it any more and screamed in ecstasy. You squirted all over my Leather Hood Mask I was wearing. Your juices run down my chest and stomach then dripped off my legs onto the carpet of the hotel room floor. At this point your whole body was weak and shivering. 'Wow, I have never cum so hard in my life I think I'll continue to be naughty from now on!' You said with a big smile on your flushed face. That was just the tip of the iceberg Hun, our time together will be like this and more.

I untied you, took off the mask and we both got under the shower together. Whilst we were cleaning ourselves off you said 'what about you? I got all this pleasure and you did not even get to cum, I can't have that!'

You get on your knees in the shower and started to give me a blow job it was amazing the feeling of the warm water running over our oversexed bodies and the feel of your tongue wrapped around my dick I couldn't help myself I shot my load off at the back of your throat as I pulled out a few more squirts of cum landed on your face but the water soon washed that off. When we were finished I opened up the bottle of champaign and filled our glasses I kissed you softly then looked into your bright glowing face and beautiful eyes and realised that I would never find anyone like you again.

To be continued...
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4 years ago
even better than pt 1 & 2