Response to Flyhi69's blog, Me And My s****r

It's definite a TABOO story. But I'm sure most of us love taboo stories. Doing things that the main stream doesn't think we should do. Well you only live once, so fuck 'em, right? I've got my own taboo story very similar to his, only it was with my b*****r. Here's the email I responded to Flyhi69 with.

I read your blog about you and your s****r the first time you fucked her. Hot story! Reminded me of a similar kind of thing when I was so young I'd rather not say either with my b*****r. Maybe it was because we were boys, or just stupid, but there was one experience between us where we were packed in the f****y car driving several hundred miles to a vacation spot my dad wanted to go. It was late at night and dark since we were driving along in the middle of nowhere. My b*****r and I were in the back seat. My mom had set it up so that he and I could sl**p and stay warm with a blanket. I laid my head in my b*****rs lap and pretended to sl**p while he pretended to sit up and sl**p. The blanket covered me and was over his lap. With my hands under the covers I played with my b*****rs cock through his pants. He got hard and I managed to get it out through his fly. I got excited and stupidly brave. I threw the blanket over my head and went down on his cock and started blowing him. He let me for as long as he could take it without cumming. He didn't want to cum in the car with our parents right there in the front seat. He would have had to cum in my mouth to avoid being detected by an observant parental unit and he didn't want to take the chance the one of might make a noticeable sound or that I might choke while trying to take & swallow his load, so he made me stop. I hated having to stop too. He put his cock back in his pants. The next day he and I went out into the woods where we had set up camp to "explore" the wilderness. We found a secluded spot maybe a half mile from camp, pulled down our pants and jerked each other off and had a good laff about how I sucked my b*****rs dick with both mom and dad literally 4 or 5 feet away from us and they never had a clue what their sons were doing in the back seat. And there are a year and a half worth of stories similar to that. That's a TRUE story too my friend. Have a great night. Stroke on!
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