Stranger on a Plane

It was 7 months after the birth of my second c***d and 3 weeks after my tubal ligation. I was mildly anxious because this was my first business trip away from my husband and two k**s in over two years. The trip was important, our company was evaluating a water reclamation project and I was asked to lead the engineering team. I was nervous and my usual self-surety was shaky from the 12 week absence I had taken earlier in the year and the gravity of the current project. Don't get me wrong, I've always been confident in my abilities and I command respect of even the most senior colleagues. My credentials and education are impeccable and I've been leader on much bigger projects than this one. I was just a bit edgy is all.

I got on the plane to fly 4 hours to the coast, after battling a late Spring Midwest snow storm and arriving at airport security with only thirty minutes to spare. A little breathless, I wedged my carry-on into the overhead and wedged my fanny into the window seat. Earplugs in place and the plane made its rapid ascent. I dozed off only to be nudged getly awake by the gentleman in the aisle seat. Pointing to my iPad on the floor, he leaned over, picked it up and placed it back on my tray.

"Thanks. I couldn't get very far without my new toy."

"No problem. I just didn't want to see it get stepped on." He was light chocolate color and smelled clean.

I secured my iPad and fell back into alpha wave semi-consciousness. Later, we had some airplane lunch and I learned that the young man's name was Michael and he was on his way home to Los Angeles after his semester in law school. He had spent a year after college traveling Europe and had gone to Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship. I had ten years on him and he was polite, exhibiting respect with lots of "Yes, ma'ams" and "No, ma'ams". It was cute, but frankly it made me feel old. I let my mind wander to my two k**s at home, my four-year-old probably asking his Dad why Mommy isn't home for dinner.

Michael's smile was warm and his khakis and light blue oxford would have been conservative if not for the extra button left open at the collar. He was athletically built, but his relative youth was betrayed by a serious crevice running vertically on his brow, giving him a demeanor of compassion and thoughtfulness. In conversation he listened and asked pertinent questions. Maybe I had gotten too used to k**s asking why balloons were round or how come we can't have french fries for lunch everyday, but Michael's skills at developing a conversation were a welcome respite from my previous months at home and at preschool.

The plane landed and I referred to my schedule to remind me which hotel I was booked into and when I was supposed to meet up with the LA contingency. Downtown Hilton, and I had a breakfast meeting across the street at 7:00 am, which shouldn't be a problem since that would seem more like 9:00 am to me. The jetway secured, we all got up to collect our carry-ons and I realized that the strap on my pump had become loosened. Everyone was standing at this point and I bent over with my left hand to tighten the strap. As I looked up I noticed Michael stealing a glimpse down my sweater top!

I had recently lost all my pregnancy weight and had been weight-training and preparing for the local half-marathon, so my sweater twin-set was a loose fit. Also, since my only bras at home were either from my pregnancy or form the few months in which I was breastfeeding, none of them fit, so I when I got dressed in the morning, I went without a bra. Michael's moist lips were slightly apart and his gleaming brown eyes seemed stuck in focus beyond my neckline. I couldn't believe it, this highly accomplished, gorgeous young thing was a total pervert! Good Lord! I quickly put my hand on my chest as I stood up, hurried off the plane and down the terminal toward baggage claim. How many people saw him ogling my breasts? Should I be insulted or just angry?

My checked garment bag would still be several minutes getting to the carousel at baggage claim so I ducked into a bathroom to fix my make-up and collect my thoughts. I still wasn't sure what just happened; I realize guys are guys, but this was so blatant and prolonged that I felt assaulted. Ick.

With my luggage in hand I scurried over to the taxi stand for transportation downtown. The warm afternoon air was forcing a bead of perspiration on my forehead and the I realized that the dark skirt and sweater may have been the correct choice for Chicago this morning, but it was too hot for LA right now. The cab pulled up and I felt a nudge on my left arm as I reached down to pick up my bag.

"Let me help you with this, Maggie." It was Michael, his bright white teeth smiling.

"Umm, no, that's okay, I got it," I replied.

"Look, I'm sorry. I know that was rude and I have no excuse."

He knew what he had done and that I was upset?! Grab a peek at my breasts, sure, but then why come back to try to make it up to me? Odd. I put my garment bag into the trunk being held open by the cabbie and walked silently around to the back door on the curb side.

"I said I was sorry, but I couldn't help it. It just caught me by surprise and I froze," Michael said.

He did seem contrite. "It's okay," I said, "Really, I've forgotten it already. Now, please, step away from the curb so I can get into my cab." I moved toward the open door, pushing him to the side. My hand brushed against his left leg, muscular, and as he stumbled backward I tripped on the curb. I caught my fall with my right hand which instinctively reached for the nearest stable object, and it was Michael's crotch.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry," I said as I straightened. "Are you okay?"

"No are you okay? I'm fine." Michael laughed.

I could feel the capillaries flooding open on my face as my cheeks blushed. I laughed too. "Oh, my," I said finally. His penis was large and semi-firm, or maybe it was just my imagination.

"I guess we're even, right?" Michael said.

"No, my stumble was a accident. Do you know what an accident is? Besides, what were you doing standing so close anyway?" Now a drizzle of sweat was rolling down my back and I could feel the precious cool air of the cab coming out the back door.

Michael reached for the door to help me, and asked if he could share my cab since he was meeting a college friend for dinner near the Staples Center.

"Share my cab?" I asked incredulously. "I doubt it."

"Maggie, we're adults; nothing was meant by any of it. I'm sorry, I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable," he said.

"Geez, Michael." Was I taking this whole thing too seriously? He was right, we're grown up, things happen and no evil intentions were operable. Of course we could share a cab, two grown-ups, professionals. "I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. Of course, it's all been a misunderstanding..."

The cabbie tossed his cigar stub into the street. "Have you k**s made up now? Can we get going already?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," I said. Michael slid in next to me into the back seat. The sun was descending through an orange sky over the freeway as the radio played sitar music and we both stared out our respective side windows.

"I don't know what came over me," I said after several minutes. "Maybe it's just that I feel a bit manic on my first big trip in a while."

"That's understandable, Maggie," Michael said, "My gaze was uncalled for, but surely you're used to some attention. You're a beautiful woman."

Was this some type of corny come on? I looked over and his brown eyes lit up his pensive countenance. Why did it seem so sincere? I felt less like a mom approaching middle age. "Michael, you're a nice guy, a young guy. Let's just leave it at that," I said in the most motherly manner I could muster.

Michael reached out and gently put his hand on top of my right hand which was resting on the seat beside me. Then I did something that I've wondered about every day since.

I picked up my hand and put it on his thigh.

I leaned back and felt a wave of relaxation sweep though the back of my neck. I closed my eyes and listened to the sitar and smelled the stale pine air-freshener and sunk deeper into the seat. My hand moved slowly up the thigh as I had no recollection to whom it belonged. I wanted to find out if the penis was firm or flaccid, could my tired old 36-year-old person still make a young guy hard? Really?

As I stroked it through the thin khaki material, the penis took shape and became larger. It stretched down Michael's left leg and tented his trousers. I was sure my grip would barely reach around the fat member, but I stroked it to see just how big I could make it. My eyes closed, I thought of this beautiful gentle man looking at my breasts, his lips parted and a small pearl of saliva on his bottom lip.

A strong hand touched my knee and my nipples became erect. I opened my eyes enough to see that the cab was dark as the sky turned purple and was lit now only with the passing street lights. Michael's hand slid up my skirt, along my right thigh and headed for my panties. I spread my legs to welcome the maneuver and could feel cold air from the vent on my crotch.

I wanted to bury my face in Michael's sweet-smelling strong neck, but the cabbie would notice that even in the dark as he occasionally glanced into his rear-view mirror. Now the perspiration condensed on my chest and forehead and the cold air made my nipples stand up and I could feel them poking hard into my sweater.

"Here we are, folks, Downtown Hilton!" the cabbie said firmly. The car rolled to a stop under the bright lights of the covered drive. Michael and I abruptly sat up and righted ourselves. I stood up on the left side of the taxi and adjusted my hair and skirt as the doorman gathered my garment bag from the trunk. Michael secured the bag from the startled doorman and placed it in front of his pants to hide his tumescent cock.

"I can take the bag in, it's okay," Michael said.

I tipped the cabbie and the doorman, checked in at the front desk and turned to collect my bag from Michael. "Thanks..." I started, but then I noticed that he was across the lobby waiting for the elevator. "Hey! Where do you think you're going?" I laughed.

The elevator opened and we both got on. "I said, "Michael, this isn't right. I don't just go on a business trip and..."

My husband's favorite view
He put the bag down and grabbed me, we kissed. I could feel his giant cock against my abdomen and his two large hands squeezing my tiny butt. My kitty was drenched and soaking through my pantyhose. I stood up on my toes to reach his mouth, we sucked each other's faces and necks hard for a full minute. The doors opened and we fell into the hallway giggling like teenagers.

My husband, my k**s... what was I doing? Was my ego so fragile that a little stoking by a stranger on a plane would allow me to forget my devoted f****y? But I hadn't forgotten my f****y, I loved them more than life. My vagina was aching and wet. I could only smell sex.

I opened the hotel door with the keycard as Micheal cupped my breasts under my sweater from behind and pushed his erect dick through our clothes into my butt crevice. I fell forward and stumbled onto the bed, face first. We both laughed out loud. His hands hiked my skirt up to my waist, and my panties were at my knees before I could even stand up.

It was going fast and I wasn't laughing anymore. "Okay, okay, this is enough..." I protested, but before I could even finish the sentence Michael's thick shaft was pushing its way into my moist slit.

"How's this, Maggie?" Michael asked breathlessly.

He thrust it in hard and my face planted into the Hilton 300-threadcount bedspread. His hands moved up and lifted my sweater over my head, disabling my arms. I struggled to my feet, but Michael grabbed my hips with both hands and pounded my pussy harder with his prodigious manhood. His right hand pushed the back of my head down into the bed and he fucked me from behind without mercy.

My rhythmic yelps were muffled by the bedding as he thrust with greater stroke volume and my little titties bounced with each push. "Ooh....Oow....Ooh...Ouch!" He slowed down and I came to a glorious climax. My body released and lay motionless, my face buried and my legs spread wide.

Michael's rugged arms lifted me up and turned me over. He carefully helped me off with my sweater, now stretched and sweaty, and unclasped my skirt. Within 10 seconds I was naked on my back and Michael was unbuttoning his shirt to expose his glistening dark pecs. My legs instinctively rose into a "V" to accept him.

His boner punished me and I bit the pillow to suppress any soulful screams. I came again.

This went on for another half hour, with me on my side and then rolled up as he jackhammered me from above. He finally put his pecker in my mouth and spit jizz down my chin. I milked it and licked up as much juice as I could.

Wordlessly, Michael got dressed, kissed my cheek and walked out. I lay there naked and wet, my pink pussy throbbing like never before, semen running down my butt crack and my neck. My body quivered and I felt a warmth and comfort that only comes from a raucous athletic fuck session. I dozed off to sl**p, awakened an hour later by my husband calling my cell phone.

"Everything's great, honey," I said. "Sorry I didn't call right when I landed, but I was running to get a ride and all. I love you and miss you already."

"You're only going to be gone for 3 days, I think you'll be fine," my husband said.

"If you say so. I'll talk to you tomorrow, dear. Say goodnight to the k**s for me, too," I said and then we hung up.

The next day all the meetings went off without a hitch. The trip was a success and I never saw Michael again.
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2 months ago
Its always been my fantasy. Meeting smone during flight and fucking her.
5 months ago
so erotic Maggie
7 months ago
unlikely but soooooooooo hot.
9 months ago
Very hot indeed, loved it.
2 years ago
Very good story, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Loved it. Great story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
Very good