Demon Lovers

by Varshanka

Ravyn looked in the mirror. Meghan's dad had done a wonderful job on her makeup and body paint. But that came with the territory she supposed. He was the high school art department teacher. And the makeup artist for the drama club. His payment had been being able to see Ravyn naked, and being allowed to put all her makeup on himself. Every last drop of body paint had been his pleasure. And the tent he'd been pitching the entire time had been worth it. Ravyn didn't think she herself was that hot looking, so he was probably just horny. Looking at her naked and red painted skin in the mirror she admired the way he'd gotten the horns to stay in place. Granted the demonic tail and it's butt plug appendage had taken a little getting used to, but at least she could walk normally now. Even in the high heeled boots she had on.

Slipping the false fangs onto her teeth she smiled and decided giving the dentist a handjob had been worth it. No one was gonna recognize her. No one.

Meghan had put the false fingernails on while her father had done the body paint. And now she was complete. A demoness. A Succubae. A lover of young men and weaver of erotic dreams.

Hearing the high school party moving into full swing Ravyn opened the door and stepped out. Someone had turned the air conditioner up. A lot of youthful bodies moving to music made a lot of heat. But the cold air also made Ravyn pop out like a slut. Or a horny teen. And she had a feeling she was both.

A bunch of people stopped and stared at her costume. Some were trying to decide if it was painted on.. or spandex. She'd even shaved her pubic region into a penis shaped arrow. Pointed at her pussy lips no less.

Robin Hood, Caesar, Batman, superman. Wonder woman. Batgirl, cat woman. A lot of people were watching her. Even the Pillsbury dough boy.

Walking over Ravyn gave Cat Woman a very long and lingering kiss. "Love my costume Meghan. Thanks.." she whispered after her tongue stopped dancing with Meghan's. And the feel of that hand stroking her ass was turning her on. A lot. "God I'm so fucking horny.."


Robert hated parties. Loud and annoying. Everyone getting d***k off their asses. Hot looking sluts hooking up with the ugliest motherfuckers in the world. Or the dumbest bastards. But he'd finally been talked into it. Hell the Art teachers son had begged him. Granted he didn't go the same way as that boy did, but being begged had it's advantages. Made him feel powerful.

Joe had finally finished his make up. Silly crap really in his opinion, but damned he looked evil. Horns and fangs with black fingernails and red body pain made him look like a demon crawling from the pits of hell. Plus the misting of black paint had darkened him. The contacts had irritated at first, but the changed his eyes to a malevolent black so the effect was a decent trade off. And seeing Joe's eyes glaze over when Robert had striped had been kinda funny. Joe touching his cock to move it as he got spray painted had been interesting. And the hard on he'd started to sprout had been embarrassing. Until Joe had stopped and actually paid attention to it. "Damn Rob. You should do porn. It's fucking huge." Joe had admitted in his soft girlie voice. And the hint of desire hadn't been lost either.

Joe had offered him a butt plug-tail, but there was no way he was sticking anything in his ass. so he'd gone without a tail. Joe had even offered to suck him off to relieve the pressure in his cock, butt Robert had turned down that offer as well.

He hadn't been too thrilled missing a chance to suck Robbies cock off but Joe'd finished the job with enough professional teen demeanor that Rob had decided to not kick his ass for stroking him slightly as he'd spray painted his cock and balls. Bending over to get his butt painted had been weird though.

Joe lived next door to the party house so it had been convenient, and the only reason Robert had allowed this to happen. And nobody was gonna recognize him with the vile look he had. Hell his s****r Ravyn was probably doing the Indian thing... again. She did it every year, You'd think she'd get a new idea.

Hell being half Cherokee worked for her, gave her that nice dusky tone. But damn.. every year?

Walking across the back yards from one house to the next Rob snarled at partygoers. His fangs damned near gleamed in the light and he almost felt like he could rip someone's head off. Rip their head off and fuck their throat that is. And then cat woman walked up and gave him a kiss that made his toes curl and his cock harden again. Harden.. and throb. He had a feeling if she kept it up he just might go find joe after all. Then a hand touched him and gently stroked. Feeling the hard length of his shaft as it rose and pressed against her own semi-naked form.

Teenagers without parental supervision was never a good thing. Especially the football team, the basketball team, the wrestling team, the cheerleader & spirit squads. And every one else that could cram into the house.

When cat woman had finally stepped back he was able to see the way her tits filled her top, and the shape of her hips. "Meghan?" he asked. He'd fucked her a couple dozen times over the last few years, and had never gotten tired of her tight pussy clamping around his cock as he squirted fuck juice inside her.

"Do I know you?" she asked.

Robbie shook his head no. he'd spoken and people might recognize his voice if he did that too much.

Shrugging Meghan opened her top and flashed him, Showing her nipples to everyone around. Someone had a camera and a flash of light blinded him for a moment, but when he turned no one was around.

Moving inside where it was slightly cooler and there was less chance of sweat ruining the paint Rob felt lots of females hands touching him. Stroking him. Some of the girls were hot. and some he wouldn't fuck with Joe's cock. But hell. a free hand job was nice. He even felt a few male hands touch him, but he really didn't wanna know which guy he'd have to pound into the ground later, so he just ignored those.

Then he saw the girl. Someone had done a fucking fantastic job on her. Hell it looked like she even had bat wings or something. Probably one of the harness things that got strapped on. He could see much of her cause everyone was blocking his way but he moved that way until the crowd parted and the stood facing each other.

Everyone was nodding at them. Hell even Robbie was nodding at the girl. She was fucking Hot. Had nice perky tits with tight hard nipples too. When she turned around for him he saw her ass and knew he'd seen it before, but hell he just couldn't place it. And it was a damneddddddd fine ass too. And the butt plug-tail she had shoved inside made him like it even more. She worked that tail like noones business. Hell somehow she even managed to get it to twitch back and firth.

Once the succubae was facing him again he did the same for her. Turning in place so she could inspect his own costume.


Ravyn watched the demon walk over, she was fairly certain he was one of the football players. They were the only ones with that many muscles. She was pretty sure he'd be wearing shorts or something, but then the crowd parted and she saw it.

At first she thought he had one of those little bats that they sell at baseball games strapped on, then she saw it looked real and figured he was gay and had brought is own personal toy. But then it twitched and began to rise. IT WAS FUCKING REAL.

She could feel her heart begin racing and her pussy was slick enough for a train to fuck her. And that was within seconds. He hadn't even touched her. Deciding he needed a tease she turned in place letting him see her makeup, and hopefully he liked it as much as she liked what he had. Once she was certain his eyes were on her ass she clenched and wriggled inside. It wasn't the same muscles as when she was getting pussy fucked, but she'd taken enough anally that she'd learned to tease back there as well. The crowds gasp of surprise was rather rewarding, and turning back to face him and see that.. thing.. that gloriously beautiful cock standing at attention.. well that was a reward in and of itself. A reward she was gonna sample later. Good thing Robbie hadn't come to the party.

He was probably off fucking some girl or other. He went through them like water after Meghan decided to start pitching for the other team. Well, cross pitching. She liked girls more and had taught Ravyn a few very interesting things....

But Rob would have spoiled the party and probably beat the fuck out of the guy. He hated naked men. Hated them with a passion, he even thought it was a costume to show up in his football uniform for Halloween parties. What a dork.

Then she watched The Demon turn in place, allowing everyone to see his hard cock/baseball bat. It took every once of willpower she had not to step forward and kiss his cute butt. Damned it was cute. So tight and shapely. God she thought she'd died and gone to heaven. Big hard pussy pounding cock. And a nice ass too. Damned he was blessed. And his chest with the dark and curly hairs. Oh.. My MY My.. As her eyes tracked back down to his cock she noticed he hadn't shaved his dark and curlies like she had hers. But they were still nice on him. Nice and manly. She wondered what he smelled like as she stepped forward. She hadn't said anything yet, and wasn't about to either. She didn't want anyone to know she was naked.

Moving close to him she readched out a hand and touched his chest. Making him wait for a hand, or anything else on his cock.


Rob groaned when the hottie stepped forward and touched his chest. Her fingers were like lightening on him. Thankfully people were getting used to them being naked and weren't watching, as much. He knew a few of them would, just to see if they started fucking in public. Hell he was damned tempted too. Tempted to pick her petite form up and slam it down on his raging shaft. Impale her on his man meat. Fuck her silly. right there on the floor in the living room.

One lip curled as he snarled, his cock twitched and he was pretty sure that was precum pooling, and then drooling, down the tip and shaft. God he hoped so, cause shooting his cum with just a touch would be down right embarrassing.

The hottie's hand shifted and she touched the tip of his cock with a single slender finger. Then tasted the finger. Her grin got almost evil, and her red contact lenses helped her look.

Then she turned and walked away, a single backwards glance telling him this was his only chance to follow, before she'd be gone from his life forever. And if that happened, hell he'd never slip this god damned cock inside her silk sheath. And this wasn't an opportunity he was gonna miss.

He followed her upstairs and down the hall to a bedroom. A girls room. It was Meghan's. So she had to know Meghan. A friend of hers. Had to be. She never looked in any other door. she just walked right to this one. He followed her, his eyes on that ass as it swayed in front of him. He'd never seen a more beautiful butt in his life. Not even Meghan's was that good looking. Granted he hadn't seen a lot of naked asses, mostly it was tits as he pounded his cock into some tight moist pussy. He was pretty sure he'd fucked the s****r of everyone on the football team, and at least half the basket ball team. And well, the wrestling teams s****rs scared him, he was pretty sure most of them were either walking dead or dikes. or both.

Closing the door behind him Rob turned to look at the girl and she'd already shed her wings and was on her knees. Looking up at him she had her tongue stuck out and was just barely touching him. Crap it was hot looking at her. Hands on her knees and breasts sticking out as her tongue licked and teased the precum from his swollen cockhead. GOD DAMN, he wanted to grab her head and shove his cock down her throat, but the one time he did that the girl had bitten him. He couldn't even touch his cock for a week without being in pain.

He watched the hottie as she twisted her head to the side and began licking the length oh his shaft. Almost like she was making sure it was real. One hand lifted from a knee and traced a finger the length of his underside. Tracing the thick vein that would be caring his cum to her throat. Or her hot snatch. Maybe he'd cum on her tits instead. He didn't know, but he was cuming in or on this girl. One way or another. Tonight.

Groaning Rob could feel another pulse the length of his cock and another oozing drop of precum dribbled out. But she was there and her tongue was waiting for it. He watched as the fluid dribbled out and down onto her tongue. Her waiting red/pink tongue.

Pulling her tongue into her mouth she swallowed his fluid and kissed the head of his cock. Softly, sensually. It made his rock hard shaft jump. Then her lips parted, and she waited. After a minute he was sure she'd changed her mind and chickened out of sucking him. Then her head moved forward, his cock disappearing inside her lips.









He was gonna cum. He knew it. He was gonna bust a nut so fucking hard he wouldn't cum again for a month.

Her forefinger and thumb wrapped around the base of his cock and tightened, his cum surging forward as it sought to explode down her throat. His fingers twined into her hair and his knees shook with strain. "Unghhh..." he Moaned, his cum surging and boiling. His balls tightening as her fingers. Two fucking fingers. They trapped his cum. His seed. Man-juice. love cream. Baby juice. Semen. God Damn.. his cum surged and sought freedom but her two fingers stopped him. She didn't move those fingers as her head slid up and down his shaft. Tease!!!! He screamed in his skull.

The pounding pulsing need to cum faded, but her lips and tongue... Oh.. fucking... god... HE didn't know anybody could ever do anything like she was doing. He was certain her tongue was wrapped AROUND his cock. But that had to be his imagination. Pulling her head back she smiled up at him, then bobbed up and down on his cock. Alternating between sucking and just sliding her lips up and down. He could feel the tongue as it stroked across the vein, And then swirled around his thickly swollen purple head.

Again and again she suckled his cock, and then he felt something against his pubic bone and he looked down. He'd been staring at the ceiling and didn't even know it. Looking down he saw her nose was pressed into his shirt dark curly pubic hair.


Nobody had ever done that before. Just seeing his cock buried in her lips made his nuts tighten and start seeking escape. "OOOHH!!.." he began to moan.

Lips and tongue vanished and the two fingers were back. Wrapped around the base of his cock. A firm knot of flesh trapping his seed from escaping his shaft. He could feel teh pressure build and his mind was screaming even as his ass tightened. He wanted.. no he need to cum, to shoot his semen across her face, her lips. Her fucking wonder lips and tongue.

Instead his knees buckled slightly as her fingers trapped his baby cream inside his body. Refusing to allow it escape. As the last urges faded from him she stood up and moved to the bed. Laying back she spread her toned red legs and watched him from half raised elbows.

Robbie wasted no time at all as he dived forward, his hands sliding up her thighs as he face buried itself in her snatch. God she smelled great he decided, his tongue flicking out and teasing her hard nub of sensitive nerves. he knew he got the right pressure/touch when her head and body arched, somehow forcing her pussy closer to his mouth as her moans started whimpering from her throat. "And then he heard her voice. The voice of a sex goddess. "Eat me." That was all she said two words. but they were like silken magic to his ears. Moving his hands up her thighs he parted her lips with two fingers and began licking. Tasting. Teasing. Exploring. Just his tongue for now. Each fold of her pussy was touched and explored. Each and every ridge and valley. Every micrometer was touched and teased.

Tasted and learned. Ingrained into his soul as a place to return to. She tasted like spice and chamomile and cinnamon, and cherries. She had to have put something there. Just in case.

Then as her panting moans got faster and louder he added a finger to the mix. A single finger, curling slightly and reaching up towards her pubic bone. Meghan had taught him that much. Make sure the girl is happy and you got a sure thing going. There. Right there. He could feel the different texture of skin inside her. G-Spot. She moaned. Loudly. And her body twitched. Bingo. He stroked her there, his finger keeping the light pressure as it moved faster and faster. His tongue went back to her clit and he wrapped his lips around it, pulling it into his mouth where his tongue blurred back and forth across the tip. Teasing and stimulating it like a vibrator.


Ravyn bit her lip and drew bl**d, her screams muffled. Barely. She could feel his finger. His tongue. OH GOD HIS FINGER!!!!! Whimpering pants ripped from her as his finger fucked and stroked her g-spot. Then his tongue and lips suckled her clit and she was riding.. riding her orgasm as her mind exploded and her body detonated into itsy bitsy pieces. Each one orgasming.

Then she returned to her body and she was still riding the wave of pleasure. Reaching down she ran her fingers into his hair and made him look at her.

Her free hand curled a finger and she beckoned him to come hither. Stud boy lost no time as he slithered up her body, his lips kissing and teasing her as the approached her nipples.

She could feel the head of his baby baseball bat as it pressed against her wet lips. Then his lips were kissing and suckling her nipples, and his bat was sliding up inside.


Rob was in heaven. Silky wet. humid heaven. She was like a silk vice. A greased silk vice. Tight. But open enough for his cock to move up inside. Then he felt something stop him. She got really tight for a moment. Something was stooping him. Did she have like the worlds smallest pussy he wondered? Then his cock thrust deep inside and whatever it was that had stopped him was gone.

She arched her back and whimpered, but was thrusting her hips against him, driving his cock even deeper inside. Kissing her nipples and chest he worked his way up as his cock worked it's way in. Then he was at her neck and his balls were against her skin. Kissing her neck he dragged his fangs across the skin . His hips rose and pulled his slick cock from her wet depths, then he was pushing back inside her.

Fingernails started dragging across his back and shoulders and his body responded by moving his ass faster and faster. His hard shaft pistoning deep inside before pulling out and thrusting again.

Each thrust of their bodies was faster and faster and her moans were getting louder and louder.


Ravyn's eyes rolled up into her head when her hymen broke, and the baseball bat he called a cock pushed up inside her. She could feel her pussy stretching to accommodate him as his length and girth filled her. There just wasn't anyway to describe it. It was like taking a shit in reverse. Instead of something big leaving you with a wonderful feeling. Something wonderfully big was filling you.

His fangs stroked across her neck and she grabbed his back as another orgasm ripped her apart and slapped her silly. She wasn't even sure what was happening anymore. She only knew that his fuck stick was driving in and out of her like a jackhammer. AND IT WAS FUCKING GREAT.

Stroking his back and silently begging him to fuck her harder and faster Ravyn realized she'd been scratching him, not stroking him. She could feel welts rising on his back from where she'd marked him like a wild a****l. And frankly she admitted she was. A wild a****l in heat. To bad he was gonna get away until his fuck juice was filling her. Filling her to over flowing.

Then she realized...

he wasn't wearing a condom.

FUCK!!!! she screamed at herself. FUCK IT, she amended a moment later when a thumb brushed a nipple and his cock buried itself inside her pussy. Each time he pulled out his cock's curved shaft stroked across her g-spot, and he hard pounding thrust in dragged her clit down and tight across the top of his shaft. In and out. in and Out. Double the pleasure. Double fun. triple the size of any cock she'd ever heard about. FUCK ME!!!! she mentally screamed at him.


Robbie held on as long as he could, and by the clock on the nightstand that was like an hour.. maybe more he wasn't really sure when she'd started lick him, but it was an hour on the bed. An hour of her legs wrapped around his waist. An hour of his twice abused cock pistoning hard and fast inside her. An hour of kissing and sucking her neck. An hour of fuck juice building and boiling in his balls.

He could feel the jizz erupting. His ass clenched and his orgasm ripped up his spine and made his head exploded. Semen erupted from the thick angry-purple head of his cock and splattered inside the hotties womb. There was no stopping this one. Two fingers? Hell two fists and duck tape wasn't stopping this flow. Three thick loads of jizz cascaded from his cock. His pulsing throbbing cock. He could feel her rocking through an orgasm with him and that turned him on even more. A forth load tore threw him so hard he could feel pressure in his nose and behind his eyes. "Arghhh..." he groaned moaned as his back arched forwards, driving him already cum coated cock deeper inside her soaking cum filled pussy. he wondered if he was cumming inside her cervix as liquid lave ripped from him. Again and again his cock pulsed and throbbed, filling her until her tight pussy was over pressured and it began oozing out and around his plugging man meat and onto the sheets below them.

Meghan was gonna be pissed as hell to find soiled sheets. But hell it was way worth it Robbie realized as his cum and her juices dripped from his drained balls.

Pulling back Rob looked down to where his cock was buried inside her snatch, their mingled juices coating him as he backed his cock from her. With a slurping sound he finally eased free, then slid up inside her again. One last stroke, but her legs, which had released him wrapped around him again and held him in place. Looking into her eyes he barely had time to register how beautiful she was before her lips were on his and her tongue was teasing his like no tomorrow. He returned her kiss with passion and knew he was in love. She never complained about how big he was, and the butt plug was still buried in her ass.


Ravyn considered telling her demon lover that she loved him, but he'd probably freak out and run screaming for the hills. Men got so .. girlie.. when it came to love. Cut there arm off and it was only a flesh wound. Getting one to confess love.. hell was gonna need heaters before that happened.

Her hands moved from his face to his chest, then his back and finally down to his tight butt. Which she gave a long finally squeeze before she eventually released him from her legs. Gods she needed that. And she lost her virginity as well. Damn he was good.
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5 months ago
OMG,SO AWESOME SEXY sweetie,love worship the SEXY DEMONS sweetie
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Loved it!
3 years ago
there has to be a part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Excellent. Thanks for sharing.
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outstanding some more of this one
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great story