Defending s*s CH. 01-02

by jessy19

I heard my mother and twin s****r Natalie talking in the living room that Friday afternoon. She was getting ready for her big date with Keith Reynolds, the captain of the wrestling team. At that time my s****r and I had just turned 18 and were both seniors in high school. She was a cheerleader and very popular. I on the other hand was more into the academics but still had a good amount of friends.

"Oh sweetie you look beautiful. That Keith guy is going to drool when he sees you," I heard my mother tell Natalie.

She giggled. "Oh Mom I'm so nervous! It's my first date with him and I hope everything goes well."

I laughed. "Just be sure he treats you good s*s and keeps his lips to himself," I added playfully.

She stuck her tongue out at me. "Whatever it's not like you and Crystal don't kiss."

I scoffed and went back to reading my literature book. Crystal was my girlfriend at the time and she and I had been dating just a few months. It was almost close to prom time so all she would really talk about was the dress she was going to buy and where we were going for dinner just going on and on which I hated and tried to avoid. I was only going to the prom because she wanted to go. School dances and such were not really my thing.

"Doesn't she look pretty?" My mom asked me.

I turned and my jaw almost hit the floor. Natalie looked gorgeous with her silky brown hair in curls and her green eyes glowing. She wore a spaghetti strap red and black dress, which wasn't too short and black strap sandals. She looked really stunning I had to admit. The way she looked kind of made me worry more about her. I knew it wasn't really my business to know if my s****r was having sex or not after all I already had sex with Crystal and two other ex-girlfriends so who was I to judge?

Keith picked Natalie up around seven that night. Supposedly they were just going to a dinner and movie and Natalie was ordered to come home by midnight.

That entire weekend I mainly spent it at the library and with Crystal. We'd gone out to see a movie and hung out at her house since her parents were almost always out of town. We'd had sex and of course she talked about the prom almost all that weekend. I never had a chance to hear how Natalie's date had gone but I'm sure she'd tell me all about it on Monday.

I heard my little s****r come home crying that Monday after school. I heard her running up the stairs while I was watching some TV in the living room. I turned off the TV and rushed up to see what was bothering my s****r. I knocked on her door but there was no answer although I could hear her sobbing.

"Natalie? Are you OK?" I asked.

She didn't respond.

I knocked again. "Natalie? Please just answer me."

"Go away Ryan. I don't want to talk to anyone right now," She responded as she gasped for air.

"Ok but if you need to talk let me know."

She didn't respond once again and I went to my room to study for my Calculus test. It was hard to concentrate since I knew my Natalie was really upset about something. At dinner she was very quiet, which was unusual for her. She was always so cheerful and telling us about her friends and teachers. I looked over to her but she just kept her face down barely eating as my parents shared small talk.

* * *

The next day at school I noticed people looking at me funny and whispering things. I was puzzled but tried not to pay attention. In class I heard snickering and more whispers. What in the hell was going on? I kept trying to avoid it but all day it was the same thing going on.

It wasn't until after gym class in the boys' locker room that I heard what was going on. I heard Keith bragging about how supposedly my s****r had giving him head and he'd gotten to fuck her. I didn't know if it was true or not but the fact that he was talking about a private moment you share with someone was pissing me off. And that fact that is was my own s****r he was talking about really made me furious. I walked over to where he was and there he stood so shameless telling all the details to a bunch of wrestlers.

Keith was a few inches taller than me and a lot more muscular. I didn't seem to care though. At that point I wanted to just rearrange his face for talking about my s****r that way. Without even thinking of all the consequences, I went up to him and pushed him hard against the lockers.

"Hey looks its the slut's b*****r!" Keith said laughing.

I felt my heart pounding with anger. I wanted to beat the shit out of this asshole.

"Fuck you! Quit talking about my s****r like that you fuckin' prick!"

His eyes narrowed and all the other guys watched in suspense to see what was going to happen next. He pushed me back too and I almost fell back. I took a hard swing at him and hit him right on the nose.

"Ahhhh fuck!" He yelled out covering his bl**dy nose.

I knew I was in deep shit once I'd done that. I saw him take a huge swing at me and punch my eye out after that all I could remember was the coach coming to break up the fight. I was in the nurses' office with an icepack for my swollen eye. I looked in the mirror and my eye was completely blue and puffy. I knew I would never hear the end of it from Crystal.

Our school was pretty strict about fighting and therefore suspended me and Keith from school for three days and banned us from going to the prom. Not going to the prom was like a big relief for me but I'm sure Keith was pissed off. I didn't care. He shouldn't have been talking that way about my s****r. I just had to find a way to explain it to Crystal.

* * *

I got home that day and the entire house was quiet since my parents were still at work but had been notified. I knew Natalie had heard about the fight since the word was all over school. I was in my room with another icepack trying to calm down my swelling eye when I heard Natalie knocking in my room.

"Ryan? Ryan, are you OK?" She asked. I got up to open the door and put the ice pack down so she could see my eye.

"Oh my god! Ryan I'm sorry! I didn't mean to get you into this mess," She apologized.

I shrugged. "Ah don't worry about it. That asshole was saying really nasty things about you. He deserves his bl**dy nose I gave him."

She gasped. "You gave him a bl**dy nose? Oh wow! I would have loved to seen that!"

Her eyes were filled with concern for me and she reached up to touch my swollen eye.

"Oww don't touch it. It really hurts."

She sighed sadly. "I'm sorry you not going to get to go to prom."

I laughed. "Ah it's ok. I didn't want to go to be honest. I just have to tell Crystal and she's going to be really pissed off. She probably already knows about it and is waiting for me to call her so she can tell me off."

Natalie frowned. "Well if she hurts your feelings let me know so I can give her a bl**dy nose."

I smiled and put my arms around my s****r. I nuzzled my head on her soft hair smelling the sweet scent of apples. She put her skinny arms around me and whispered. "I love you b*o."

I looked into her eyes and up until this day don't know what made me do it, but I leaned down and kissed her as if it was the most natural thing to do. Her lips felt so good and soft. I slid my hands down and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist. Our kiss intensified with our tongue slowly caressing together and I felt her put her arms around my neck as she tiptoed. I had to stop kissing her or I'd cum right in my pants!

"I'm sorry Natalie. I'm so sorry." I apologized pulling myself away from her.

Her green eyes searched mine but I felt so embarrass to look at her. I stepped back but she walked closer and closed the door behind her. We stood there in my room in silence until she finally spoke.

"Ryan, that was a really nice kiss," She said sweetly.

I looked at her finally and I couldn't agree more. I wanted to kiss her again and I knew she wanted me to kiss her too.

"It was nice. But we can't kiss anymore."

She looked away and tossed her long hair back. I couldn't help but look at her body. Her little blue jean skirt was so short and sexy letting me have an eyeful of her long legs. Her tight black top was very low cut showing the small cleavage she had.


She wouldn't look at me.

"Hey come one please look at me. I really loved that kiss but we are b*****r and s****r. It's not right."

She finally looked at me with tears forming in her emerald eyes. "But it did feel so right. It felt so good too."

I put my arms around her and felt her hold me tight. Our bodies pressed together with our heartbeats beating in unison. "I love you Natalie." I finally said the words I've wanted to say and meant them as more than a b*****rly love kind of way.

She smiled and I saw a tear roll down her pretty face. I wiped her tear way and cupped her face. She reached up and planted a soft sweet kiss on my lips. I wanted to stop I really did, but I deep down I wanted my little s****r more than anything!

We kissed more with passion and I found my hands wandering her little body, exploring every curve she had. Her buttocks felt so firm. I heard her gasp when I gently squeezed them almost not being able to control myself.

"Oh Crystal is one lucky girl to have a guy like you kissing her like this and touching her the way you're touching me right now," She cooed.

"I was so jealous when I heard that Keith had sex with you. I was more jealous than just pissed off." I took turns giving her small pecks on her lips and her face.

"You know I didn't sl**p with him. I couldn't. I don't love him." She said softly looking into my eyes.

"I kissed her forehead. "Yes I know. I didn't believe it but just the thought of it got me so angry."

She pulled back away from me and took of her slip on sandals. I stood there and watched as she slowly started to get naked for me. She removed her black top first and stood there with her black lacey bra and smiling at me.

"You wanna help me unhook this?" She asked with her chest out.

I nodded and walked close to her putting my arms around her reaching to unhook her bra. I felt it come undone and started to kiss her shoulders and neck before I got a glimpse of her breasts. She took my breath away as she let her bra drop to the floor and showed me her gorgeous b-cup sized breasts!

Her nipples were a dark pink color and her areolas were large and a soft brown shade. I wanted to touch them and suck on her nipples, but she pushed my hand away.

"No. Not yet. I want to get completely naked for you first," She said in a sexy little voice.

She then moved on to remove her little blue jean skirt. It quickly fell down her long legs and left her in nothing but black lacey panties that had matched her bra. I gulped hard and couldn't take my eyes off her. She removed her panties slowly and seductively. Finally she stood there showing me her pussy. It was almost completely shaved except for one tiny strip of light brown hair.

"You look absolutely gorgeous s*s!" I said starting to walk to her.

She put her hand out. "No stay back where you were. Now you get naked for me."

I felt so nervous. I'd been naked around Crystal and other girls I'd dated, but for some reason Natalie made me so nervous. Maybe it was because I loved her so much that I didn't want to disappoint her since I knew I wasn't the worlds most buff guy.

I started with my t-shirt and saw her stare at my bare chest. I didn't know if she liked what she saw or not but I continued to strip. I was barefoot so just preceded to remove my sweatpants I had on. She bit her lower lip as she saw me standing in my green cotton boxers. I knew I was already hard and got so turned on as she touched her nipples softy while waiting for me to take my boxers off.

"You've seen a guys cock?" I asked.

She nodded never taking her eyes off from below my waist. "N-no. Well only in movies and the Internet but that's it."

I took a deep breath and slid my boxers off finally standing there naked in front of my s****r. She gasped and looked at my cock and then at me then back at my cock.

"Oh b*o! You're so big! Can I touch it?"

I reached my arms out to her. "Come here."

She walked towards me and put her arms around me. We held each other for a while just feeling our naked bodies touch. Her breasts were pressed on my chest and I loved the way that felt. I put my hands on her buttocks once again rubbing them up and down slowly enjoying the feel of her beautiful body.

"Ryan I love you so much," She whispered.

I stroked her hair and kissed her head. "I love you too Natalie. I love you so much."

We began to kiss and my hands went down to touch her breasts. I heard her moan in our kiss letting me know she liked my touch. My fingers lightly pinched her nipples and her hand quickly found my cock. She grabbed it in her hand and touched exploring a males' cock for the first time.

"Mmmmm oh that feels good! Keep touching it," I moaned.

I dove my head down and started to suck on her nipples. Her nipples stayed hard in my mouth as I flicked them with my tongue and sucked on them. I took turns on each breast and hear her moaning softly turning me on so much.

"Ooooh Ryan! Oh my god! That feels soooo good!"

Her hand gripped my cock and started to stroke it. I grabbed her hand and took it off my cock. She looked at me almost shocked.

"I don't want to cum yet s*s. I want to wait until later," I explained.

"When you're inside of me?" She asked curiously.

I didn't know how to respond. "Y-yes. If you want me to be inside of you?"

She smiled. "Yes I do. I want you to be my first. Is that so bad?"

"No. Not at all. I mean we can't tell anyone we did this because it's not accepted in the real world. It'll be our secret."

She giggled. "Yes our own little secret. Such a beautiful secret."

I managed to pick her up in my arms and heard her squeal. We laughed and I carried her to my bed. I was so ready to just touch her and explore her. I was on top of her kissing her chest and moving down to her tummy. She ran her fingers through my hair and moaned so softly and innocently. My head was now between her legs and I could already smell her.

She looked at me with curious eyes and bit her lip. "I'm going to taste you s*s," I said looking into her eyes. She raised herself up on her elbows to watch.

I spread her legs more with my hands and her lips were tightly closed together not letting me see her clit. I slowly spread her lips until finally her little pink clit poked out. She looked so sexy and wet. I started to lick her clit slowly and immediately felt her shudder.

"Mmmmggghhhh! Oooh Ryan! Oooh it f-feels good!" She wailed.

My tongue started to flick faster and faster feeling her squirming on the bed and seeing her touch her own nipples.

"Oh yesss! More! Lick me Ryan! Oh lick me b*o!" She panted.

Our eyes were locked as we shared this sexy moment. Her juices were warm and she tasted so sweet! I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it and felt her body start to shake. I knew she was going to cum. She was going to cum in my mouth and let her big b*****r drink her honey.

"Ryan! Ahhhh I'm c-cuming! It feels so good b*o! Ohhhhh ooooohhhmmmmmgggh!" She screamed as she came on my tongue. I was lapping her juices drinking her up. Her thighs squeezed my head and I didn't mind one bit.

Her little body quivered and her eyes closed and fluttered as she climaxed. That memory never fades from my mind.

I got up and moved towards her kissing her and letting her have a taste of her sweet honey. She put her arms tightly around me and gasped for air.

"Oh that was so good! Oh that felt so wonderful!" She finally managed to say.

"Natalie I'm so horny. I mean I-I-"

She laughed. "Mmmm my b*****r is horny for me?"

I blushed.

"Tell me. Tell me how bad you want to fuck your s****r."

I stroked her face and had a serious look. "No. I don't want to fuck my s****r. I want to make love to her. Natalie I want to make love to you."

She sighed. "I love you!"

We shared a soft wet kiss as I reached over to my nightstand to pull out a condom. She looked at me unwrapping it. I nervously fumbled with the wrapper and finally managed to put it on.

"Ok tell me if it hurts. I don't want to hurt you."

She shook her head and closed her eyes as she felt my cock trying to enter her tight pussy. "Hmmmggghghhh keep going," She said softly.

I felt only the head of my cock going in. She felt so tight and warm. I knew I was going to blow my load really fast. Little by little every inch of my cock was slowly sliding in my s****r's pussy. I saw her eyes closed tightly trying to get adjusted to my cock.

I started to move in and out of her at a steady pace. She opened her eyes and we looked at each other not just with lust, but true love. I was falling deeply in love with my s****r and knew it would be a love like no other.

"You feel so good! Oh so good! So tight!"

She began to moan now and moved her little body beneath me. She was starting to enjoy sex. I felt my balls starting to swell up ready to spurt my cum out. I only wish I could have came inside of my s****r. To let her have my seed in her belly but we were so young and couldn't do that. I was ramming my cock in and out of her now with determination to cum. The fact that I'd taken my s****r's virginity was the most beautiful thing. I wondered to myself if other guys in my class had beautiful s****rs that they shared something like this with or was I the only lucky guy?

I threw my head back and felt a hard rush of cum just shoot out of my cock. I groaned loudly as my s****r watched me cum inside of her.

"Arrrggghhhhh yeah! Oh fuck! I'm cumming s*s! I'm cumming!"

She looked at me and moaned. "Mmm yes! Cum for me b*o. Oooh b*o you're my first! My first love! I love you!"

I leaned down to kiss her as I finished cumming. I had never felt so much love or passion for any of my girlfriends as I did with my s****r. I stayed inside of her until I was soft and pulled out my cock slipping off the condom. I lay my head on her chest while she stroked my hair.

"When can I get to taste you?" She whispered.

I looked at her and she was blushing. "You would taste me?"

She nodded. "Oh yes!"

I was about to speak when we heard our parents come home from work. We got up quickly putting our clothes back on and trying to get back to "normal."

She put her bra and panties and carried her clothes running to her room. I quickly got dressed and heard my parents coming up the stairs. They knocked on my door and I saw the condom laying out on the nightstand. I grabbed it and tossed it in the trash can praying my parents wouldn't see it.

"Come in," I said nervously.

My parents walked in with stern looks on their faces. "Young man what is going on that you have to get into fights?"

My mother sat next to me and grabbed the icepack placing it back on my eye. "Well, this jerk was going around saying Natalie had sex with him and giving her a bad name."

My mother looked at me with adoration. "That is very sweet of you hun, but couldn't you have just told someone like the principal?"

"Yes I could have, but I was just so upset."

My father shook his head. "Well now for playing Mr. Hero you are suspended from school and prom. What do you have to say about that?"

I smiled. "Honestly? Well school I can always catch up on. And prom? I don't really care about prom."

My mother eyed me curiously. "What about Crystal?"

I shrugged. "Crystal is a very pretty girl who can get another date easily. I don't want to date her anymore anyway."

My father laughed. "Yeah right. Next thing I know you'll be begging her for forgiveness."

I nodded. "No Dad I won't. Besides, I already like someone else."

"Is that so? Who?" My mother asked curiously.

"Just someone really special. I'll let you meet her once I'm ready to introduce you to her. But you know her already."

"Ah it must be the Gellar girl from next door huh? Oh she's really pretty." My mother said playfully.

I didn't answer. I knew who my girl was and when it was time, we would admit our love for each other to our parents.

Natalie came in the room all dressed and smiled at me. "Hey mom, hey dad," she said cheerfully.

"Natalie, you're b*****r must really love you to have gotten in trouble for standing up for you, " My father said to her.

She just looked at me and I looked at her. For a moment it felt as we were alone once again in my room. "Yes he does love me and I love him. He's a wonderful b*****r."

The End

Defending s*s...Again

Ryan was busy chugging his big glass of orange juice when he felt a soft touch on his back. He turned and saw his little s****r Natalie smiling up at him. She looked around cautiously and when she realized no one was in sight, she threw her arms around her b*****r and gave him a long wet kiss.

Their lips touched gently at first. Their mouths parted and their tongues caressed one another so erotically. Ryan didn't want to break the kiss, but feared his parents were to talk into the kitchen anytime.

"Watch it baby, mom and dad could walk in and catch us committing i****t," Ryan warned his s****r with a sweet smile.

Natalie kissed his cheek and then his swollen black eye. She blushed and backed away. She was wearing a black sweater and a blue and white plaid skirt with knee high black boots. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'm so in love with you."

Ryan's heart pounded. He had to admit that with just that one kiss, his s****r had managed to give him a hard on. "I love you too Natalie."

Just then the siblings parents walked in. Natalie quickly walked over to the fridge to get some orange juice and Ryan smiled nervously at his parents.

"You two are up early," mom said.

"Well, I have to clean my room a bit. Since I'm suspended from school, I figured why should I sl**p in? After all this is a punishment not a treat right?"

Dad raised a brow. "Hmm well now that's good to know I've raised such a well mannered young man."

Natalie giggled. "He's well mannered and so much more."

Ryan turned red. "I wouldn't go that far s*s."

While Mom and Dad drank their coffee and read the morning paper, Natalie put her arms around her father and kissed his cheek. Dad nodded and smiled. "Ok now when you do that, I know my princess wants something."

"No way dad! I'd never be that sneaky."

Dad laughed. "What do you want sweetie?"

Natalie smiled and looked over at her b*****r. "Well, I know Ryan's suspended from school and all, but I could really use a ride to school. I'm getting tired of riding the bus, especially since Keith Reynolds's s****r, Carrie, rides the bus too and she hates me."

"Why would she hate you?" Mom asked.

"Because she thinks I'm some kind of floozie or something. She thinks I led her b*****r on."

Ryan listened. He knew that Carrie didn't bother Natalie at all. Carrie Reynolds was a quiet and honor roll student. She was so smart. Ryan knew Natalie wanted to be alone with him.

"Well, I suppose it's ok. As long as your b*****r doesn't object," Mom replied looking over at Ryan.

Ryan held a devious grin on his handsome face. "Well s*s you don't want to be late now do you? Come on."

Natalie rushed to get her book bag and the siblings walked out the house without their parents knowing they were now lovers.

* * *

Once out on the road, Ryan held his s****r's hand as he drove. Natalie couldn't take her eyes off her b*****r.

"So, Carrie doesn't really bother you does she?" Ryan finally spoke.

"That's right. I just wanted to be alone with you before I began another day of school," Natalie whispered.

"Fine with me. I don't mind taking you to school."

"Stop the car Ryan," Natalie ordered in a sexy voice.

Ryan looked around and pulled over to the side of the woods. He put the car on park and sensed his s****r was extremely horny. Natalie's eyes glowed. She moved closer to her b*****r and they began to kiss. Ryan couldn't help himself and put his hands on his s****r's chest gently rubbing her breasts over her top. Natalie grabbed his hands and put them underneath her sweater and pushed her breasts out of her bra. Ryan's cock got hard fast. He could feel her nipples harden as he touched her breasts.

"Oooh god!" Natalie cooed in between kisses. Her breathing was heavy.

"s*s, we have to stop. I don't want you to be late for school." Ryan said but deep down he didn't want to stop. He wanted to make love to her, to be with her.

"I can't stop! Fuck school, I need you!" Natalie moaned.

Ryan backed away slightly touching his s****r's beautiful face. "I want to be with you too baby, but I really don't want you to get in trouble."

Natalie sighed. "I guess so. God you left me all wet!"

"I'm sorry, I promise I'll make it up to you after school."

Natalie smiled and put her hand over his. "Is that a promise?"

"Yes it is."

Natalie had a mysterious grin on her face. She moved her hand that was over his hand down to his cock. She placed her hand on his cock rubbing it slowly over his sweat pants. Ryan moaned at her touch.

"Stop it!" He hissed.

"You know you're right. I don't want to be late for school. You better go ahead and keep driving."

Ryan nodded but realized his s****r's hand was still on his cock. "Ahem, you should really take your hand off my cock if you expect me to concentrate on the road."

Natalie giggled. "Just drive. I know what I'm doing."

Ryan nervously turned the car back on and began to drive slowly. He kept his eyes on the road but could feel his s****r massaging his hard on. Her hand slowly crept into his sweat pants and pulled out his throbbing dick.

"Mmm I can't believe it was just yesterday that I lost my virginity to this nice cock," Natalie whispered.

Ryan scoffed nervously trying to keep his eyes on the road.

He felt his s****r grab his cock in her hand and that was it. He sighed, relieved that she wasn't going to blow him and cause him to crash. Boy was he wrong! The next thing he knew, he felt Natalie's lips wrap around his aching cock. Ryan almost hit the brakes but he knew he had to keep driving so she wouldn't be late for school.

"Mmm," he could hear her moaning into his cock as she began to suck on it.

"Oh g-god!" Ryan groaned.

Natalie slid her lips up and down her b*****r's cock. She'd seen a few porno movies and had an idea of how to suck a dick. She could taste his precum as it trickled on her tongue. She reached into his pants and pulled out his heavy balls gently massaging them while she continued to suck his cock.

"s*s! Oh fuck!" Ryan could barely concentrate on the road. The cars passed him since he was driving the speed limit.

"You taste so good. I want you to cum in my mouth," Natalie said looking up at him.

"I can't cum. Please Natalie don't make me cum. I might crash!"

"Please cum for me," Natalie said and began to suck her b*****r's cock again.

"N-no! Oh my god!" Ryan cried out.

He feared he might not cum before they got to school. He picked up the speed slightly and once he hit the school zone he had to slow down. Natalie continued to blow him and a huge 18-wheeler truck was driving on the road next to them. The gentleman in the truck looked and saw what was going on. He gave Ryan a thumbs up. Ryan turned beet red and sped up to pass the truck driver.

Natalie could feel her b*****r's cock twitching in her mouth. It was the saw way he had twitched when he was inside of her, right before he came.

He's going to cum! I'm going to taste him!

"We're almost t-there. Natalie you have to stop!" Ryan urged.

Natalie didn't listen and continued to please her b*****r. She tightened her lips around his cock and placed her hand on his balls feeling them pulse. Suddenly she tasted a hot creamy fluid being shot into her mouth.

"Oooooh ahhhhhhgggghhhh! I'm cumming!" Ryan moaned as he shot his sperm into his s****r's mouth.

Natalie felt each rope of cum hitting her tongue and sliding down her throat. It was a lot of cum and she struggled to swallow it all, but managed to do so nicely. Ryan was panting and pulled up to the school parking lot where all the students hung out. He parked far away hoping no one had seen his own s****r make him cum.

Natalie lifted her head up and wiped her mouth. She closed her eyes and smiled. "That was absolutely delicious!"

Ryan sighed and leaned his head back on his seat putting his cock back into his pants. "Jesus! Don't you know that you could have caused an accident pulling that stunt?" Ryan said laughing.

Natalie tossed her hair back and nodded. "I did, but you enjoyed it didn't you?"

"How could I not?"

She giggled and kissed his cheek. "Now I'm going to be able to have your taste all day in my mouth."

"Uh oh! I've created a monster."

She laughed. "No you didn't. You just brought out the monster I had within me."

"I love you so much," Ryan said in a serious tone.

"I love you too. Yikes! I better go, don't want to be late for class."

"Alright then. I'll pick you up after school then."

She touched his face and got out the car. "See you then."

Ryan watched his s****r until she was finally inside the building. He watched her little body sashay so sexy as she walked.

"Damn, I'm one lucky bastard," he said to himself.

"Hey! Where have you been? I've been trying to call you!"

Ryan almost jumped out of his seat. It was Crystal, his girlfriend. He'd been so wrapped up in Natalie, that he almost forgot about Crystal. She stood looking at him, narrowing her green eyes at him.

"C-Crystal?" Ryan stammered.

"Now tell me where have you been? The word is out that because you and Keith Reynolds got in a fight that you are banned from going to prom?"

Ryan nodded. "Yes that's correct."

"Ugh! Damnit Ryan why did you have to fuck this up?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know how much I wanted to go to prom! Well don't worry, Michael Ramirez asked me and I said yes!"

Ryan smiled. "Really? That's good."

Crystal's eyes widened. "What? You mean you're happy about that?"

"You want to go to prom, I'm glad Michael was a gentleman and asked you. He's a good guy."

Crystal's lower lip quivered. She looked so angry. "I hate you Ryan! Go to hell! I never want to see you again!"

"Fine with me. Have a nice life Crystal," Ryan replied calmly as he began to drive away.

"Uhhhh!" Crystal whined and stomped away.

Ryan sighed. "Damn that was easy."

* * *

Back at Keith Reynold's house, Keith paced his room. He stopped for a moment to stare into the mirror and got even angrier. "That damn punk! I can't believe he gave me a bl**dy nose! Me! The guy that's on the wrestling team, and him, the nerd! I'm so embarrassed. Now I'm banned from prom and Leanne is sure going to hate my guts for it!"

He threw himself on his bed and began to think of a game plan. He couldn't pass up his senior year without going to prom. He had to go!

"Come on Keith, think, think! There's gotta be a way to go to prom."

Lost in his own thoughts, he began to fall asl**p and didn't wake up until noon.

* * *

Natalie sat in class lost in her own thoughts. She smiled remembering that morning. She couldn't believe she'd been so bold to give her b*****r head. She could still taste him in her mouth, so tangy. She licked her lips and found herself getting so wet.

Natalie raised her hand. "May I go to the bathroom?"

Mrs. Coleman, her art teacher nodded handing her the bathroom pass. Natalie grabbed it and rushed to the bathroom. Once inside, she sighed.

"Oh god I'm so horny!" She said to herself.

She made sure no one was around and went into one stall. She put one leg up on the wall and leaned back. Her hand ran down between her legs lifting up her skirt over her waist. She placed her hand on her pussy and felt it dripping wet. Her fingers slid up and down her wet slit over her panties.

"I wish you were here Ryan," Natalie murmured.

She moved her panties to the side and slipped one finger into her drenched pussy. Moving it in and out she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She had never been so excited before, until she had sex with her b*****r.

"Oooh I can still taste you!" Natalie whispered.

She then inserted another finger inside of her pussy. Biting on her lower lip, to keep herself from moaning she shut her eyes tightly panting heavily. With her free hand, she lifted up her sweater and let her breasts fall out of her bra. She pinched on her nipples as her fingers continued to bring her pleasure.

"Mmmggghh!" She tried to keep her moans quiet.

Natalie was finger fucking her pussy hard and fast desperately wanting to cum. If she didn't cum, she'd explode. Her fingers were buried so deep inside of her warm and tight opening. She shoved them in deeper suddenly feeling something wonderful. Her body went numb and she began to climax. It was difficult staying quiet but Natalie pulled it off nicely. Her entire body was shaking until she finally finished.

"Mmm that was so good!" She said to herself and let her fingers slowly slide out of her. She put her two fingers in her mouth, tasting her own pussy. She licked them clean and gathered herself together, ready to go back to class, satisfied.

* * *

Ryan went to pick Natalie up from school that afternoon. The siblings' parents wouldn't get home until after five so Ryan and Natalie had a few hours to play. As soon as they got home, Natalie practically attacked her b*****r. They were up in his room on his bed. Natalie was on top of him kissing him passionately. Ryan's cock was hard as his s****r rubbed her body on his.

"You don't know how bad I wanted to skip school and come home to you!" Natalie shrieked.

Ryan groaned and pulled up her top. He took it off easily and unhooked her bra. Natalie let her bra fall off her and her breasts came to full view for her b*****r to see. Ryan reached up and touched her breasts pinching on her nipples.

"Yes! Touch me! Touch my entire body!" Natalie purred.

Ryan moaned letting his hands slip down from her breasts to her flat tummy. He reached around running his hands up and down her back and down to grab her buttocks slowly lifting up her skirt.

"I need you inside of me! Please Ryan! In need to make love to you."

Ryan flipped her over gently letting her fall to her back. She stared up at him, eyes full of lust. He picked up her legs taking off her boots and her panties. He wanted her to leave her skirt on, since it looked so sexy on her. Ryan proceeded to take off his own clothes, until he was fully naked. He climbed on the bed and kissed his s****r.

Natalie had her arms wrapped around him and moaned into his kiss. Ryan lifted her skirt up and moved his body down. He got between her legs. His eyes widened when he saw her pussy was dripping wet.

"Hmm you were ready weren't you s*s?"

"Uh huh!" Natalie answered softly.

His tongue slowly licked up and down her long slit tasting her sweet, warm juices. "I think I'm going to drown in your honey."

She giggled. "Just taste me! Please! I want to cum in your mouth like you came in my mouth this morning."

"Well, I did make you a promise that I'd make it up to you so…yeah I'm going to taste your sweet pussy, baby."

"Ooh!" Natalie cooed.

Ryan spread her pussy lips opened and began furiously licking her swollen pink clit. Natalie was squirming all over the bed, moaning loudly. Her legs were spread wide open giving her b*****r full access to her pussy.

"Lick me! Harder! Faster! Suck my pussy!" She cried out.

Ryan stopped licking her clit and wrapped his lips around it sucking on it hard. Natalie's body quivered and within less than a minute she began to cum. Shocked, Ryan continued to suck his s****r's pussy feeling her juices wet his entire face.

"Oh my god! I'm c-cumming! I'm cumming s-so h-hard!" Natalie screamed feeling her own juices ooze out of her.

Ryan kept his lips wrapped around her clit until he felt her calm down. Her warm honey covered his mouth and down to his chin. He wiped his face and rushed up to kiss his lovely s****r. They shared her taste in their kiss while they made out like lovers.

Ryan broke the kiss and laughed softly. "Man that was quick!"

"I'm sorry," Natalie said timidly.

"There's nothing to be sorry about baby, I am just surprised you came so quickly."

"I hope that's not a bad thing. You don't know how much I wanted you today."

"I can take a guess," Ryan teased.

Natalie chuckled. She got up slowly and pushed Ryan down on his back. Ryan gasped never thinking his tiny petite s****r would have the strength to move him. She climbed on top of him grabbing his cock and was about to put it in her, but Ryan stopped her.

"Wait. Grab a condom from my nightstand, the first drawer."

Natalie leaned over and searched for a condom. She looked through several colors and picked out a blue condom.

"Here, I want to use this one because it's my favorite color," Natalie said showing him a blue condom.

Ryan laughed. "By all means baby."

Natalie opened up the package and held the rubber in her hand, almost clueless of what to do. Ryan grabbed the condom and demonstrated to her how to put it on.

"Thanks for showing me, now I know," Natalie giggled.

"That was you know because I have a feeling I'm going to be running out of condoms really quick."

"No need to worry about that. Mom said she wants to put me on the pill."

Ryan's cock twitched. "Really?"

Natalie winked. "Yup. That way we won't need rubbers. You could cum inside of me. Would you want that?"

"Oh god yes!" Ryan wailed.

Natalie let her pussy slid on Ryan's cock. She got it all inside and moved her hips slowly. "Is this the way I fuck your cock?" She asked.

"Y-yeah, for now. In a while you can start moving your pussy up and down on it."

"Mmm this feels so good! I can't wait until I get to feel you cum inside of me. I loved it when you came in my mouth this morning. I could taste you all day."

Ryan held on to her waist feeling her move her body. "You sucked me off so good! I came very hard."

"I know you did. I almost choked on your cum," Natalie said playfully.

Ryan moaned. She felt so tight, wet and ready. "Ok baby move your pussy on my cock."

Natalie's little body shifted up and down slowly. Ryan had to admit that she looked beautiful riding him. He reached up to cup her breasts in his hands.

"Oh god! Go a little faster s*s," Ryan begged.

Natalie moved faster making Ryan's cock twitch inside of her. "I can tell you like this. I like it too," she purred.

Ryan moved his hands down to her waist grabbing it and helping her move on his cock. His cock throbbed each time she slid up and down. Her juices were drowning him. "I'm so in love with you s*s," Ryan said in a shaky voice.

Natalie leaned down and the siblings shared another long wet kiss. Ryan cupped Natalie's buttocks feeling her move up and down. His body began to tense up and he knew it was time to explode.

They continued to kiss until Ryan felt his cum being released. He moaned into his s****r's kiss gripping on to her butt and keeping her body still until he was finished. He couldn't move at first. He was completely winded and his heart was racing.

Natalie slowly moved. His cock grew soft inside of her. She slid off him and laid her head on his chest. Ryan was speechless trying to find the right words to say at that beautiful moment. After what seemed to be forever Natalie was the one who spoke.

"Oh wow! That was so hot!"

"Mmm yes baby," Ryan agreed.

"I love you Ryan. I want to be the only one for you."

Ryan held her tight. "You are. You know after I dropped you off at school this morning, I bumped into Crystal."

"Uh oh."

"Yeah, but we are finished."

"Oh my god I almost forgot you had a girlfriend," Natalie giggled.

"Me too. See what you do to me!" Ryan teased.

Natalie closed her eyes and soon enough both siblings fell fast asl**p.

* * *

Carrie Reynolds walked upstairs quietly and saw her twin b*****r Keith run downstairs. She rolled her eyes knowing Keith was late for yet another date with Leanne.

"Don't say hi or anything," Carrie said sarcastically as Keith passed her by.

Keith stopped and stared into his s****r's eyes. "Hi."

Carrie scoffed. "Hurry along now to your girlfriend."

Keith ignored her and ran off.

Carrie walked upstairs to her room and threw her book bag on her bed. She turned on her radio and closed her bedroom door. She went to her window and saw Keith drive away. She began to remember the time when she and her b*****r used to be close. It wasn't until Keith joined the wrestling team his sophomore year that they became distant. He made different friends and didn't talk much to Carrie anymore.

"I miss you b*o," Carrie whispered sadly.

Her eyes got watery and she quickly looked away from the window. She'd study, even though she didn't need to. She just needed something to get her mind off Keith.

* * *

Ryan woke up, startled. He looked at the clock and it read 5:30pm.

"Shit! Hey Natalie?" He said tapping his s****r's shoulder.

"W-what?" Natalie groaned.

"Wake up baby, mom and dad should be home-"

His words cut off as he heard their parents cars pull up. "They're home now!"

Natalie gasped and quickly threw her sweater on. She gathered her boots and bra getting ready to run out of her b*****r's room. "I'll see you at dinner," she said sweetly and kissed his lips.

"Ok baby."

Ryan put on his pants and t-shirt. It had been such a close call!

"Ryan! Natalie!" Mom called out.

"H-hey mom," Ryan answered nervously.

"Hi sweetheart. Where is your s****r?"

He shrugged. "I don't know I think she's in her room studying or something."

Mom looked at Ryan puzzled. "What's that?" She asked.

The blue condom lay on the floor. Ryan's face turned beet red. "Uh nothing."

"Nothing? It looks like a condom to me. Did you have Crystal up in this house while we were gone?"

Ryan nodded. "Uh no."

"Well then, who did you use it on?"

Ryan went blank. He saw his mother's stern look and didn't want to tell her that he had just made love to his sexy s****r. "On me."

Mom raised a brow. "On you?"

"Yes. I-I masturbated and didn't want to leave a mess so I used a condom."

Mom's eyes widened. "Ok, that's a little too much information. I get it."

She walked out leaving Ryan feeling embarrassed. Ryan then got up and when he moved, he realized Natalie had left behind her white lacey panties. He grabbed them and held them in his hand. They were still wet from his s****r's juices. He was going to go give them back to her, but as he walked out to the hallway his father stood there glaring at him.

"What is the deal with telling your mother that you masturbate?"

Ryan turned red again. "Well she wanted an explanation about the condom she found on the floor and I had to tell her the truth. I know it was embarrassing."

Dad laughed. "You have guts son. I would have never told my mother that I masturbate."

Ryan smiled weakly. He held his s****r's panties in his hand behind his back.

"What do you have there?" Dad asked.

Ryan shrugged. "Nothing."

"You have something. Let me see."

Ryan sighed. "Ok. I have my boxers which are dirty is that what you want to see?"

Dad cringed. "Uh no. Sorry I asked. Dinner should be ready in half and hour so tell your s****r."

With that, he walked downstairs and Ryan headed over to Natalie's room. He knocked on the door and she quickly answered. She was fully dressed in comfortable sweat pants and matching top. Her hair was in a ponytail and she held a beautiful smile on her pretty face.

"What happened?" She whispered.

"Nothing, just that mom knows I masturbate."

Natalie giggled. "Uh oh did I get you in trouble?"

"No. I just didn't know how else to explain the condom that we left thrown on the floor."


"Yeah and here," Ryan handed her panties. "You forgot these too."

She smiled. "I know I did that on purpose."

Ryan grinned wickedly. "You little devil."

* * *

The next day, Natalie was at the library searching for a good poetry book for her English paper. She went from shelf to shelf but couldn't find anything. As she walked, she found someone staring at her. It was Carrie Reynolds. Natalie tried to avoid her but there was way around it. Carrie's stare was icy.

Natalie walked over to Carrie's table and set her poetry book down. "What?" She asked Carrie.

Carrie looked down. She seemed so shy. "Nothing. I was just wondering if the rumors were true about you and my b*****r."

Natalie put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes at Carrie. "What do you think? I bet you think I'm a slut huh?"

Carrie looked up and nodded. "No. I believe you. I'm sorry my b*****r can be a jerk sometimes."

"Sometimes? I should have known better than to go out with him."

Carrie's eyes looked sad. "I'm sorry Natalie."

Natalie sighed and took a seat with Carrie. "Hey, it's ok. I guess you're nothing like your b*****r huh?"

Carrie nodded. "He wasn't always like this you know. He used be sweet, like your b*****r."

Natalie blushed. "Yeah Ryan is very sweet. He's like a best friend to me."

"I used to be that way with Keith, but I don't know why he changed. He's really pissed about not going to prom you know."

"Yeah I imagine. Ryan's cool with it. He says prom is not a big deal."

Carrie smiled shyly. "Your b*****r is a real hottie."

Natalie giggled. "Carrie! I can't believe you just said that. Here I was thinking you were so innocent."

Carrie blushed. "I am only human."

"Your b*****r is a real hottie too, but his attitude needs to change."

"Yeah tell me about it."

Natalie smiled. "I'm sorry I have never really talked to you before. I always just thought you were this meek nerdy girl."

Carrie laughed. "I always thought you were a stuck up cheerleader."

"Well, we were both wrong huh?" Natalie asked.


* * *

"She's really sweet Ryan!" Natalie told her b*****r later on that day as they were in her room talking.

"I knew she was nice. She's very smart too."

Natalie giggled. "She said you were a hottie."

Ryan blushed. "What did you say?"

"Well, I was going to tell her to keep away because you're mine, but I had to stop myself."

Ryan pulled his s****r close and placed a long wet kiss on her lips. "I love you Natalie."

"I love you too. How will we ever keep being secret lovers?"

"Until we can no longer hide our secret."

"I can't hide it anymore! I want to tell everyone that you and I are together."

Ryan sighed. "I know, me too but let's just try to stay quiet for a while. It's for the best."

Natalie suddenly began to cry. She pulled away from her b*****r and sat down on her bed sobbing. Ryan's heart broke. He went over to comfort his s****r. He put his arms around her and stroked her hair. "What's wrong baby?"

"It just dawned on me that you're going away to college soon. I won't see you anymore for a while. I should have studied harder to go away to college with you. I know mom and dad can't afford to send me until I've done 2 years of community college."

"Hey, it's ok. I'll try to be home almost every weekend and on holidays."

"I know. It'll just be so hard without you here."

"I'll miss you so much s*s."

"I guess it's part of life huh? I bet you never expected to fall in love with your own s****r."

Ryan laughed softly. He stroked her soft hair. "No, I never planned on it. It just happened so naturally. I mean I've always loved you because you are f****y, but I never thought I'd love you like a girlfriend."

Natalie put her head on his shoulder. "This is just so wild. You know most girls dream of their wedding day and things like that, and you know what?"

Ryan kissed the top of her head. "What baby?"

"I still dream of it. Even though you and I could never get married, I still do think about you and I living as husband and wife. Silly huh?"

Ryan cupped her face making her stare up at him. "Not at all. I think about it too. You're the girl of my dreams s*s."

Natalie looked into his eyes. "I am?"

"Yes you are. You're perfect in every way, and I'm not saying that just because you're my s****r ok?"

She giggled. "Ok. I love you Ryan."

"I love you too." Ryan kissed her softly. They got a chance to make love just before mom and dad got home.

* * *

"I can't believe it Keith. You're always doing this macho act and now you and I can't go to prom!"

Carrie listened as Keith argued with Leanne, a girl he was supposed to take to the prom. They were talking outside by the school parking lot. Carrie was waiting for the baseball team to get ready to take their pictures for the yearbook. She watched as Leanne put her hands on her hips and eyed Keith.

"What do you expect? That fuckin' asshole had it coming! Come on now, I can find a way to get us to go to prom."

Leanne nodded. "No way. You might start another fight with someone else. Face it Keith, you are not going to be able to go to prom and I'm already working on a date."

Keith's eyes saddened. "You are?"

"Yes! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get going."

With that, Leanne walked past him and took off in her car. Keith stood there for a moment and then looked down. Carrie felt so bad for her b*****r. She walked over to where he was and reached up to put her hand on his shoulder.

"Keith?" She whispered.

Keith almost jumped up. "Carrie? Oh shit you scared me."


"What are you doing here? Did you just listen to my whole conversation with Leanne?'

"Yes. I'm sorry she was so mean to you."

"Carrie, just butt out of my business ok?"

Keith groaned and walked away. Carrie felt tears swell in her eyes. She only wished she could be close to her b*****r again.

* * *

"Wow, you took all these?" Natalie asked Carrie as she looked over some pictures. They were hanging out at the library during study hall.

"Yup, guilty."

"They are great! You want to be a photographer huh?"

"It's my dream, but it's a very competitive field. i'm going to an art school in New York, something my parents are still upset about because they dream of me being a lawyer instead of a photographer."

"Well, I'm sure you can do it. I still don't know what I want to do yet. I'll be stuck in community college since I don't have your brains. But I believe you can do anything you want once you set your mind to it."

"You're very confident, but then again you can be anything since you're so pretty."

Natalie blushed. "You're pretty too, you know. You just need to let your hair down more often and put a little make up on. You don't need too much since you got great skin, but some mascara and lip gloss wouldn't be so bad."

Carrie smiled shyly. "I guess. I mean I've never had a boyfriend to be honest."

Natalie gasped. "Are you serious? Oh my goodness. You have too much to learn."

"Yeah I know. I don't know much about guys."

"Well, all I can tell you is that guys like girls to be a little feminine every now and then. I mean it's cool to wear your jeans and t-shirts, but every now and then try wearing a pretty dress or skirt. Believe me, guys will notice."

"I don't own any dresses," Carrie stated.

Natalie smiled. "You know why don't you come to my house after school? Let me fix you up and then you'll really be noticed."

Carrie blushed. "Sure."

* * *

Ryan noticed female voices coming from Natalie's room. He wanted to go be with his s****r before mom and dad got home, but figured Natalie had a friend over. He knocked on the door hoping to at least be able to see his beautiful s****r.

Natalie answered the door. She wore a huge grin on her face. "Hey b*o," she said shyly.

"Hey," Ryan replied and didn't dare call her a loving name knowing someone was in the room.

"Ryan, have you met Carrie Reynolds?" Natalie asked letting the door open wider.

Ryan almost chocked when she saw Carrie standing in front of him wearing one of Natalie's spaghetti strap summer dresses. She had her hair down and parted in the middle. She finally had make up on as well but with a very natural look.

"Hi," Ryan said trying not to eye Carrie.

"Hello," Carrie replied giggling nervously.

"Wow! You look really nice. I've never seen you in a dress," Ryan said.

Natalie smiled. She felt proud. Carrie could finally feel confident and snatch herself a guy. Not Ryan of course but any other guy.

"See, even my b*****r thinks you're hot stuff."

Ryan saw Carrie blush. "Thanks. I appreciate it Natalie."

* * *

Keith was angrily changing the channels to the TV. His parents were out for the night and he was surprised Carrie wasn't home yet. He'd ask her to make him some dinner when she got home. Not that Keith hated to cook, but he knew Carrie always cooked so good.

He heard the door opening and he quickly got up. Once he took a look at her, everything changed. Carrie stood in front of Keith letting him take a good look at her. Keith looked speechless.

"Carrie?" He finally spoke.

Carrie nodded. "Yes, it's me."

"You look…different."

"Well, Natalie helped me fix myself up."

Keith frowned. "Natalie? That slut?"

Carrie narrowed her eyes at her b*****r. "She's not a slut. She's a very nice person and I suggest you quit spreading rumors about her and apologize to her."

Keith laughed. "I will not!"

"Keith, you are my b*****r, and I love you, but you are an asshole sometimes. I can't believe you would treat girls this way." Carrie felt tears streaming down her face. She didn't say anything else. Instead, she ran upstairs to her room.

* * *

Keith went over to the local burger joint to get some dinner. After having heard his own s****r call him an asshole, he didn't want to deal with her that night. He was hungry though so as he ordered his burger, something caught his eye. It looked like Ryan, but it couldn't be Ryan because the girl he was kissing looked just like Natalie! They were parked in a dark secluded area and making out like teenage lovers would.

"That can't be Natalie. It must be a girl that looks like her," Keith said. He squinted his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. The girl looked too much like Natalie. Keith got off his truck and walked slowly towards Ryan's car. He knocked on the window and Natalie gasped and quickly covered her naked breasts.

Ryan almost jumped out of the car, startled by Keith. Keith's eyes widened more. Ryan rolled down the window. "Keith?"

Keith backed away and nodded. "So your s****r is a slut huh? She's messing around with her own b*****r? That's sick! Oh man wait until the school hears about this!"

Keith ran away and got back in his truck. Ryan and Natalie knew they were doomed.

* * *

"Oh my god! Carrie! Carrie!" Keith called out as he ran upstairs.

He knocked on Carrie's door. She opened the door and her eyes were so red. It seemed as if she had been crying the entire time he was gone. "What now Keith?"

"I told you Natalie was a slut! You won't believe what I just saw!"

Carrie crossed her arms. "What did you see?"

"She was making out with Ryan! Her own b*****r! Not only that, but she was practically topless!"

Carrie sighed. "I can't believe you would make up something that…crass. I mean Natalie is a gorgeous girl, why would she want her own b*****r?"

"She's a slut I tell you!"

"Stop it Keith! I don't want o hear it! Just leave Natalie and her b*****r alone. They have never done anything to you!"

Keith scoffed. "You don't believe me? Oh man! I'm going to make sure everyone at school knows about this!"

"No you're not! I will make sure you don't!" Carrie snapped.

Keith raised a brow. "Oh? And how are YOU going to stop me?"

Carrie knew she wouldn't have the guts to do it, but this would be the only way to truly show her b*****r how much she was crazy about him. "Because if you do, then you'll just have to tell them about us."

Keith looked confused. "About us? What the hell do you mean?"

Carrie took a deep breath. "I mean about this…" She reached up and placed her lips on her b*****rs.

Keith was shocked! Carrie was actually kissing him? Why was she doing that? Why wasn't he stopping her? He found himself letting his tongue slide into his s****r's mouth and kiss her like he would kiss a girlfriend. Carrie felt her heart pounding. She couldn't believe she had actually had the courage to kiss her b*****r, like she always fantasized.

He was an incredible kisser, she had to admit. He placed his hands on her waist and she wrapped her arms around his waist. They began to make out passionately forgetting they were siblings. Keith found himself numb not being able to stop the kiss. He knew it was wrong but why did his s****r's body feel so good pressed against his?

Carrie wondered what Keith would say after the kiss. Would he want her more or would he just freak? She didn't want him to get scared. She only wanted to show him how much she loved him.

Keith found it almost hard to breathe. He was the one to break the kiss and pulled himself away from Carrie. His cock was rock hard and yet he felt an ounce of anger. He had liked that kiss a little too much.

Both stood looking at each other. Carrie was trying to catch her own breath. Her entire body was on fire. Keith looked away feeling slight shame for having a hard cock. He didn't say anything else. He just slowly walked away and locked himself in his room.

* * *

Ryan looked over his yearbook. He glanced through the pages filled with so many memories. He knew high school would be over soon, not to mention seeing his beautiful s****r every day as well. Natalie walked into his room since he had the door opened. Ryan flipped over on his back and smiled at his s****r.

"Hey beautiful. What's up?"

She looked down. "I'm scared that Keith will start rumors about us. It's bad enough that you got suspended from school, but now this might ruin your chances to go to college."

Ryan laughed. "A guy spreading rumors about me is not going to ruin anything. All we have to do is deny it. Keith needs to grow up."

Natalie went and sat next to her b*****r. "I know. I'm scared he's also going to tell Carrie and she will not want to be friends with me anymore."

"I don't think Carrie will believe him. I mean would you believe it if someone told you that Keith and Carrie were lovers?"

Natalie smiled weakly. "I guess not. You're right. No one will believe Keith." Natalie then looked at his yearbook. She lay next to him and put her head on his shoulder. Ryan moved closer and softly kissed his s****r on the lips. It was a beautiful gentle kiss. Both siblings had no idea they had left the door wide open and that mom and dad were standing at the door.

"Ahem!" Mom said clearing her throat.

Natalie quickly jumped out of the bed and Ryan closed his yearbook and sat up. "M-mom!" He said nervously.

"What's going on?" Dad asked.

Natalie had to think fast. "We were just looking at his yearbook."

"No you were not. You were kissing your b*****r," Mom shot back.

Ryan laughed. "Yeah, so what? Can't b*****r and s****r kiss?"

Dad raised a brow. "Yes but not like that. What's going on?"

"I kissed him like that because I will miss him when he goes away to college. He's my best friend you know," Natalie replied sadly.

Mom looked apologetic. "Aww sweetheart." She walked over to Natalie and hugged her. "I know I'll miss Ryan too."

"We all will," Dad added.

"See? So there is no need to fret over our kiss. It was just a nice b*****r and s****r kiss," Ryan said.

Dad laughed. "Alright anyway, we both came up to see if you two were asl**p.

"I'm on my way to bed dad," Natalie said hurrying out of the room.

Dad followed her.

Ryan got up and took off his shoes. Mom stood for a moment and smiled at her son. "I know how Natalie feels. You are so wonderful Ryan. I'm really going to miss you."

Ryan smiled and gave his mom a hug. "I'll miss you too mom. You're the best."

Ryan was about to pull away when mom pulled him close again and kissed his lips. It was just a normal peck that soon enough grew into a wet kiss. Ryan was shocked his own mom was kissing him like Natalie would. She was an awesome kisser, kissing him very seductively. Her tongue searched his and Ryan felt weak having no other choice than to kiss his mom back. She pressed her petite body against his making it hard not to get a boner. After a long wet kiss, mom pulled back and blushed.

"Sorry, I guess I got carried away like your s****r did huh?"

Ryan was speechless. "Uh huh."

"Sorry. Well, go to bed now. You go back to school tomorrow."

With that, she walked away happily humming and swaying her hips, making Ryan drool.

* * *

"Keith? Keith?" Carrie knocked on her b*****r's door a few minutes later.

Keith paced his room. He wanted to open the door but was afraid he might want to kiss his s****r again. But her sweet soft voice was breaking his heart. He waited a few seconds before answering the door. Carrie stood there wearing the sexy spaghetti strap dress and barefoot. Her hair was down and looked so ready to be stroked.

"Yeah?" Keith asked avoiding looking into her eyes.

"Keith, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you away. I just…I don't know I did something stupid. Forgive me."

Keith frowned and looked at his s****r. "You think kissing me was…stupid?"

Carrie shrugged. "Well…"

"I didn't think it was. I just freaked that's all. I mean you are my s****r, you know."

"Yes I know."

"Look, it was a one time thing ok? Let's just not bring it up anymore. Just to be on the safe side you know."

Carrie nodded. She looked down and turned to go back to her room. Suddenly, she felt Keith's hand grab her arm and pull her back into his room. Carrie gasped and watched him lock his door. His eyes were filled with lust. He moved closer to her and put his arms tightly around her body. Soon enough they were kissing again. This time it the kiss was hotter and wetter.

"Mmm!" Carrie moaned into the kiss.

Keith picked her up and went to lay her on his bed. Carrie stared up at him as he peeled off his t-shirt. His body was incredible from all those years of being in wrestling. He laid on top of her being very careful not to hurt her. His lips trailed kisses down her neck softly sucking on it.

"I love you Keith," Carrie blurted out softly.

He stared into her eyes and brushed her hair away from her face. "I love you too. You're so beautiful."

Carrie's heart fluttered. "You really think I'm beautiful?"

"I always have. I always will."

"I'm so in love with you. You're the one I've always wanted."

Keith kissed her lips softly. "I want to be with you tonight. Have you had sex yet?"

"If I say I have?" Carrie teased.

Keith smirked. "I'll have to find out with who and kick his ass."

Carrie giggled. "I haven't."

"Do you want to? I mean with me? Tonight?"

"Yes. More than anything."

Keith placed his head on her chest hearing her heartbeat. He'd never been this excited around any other girl. Carrie was everything he could ever want. She was caring, smart, beautiful, and his own lovely s****r. What else could a guy ask for?

Carrie stroked her b*****r's hair. "Be with me Keith."

Keith looked up. "I am. I was just enjoying you for a second. I never though we'd be like this."

"Neither did I. I'm glad I kissed you tonight."

"So am I. I guess Ryan is not a bad guy after all and neither is Natalie huh?"

Carrie chucked. "No, they are both very nice. Did you really see them kiss tonight or was it just something you wanted to spread around?"

"I saw them kiss. I honestly did."

"Ooh!" Carrie purred.

"You liked that?"

"Yessss! Imagining them kissing is making me…hot."

Keith blushed. "Watching them kissing kinda made me hot and a bit jealous that I hadn't done that with you."

"Mmm!" Carrie moaned.

Keith slowly pulled down the straps of her dress revealing her perky b-cup breasts. He stared, mesmerized by their beauty.

"I know I'm probably flatter than most girls you date."

"Fuck those other girls. You're the one I love. You have very nice breasts s*s." He said squeezing on them. His thumbs rubbed on her nipples slowly making them hard.

"That f-feels good," Carrie whispered.

"How about this?" Keith asked before diving in and taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

"Oh my god!" Carrie gasped.

Keith took turns going from one breast to the other. Her body was so delicious. He couldn't wait to see his s****r completely naked. He wanted to be able to touch every part of her body. He pulled her dress down more letting her flat tummy be exposed. He placed kisses on it and licked own past her belly button. He placed on hand on her lower back to raise her up slightly and let the dress fall off her body.

Carrie let her b*****r take control of her. He knew what he was doing. She was going to let him take away her virginity and love him. He stood up again and this time began to take off his pants. Carrie stared, almost unable to move. His pants came off quickly and then his boxers. He stood in front of her with his big hard cock ready to deflower her.

"Wow!" Carrie sighed as she stared at her b*****r's cock.

"I hope you don't think I'm small," Keith said playfully.

"Oh no! You are just right. I hope this doesn't hurt too much."

"I promise not to make it hurt. I will never hurt you."

Carrie smiled. Keith climbed back on the bed with her and pulled her panties down. He was shocked that she shaved her pussy. Her feminine scent excited him.

"I'm going to please you first," he rasped.

Before Carrie could respond she felt his mouth on her pussy. It was so warm. His hot breath between her legs and his tongue flicking on her clit was all she needed. Carrie moaned loudly and spread her legs more.

"Keith Oh Keith!" She cried out. "I love you b*****r of mine."

Keith was drowning in her juices. He'd never been with a girl that got so wet so fast. He looked up and watched his s****r's face fill with pleasure. He couldn't wait to make her cum on his tongue. He dipped his tongue inside of her feeling her tightness. She was definitely a virgin.

"Get your tongue in me! P-please!" Carried urged.

Keith dipped it in more sliding it in and out.

"Oh my god!" Carrie shouted. "I'm going to c-cum!"

Keith was shocked his s****r was ready to orgasm. He left his tongue inside of her and let her explode all over his tongue. Her juices oozed out quickly almost making him choke. He got up and raced to kiss her. They kissed sharing her taste.

"I'm sorry I came so quickly. That was just so…oh wow!"

Keith smiled proudly. "I'm glad I could please you."

"Make love to me Keith. Pop my cherry," Carrie implored.

Keith's cock twitched. "You sure you ready for this?"

"More than I'll ever be. I want you to make me a woman. Your woman."

Keith didn't hesitate any longer. He grabbed a condom from his nightstand and quickly put it on. He positioned himself between his s****r's legs and slowly began to slide his cock inside making sure not to hurt her. Carrie closed her eyes trying to avoid the slight discomfort. Keith was amazed how easily his cock was sliding in because of how wet Carrie was.

"I'm in all the way now Carrie. Are you ok?" Keith asked.

Carrie opened her eyes. She smiled. "Yes. Now make love to me."

Keith slid in and out of his s****r slowly at first. She felt so incredible underneath him. Her legs wrapped around his waist pulling him closer to her. They kissed fervently as they made love.

* * *

The next day, Ryan and Natalie went to school together. Natalie was glad her b*****r was back but feared the Keith would start rumors about her and Ryan. They walked down the hallways finding it so hard not to hold hands. Natalie went on to her classroom and Ryan was at his locker taking out his morning class books. He felt someone tap his shoulder. He looked around and realized the hallway was almost empty. Then he saw Keith.

"What now?" Ryan asked in an angry tone.

Keith stood back. "Hey, no need to get defensive here. I just wanted to apologize for last night. What I saw will be a secret."

Ryan raised a brow. "How come I don't believe you?"

Keith shrugged. "I don't know, maybe because I'm an asshole."

Ryan laughed. "No need to be so hard on yourself."

"I still think you're a geek though," Keith said playfully.

Ryan held out his hand. "Thanks."

Keith shook his hand. "No, thank you."

Ryan looked confused. "For what?"

"Uh nothing just thank you," Keith said. He couldn't stop from smiling remembering the previous night when he took his s****r's virginity.

* * *

"Well, our b*****rs are back in school. I hope they don't fight," Natalie said to Carrie as they had lunch together outside.

"I don't think they will," Carrie said smiling to herself.

"Listen, if Keith says anything that involves me and my b*****r…just know that …it's a lie," Natalie said feeling awful for denying her love for her b*****r.

"I think he mentioned something last night but I know it's not true, or is it?" Carrie asked curiously.

Natalie almost choked on her diet coke. "W-what did he say?"

"That you and your b*****r were making out."

Natalie was about to deny everything but she knew sooner or later everyone would find out that she and Ryan were in love. "It is true," Natalie said looking down in shame.

"Really? Because Keith and I…well, we made love last night."

Natalie was speechless. "A-are you serious?"

Carrie turned red. "Yes."

"My goodness Carrie Reynolds! I'm really shocked now!"

Carrie scoffed. "Why are you shocked, sweetheart you are just as guilty as I am."

Natalie giggled. "I know."

"Hey s*s, you ready to go home?" Ryan asked Natalie after school.

Natalie was walking with Carrie. She had a wicked grin to her pretty face. "I am ready."

"Carrie! Carrie did you need a ride?" Keith called out from the other side of the parking lot.

Carrie nodded and waved goodbye to Natalie and Ryan. Afterwards Natalie giggled. Ryan was confused.

"What are you laughing about?"

"I know something you don't know."

"Oh yeah? Well? Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to tickle you until you do?"

Natalie narrowed her eyes at her b*****r. "Don't you dare tickle me. You know I hate that!"

Ryan laughed. "Ok then, tell me."

"Carrie and Keith are lovers just like you and I are!"

Ryan gasped. "No way!"


"What a week this is turning out to be. First you and I become more sexually active than I have ever been with any other girl. Then mom makes out with me, and now Keith and Carrie are lovers?"

Natalie was laughing but stopped. "Wait a minute! Mom made out with you?"

Ryan turned red. "Well, not really she just gave me this really long kiss."

Natalie frowned. "How dare she hit on my man. Now I'm really jealous."

Ryan put his arm around her. "Don't be. You know I love you."

"Yeah but mom is like so pretty!"

"Yes, but YOU'RE mine."

Natalie sighed. "Good to know. I was beginning to think I was going to have to compete with mom."

Ryan laughed. "Let's get home. It's been quite a day."

* * *

"Well, I guess it's time to say goodbye huh?" Natalie asked Ryan.

He was finishing up packing his bags to go away to college. He nodded sadly. "I'm afraid so but not for long. I'll be here not this weekend but the next. I promise."

"I know I'll just miss you so much," Natalie pouted.

Ryan held her and kissed her softly. "I'll miss you too baby."

Just then mom and dad walked in. "Ok you two time for Ryan to go. My baby boy must leave his home," mom said sadly.

Natalie smiled deviously. "Dad, let's take these bags down to the car so mom and son can say their goodbye's."

Ryan's eyes widened. Dad and Natalie left. Mom turned to Ryan and hugged him tightly. "I will miss you and call me every night if you can."

"I will mom," Ryan said sweetly looking into his mother's eyes which reminded him so much of Natalie's.

She reached up and kissed him again. They shared another long wet kiss, which made Ryan's toes curl.

* * *

After dropping Ryan off at school, Natalie stayed with him for a little while to say her goodbyes.

"You sneaky girl, you knew mom was going to kiss me again didn't you?"

Natalie giggled. "You liked it too I bet."

Ryan blushed. "Come here!" He pulled his s****r close to him. He kissed her tenderly. Just then, the door opened and Ryan and Natalie quickly broke their kiss. Ryan knew it would be his roommate, but he never imagined it would be…Keith!

"Hey!" Keith yelled.

Carrie stood behind him. "I guess you two are going to be roommates. Should make it more interesting to visit our b*****rs huh Natalie?"

Natalie smiled. "This IS going to be fun!"

Keith and Ryan high fived each other. Soon enough they four would have fun filled i****t weekends to look forward to.

The End
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3 months ago
Great story! Thanks.
1 year ago
Thumbs up! Just wished there would be' more reasoning, other than the usual "howcanitbewrongwhenitfeelssoright" in this kind of stories
1 year ago
Jeeeesz H, this story is so fanfuckingtasticly heart warming, and compassionate, and exotic, and so gloriously earth shatteringly beautiful it almost defies words. The writing is so smooth and very vividly expressed that the images and visuals are as close to realty as the characters of a 3-D movie!!

The writer has done a superby and flawless productions as to be as masterful as any blue ribbon winner.

We now have "Defending s*s CH 01-02"!!! We now impose upon the writer of this epic to provide his dedicated readers with CH's 03, 04, 05....!! The sequel(s) could take Ryan and Natalie, and Keith and Carrie (in all honesty my son is named Keith and my daughter is named Ryan--honest injun!) through their college years, double dating, restaurants, movies, camping, hiking, summer cruise, etc.! They graduate, the girls legally change their last names to their mother's maiden names, and get married. Then they start families, stay friends, and have two, three, four children each. That's enough for at least two or three sequels!!!
2 years ago
The blossoming of love is so heart-warming it makes my balls flutter; the blossoming of incestual love puts my heart, and soul, into such heavenly bliss, words fail!

Things are always darkest just before the dawn of a new day. Love is that way. This story is the epotime of that kind of new-dawn-rising love of two sets of brother and sister twins. Words have beautifully woven this story that is so filled with class, feelings, compassion! This story is SUPERB and TOPNOTCH!!
2 years ago
a very nice sweet story,thanks for sharing.
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amazing story
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This was another fantastic story.
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terrific story
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best fuckin story ever
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this is the longest thing ive read in a while i freaking love it amazing job
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wow hot story, yes will there be more?
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Great story. Will there be more?
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killer story.