Bachelor party slut wife

I’m Sonya, a white slut housewife with a cuck hubby and an insatiable appetite for big cocks and mass quantities of hot cum filling all of my orifices. I’ve decided to share my latest experience with all of you since I’m too fucking sore to do anything else!!

It began Friday night when I was e****ted to my hubbies friends bachelor party to be the evenings entertainment for the men. Now I have been gangfucked many times before by various sized groups of guys. 30 men at a bachelor party about a year ago was the largest number of guys I’d done in a night. All I was told as I was being taken to this past weekends encounter was that it involved more guys than I’d done before in a group scenario. First let me tell you about me. I stand 5’7” tall and weigh 126lbs. My measurements are 34C-25-37 I have naturally light brown hair but that changes quite often! (just to make some of my regular guys feel like their with a new whore) When I’m out on the prowl for strange cocks to fuck me I always end up with one or more black cocks as they are my favorite! My hubby normally sets me up with blacks also but more often than not my gangbangs are a mixture of all colors, which is fine, I’m a slut and cock is cock! Though I do prefer big black dicks I very seldom say no to any man wanting in my panties! I’ve been told many times by men that they can’t believe a woman as gorgeous as me gives herself so freely to so many men to use and abuse as they wish. SHIT!! Don’t pretty women fuck too?

On to my encounter, when we left the house at 5 p.m. I was scantily clad in a super sheer white blouse with no bra my nipples were hard in the cold air and the dark circles showed clearly though the flimsy fabric. I wore a sheer white mini that barely covered my clean shaven pussy when standing up and let everything show when I’d bend over! The only other apparel I wore was some thigh high stockings and 6’ stilettos. I wore heavy makeup and as my hubby said I looked like a real fucking tramp!

There were only a handful of guys there when we arrived 3 of whom I recognized from more than one of my hubbies Wednesday night poker parties, one of them being the guest of honor Sean. As we entered the huge suite Sean and a tall very attractive black guy approached us, shaking Rick’s hand (Rick is my hubby) and giving me a hug as we engaged in small talk I could feel every eye in the room upon my scantily clad body, my nipples still poking out under the sheer blouse and the elastic bands of my thigh highs exposed below the hem of my mini. Sean said he needed to speak to my hubby and told me to go with Chuck (the tall black guy) and he would explain to me what I would be doing when the party got into full swing. As Chuck and I walked across the suite towards a large bar the other mens eyes followed my every step, after we passed the tables they were seated at I intentionally dropped my lighter, stopping I bent at the waist to pick it up which allowed my short skirt to give them an unobstructed view of my bare ass and I’m sure shaved pussy lips were also in their view, I heard a couple of Wows! And one guy say “look at that whores ass, wouldn’t you love to stick your dick in that”? Now at the bar Chuck explained to me that I would be a barmaid for a short time anyway he didn’t think it would take long at all before the guys had me stretched out on a padded table in the center of the room!

Chuck then told me to follow him again and we headed down a hallway and went into a large bedroom where he turned and said “okay beautiful, let’s get you changed, get rid of the skirt and top” his large hands reached towards me and untied the knot at the bottom of my halter top then peeled it back off of my shoulders and I let it slide down my arms and onto the floor behind me then unsnapping the front of my skirt let it fall to my feet and I stood before him wearing only thigh highs and my heels. I stepped out of the skirt as my right hand reached out and I began rubbing the rapidly growing bulge in his trousers. He bent forward as we stared into each others eyes and as his lips met mine with a deep passionate kiss I felt myself melting in his strong arms, it seemed like several minutes before the kiss ended and I found myself undoing the snap and zipper on his slacks as I knelt in front of him. I pulled down his slacks then his briefs, his still growing cock now released from it’s confines was only inches from my face and in no time was on it’s way down my hungry throat. With my hands on his tight muscular ass cheeks I pulled my self into him until his bulbous cock head slipped past the resistance point in my throat, my nose nestled into his kinky pubic hairs and his entire length down my throat I was startled by a bright flash of light and looking from the corner of my eye saw Sean and my hubby, Rick had just taken a pic of me sucking on Chuck’s huge dick! “getting started a bit early aren’t we?” said Rick. Pulling my face from the tasty cock I was devouring I said, “just loosening up my jaw honey” I then went back to what I had been doing with vigor and a couple minutes later was rewarded with Chuck’s sweet load finding it’s way to my hungry tummy as I swallowed every drop. I stood up and gazing into Chuck’s eyes gave him a devilish smile and told him to regain his strength because I expected him to fuck me before the night was over!

The outfit I was given to wear while serving drinks to the crowd was nothing more than a small white apron that wasn’t even long enough to completely cover my moist pussy lips! The apron, my thigh high stockings and 6” stiletto heels was all I wore as I was e****ted to the bar and introduced to the bartender, another black man who was also the bartender at a smaller lounge I go to a couple times a week to relax with a drink or two while waiting to be propositioned and hussled out the door to be fucked in someones back seat or driven to a motel to have my holes pounded and cum filled by one or more hard cocks! The bartender either by himself or with several of his black friends has locked the doors at closing time so I could be stripped and fucked silly on the bar, table tops, pool tables, you name it in there and I’ve been fucked on it more than once! He served me several shots of Cuervo Gold with salt and lime which I downed just before I heard someone tell for a cocktail waitress. As I walked through the door into the large room it was a bit cool, my nipples stood erect as my breasts swayed with my steps! My god the room had filled up, there were guys in nearly every chair, and now aware of my presence I could feel their stares burning into my flesh. Most of them were drinking beer from the kegs in there but one guy grabbed my arm as I walked past him and asked for a bottle of Jack Daniels and some coke. I went to the bar and asked for it and did another shot while I waited, then returned to the table to deliver it. For the next hour I was back and forth with drinks for several of the guys who weren’t into beer. By now they were all staring at the huge flat panel TV on the wall I turned to see a cute, petite blonde being groped and made airtight by 6 hung black guys! I felt my pussy getting wetter instantly and couldn’t keep from slipping my hand under the tiny apron to begin fingering my clit. A hand grabbed my arm and I turned to see Chuck he led me through the dimly lit room to the padded table I’d seen earlier only now, Sean the groom to be was sitting on watching the action on the screen as he rubbed his stiff dick through his slacks. I wasted no time in releasing his engorged cock from his slacks and boxers and began sucking him. As my mouth worked on his cock hands began touching me everywhere, fingers probed my pussy and ass. Sean got off the table and lifted me onto it, then undressed quickly. After rolling a condom over the length of his member he got on the table and forcing my legs apart got between them and pressed his cock head against my now soaking cunt lips. In one smooth push he was buried balls deep inside me and began fucking me fast and hard. My hands were placed on other cocks so I could stroke them, others were shoved into my face wanting to be sucked. Sean held me tight as we rolled over to get me on top of him so one of the others would have access to my hot butt and in no time it was filled with hot, hard meat too. I felt Sean’s cock begin throbbing in my pussy as he filled the condom he wore with his hot spunk and soon after my mouth was being filled with cum and I swallowed it down greedily while the cock in my ass pumped into me harder and faster filling his rubber with his load. I rolled off of Sean and as he got off of the table a black guy took his place, after smearing lube all myself I swung a leg over the black guy and reaching back between my legs took hold of his thick latex covered pole and guided it to my pussy guiding the head into the wet opening then sat down making it disappear into my depths. Again another fat cock entered my ass as 2 more pushed into my open mouth others were being rubbed against my face, arms, back and everywhere possible! As the guys fucking me dumped their loads they were quickly replaced by a fresh hard cock eager to relieve itself of it’s creamy load also.

It was almost 5:a.m. before my now gaping holes were left vacant, naked guys were still surrounding me. As I looked around me I noticed that a smaller table beside me was covered with sperm coated condoms along with a wine glass that the guys had emptied their rubbers contents into! It was over half full of gooey fuck juice. Reaching out I took the glass from the table and laying on my back opened my mouth and tipping the glass slowly poured it’s contents out some of it going in my mouth which I swallowed down as they watched me and the rest running all over my face and chest! I’m sure they all just about shit when I did that!

There was a total of 39 guys there that fucked me according to the guest list but I counted 51 cum soaked condoms so some of them came back for seconds. I loved every minute of being used by all of them and am looking forward to doing an even larger group in the future.
97% (47/1)
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What a slut!
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that going to be ecstasy of cocks
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very good
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Hot Story;)5/5