My Hot and Horny Mother In-Law

Hey there everyone! My name is Mark and this is my first story that I’m submitting on here. I have many encounters that I want to put up here. The majority of them are true. I’m 6’5’’ 250 pounds, light brown hair, brown eyes, nice build. The first story that I’m submitting is the first encounter I had with my mother in-law a few years ago. I am happily married but not faithfully married. I most of the time think with the wrong head. I only cheat on my wife if it has to pertain with fantasies becoming reality i.e. Sex with my mother in-law, sex at work, sex with my professor, sex with a student, sex with my doctor…. But like I said this is my first story and all feed back will be greatly appreciated. This is a true story.

My mother in-law, Gloria, and I work your average 8am-4pm jobs. Our spouses work the late shift, which they don’t get home till around 9:30 –10:00. Since we live a few houses down the road from each other we usually eat dinner and watch TV and stuff like that to pass the time. Gloria is a 51 year old Hispanic woman, 5’6’’ 150 pounds very pretty face and a great body for her age. She has nice natural D breasts with just a little sag to them, and a big round butt. During the summer here in Arizona it can be unbearable and a dip in the pool is a necessity. Today was no different from that.

I got home from work called Gloria and told her I was going to jump in the pool. “ That’s a great idea I’m almost home. I’ll meet you out there.” Gloria said.

Sweet!! I thought. I always loved to go swimming when Gloria was around cause she always looked so good in her bikini’s, especially her pink one that tied on the sides of the bottoms. When she wore her pink one, there was little material to hold her in it. Her tits hung out of it. I changed and ran over to her house to jump in the pool. I was there for 5 minutes when Gloria came out with a towel around her so I couldn’t see what bikini she was wearing. We chatted for a few minutes as she doodled around. She complained about how hot it was and then took off her towel. She was wearing the pink bikini!! Watching her walk to the side of the pool where the steps are was amazing as always. I watched her ass shake from side to side and her breasts jiggle just enough for me to get a semi. She stood half way in the pool and started to put sunscreen oil on. I loved it cuz she didn’t miss one part of her body. I watched without trying to stare as she rubbed it on her shoulders, stomach, face, and lastly the top of her breasts. Watching her rubbing herself got me fully hard. With a nice and thick 8-inch cock sticking straight out, it isn’t hard to notice. After a minute she asked me to rub some on her back, which I would’ve been happy to do if it wasn’t for the boner I had in my swim trunks. I swam up behind her trying to conceal the stiffness she created. I stood behind her and started to rub it on her upper back

“Don’t forget my lower back this time Mark.” She said as she bent over a little so it would be easier for me to rub it on just above her ass. After I finished, she quickly turned around and started to offer me some sunscreen, but mid way through the sentence she saw what I was trying to hide.

“Let me put some oil on…………Oh wow.” Was how she finished the sentence and quickly turned away. I immediately started to apologize, when she turned to face me and asked why I had a hard on. “I don’t know.” was all I was embarrassingly able to answer.

“You have to have it for some reason.” “I was just checking out your body while you were putting on the lotion”

“What is so arousing to watch?” she said “Honestly, I was looking at your breasts. There are so nice” I responded

She looked back down at my hard on and smirked. “ Well, your cock looks pretty nice too, from what I can see with your shorts on.” she said.

She then looked me I the face and said, “ Lets make a deal. Real quickly I’ll show you my tits if you show me your cock.” With out hesitation I pulled started to untie my trunks. Without even thinking about it I took them completely off and stood in front of her stark naked with a full on erection. As I stood there staring at her still covered tits, she was hungrily staring at my cock. She reached her hand out and started to rub and stroke my dick. “Wow this is big!” was all she was able to say. I then reached out and started to rub her titties. Taken over by the heat of the moment she asked,” would it be ok if I sucked it for a little bit?” “Take off your bikini and we can do what ever you want.” I replied. As I watched her strip I sat back on the pool deck and enjoyed the view of her bending over and rubbing herself briefly. As she untied her bottoms and removed them I saw the nicest trimmed and puffy pussy I have ever seen. She came over to me and bent over taking half of my cock in her mouth. She sucked me for 10 minutes while I played with her tits. I coldn’t take it anymore and told her that I was gonna cum. She stopped and realized what we were doing. “ I m sorry Mark, I don’t know what came over me. I think its just how big and beautiful your dick is. I just wanted to suck it.” I told her everything would be alright. She didn’t seemed convinced and was a little worried. I told her to bend over the side. As she did I saw her big ass in the air and her wet pussy aching for attention I immediately went to work licking her entire slit. She quivered everytime I would tease her clit with my tongue. She would beg for more each time. With her ass in the air and me eating her pussy I decided to see how kinky she is by slowing licking her pussy slit all the way up to her asshole. She shook and said, “ oh my god that feels so good.” I continued to lick her ass and started to finger her with two fingers. As she moaned in pleasure she started to convulse and orgasmed for over 30 seconds. Breathless she turned around and spread her legs telling me, “Stick your cock as far as you can inside me.”

I then proceeded to slowly insert the tip of my cock in her pussy. I then with full f***e thrust it all the way inside her. With a yelp followed by a moan she begged for more. I continued to pump my cock inside her for 10 minutes until she yelled ou that she was cumming again. As I felt her lips tighten around my cock I gave one last thrust and she went limp. “I can’t believe how good that feels Mark. I want more and I want to cum too.” After she said this she got on all fours and rubbed her pussy juices on her asshole and stuck a finger in. I watched her do this for a second before she told me, “ Stick it slowly in my ass, I’ve never done this before but it felt so good when you were licking it.”

I slowly put my cock in her ass taking a few minutes to relax it enough to fully get it all in. After I got it in, she softly groaned andtold me to fuck her as hard as I could. Pumping away at her ass, watching her big cheeks bounce with every thrust, I didn’t last long and told her I was going to cum. I pulled out and she immediately turned around and took all 8 inches in her mouth. She started to suck me again and told me to shoot my cum down her throat. As she deep throated me again I tensed up and with immense f***e I could feel myself shooting every ounce of cum I had into her mouth. Not one drop fell out and she grinned and looked pleased. “We have to do this way more often.” Was all she managed to say afterwards. As we got out of the pool I told her I would be over after work the next day. “Great! Since you like my body so much I’ll wear something special.”

More chapters and more stories coming soon…next story my first threesome with my wife and her best friend.
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8 months ago
loved it!!!
2 years ago
Fucking hot
2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
Thanks, loved reading it. Hoping you will add more chapters about your MIL!
2 years ago
2 years ago
3 years ago
Great Story I Love Mature Sex Especially Mother
In-Law And Grandma
They Always Know Just What It Is That They Want And Are Not Afraid To Be Straight And To The Point Either
Bob !!!
3 years ago
you lucky man
3 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
Wow are you one lucky guy.
You got to fill all her holes on the first time.
Wish I lived near your Mother in Law.

Cant wait to read other stories from you.
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
good story, look forward to more
3 years ago
Sounds like a prelude to even more fun.