My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 17: Katie the Good Neigh

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 17
Katie the Good Neighbor

Mrs. Jackson stood in her kitchen and stared out the window towards Phil Dorman's house. It had been a few weeks since his release from the hospital and while the neighborhood rejoiced at his return; the hot married wife felt nauseated. Everyday during the past week Phil had called or knocked on her door; she never answered as she knew what he would say or try to do to her. His words echoed in her head from the answering machine of what he was going to tell her husband. Katie hoped if she just ignored his messages that he would eventually go away.

She regretted every moment of what happened between them. She regretted helping Sheila at the hospital, she regretted bringing home the file to show her husband, and she regretted going over to his house on multiple occasions. The sexy wife couldn’t believe she had allowed herself to taken by both Phil and his lawyer Norman. The wife closed her eyes and wished everything was a dream but the only thing that came up was the thought of Phil spraying his hot large loud into her mouth at the hospital. She shook her head as she hoped to remove those thoughts.

Katie took a sip of her morning coffee as she stared at the pile of bills that had mounted on their counter. She prayed that her interview would go well today for a teller position at a local bank. She was overqualified for the job but they needed to pay the bills plus it would get her out of the house and away from Phil.

As her husband read the morning paper she went upstairs to get dressed. She slowly put on her sheer nylons and a thigh length tan skirt that clung tightly around her small waist. Katie turned slightly and admired her appearance in the mirror. Her light blue blouse accented her perfect round small breasts. She gazed at that mirror with confidence that she would get the job. Her long brown hair hung past her shoulders as she gently applied her lipstick. She paused and remembered how much her husband loved when she applied it before going down on him. The loving wife couldn’t wait to get her husband’s cock between her lips again.

As she strolled downstairs she watched as her husband pulled the garbage cans down the driveway to the curb. She loved him so much and paused at the window to reflect on what she had done behind his back. He had worked hard and put in long hours to make ends meet. Their sex life had lagged for the past month because of Fred's long work schedule. By the time her husband came home he was exhausted from work and fell asl**p quickly. The sexy wife knew her husband needed his rest but the thought of him spraying his seed onto her tongue made her salivate. Katie loved the warm salty taste of his manhood as she felt it erupt into her mouth, across her tongue, and down her throat. The hot wife's pussy trembled as she looked down at her watch and wished she had time to give her husband a quick blowjob or for him to plant his cock deep into her.

Katie convinced herself once her interview was completed she would call her husband and beg him to come home. If he couldn’t she would set up the laptop on her bed, put on a sex video, and get herself off with her dildo. She felt moisture between her legs at the thought of turning on a video that involved two men taking advantage of one woman.

As she walked into the kitchen, out of the corner of her eye, Katie saw Fred speaking to somebody by the curb as Phil rolled into view down the sidewalk in his wheelchair towards him. Her stomach knotted as panic raced through her body of what Phil could possibly divulge. Her hands shook as the minutes passed as she watched and hoped to not see her husband's expression turn to rage.

Unable to take anymore torment of not knowing what they were discussing, she quickly put on her high heeled shoes and walked outside onto the porch, "Fred, you need to get the k**s to school," she hollered. After a few minutes her husband continued to speak with Phil. She walked down the steps of the porch and approached both men, “Fred?”

"I know," as husband glanced back at his wife, "Phil asked if I could give him a ride to therapy as the taxi cab fare was going to get expensive. We're just trying to figure something out."

Katie glared down at Phil, "Can't you drive? Is something wrong with your car?" In a tone that sounded condescending and almost rude.

Phil grinned up at the sexy wife, "I would love to but the doctor won't let me," motioning to her husband, "I hoped to catch a ride with Fred."

"I would Phil but I have to get the k**s to school," the loving husband looked over at his wife, "But I'm sure Katie wouldn't mind."

"Really?" Phil beamed and looked into the married lady’s beautiful hazel eyes, "that would be so nice!"

Katie folded her arms across her chest as she looked at Fred and down to her watch, "I..I,” she stuttered, “I don't think I'll have time today."

"Your interview isn't until 10:00, right?" her husband asked.

Phil perked up in his chair, "Interview?"

Fred looked back down at his disabled neighbor, "Katie has an interview at the Bank of Kansas City."

Katie glared at her husband, "Fred? School!" Growing impatient with him but was more worried about the wheelchair bound neighbor.

Mr. Dorman stirred in his chair as he looked at his neighbors, "Which branch? Maybe I could go in and give a reference?"

Katie tugged on Fred's arm, "they are going to be late."

"Down at the Plaza, the one on Madison," as he pulled his arm away from his wife and looking down at his watch, "I have time Katie; calm down."

Fred glanced at his hot wife and back down towards his neighbor. He wanted to be helpful after all the years of ignoring Phil, "You have plenty of time to drop Phil off and get to the bank."

Katie was stunned and knew her options were limited without making a scene, "Sure," as she clenched her teeth, "What time?"

Phil grinned up at the happy couple, "Are you sure you don't mind?" clearing his voice, "I don't want Katie to do anything that you wouldn't want her want to do."

"It's no problem Phil. That's what good neighbors are for!" Fred pleasantly replied.

The old man gleamed with excitement, "I'll see you in a half hour?”

Katie tried to hold back her feelings of rage, "Sure, just roll on over when you're ready," as she turned and walked away and yelled for the k**s to get into the car.

Fred ran up behind Katie as she walked up the driveway, "Is everything okay?"

Katie quickly changed her tone not wanting her husband to suspect anything, "It's just...” pausing between her words, "I don't want to waste our gas. Money's tight right now,” and as she looked into her husband's eyes and quietly whispered, "And I don't want him to take advantage of us."

"We'll be fine," as Fred leaned forward and kissed his wife's beautiful lips, "Besides, it's the right thing to do."

Katie stared at Fred in stunned silence as her mind raced as to how he would react if he knew the truth. Her loving husband climbed into the car as he looked up at his wife, “Call me after your interview. Good luck!"

Katie waved as she watched her f****y back down the driveway and quickly disappeared back into her house. The hot wife sat in the kitchen while reviewing some financial notes while waiting for Phil's arrival. The hot wife thought she should leave without Phil but what would her husband think as Phil would reveal what happened. She promised herself to just give the neighbor a ride and avoid his attempts to coerce her.

She glanced out the window and saw her obese neighbor rolling down the sidewalk. Katie noted how pathetic Phil looked. He was wearing sweatpants, a stained navy blue t-shirt, and flip flops with socks. As she walked out of the house, "Thanks for helping me out. The taxi cab was going to be very expensive if I had to keep using it."

The hot wife was taken aback by Phil's appreciation; "I probably won't be able to give you a ride home though." as she opens the passenger door and Phil carefully stood up from the chair and slid into the passenger seat.

He looked over and grinned, "That's okay. I should be able to make another arrangement."

Mrs. Jackson quickly placed the wheelchair into the trunk of her car and started towards the hospital. She drove as quickly as possible not wanting to get another speeding ticket which would cause their insurance to skyrocket but yet she wanted to get Phil out of her car. Katie was relieved as Phil didn't say much on the way although she sensed him staring at her. It nauseated her but yet she caught herself glancing at Phil's groin wondering if she was making him excited.

The married wife felt Phil’s lustful eyes undressing her as she drove. Her old neighbor announced, "I need to pee."

Mrs. Jackson concentrated on the road, "We're almost to the hospital Phil."

"I need to go now!" as he motioned to Penn Valley Park's parking lot, "Pull into the park."

"10 more minutes and we'll be at the hospital!" Katie yelled.

"I'll just piss in my pants and you can explain it," as Phil sat back and acted as though he was going to urinate.

Katie turned quickly into the park and pulled up to the restrooms. The parking lot was empty only a handful of joggers could be seen on the path.

"Well?" looking over at his driver, "Don't just sit there! Help me get out!"

Mrs. Jackson slowly exited the car and removed his chair from the trunk. Phil rolled towards the bathroom as Katie followed as she held the door open so he could roll in. Katie waited by the door as she saw the park was very deserted for a fall morning.
The hot wife admired the colors of the changing leaves in the trees when Phil's gravelly voice echoed from within the bathroom, "Katie!"

The sexy married wife placed her head close to the door, "What?"

"The handicap stall is broken," the old man yelled back, "Help me!"

Katie opened the door slightly and stuck her head into the crack, "What?!"

Phil glanced over his shoulder and pointed at the sign on the handicap stall which read, "out of order"

She quickly closed the door and walked over to the ladies side and pulled on the door. The door wouldn't budge as she spied the deadbolt was locked. The park crew must have forgotten to unlock it or some k**s thought it would have been funny. She walked back to the men's door and opened it slightly, "Let's jut get to the hospital.”

"Help me stand up before I wet myself," as the old neighbor began to try and lift himself from the chair, "I'll hold the partition, just aim my cock at the urinal.”

"Screw you Phil! I'm not doing that!"

"Fuck! Katie it's not like you haven't touched it before," Phil yelled impatiently.

"Phil! Let's just get to the hospital!" as the hot wife tried to reason with her handicapped neighbor.

Phil stopped struggling with his chair, "Fine!" he yelled, "I'll fucking piss in your car!"

Katie and Phil stared at each other for only a few seconds before she walked forward and grabbed his shoulder, "I'll balance you. You grab your own dick!"

"Whatever!" Phil growled as he slowly stood up as the sexy wife helped him maintain his balance. As they approached the urinal Katie stood behind Phil as she held his shoulders.

Dorman released the string tie to his sweatpants as they dropped to his ankles along with his boxers. Katie stood behind Phil's naked flabby ass. His t-shirt stopped just above the crack as she felt Phil grab a hold of his cock and begin spraying his piss into the urinal.

"At least he wasn't lying" she told herself. Soon she felt him shake his cock, "I'm done!"

Phil turned slightly between the partitions as the hot wife caught a glimpse of Phil's mammoth cock. Even limp it was unlike a cock she had ever seen before. It was so thick with a very pronounced head. Large veins stretched along the shaft.

"Would you grab my sweats please?" Phil asked.

Katie quickly bent down to pick up Phil's pants when he turned to face her. Katie was face to face with Phil's rapidly growing cock.

"See what you do to me Freckles," the disgusting neighbor boasted.

"Stop it Phil," as she tried to lift up his sweatpants.

"No really, look how big it's getting," as Phil's pudgy hand held the powerful muscle in his hand. Katie could see the bl**d rushing into the head of his cock making it swell.

"Please don't," Katie begged. She closed her eyes and whispered, "I knew you couldn't just be a decent human being."

"Come on! You know you want to touch it," Phil said as he stroked his cock in front of her.

The married wife tried to stand up but Phil grabbed the top of her shoulders keeping her on the floor, "I know you liked being on your knees in front of me!"

"Phil! Stop it!" as she reached up and tried to brush his hands away.

"Don't make me tell your husband what a slut you are. You don't want me to tell him do you!" the old man grumbled.

Katie didn't say a word but continued to move away from Phil. Her back was against the partition to the handicap stall and couldn't get any leverage, "Do you?" Phil yelled again.

The hot wife stopped struggling, "No, of course not," Katie whispered.

"How about I stop by The Bank of Kansas City and give them a personal reference to your exploits?" as the old man stared down at the sexy wife. Phil grinned as her bottom lip quivered. His cock was fully erect as he pushed his groin forward towards her small lipstick painted lips. Katie's head shot back and smacked the grey metal wall.

The hot wife looked up at her neighbor as she remained on her knees, "Please don't...” as she again tried to stand up.

"What?" the horny old neighbor asked.

"Phil, please don't," Katie begged.

"Why shouldn't I?" laughed Phil, "You avoid me like the plague even after the moments we've shared."

The married wife looked up at his chubby face, "Phil, please...."

"Please? You don't want your f****y and neighbors to know what a slut you are for my cock. You don't want your future employer to know what an untrustworthy employee you are. That you would remove files and...”

"It's wasn't like that!" Katie pleaded as it echoed in the small concrete room, "You can't keep holding this over my head!"

"Yes I can!" as he laughed at the sexy wife that kneeled before him, "Do you want me to tell everyone what a slut you really are?"

"Fuck you Phil," as she struggled to her feet. They stared into each others eyes as he held his mammoth cock in his hands.

He lusted for his neighbor more and more each day, "Awwwwww, I guess this isn't happening is it?" as he limped over to his wheel chair. He plopped down, "Good luck Freckles," as he bent down and pulled his sweat pants up lifting his ass from his chair.

"Please Phil," Katie whispered, "Don't tell anyone."

He looked up at the hot wife, "What? What are you talking about?"

Katie sighed deeply, "Please Phil!" with a hint of desperation in her voice, "Don't do this to my f****y!"

The old neighbor cleared his throat, "You made your choice," as he turned in his chair and began to roll towards the door.

"Phil!" Katie hollered, "I'm married!” She pleaded.

Phil fidgeted in his chair, "What would he think of you if he knew what you have been doing to me?"

The beautiful wife and mother stared down at the floor. The flourecent lights reflected off her wedding ring that she proudly wore.

"Well? What do you think Fred would do?" mocked Phil.

Katie looked up into Phil's eyes. She felt defeated, "Why do you keep doing this to me?"

Phil stared into her eyes, "Because I'm horny!" Phil paused as the couple stared at each other, "Now, what would.."

The married woman's shoulders sank as she quickly cut off Phil, "What do you want me to do?" she quietly whispered.

Mr. Dorman's eyes lit up, "That's better." He grinned to himself.

Phil turned in his chair as he looked up at Katie and smiled, "Kneel in front of me."

The hot neighbor slowly dropped to her knees onto the cold concrete floor and scooted before her wheelchair bound neighbor. The raunchy smell of the restroom filled Katie's nostrils. Phil raised his flabby ass from the chair and quickly pulled his boxers and sweats to his ankles and kicked the off his sandals. His cock immediately sprung to attention.

Katie's mouth salivated as she glanced at Phil's gigantic cock that throbbed before her. The hot wife shut her eyes to stop the sensation as she tried to stop her insatiable desires. She knew he didn't need to tell her anything else as her delicate fingers wrapped around his shaft as it extended away from his body. It was already hard as she stroked it with both hands, each hand had its fingers curled around his hard stick as she felt the bl**d pumping into his organ. Her wedding ring twinkled in the lighting as she moved it up and down across his thick shaft.

The sexy wife had already lost herself. She leaned forward until she was eye level with his thick cock. She felt her nylon covered knees on the cold concrete floor as she leaned down and stuck her tongue out and swirled it around his cock head. Her taste buds exploded at his already salty taste of his large mushroom head causing butterflies to swirl in her stomach.

Phil through his head back in ecstasy, "Pu..Put..Put it all in your mouth," the old man stuttered as he enjoyed Katie's tongue bath on his cock.

Katie grabbed his stiff man root just under the head and relished the raw heat from his throbbing, swollen cock. Her eyes locked onto the meat, Katie surprised herself even, by leaning forward and opening her mouth over the big, enlarged, head, washing it with her tongue as she slurped and relished the taste of her obese neighbor. Katie's small soft, pink lips, closed around the head and she sucked, moving her mouth down a bit on his shaft, and then back up to his head, always applying pressure with her tongue as she felt the old man's cock skin against it.

The beautiful 38-year-old wife was down on her knees on the cold concrete floor; her mouth and throat stuffed full with the old man's dick, not just another man's though, a man she knew who would continue to get what he wanted. She sucked furiously on his hard, 10-inch shaft, her red thin lips sliding up and down fast while she bobbed her head ruthlessly up and down his huge dick.

His cock was way too big to go all the way down on, but she tried anyhow, wanting to feel it go all the way back into her mouth. She got about six inches in and gagged a bit as his huge head began to go down her throat. Not quitting yet, she willed her throat to relax, and took two more inches of his shaft between her lips. The head, so deep down her throat now, caused her to gag violently, so that she had to pull it out of her mouth quickly, leaving gobs of saliva that made strings between her tiny lips and his mammoth penis head that was in front of her. Tears formed and ran down her cheeks from the gagging.

"Keep going," Phil demanded.

"You're too big," the stunning wife stated between throat clearings.

Phil didn't say another word but placed his pudgy fingers on the back of her head and invited her mouth back onto his cock. Katie didn't fight and dove again, forcing the huge head deep down her throat until the gagging was unbearable, and then sucked all the way back up to his head, culminating in a licking of his little cum slit. The first gob of precum had erupted and she eagerly licked it up pausing to relish the salty taste of the delicious spunk.

Her beautiful, brown hair cascaded down onto Phil's lower abdomen and thighs, loving the feel of her soft, silky hair against his skin. She gripped the base of his shaft with both of her small hands and jerked up and down; following the path of her squeezing lips, and slowly got into a rhythm.

Dorman moaned with pleasure, as his low growly voice echoed in the confined space. The sexy wife increased her pace wanting the torment to end but also her tongue eagerly awaited the manly hot saltiness of her neighbor.

The hot wife sucked and gagged relentlessly on his huge, overheated head and shaft. Her saliva was dripped from her mouth, making a loud sucking sound, echoing off the concrete walls. Her hands became slick with the saliva, which helped to lube his shaft so she could go faster, and grip it tighter and reward her with a delicious tasty load into her mouth.

Phil panted and moved his shoulders left and right trying to get comfortable in his chair as he tried to move his huge body to buck against her tiny hot mouth. His hips pushed up to meet Katie's next gagging throat thrust, and the cocksucker hoped that her disgusting neighbor was about to explode at any moment. She gripped even tighter and sucked his cock in so deeply, that her whole upper body convulsed as his slippery head tickled deep inside her throat. She held it there, tears running down her cheek. Katie quickly removed his cock as she gagged strongly. The hot wife coughed as she tried to regain her composure.

"Stand up," Phil demanded. Slowly the hot wife rose from her knees and stood before him wearing her short skirt as her blouse was slightly untucked. The married beauty looked down at her neighbor as he cock stood out away from his body. Her heart was uneasy as to what he wanted to do next.

"Turn around," her neighbor spoke in a monotone tone, "It's my turn!"

Mrs. Jackson did as she was told as she felt Phil's pudgy hands grab her skirted ass. Katie looked back at the seated old man as his cock twitched in the air as he slowly pushed her skirt up above her hips. The hot wife grasped the cold metal wall of the stall and fell slightly forward as Phil pushed her skirt up further and slowly pulled down her thong and nylons revealing her perfect small formed ass. Before she could say anything she felt Phil's tongue dancing around her backside.

"You have a beautiful ass Freckles," as he slapped it strongly with an open hand.

Katie flinched at the pain as she looked back at the old neighbor as he stroked his cock with his hand while pressed his lips against her small cheeks. A slight moan erupted from her lips that sounded louder in the confined space that what it really was.

The old man grinned towards his sexy neighbor as he again flicked his tongue across her ass as he slapped her cheeks harder than before.

"Oohhhhhhhh," an uncontrollable moan escaped Katie's lips as she pushed her ass back into Phil's face. Lust had again taken a hold of the married neighbor. Phil was an expert with his tongue and she couldn't wait to feel it.

Phil had pulled the thong and nylons down past her knees as he continued to slurp wildly at her backdoor. He loved the taste of his magnificent neighbor as he rubbed the folds of her pussy with his other hand while steadily spreading the cheeks of her ass with the other. Katie, already bent over, slid her nylons and thong down as she kicked off her shoes. The old man grabbed her thong and nylons and tossed them to the wall.

Phil, knowing what he wanted placed his hand in the middle of the hot wife's back and pushed as the hot wife bent over at the waist. Katie clung to the wall to maintain her balance as Phil leaned forward and began swiping her pussy from behind with his agile tongue. Mrs. Jackson closed her eyes as desperately tried to fight the feelings that grew inside of her. Her eyes opened as she stared at the ring on her finger that hung onto the cold metal wall in front of her. Her stomach turned of what she was doing to her husband but the feeling quickly vanished as Phil's fingers penetrated her pussy. An uncontrollable moan escaped her tightly pressed lips as she felt her juices flowing out of her pussy and onto Phil Dorman's tongue.

The old man sat up and pulled Katie's hips down so his cock was at her opening of her fuck hole, "No Phil!" The married neighbor quickly shot up away from him. Phil pulled her down tighter with his hands around her hips, "I'm not going to let you cum in me again."

"What?" Phil asked with lust in his eyes.

"Last time," the hot wife composed herself as she took deep breath. Katie's face turned a dark shade of red even talking about the last time she was fucked by her neighbor, "You fucking came in me!"

"So?" Phil shrugged.

"I'm not going to get pregnant!" Katie retorted, "Just get off with my mouth or my hands!" She tried to turn and drop to her knees in front of him.

Dorman gave a boisterous laugh as he pointed towards his wallet in the pocket of his sweatpants, "Hand me my wallet."

Katie gave an audible sigh as Phil just grinned at his lover, "Just let me finish you with my mouth," the hot wife pleaded. Katie knew the words that escaped her lips weren't of a good wife but that of a slut. Her face turned red at what she had just said but the taste buds on her tongue exploded just at even the thought of Phil spraying his hot creamy load into her mouth again.

He didn't say a word but only pointed at the pronounced wallet in his sweatpants pocket. Katie reached over and grabbed it and handed it to him. Katie's eyes focused on the twitching cock as Dorman quickly removed a condom from his wallet, "I knew it would come in handy some day! I've had this in here for a year or two!"

The old man giggled to himself as he raised the wrapper up to his mouth and tore it with his teeth. Without breaking eye contact with his hot neighbor, he tossed the wrapper to the floor and slowly unrolled the pink condom onto his rigid thick cock.

"All better?" as Phil reached out and pulled Katie to him. His pudgy hands pulled her closer as he tried to kiss her perfect lips with his own. The married neighbor pulled back. The old man snorted as his hands lowered around her small waist in a devastating embrace and quickly turned her away from him. The hot wife grabbed the partition again as Phil lowered her onto his cock. The massive head pressed against the entrance of her soaked pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Katie whimpered, her heart fluttered and her mind felt giddy as Phil took command of her body. Katie's eyes grew wide as his cock pressed the entrance of her tight dripping pussy.

His cock head seemed enormous, bigger than before, as it penetrated Katie's cunt, her body jerked as it breached deeper into her. The sexy wife felt the pounding of his heart in his cock as it sent waves of goosebumps across her skin.

Dorman smiled as the beautiful wife bit her bottom lip and her eyes glazed over as he f***ed his freakish large cockhead into her little pussy. Phil gasped as his cock slowly penetrated even deeper into Katie's tight moist cunt. Her soft hands gripped the wall as incoherent whimpers escaped her pursed lips as her wedding ring glowed from the room lighting. The hot wife yelped in pain as she felt the head of his cock was f***ed deeper into her.

"C'mon Freckles! It's not even in all the way," Phil said as he f***ed Katie's ass down along his cock wanting the ecstatic feeling his entire cock buried inside her tight pussy

Katie whimpered as she lowered her tight pussy until another inch of the bl**d engorged cock disappeared inside her.

He pushed Katie forward until he eased his cock out of her. Phil spread his legs widely while remain seated in the chair. Katie positioned herself between him as her knees were slightly touching the outside of his thighs as she bent over at the waist. She moved her hands to the cold grey metal partition in front of her as she felt Phil's pudgy hands grab her waist and pull her backwards.

"Unnnggghhhhh," Katie whimpered that echoed in the bathroom as Phil slowly eased his cock back into her. She threw her head downward and grinded her teeth as the throbbing cock sent a pulsating wave of sexual current through her body.

Phil pulled his cock out again and lined up the head of his dick against the fleecy exterior of her beautiful cunt. It was an incredible sight to see, as Dorman stared down at the beautiful wife's smooth tiny pussy and his huge cock that was lined up to fuck her.

As soon as he felt her oozing entrance at the tip of his massive cock, Phil pushed up while he pulled his neighbor backwards onto his throbbing member. The huge head started pushing into the wife's pussy; Phil could see her sharp intake of breath as it protruded deeper into her, followed by Katie's moan as he slid his thick cock deeper and deeper into her. Despite the obvious resistance, Phil continued to push forward. Thanks to the overflowing liquids in Katie's pussy, he was able to get the head in deeper than before. Then, with slow, easy strokes, he gradually went in an inch at a time. However, the beautiful wife was still unprepared for the sudden invasion of the large cock head as it burrowed deeper into her.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!!!" Katie moaned loudly.

Phil pushed his hips forward while as he pulled the waist of his lover back onto his cock. The massive head felt huge inside Katie's tight body. Phil could see the walls of her pink vagina spread out painfully. Her back arched and the pretty hazel eyes became dilated through fluttering eyelashes as the old man increased his pace.

"S-Sl-Slow... You're too big!" Katie whimpered, unable to stop the water that rolled from her eyes. "Oh! Ohhhh, fuck! It's big!" She wailed. "Ohhhhh, God!" She cried out.

Her tight cunt encased his engorged cock so tightly that it seemed like he would split her in half. Katie's heavy breathing was causing her firm small breasts to rise and fall, enticing the old man. Phil inched a couple more inches into her quivering body, "Damn! Fred should fuck you more often!" he stammered.

The words stung her ears. She hadn't had sex with her husband for awhile because of work but her libido had been in overdrive.

Katie tilted her head down as she watched him inch his cock into her tight pussy. Tears burned her eyes as she felt his cock slowly slide into her. The head of his cock made an outline inside the flat of her stomach. She bit the bottom of her lip to keep from screaming and watched the massive outline of Phil's cock move deeper and deeper inside her twitching belly as he finally had every bit of his cock crammed inside of her.

Dorman paused, letting Katie adjust to his immense size, holding her tightly by the hips as the lovely wife was bent over at the waist grasping at the metal wall. In that position, Phil had a clear view of the pretty wife's cunt lips stretched around his cock; her clear, sticky wetness oozing out around his prick. After only a few seconds, Katie groaned deeply and started wiggling her hips slowly from side to side while thrusting herself gently downward, fucking the large cock that was buried inside of her
"Ohhhh fuck!" the hot wife moaned as Phil pushed his hips forward as he f***ed his bl**d engorged cock inside her stretched pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh, God!!" Katie panted; she spread her long legs straight outward allowing Phil to push more of his throbbing cock into her. Phil looked like he could not take anymore, she was just too fucking tight, and her pussy clung to him like wet leather forcing Phil to use all of his concentration to keep from cumming. Phil stared at the wife and plunged his hips upwards as his cock filled the hot wife completely.

"AAAAAaaaggghhh! F-F-Fu-Fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Katie squealed.

"Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh," Phil moaned, "That’s it," as he breathed heavily, "Your pussy feels so damn good. You know you wanted it!"

Katie felt herself stretched beyond imagination; her cunt started to accustom itself to a stimulation of Phil's mammoth cock buried deep in her. Pleasure nerves she never knew existed were being stimulated as her cunt was stretched.

"Oh shit! Freckles your pussy is so fucking wet!" Phil muttered as he slowly grinded Katie's hips on his lap.

The brunette leaned forward as supported her shoulders on outstretched arms that locked onto the restroom stall partition, trying hard to avoid being impaled by his monster prick. Desperately, as she leaned forward she gazed down at her fuck hole, watching intently as his bloated cock head disappeared in and out of her gooey, pink fuck slit. Then, impulsively, Phil started humping, awkwardly at first while seated in his chair, then more steadily, eagerly pushing his long, thick prick into the welcoming tightness of her hot, wet cunt all the while pushing and pulling Katie's hips in unison with his thrusts.

"Oh, Phil! Uuuungghh! Slow.." She frantically pleaded; the old neighbor was just acting on pure instinct, he didn't hear a word she was saying.

Phil’s massive fuck rod stretched the married wife's tight cunt as it bored its way in, spreading the pouting lips of her pussy to the bursting point around the meaty thickness of his cock. Katie started humping when he had his prick embedded in her pussy, as she bucked and grinded her blushing ass cheeks up on Phil's lap in an attempt to relive the pressure in her fuck hole caused by the immense prick.

"Uhhhhh damn!" Phil babbled, "S-So fucking tight!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" She whimpered.

Mrs. Jackson was not being merely violated; she was being consumed by the slobbering fat man. Every inch of her body was groped and fondled. His pudgy hands held her slim waist while her long curvaceous legs spread between his thighs.

"OOOHHH fuck! I love your pussy!" Phil muttered between a mixture of sweat and breathless grins

"Please...OH! Oh, damn! Oh, God! Oh Fuck!" She screamed when Phil rammed the rest of his cock into her belly. Their pelvis converged upon one another as one; curly unkempt pubic hair covered her entire groin. Long legs tired to spread widely, only to rest against Dorman's knees as he remained seated in the chair. Her toes curled and her scream turned into breathless gasps.

A mixture of pain and pleasure ripped through Katie’s entire body, her pussy so stretched out, so stuffed she can feel every fiber of the massive cock lodged inside her.

Phil's cock throbbed as it filled her body. He held her hips tightly as his cock throbbed inside her belly. Finding it almost impossible to breathe from the painful overstuffed feeling his thick cock had generated; she could feel his thick cum filled balls as they pressed against her. She had never experienced anything like this, so much pain mixed with pleasure; orgasms that pummeled her senses, stars swirled about her head.

"N-Nice little pussy..." Phil muttered, his hands firmly grasped around her waist. Katie’s tongue hung over her bottom lip in a limp state, and perspiration born from lust dripped down her pretty face causing her brown hair to stick to the side of her face and forehead.

All that mattered was her complete surrender to this man. His hands continued roaming over her body, exploring every inch, every curve. Their bodies were motionless, Mrs. Jackson sat atop Phil, and her legs spread out across between his thighs and her tight ass planted firmly upon the thick belly filling cock.

As Phil held her on his cock, "Talk dirty to me!" he whispered, "It will get me off quicker."

At first Katie hesitated. Her mind wanted the torment to be over but her body wanted to keep getting fucked by the large cock. Finally words escaped her lips, "Ohhhhh, fuckkkk, your cock feels so good inside me! Ohhhh, Gawd! Fuck me Phil! Fuck me hard!"

Phil grinned as he wiggled his hips as he thrust his prick into the married woman's widely stretched cunt, making his cock slide easily into the gooey, warm tightness of her juicy fuck hole. Katie brought herself down onto him. The married wife rose and fell on top of the obese neighbor as she began to ride him. She humped the large cock as the fat neighbor drove his pelvis into her.

He thrusted steadily as he rammed his rock hard prick deeper and deeper into the Katie's pussy with every stroke. Mrs. Jackson grimaced with pleasure as Phil started to give her the fucking she had craved since the last time she was with Phil and Norman. Her glove tight pussy began contracting wetly and rhythmically around his deliciously fucking huge cock.

Phil drew several inches out only to ram it back into the married wife’s cunt. Katie eyes grew wider and her grunts louder as he repeated the process, again and again. The fat man, his hands gripped her lips tightly, forcing her completely down upon his pulsating cock and throbbing balls.

"Ooohhhhhhh fuuuuuuckkkkk!" escaped out of her mouth as her body started convulsing.

Phil watched the warm juices flowing down his cock over his large set of balls. The veins in her neck stuck out as she threw her head up and whimpered again.

"How does that feel, baby?" Phil said as he groped her small breasts over her blouse, "huh? How does that feel? You like me fucking you with my cock?"

Katie only whimpered. Her hands were now clinched in small fists that rested on Phi's knees. Phil hands held her slim waist, as her continued to bring her down onto his hard tool.

"Come on sweetie, talk dirty! Get me off," Phil coaxed.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Mrs. Jackson screamed, her head flew backwards while his grip around her hips tightened as Phil slowly sunk his cock into the married wife's tight pussy. He held her hips and kept her still as he slowly moved his ass up and down in his wheelchair fucking her as deep as he could.

"Ohhh! Oh,hh God!" Katie cried as Phil's cock was buried deep inside of her.

Mr. Dorman saw her pussy stretching as it tried to accommodate his huge organ being held deep inside as she leaned forward It filled her completely, and almost seemed like it would break her in half, as it just kept pushing forward as it grew even harder inside of her.

"Oh, fuck!" Phil growled at her as his hard shaft pried its way into her cunt. "You've got such a nice tight pussy!"

"Unggg...!" She groaned.

The old man's fat cock stayed in her pussy like a thick steel rod. The hot wife's tight cunt was stuffed with so much cock she gasped franticly for air.

It was clear that Katie's nerves were on fire, sending impulses throughout her entire body. Her clit was so sensitive a feather could bring her off. This wasn't a feather; this was veined cock whose foreskin was rough and unforgiving.

Phil knew the fat cock being shoved inside was larger than anything the married wife ever felt, it wasn't throbbing inside her, it was pounding, like his own heart, pounding against the sensitive button of her clit, causing shockwaves through her tortured pussy and back again.

"Fuck!!" Katie moaned as pulled up and felt Phil's cock exiting out and then quickly pushed his thick shaft into her again, a bit further this time. Her head swung back violently.

"Just relax, baby!" Phil said, holding her slim waist tightly. "I'm almost there."

Katie sobbed as she bit her lower lip. His hands already circled around her slim waist pushed her downward, while plunging his hips upward, thrusting his cock deeper into her pussy.

"Are you a slut for my big cock, Freckles?" He teased her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" Katie groaned loudly, her fingers clawing into his knees as his dick once more rammed home.

"What did you say?" Phil mocked, "I didn't quite hear you?" as he lifted Katie's ass up as he saw his mammoth cock sliding out of the tight lips of her pussy only to bring her back down onto him in one f***eful thrust.

"Yessssss!" Katie moaned not wanting to say it but lust clearly had taken over.

"You are what?" Phil gleefully asked.

"I'm a slut!" the hot wife gasped as she regretted the words that escaped her lips, "I'm..." as again Phil began to slowly bring her back and forth on his cock, "I'm a slut!"

Phil held her hips and bounced her up and down on his lap, looking down at the juncture of their bodies where his bloated cock tip disappeared into the clinging lips of her pussy.

She was filled with his giant cock, until her ass met and his public met and they stay motionless for a minute. Phil loved the tightness of her pink pussy; his cock seemed incased in a vice of velvet. Katie looked like she was going to split, but her pussy began to mold around his cock and it became pleasurable.

"I love your tight pussy Freckles," He growled down at her as he looked down to watch his big, hard dick now sliding rapidly in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Katie groaned as she rolled her eyes. "Fuck me like a slut!"

"You're my slut, Freckles!" He growled down at her as he thrust his dick hard inside her, slamming all 10-inches inside her fully, her small tits jiggled up and down. He kept laughing as he pounded her away.

"You're my slut," Phil sneered.

"Ungg! Ohhhh!" Katie groaned.

He snickered before lifting her up until half of his cock filled her aching pussy.

"Ohhh shit! Fuck me!" Katie moaned with lust.

Her screams died in mixture of sobs and breathless sighs, she twisted against his grip and penetration. The pounding she was receiving was ruthless.

Phil fucked his married neighbor harder, his cock filling plunge elaborating this fact. Katie held on to Phil knees with all her might to maintain her balance, incoherent mewls of pain and pleasure being emitted from her throat.

His hands wrapped tightly around her waist were all the leverage Phil needed to fuck the beautiful wife. One of his hands grasped tightly Katie's buttocks, pulling her away from him before slamming her back against his body. He began bouncing her on his dick like a fuck doll.

She gasped and groaned biting her bottom lip as he fucked her deliriously, slamming her into his hairy groin over and over.

Katie couldn't breathe, her naked loins were being pounded ruthlessly, and the cock inside her was deeper than anything she had ever felt. Phil pounded her faster and faster, as he penetrated her deeper and fill her belly with so much cock it bloated outward. As Phil tried to maintain control of Katie's as she lowered herself onto him; his thumb rested against her tight asshole.

"Ohhhh fuck!" Katie whimpered, her body convulsed, her insides feeling as if she was going into a seizure, her back arched, the muscles in her neck strained against her skin as he slammed her back and forth against his body.

The old man grinned as he applied pressure to her asshole with his thumb as his cock was shoved deep inside of her. Katie responded as she humped harder as she threw herself down on his cock. Her thighs burned as she continued riding the old man.

Phil's cock began throbbed harder than before, his heavy balls tightened against her, and her insides looked as if they were on fire.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" She groaned loudly as she thrusted herself back onto the invading rod.

Phil continued to fuck her hard, sending his cock deep into her juicy pussy as he bottomed out on each thrust. He impaled her on his giant spear with each thrust into her tight, clutching cunt. Meanwhile his thumb kept applying pressure to Katie's backdoor.

"Put it in," Katie gasped, bending over further, as far as she could as they rested against Phil's naked legs. Phil moved his thumb up to his mouth and licked it until it was wet as he placed it against the hot wife's backdoor. He applied pressure until his pudgy thumb disappeared into the hot wife's ass.

Mrs. Jackson moaned that echoed loudly in the room. It was so loud that even Phil was caught off guard and turned his head and checked the restroom door.

Suddenly, the pressure exploded throughout her body in a giant blast of color and light. Her pussy clamped down on his plunging cock like a vise. The entire length of her rippling cunt grabbed at his thrusting prick.

Her sleeve tightened on his iron hard tool as he pushed in and pulled out, demanding his cum.

"Unnngghhh! Ohhhhh! It feels so good in my pussy! Harder! Deeper! Put your thumb in deeper!" Katie yelled. Phil obliged and pressed his thumb deeper into her tight ass while his cock was buried in her pussy.

"OOOHHHHH FUCK! FUCK!" She bucked, thrusted, and rocked on top of him in a screaming, thundering climax that seemed to go on forever, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Katie shrieked as she bounced herself on Phil's lap as fast and as hard as she could as she f***ed his cock deeper into her. Phil plunged deep into her exploding cunt harder and harder as he used the hot wife as his personal fuck doll.

Phil felt his large balls contracting,"Ooooohhhh fuck! Fuck! Arghhhhhhhhhh," he yelled as load after load of hot, white, and sticky cum, shot into his condom as they shivered and shook against each other from their mutual orgasms.

The old man continued to raise his flabby ass slowly up from the chair as his big 10 inch dick slid into her tight pussy for what seemed like an eternity, until he pumped every drop of cum from his cock.

Phil's semen filled the condom completely as Katie slowly eased herself forward; Phil’s thumb slowly was pulled from her ass as he released her hip, as his cock flopped back onto his stomach.

Dorman looked down and admired the site of Mrs. Jackson slowly regained her sense of balance. Her legs burned from the way she rode the old man and balanced herself.

Phil took a deep breath as he stared at his half naked neighbor. The two remain motionless as the hot wife took in what had just happened to her. He gradually pulled the condom off of his erect dick which was finally starting to subside. He held it up and smiled at the amount of sperm he had just shot. “Take care of this please," as he held the condom by the ring and handed it to the hot wife who still appeared stunned as she reached out and took it from him.

Phil reached down and pulled up his sweatpants lifting his large ass in the chair; pulling them up. He glanced back at Katie who was still a little light headed as she kept her balance by resting her hand on the sink, "You better get dressed. You need to get me to the hospital."

The hot wife didn’t say anything as Phil turned in his wheelchair and rolled out the door.

Katie looked over into the mirror. She was naked from the waist down and her blouse in disarray. Mrs. Jackson felt ashamed as she glanced down at the condom that was between her fingers. She slowly lifted it up and gasped at the sight of the load of sperm that filled the tip. Not only did it fill the tip but the tremendous amount of cum filled the condom; it was unlike any load she had ever seen before with her husband. Her pussy trembled and her mouth salivated. She glanced over at the door as she held the condom close to her nose and inhaled the manly smell of her disgusting neighbor's spunk. Her bottom lip quivered, her hands trembled as she placed the ring towards her mouth and tentatively stuck her tongue into the hole tasting Phil's manliness he had left behind.

Her mouth salivated as she closed her eyes pausing to admire the taste. Her hands shook as she placed the ring into her mouth and slowly lifted the tip into the air as Phil's load poured into her mouth. Her taste buds exploded as the warm salty load entered her mouth. The hot wife moaned as she savored the taste. She rolled her tongue around her mouth as she swallowed every drop. Katie began to turn the condom inside out as she licked and sucked the prophylactic as she cleaned up every drop.

The sexy wife tossed the clean condom into the trash and quickly put on her thong and nylons. She slipped on her shoes as she looked back into the mirror as a small of glob of cum dangled on the corner of her mouth. She quickly scooped it up with her finger and sucked it clean. With her finger still in her mouth she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. As quickly as her lustful feelings entered her body; they quickly disappeared as her mind focused on what had just happened. The hot wife’s thoughts focused on her loving husband and how she had to quickly find a way out of Phil’s blackmail and her life could return to normal.

coming soon: My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 18. Katie returns home from her interview and is met with a potetnial rememdy to her problems with Phil. But what happens when Phil doesn't call or try to seduce her any would a hot wife survive?
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