My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 15: Katie visits the hos

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 15
Katie visits the hospital.

Kathryn Jackson, the sexy married wife, was devastated. She learned a few weeks ago that she didn't get the promotion at the hospital. The board, as it was explained to her, hired a much younger accountant who they felt was a more qualified applicant. Katie couldn't fathom returning to work as a secretary and told Sheila she quit not thinking about the added income that was needed for her own f****y’s expenses. Money was the last thing on her mind as she was ashamed about what she had done to save the job she didn't even have. It nauseated her to think she allowed her disgusting neighbor and his lawyer to fuck her ass and pussy. She sucked both their cocks and allowed Norman to shoot his load down her throat.

The only glimmer of good news was she had gotten her period. It usually meant a week of moodiness but she was relieved that she wasn't impregnated by the fat old neighbor as he had sprayed his seed deep into her womb. The hot wife would wake up sweating in the middle of the night after dreaming of Phil tonguing her backdoor and then forcing her to take his cock deep into her ass. She thought it was a nightmare but felt her juices dripping out of her pussy and how incredibly turned on she was from the dream.

The dreams would come nightly and each one was more intense. Last evening, as she had finished her period, she rolled over and whispered for her husband to make love to her. It didn't take long for him to get hard but as he entered her she longed for him to go deeper; to feel his cock against her womb. Her mouth watered for the feeling of another cock in her mouth while getting fucked. The beautiful wife couldn't understand how her mind and body were betraying her while her heart remained true to Fred. Her libido seemed to be working overtime as she was constantly horny since her week alone at the mercy of Mr. Dorman, who had suffered a heart attack.

The buzz around the neighbor was the outlook was good for him but it could be weeks before he was able to return back to his home and could be confined to a wheelchair until he regained his strength. Fred Jackson, along with others, felt horrible about his predicament and the fact they had never gotten to know him; decided to organize everyone to clean up Phil's property as well as make it wheelchair accessible. Many of the neighbors agreed to help and they all pitched in for supplies.

Kathryn Jackson was not excited about her husband's charity work. She acted as though she supported his cause but she felt she helped Phil enough. Katie peered out the kitchen window and watched as the neighbors worked on Phil’s property. She made up an excuse to not help her husband telling him that her allergies were acting up wanted to stay inside.

As her c***dren were outside playing with the other k**s Katie walked quickly into the den and sat in front of the computer. Her hands shook as she began surfing the adult website that she posted under her alias 'cumlover'. She searched for videos that involved 'large cock'; the results were staggering and she quickly began to click on a few of them. Mrs. Jackson was mesmerized by the well endowed men splitting the small women apart. Their cocks, although impressive, still looked smaller than her neighbors.

The hot wife clicked on a video labeled "Brunette MILF” as the screenshot of the video resembled her. The video started off as the middle aged dark haired beauty was sitting by a young man, probably in his early 20's. She had small breasts with a firm athletic body and appeared to be about the same height and weight as her. Katie smiled to herself knowing that Fred would probably enjoy the video as well although she knew he hadn’t been downloading as much porn since she was always constantly wanting to fuck and suck him. The hot wife glanced back outside as she watched the men continue to work wishing Fred would come inside and she could quickly suck his cock.

Katie looked back at the screen as the porn star knelt before the young man in front of her as she began sucking his cock. He wasn’t extremely large and she was about to click the screen shut as it appeared to be another standard porn shoot but suddenly another cock appeared. Mrs. Jackson stared intently at the screen as she took turns sticking their cocks into her small mouth. Katie felt her pussy tingle and her stomach flutter. She watched in amazement as the porn star eventually straddled one of the young men taking his dick into her while continuing to suck the other. Katie closed her eyes and her mind flashed back to her afternoon with Phil and Norman and her intense orgasms. She opened her eyes and stared at the screen. The married wife’s eyes widened as the other man slowly began to insert his cock into her ass while the other continued fucking her pussy. Katie's hand began shaking as she slid it down to her groin and started rubbing her pussy. She unbuttoned her shorts and slid her hand into her wet panties and began rubbing her clit as she watched both men fucking the beautiful porn star. Never in her mind would she have thought of men fucking her like that with one cock buried in her pussy and the other in her ass at the same time; but her body was coming close to orgasmic bliss.

The back door opened and slammed shut, "Katie?" Fred yelled.

"I'm in here!" Katie replied back from the computer room as she frantically closed the video and pulled her shirt over her unbuttoned shorts. She felt flushed as she was close to orgasming.

"Oh! There you are," as Fred walked around the corner carrying a brown paper sack. Looking down at his wife seated in the computer chair, “Are you doing okay?"

"I'm fine," smiling up at her sun burnt husband as sweat poured off of him, "I just had a sneezing attack."

Katie stared at her husband wanting him more than ever. Her eyes fixated on his crotch as he walked towards her. She looked up at him and smiled as she remembered this was the same position she was in when she first tasted his cock. She didn’t care that he was dirty and smelly; she wanted to feel his cum in her throat and across her lips.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Fred asked looking down at her.

Katie shook her head, "Yes I'm fine." She had been so intent on having him cum in her during the past few weeks that she has missed the taste of his semen.

Fred stood over her while she remained in the chair as she slowly reached out to grab his cock and give him a mid morning surprise when her c***dren ran in the backdoor. Katie’s heart sank as she pulled her hand back.

"Can you do us a favor?" Fred handed her the sack not noticing his wife was about to grope his cock. Katie peered inside and saw letters, magazines, and newspapers addressed to Phil. "Could you take this to Phil at the hospital? It was piling up on his porch and would probably enjoy getting caught up with his mail."

"Can't somebody else do it?" Katie sighed.

"We're all pretty busy. It would just take a few minutes.” Fred then handed her a DVD, “Joechin also put together this DVD this morning of us working on the house, I'm sure he would like to see what we are doing."

Katie’s mind quickly searched for a reason not to go see her neighbor but it was blank, "I had some things planned this afternoon, maybe Joechin could take it over?"

"He's helping us Katie," growing a little impatient, "It won't take you long and," almost sounding condescending, "it's not like you're helping."

"Fred! My allergies are acting up!" scolding her husband.

Fred took a few steps back and looked down at his beautiful wife, "I know what's wrong."

Katie's stomach dropped as she stared at him. Maybe Fred saw or heard something? What if he went into the house and discovered something of hers? The hot wife looked into her husbands eyes, "What?"

"You don't want to go to the hospital after not getting the job," as he reached out and rubbed her shoulder.

A warm feeling of relief overwhelmed her, “Maybe," she sighed.

"Come on Katie, it won't take long. You'll be in and out. I just want Phil to know how much we're trying to help him."

The beautiful lady gave a long sigh, "Sure, I'm not doing anything. I suppose should get some supplies for our party in a few weeks."

"Tell him we're all thinking of him!" as Fred turned and walked out of the house. “I’ll keep an eye on the k**s,” he hollered as the door shut.

Katie looked back at the computer and wanted to finish the video since she couldn't have sex with her husband. Their k**s followed her husband back over to Phil’s and the house was again quiet. She wanted to see what else the men would do to the porn star. She wanted to finish herself off with her hand. Her fingers darted to the keyboard as her hand sank back down into her damp shorts. The hot wife was about to start the video but heard a sound from outside. Thinking her husband was coming back she quickly closed the video player and looked outside but saw nothing but everyone working at Phil's.

Slowly she stood up knowing that part of her wanted to stay and watch to get herself off. She strolled upstairs and put on a tight white skirt and button up blue blouse. She slipped on her flip flops as her perfectly painted toe nails peeked out. A small toe ring reflected in the midday sun as she walked out to her car. As she drove to the hospital she prayed that Phil was in a c*** or was at least asl**p. Maybe she shouldn't even go into his room and just hand everything to a nurse on his floor?

Before long the hot wife pulled into the hospital parking garage and found a spot. Katie sat in the car staring at herself in the rear view mirror attempting to get the nerve to walk into the medical center. Her hands were shaking as she grabbed the DVD and sack of mail as she began to open the door to her car. She quickly closed it and nervously she looked at herself again in the mirror. Taking a minute to compose herself she exited the car and walked into the hospital. Her heart fluttered as she walked up to the receptionist.

"Hi," giving a pleasant smile, "which room is Phil Dorman in?"

The older lady quickly looked on the computer screen, "Room 313."

"Thank you," Katie's voice quivered.

As she walked onto the third floor she quickly made her way to the nurse’s station but nobody was around. Katie knew she shouldn't leave it on the counter or outside the door. Mrs. Jackson felt wetness in her palms as she slowly walked up to room 313. She despised her neighbor. He repulsed her but the only thing that kept entering her mind was how good she felt with his hard cock buried deep into her ass, mouth, and pussy. Her stomach fluttered by the way her horny old neighbor tongued her backdoor making her cum over and over again. Katie closed her eyes trying to keep the visions from entering her mind.

The hot wife took a deep breath and knocked as she heard the graveling voice of Phil, "What!?"

She slowly opened the door and saw Phil lying on a hospital bed. She expected to find him still tied up with IV's and other equipment but he was sitting up with no monitors or other equipment attached to him.

"Hey ya freckles!" as he operated the bed so he could sit up. Her eyes automatically focused on his groin and she had to remind herself to stare into his eyes and not the large bulge under the thin hospital gown.

Trying desperately to keep her eyes focused on his fat face, "Hello Phil. I was supposed to bring this DVD and some mail to you.” as she reached out and handed him the DVD that Joechin produced. She laid the sack down in the chair next to his bed.

"DVD?" Phil quickly glanced at it, "Homemade porn?"

"It's a DVD of everyone working on your house," she explained as she rolled her eyes.

"Ohh how nice," he mumbled, "Norman told me what everyone had planned," shrugging off Fred's generosity.

"He heard you were going to be in a wheelchair and wanted to put up a ramp to help you," she defended her husband against Phil's sarcastic attitude.

"What a nice guy you married there Freckles," laughing, "but hopefully I won't be in it very long."

"Did the doctors say how long you'll be here?" trying to make small talk and trying to remain focused on his crystal blue eyes and not the bulge in his groin.

"Probably just a few more days and maybe a few weeks at a rehab center," Sighing, "But I wish they would leave me here. I enjoy the sponge bath's the nurses have to give me!" The look on their faces is about the same as when you first saw my cock Freckles!"

"I..," pausing as the vision of Phil's fat hard cock entered her mind as she felt bl**d rushing to her face, "I probably should get going," as the hot wife began to back towards the door.

"Don't go Freckles! How are you doing?" he asked obviously trying to stall his sexy married neighbor.

"I'm fine," as she backed towards the door intent on making her escape.

"I heard you had applied for a management position," Phil grinned, "I guess that explains your obsession of getting that file back, huh?"

"Good bye Phil. Get well," Katie sighed as she turned to open the door.

"No don't go!" he hollered, "I really need you to do me a favor.”

Mrs. Jackson turned and huffed, "What?"

Phil gave a big grin. His crooked teeth showing broadly, "It's been way to long and I'm really feeling frisky today!"

Katie's mouth hung open. She knew he would say something exactly like that when Fred sent her to the hospital. Mrs. Jackson quickly composed herself, "I'm leaving!"

"Come on just a quick handjob? It's not like you've never done it before!" Phil hollered out as he stared at the sexy wife's long legs protruding from her small skirt.

"Stop it Phil!" Katie shouted back.

"Oh come on now. Just a quick tug? I'll be quick!" blurted out Phil as she noticed his cock growing rapidly under his gown.

"I'm not like that Phil!" as placed her hand on the door handle.

Snickering, "Yes you are. Now come over here and stroke my cock!"

The freckled face beauty looked over her shoulder, "No! I need to get home to my husband."

"Okay Freckles," but then in a stern tone as she began opening the door, "tell him hello and I'll talk to him soon."

Katie silently closed the door and removed her hand from the door handle. Without looking at him as she stared into the door, "You wouldn't dare!"

Phil watched the hot wife from behind her long perfect legs and tight ass looked so desirable, "It's just a handjob!"

Katie turned from the door to the room and walked back over to Phil, "We had a deal!" as the hot wife raised her voice and pounded her finger into his chest.

Phil winced but laughed, "You got your file!" as he grabbed her hand and f***ed down to his groin. Katie felt his throbbing cock under his gown but quickly pulled away.

The hot wife’s head dropped. A lump came to her throat, "Fred can never find out what happened between us Phil," her lips quivered, "never!"

They stared into each others eyes, which felt like forever until Phil’s laugh echoed in the room, "I would never tell Fred. I might be an asshole but I won't break up a f****y," as he reached out and grabbed her ass with his hand squeezing her cheek over her skirt.

Katie's and Phil's eyes remained fixed on each other as the old man continued to kneed her ass, "You can go on home to your husband," as he patted her small ass, “and tell everyone thanks for helping me out.”

Mrs. Jackson turned to leave as her hands still shook. Was he being truthful? Could she trust him? She looked back into Phil's eyes. Her heart was pounding. She knew it must have been her anger but at the same time the thought of her grasping his cock again excited her. Katie swallowed hard as she turned and walked back over to Phil, "I don't trust you Phil! Fred can never find out what happened." Mrs. Jackson swallowed hard as she slowly pulled his gown up as his cock eagerly sprung out and stood straight up. His veins were already pulsing as his cock head was expanding quickly. "He never can find out," whispered the sexy wife.

Phil Dorman smirked at his married neighbor, “Our secret is safe Freckles.”

He watched with anxious delight as Katie’s hand cautiously approached his hard penis. A thrilling surge of pleasure ran through his body as she was about to wrap her delicate fingers around his hot hard shaft. Phil let out a soft moan as her hand cautiously approached his twitching member, "Don't touch it yet!" he ordered.

Phil's voice bellowed as he looked into her eyes, "Have you thought about my cock?"

Mrs. Jackson’s face flushed, "No," she bluntly stated as she continued to stare at his twitching member.

He continued grabbing her ass with his pudgy fingers feeling its firmness, "Tell me about it,” Phil ordered, “Tell me about my cock."

His voiced echoed in her ears as her knees became weak. Katie stopped her hand within an inch of his straining cock. "Such a beautiful cock!" she whispered, as she bent her head down to almost kiss it. Phil inhaled quickly as he thought the married wife was going to suck him into her hot mouth. Mrs. Jackson stared at his cock almost seeing the bl**d pump through its large veins.

"I couldn't wait to touch it again..." Making it sound as though she was just appeasing Phil but there was more truth in her words than lies. The married wife inhaled deeply smelling Phil’s musty foul scent. The same scent that had haunted her everyday since she was last with him.

"Okay," Phil coughed, "You can stroke it now."

Katie slowly moved all ten of her beautiful fingertips to the shaft of his cock, all reaching it at precisely the same moment. She placed all ten of her fingertips at the base of his straining cock, and slowly, very slowly, slid them upwards toward the tip. When she reached the head of his cock, she swirled them around in a circle, the flashing red nails executing a perfect pirouette around the corona of the old man's fat purple cockhead.

Only a few turns around the head and she was back down the shaft again with her ten fluttering fingers. Her beautiful fingertips went up and down on his shaft, over and over, swirling around the rim of the head on each upstroke, and just as quickly returning to the base each time.

Katie formed an O with her right thumb and fore-finger and placed it around his cock. But it was a loose O, and barely touched his throbbing shaft as she couldn't touch her fingertips together because of its girth. She slowly jacked it up and down, back and forth, with only the faintest hint of contact with the sensitive skin of his massive tool. But she slowly, deliberately, gradually tightened the O, until the contact was intensely, delicately, enticingly pleasurable. Then she continued up and down, up and down, with slow, deliberate strokes, from down at the base, rooting in his salt and pepper pubic hair, to up, just below Dorman's flaring rim. And then back down again. At no point, during the first seven or eight strokes, did she touch the head of his cock. Just the delicate, sensitive shaft. The sexy wife was mesmerized by Phil’s perfect cock. She felt her pussy flutter just by staring at it wishing it could be buried deep into her.

Phil squirmed in agony, his flabby buttocks lifting off the sheets. Mrs. Jackson stared in awe of the mammoth cock in front of her. It was so big, so hard, and so perfect.

Mr. Dorman's eyes were riveted on Katie's beautiful hands, her flashing red nails, her wedding ring glistening in the light and his glowing purple cockhead, engorged with his pumping bl**d. Phi's eyes, though riveted on the action in his groin, also darted frequently to Katie's beautiful freckled face. She watched and enjoyed the sight of his large tool. Her eyes were fixed on his cock, and the tip of her tongue stuck out of her small perfect mouth. Dorman watched in amazement as the hot wife continued watching his cock as her tongue would slightly lick her lipstick covered lips. He knew it was only a matter of time before his married neighbor would be wrapping them around his dick. He grinned in anticipation of what he had in store for her.

Mrs. Jackson was lost in the moment of craving her neighbor’s thick cock. She wanted to be filled with him again as he banged deep in her pussy. The thought of him fucking her again began making her pussy wetter and wetter with each stroke of her hand. Her breathing intensified as she watched her wedding ring pointed out as she continued her fist up and down across his giant shaft.

As she continued her O-ring stroke up Phil's shaft and across his rim, her right hand was flat on his abdomen, holding the base of his mammoth cock. Her gigantic wedding diamond continued to flash in the light as she pumped his aching hard on. Her right hand left his stomach, and wrapped itself around his swollen nut-sack. Dorman moaned louder, "OHHH, Hell yeah! Play with those balls Freckles!"

At first, it was just the sharp points of her nails that gently scrapped the delicate skin of his scrotum. Soon the soft pads of her fingertips also caressed his wrinkly sack. Then the softness of her palm joined in, and she was soon rolling his nuts back and forth in her gentle grip, all the while still softly stroking his shaft, and his swollen purple knob, with her left hand.

She removed her hand from his cock, turned it around, and again grabbed the shaft, but this time thumb downwards. Her beautiful hand still stroked his cock, but her thumb and forefinger were downward, and the rest of her fingers curled around the top half. On each upstroke, her three curled fingers nestled, fondled, and loved his cockhead, which was by now swollen almost beyond belief.

"You know your stuff, Freckles," Phil coughed. "Fred is a lucky man!"

The hot wife wasn't going to engage him in dialogue. She wanted to make his cock climax. She wanted to coax the perfect load from his perfect cock. Katie moved her flat hands forward and backwards, alternately, rotating his shaft between them, very fast. Mrs. Jackson started moving them slowly up and down, all the while continuing her fire-starter motion, up to the head, down to the root, and back again. Eventually, she concentrated totally on Phil's huge cockhead, moving her palms back and forth on the flaring purple glans. Then she took her left hand away and continued on his cockhead with her right hand only, executing a motion that could only be described as trying to open a greased doorknob.

Phil was on the bed staring in awe of his new sex toy. He had new meaning to his life now. He began to raise his hips knowing the hot wife would soon get him off.

Katie moved a single finger, dancing and flicking around the head of his tortured cock. Her left hand held Phil's shaft tightly around the base, and her right index finger traced tiny, excruciating figures around the head of his dick. She teased the slit, she danced on the head, and she played with the rim. A large glob of Phil's pre-cum erupted from his jizz hole enticing a soft moan from Katie's lips. Her mouth began to salivate as she watched his beautiful precum dribble down the side of his cockhead. With each upstroke another desirable bubble of precum would burst out of his cum slit.

Phil continued to manipulate her ass as he raised up her skirt exposing her beautiful thong. The old man admired her neighbor's perfect rump. It was so small and firm; he wanted to taste her pussy again and make her squeal with delight. He slowly began to tug on her small panties wanting to feel her perfect pussy again.

"Take them off," he ordered in a stern voice. The married wife released his cock and without breaking eye contact from his throbbing member lowered her panties to her knees. Dorman quickly hiked her skirt up further grabbing and groping her ass as he slid his finger across her anus. The hot wife felt her knees buckle as her neighbor touched her backdoor. Her breathing intensified as he would alternate flicking the opening to her pussy and rubbing her asshole.

Katie's left hand returned to grasp the base of his shaft, but her right hand engulfed the head and upper shaft, and began a twisting motion. Up and down, and twisting at the same time, her glorious palm and fingers beat out a barber-pole pattern up and down his aching dick. Her palm twisted around his shaft like she was screwing in a light bulb, and at the same time, her hand was riding up and down the length of his straining tool. Phil's hips were gyrating wildly from the pleasure. Phil tried to keep my eyes concentrated on the action, but knew he could get the hot wife off with just his stubby fat fingers. Katie leaned over his body to give him more access and he replied by slowly inserting his finger into her wet canal. Phil watched as Katie's pace increased as all he could see was the flashing red dots of her fingernails, and the glinting of her oversized wedding diamond.

Katie lifted her left hand from the base of his cock, and added it to the motion on his shaft. Now she had both hands wrapped around Phil's shaft, both moving up and down in unison.

The hot wife formed an O-ring with both hands. First her right hand, starting at the tip of his straining cock, would slide slowly down, form the tip of his head, over the rim of his glans, and down Phil's shaft. As it approached the midpoint of the shaft, her left hand would repeat the process: starting at the fleshy tip, squeezing past the rim, and on down the engorged shaft. Meanwhile, the right hand had started the process over again. And again and again, one hand after the other. Phil's cock felt like it was burrowing deeper, deeper, ever deeper, into an infinitely deep, infinitely long, and infinitely pleasurable pussy.

Phil began to slide his pudgy finger in and out of Katie's wet pussy. As he would slowly push further into her he would remove it and use her own juices to lubricate her asshole. He would barely enter her ass and then return to her pussy rubbing the folds as he continued deeper.

Mrs. Jackson leaned forward sticking her ass into the open air, feeling like a dirty slut, as she grasped Phil's hard cock with both hands. The more she stroked, the tighter her fist squeezed, and the stronger her strumming of his shaft. Her eyes were locked on Phil's hugely engorged member, on her cool slender fingers, on her bright red fingernails, and, most of all, on her flashing wedding diamond, standing out on the side of his cock. Her eyes were as focused on the action as were Phil's. She stroked, slowly, deliberately, but gradually faster and faster. Pre-cum oozed out of his slit, which added lubrication to the action. Her fist continued to slip up and down his shaft.

Dorman was quickly sliding his fingers in and out of her sexy slit. Phil's breathing became faster and shallower; and her breathing echoed his. Sweat poured off Katie's forehead; her small breasts jiggled under her blouse in time with her strokes.

Phil's buttocks clenched as he began to raise them from the bed, ""Ohhhh shit, I'm getting close," he groaned.

Katie sensed it as well, and went into the rapid stroke that they both knew would see them through to the end. Phil gritted his teeth, and f***ed his eyes to stay open so that he could watch the fabulous climax.

"Sooooo close," Phil groaned as he continued to assault Katie's pussy and ass with his fingers.

Katie's breathing was borderline hyperventilating but she quietly whispered, "me too."

Phil's grinned as he pushed his finger deeper into the wife's fuck canal, wiggling it when it was as far as it could go.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Katie moaned, "Oh fuck..." as she continued stroking Phil's long hard cock with both hands tightly wrapped around it.

The horny neighbor began lifting his hips up at Katie's strokes, "Don't get my cum all over my gown or sheets! Use your mouth!" Phil ordered.

Without hesitation and as though she was waiting for Phil's permission, Katie bent down and placed his spongy large head into her mouth. The taste of his precum electrified her tongue as she began to slurp wildly on the tip of his cock. Licking it lovingly with her outstretch tongue. Flicking it across his hole waiting for her creamy reward.

Phil continued his digital assault on her pussy and again pushed his finger deeper into the wife as she used her left hand to steady herself on Phil's stomach; her beautiful wedding ring glistened from the hospital room's light. The first spurt of semen erupted out of Phil's cock slit. It went straight up against the roof of her mouth as Katie gave a muffled moan.

"ARGHHHHHH....Fuck yeah!" Dorman cried out as Katie's own pussy began to spasm around Phil's plump fingers. Her cries of ecstasy were drowned out by Phil's spurting cock.

The rest came out in a gush, like a volcano spewing hot lava and ash; Phil's cock was spewing white frosting. The hot wife sucked and sucked his creamy load as her orgasm increased. She wanted every drop into her stomach as she swallowed every shot that came out expertly holding the tip of his cock at her lips, stroking the cock helping each spurt exit into her wanting mouth. Phil came and came until Katie couldn't take anymore and opened her mouth allowing his cum to flow down his shaft covering her fist. It even covered her gleaming wedding ring and her enormous diamond, effectively dousing the flashing light that had been shining from that amazing gem. Phil and Katie both watched in fascination as the lava-like flow of semen covered his cock, pubic hair, balls, her hand and fingers, and her ring. She held on tightly, as if she was grasping a branch in a stream, holding on for dear life, waiting for a flood to subside.

Phil felt Katie's own orgasm subside as he removed his finger from her sex hole and slipped his hand out and pulled her skirt down over his small perfect ass.

Neither of them spoke as Katie still stroked Phil's deflating cock admiring his load. Katie began licking up his sperm that had flowed down his cock. A mixture of her own saliva and his cum. The taste was incredible unlike Fred's or Norman's. The married wife licked her fingers around the wedding ring and into Phil’s pubic hair not wanting to miss a drop.

Finally, Phil broke the silence, "Thanks, Freckles that was great," he said as Katie stood up straight and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

The realization of what happened hit her suddenly as the same wave of regret filled her body as before. Her face flushed with embarrassment. Her mind and body had caved again to her lust for Phil's enormous cock.

"Well I for one have no regrets," Phil smiled as he pulled his gown down. He looked at his cock at a glob of cum protruding out of the end of his cock slit, "Mrs. Jackson, there's just a little bit more on the end."

Katie looked at him and shook her head in disgust as if she couldn't believe what he just said but bent her head down and licked his knob clean with three swirls of her agile tongue.

"I have to get going!" Katie said with more than a hint of pleading in her voice as she pulled her thong back up.

"Don't forget to tell your husband thanks for everything," Phil hollered as she walked to the door.

Katie looked over at him, eyes wide with disbelief and her mouth open in astonishment at his statement.

Dorman just laughed, "I mean for working on my house."

Mrs. Jackson trembled at his words knowing that he meant for using her to get off. She exited room 313 and walked quickly to the elevator hoping to not run into anybody she knew. Once safely inside she reached into her purse and removed her compact. She looked at her reflection as her lipstick was smeared and her chin still looked wet. The hot wife continued to look at herself as she felt her panties were soaked with her own juices and couldn't believe what she had done and how she craved to taste Phil's cum.

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