My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 14: Katie the Loving Wif

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 14
Katie the Loving Wife

My back ached from sitting in the cramped airplane seat for the past few hours. We had so many delays getting back to Kansas City that I'm sure Katie was tired of waiting at the airport. I looked over at the k**s and they were sound asl**p in their seats as we pulled up to the terminal.

It had been two weeks since I had seen my wife and I couldn't wait to hold her again. I laughed to myself at my attempt to get her to have phone sex when I had a rare moment alone at my in-laws but she had to get off the phone quickly. I'm sure she was as horny as I was. I had checked the internet on my phone as I wondered if she was ever going to start posting messages again after I had confronted her about her online alias 'cumlover'. I know she was preoccupied with the job interview and the stress of trying to get the hospital job. I figured that's why she hadn't gone back to them or from the embarrassment of me finding out caused her to stop.

My heart raced as I opened the overhead compartments to get our bags as I got the k**s awake to the point they could walk. We walked out into the waiting area my heart skipped a beat when I saw her. She looked sexier than I ever could remember. Her hair flowed past her shoulders as she wore a pair of tight blue jeans with a pink blouse. Her legs looked long perfect and were accented by a pair of calf high black boots. I'm sure every guy in the airport turned to watch her walk through the airport. Her body looked incredible and couldn't wait to get her home to taste every inch of it. She gave a huge smile as she bent down to hug the k**s. Her hazel eyes looked so sexy behind her black rimmed glasses. My wife looked up at me as she stood up and pressed her lisp that were covered with red lipstick against mine. She broke away and grabbed my hand, "Ooooooh honey I missed you so much!"

I felt like the luckiest man on the planet. We walked towards the baggage claim as she kept a firm grasp on my hand and would occasionally lean over and kiss my cheek and remark how glad she was that I was home. I saw a few guys turn their head as my wife walked by; I looked over at her to see if she noticed. She just gave me an incredible sexy smile while giving my hand a quick squeeze that let me know she had saw them but she was mine; it just increased my desire for her.

I was glad to be home, not only away from her parents, but to be back with my wonderful wife. While we waited for our bags, the k**s had already fallen asl**p while sitting on the baggage cart. Katie cuddled next to me while she placed her arm around my waist and gave me a tight squeeze. She looked up into my eyes, "Did you miss me?" She smelled so good and her lips looked so desirable. I could feel my cock already expanding in my pants.

Grinning down toward her, "What do you think?" as she stood up on her tippy toes and gave me a slow sensual kiss as she pressed her lips against mine. They tasted so good and so soft. I wanted to curl up with her and kiss her all night long.

I don't think the k**s moved as I pulled them on the baggage cart out to our car. My wife was so affectionate on the ride home as she caressed my hand, rubbed my leg, and leaned over and gave me kisses on my neck. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating as was her touch. My balls were swollen as I hadn't cum in weeks and they begged to be released. Just with her look my cock was throbbing inside my pants.

I quickly got us out of KCI and onto the interstate. As I drove along; I hated to bring up her employment status but I knew that was one of the reasons she couldn't have gone with us, "Have you heard about the hospital job?"

She gave a deep sigh, obviously disappointed, "No. Not yet."

Prying a little more into the past few weeks, "Sheila hasn't heard anything?"

Katie rested her head on my shoulder, "No. Well if she has she hasn't told me."

I patted her leg and tried to reassure her, "I’m sure you did fine. You must have been pretty lonely while we were away?"

She cleared her throat and slowly stroked my arm with her hand, "No, I kept myself busy with the interview. Why?"

"I meant,” as I ran my hand up leg and towards her groin, "that you must have been lonely.."

Katie giggled as she pulled my hand away as she glanced back towards the k**s asl**p in the back. I remembered driving home from the airport when we got back from Mexico. Katie gave me an incredible wet blowjob as I shot my cum into her mouth as she swallowed all of it. I drove as quickly as possible wanting to get home so I could devour my hot wife.

As we turned down the block we saw a bunch of emergency vehicles with red strobe lights parked in front of our house. Katie quickly sat up in her chair, "Oh no! What happened!"

I think we both thought the worse; that our house caught fire but as we got closer we saw an ambulance in Phil Dorman's driveway. A fire truck blocked our drive as I parked behind it. Katie and I didn't say a word as we got out of the car to find out what happened. Our neighbors from across the street, the Lee's, had gathered in front of our house watching the commotion.

The Lee's were good neighbors. Dinh was Asian and his wife Mary was your typical American white housewife. Both are a little on the heavy side and not that I would consider attractive. I walked up to their son, who was just finishing up his senior year in high school, as he's quickly snapping pictures with his camera, "What's going on Joechin?"

He looked over at me, "I love the reflection of the lights off the trees it should make for some beautiful shots!"

Ever since I've known him, he's had a camera in his hands taking pictures of everything. He was a good k** but kind of nerdy. He was about my height but skinnier. I know photography was his hobby but it wasn't what I meant, "No, What happened at Dormans?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. We heard the sirens and came out and saw everyone running into the house." He pointed to a man standing by a truck, "Maybe he knows."

Dinh and Mary spoke with some other neighbors so I approached the older man, obviously a paramedic judging by his uniform, "I live here," pointing toward our house, "Is everything okay?"

He talked into his radio and turned towards me, "Do you know your neighbor?"

"Not really," confessing, "but he's lived here for quite awhile."

The paramedic gave me a strange look. I felt bad as the words rolled off my tongue as I realized I never really got to know Phil. He was busy filling out some paperwork as he asked, "Do you know if he has any f****y?"

"I don't think so. His wife died a few years ago and I don't think they had any k**s. I do know that he was having some medial issues. Is he okay?"

"It looked like he had a heart attack. We'll be taking him to the hospital and we'll be out of your way in just a few minutes," as he walked away from me.

I walked past the fire truck and rejoined the group, "They said he had a heart attack. They're going to take him to the hospital." Turning to Joechin, "Do you know if he had k**s?"

"I don't think so." He turned toward his parents, "Did he?"

They both shook their heads as they turned to walk back across the street.

Katie had a worried look on her face, "Did the fireman say anything else?"

I gave a little grin, "They said his nuts exploded!"

"What!" as Katie's mouth hung open.

Laughing at her naivety, "I'm just k**ding; they just said he had a heart attack and they're taking him to the hospital."

Katie slapped my shoulder, "Fred that's not funny!"

"What?" trying to joke with my wife.

"Seriously, is he okay?"

"They didn't say, just they were taking him to the hospital. Take the k**s in and I'll park the car when they get out of the way."

I watched as my wife took the k**s as at the red lights on the ambulance reflected in the dark night. It took longer than expected as they finally moved the fire truck. I turned into my driveway and parked in the garage, grabbed our luggage, walked into the house and dropped them in the entryway. Katie had already gone upstairs to the bedroom. I checked on the k**s as they were sound asl**p in their beds.

As I walked down the hall towards our bedroom; I saw a dull flickering light from our room. As I walked in numerous candles were lit. Katie was just finishing lighting the last one wearing only a sexy black negligee. She saw me in the mirror above our dresser as she pushed her ass out to greet me while looking at me over her shoulder. She slowly swayed her perfect ass which was covered with some black lace.

I walked closer to her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed the back of her neck. She pushed her ass back into my groin as I responded with pushing my already engorged cock against her. She quickly turned and pressed her perfect lips into mine and wrapped her arms around me. The softness of her lips drove me crazy. I was so horny that just by kissing her caused bl**d to flow into my groin. It felt like my cock was going to explode.

She slowly would caress her lips on mine. I pulled back away from her, "You look soooo hot!"

Katie smiled as she walked over and closed our bedroom door, "Did you see Phil? Did he say anything?"

"No I saw them wheel him out and he had a bunch of IV's in him and it looked like they were breathing for him."

"Oh no.." my wife worried, "that sounds horrible"

"What's horrible is the guy could die with the worse case of blue balls!" Katie didn't say anything but continued to have a concerned look upon her, "Are you okay?" I asked.

My wife looked up at me, "I'm fine. I just really missed you!" She sat down on the bed as I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my neck and whispered, "I love you!"

"I love you too.." as she again pressed her lips against mine and held me tightly. My wife hasn't always been affectionate to this extreme, "You must have really missed me."

"Ohhh more than you know," Katie sighed.

My wife laid back on the bed and patted a spot next to her. I kicked off my shoes as I laid down next to her as snaked my arm around her body and held her closer to me. She responded to my touch as she held onto the arm that was d****d across her body. I felt my wife move her hand onto my thigh as it slowly started to caress, moving higher and higher on my leg until she was stroking my hip.

She looked over at me as she continued to rub me. I leaned into her ear and whispered, "I missed you so much! I'm sorry I tried having phone sex with you."

My wife just playfully patted my leg, "its okay." Looking into my eyes, "I'm sure you’re pretty horny huh?"

I leaned toward her with my lips slightly parted. Our mouths met in a tender kiss that I gradually deepened by pushing just the very tip of my tongue into her mouth and then pulling it back a little. Teasing Katie like this drove her crazy, and I knew it. I broke the kiss after a few seconds and covered her hand, the one that was still resting on my hip, with my own, and sliding it onto my quickly expanding bulge. My wife responded by stroking it over my clothing while pressing her lips firmly against mine and sliding her tongue deep into my mouth.

I gently pulled her on top so that she was straddling me, the curve of her ass resting lightly against my hardness. Slowly at first she began grinding her pelvis against me as she wrapped her arms around me neck and pulled me up to meet her. I continued kissing her beautiful moist lips ever so slightly. I pulled her negligee off her shoulders as she stood up and slowly pulled it off without breaking eye contact revealing her perfect ass and body. She sat down and straddled me again as she pressed her beautiful pussy against my aching groin.

As we continued kissing I reached up and started rubbing her perfect small breasts She broke away and stared into my eyes as we gazed into each other; breathing heavily. I loved my wife's breasts as her nipples were already standing at attention. I slowly reached up and cupped one into each hand while staring intently into my wife's eyes. She sensed my hunger and pulled my face into her chest as I sucked her breast into my mouth. Her grinding continued as I loved the feeling her nipples between my teeth as I playfully teased them.

Katie pulled me up and began to kiss my lips so tenderly and lovingly. She reached down and lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor as she began to grope my own chest. Running her fingers through the hair on my chest and rubbing my nipples.

My wife slid down the bed pausing to unbutton my pants as she pulled them down and tossed them to the floor. She then reached out and pulled my boxer shorts as my cock sprang to attention. She gave a playful giggle as she slid her face up to within a few inches of my throbbing cock. She licked her lips so slightly while staring into my eyes, "You have such a beautiful cock baby." I could feel her breath on me as she spoke. I shuddered waiting to feel those soft most lips around me but she just kept slowly breathing on my cock without touching it. Precum escaped from the pee hole as it began to flow off the head.

"Ohhh baby," she purred, "Are you going to cum already?"

My wife moved up next me and immediately laid down as her arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me on top of her so I could feel her hard nipples grazing against your skin.

I kissed her gently, softly dragging my lips across her neck and shoulders. She made that little purring sound, not quite a moan, in the back of her throat. I knew she was responding to the hard cock pressed against her belly. Katie leaned back and slid her hands over my chest, her fingers playing in my chest hair, my nipples hardened at her touch. I loved the way she would kiss them as she leaned down and began to kiss my chest as her tongue shot out and flicked against my own nipples. My wife rolled out from under me as she looked down at my throbbing member.

"Oohhhh you're so hard," as her finger rubbed the velvety head of my cock tip feeling the precum oozing out, "and so wet," as she reached her finger and placed it into her mouth sucking it clean. I wanted to fuck her mouth with my cock but I knew I wouldn't last long tonight.

"You would probably burst in my mouth in a few seconds huh?" Katie whispered into my ear as she reached down and began stroking my cock.

"Probably," I gasped, "Is that okay?"

"No, I need you in me!" jerking my cock harder, "Damn your dick is so hard!"

I wrapped my hands into her hair and slowly traced them around beautiful shoulders, touching and caressing her. I laid on top of my naked wife and I could feel my cock pressing against her naked groin. I already felt I could cum and I couldn't wait to feel my wife's tight pussy around me. I pressed my aching dick against her pelvis, and I began to grind myself on her. My grinding elicited an approving groan from her, as I could feel her wetness seeping out and starting to cover my cock that was resting against her opening. Our kisses became more and more passionate as I slowly slid down the bed. I gently kissed her one more time before slowly starting to make your way down my body, leaving no part unloved. I began with kissing and gently nipping her neck before moving to the valley between my breasts. I kissed the sides of both and then moved to her hard nipples, standing tall and hard waiting for my sweet attention. As I sucked the hard little nubs into your mouth I looked into her eyes, wanting to see the love and desire reflected back to my own. My hands lingered on her stomach only a moment. Her breasts were too near, too taut and aroused to be ignored. I cupped her breasts gain in both hands, gently squeezing her nipples, rolling their hardness around between his fingers and thumbs. Her hands were knit into my hair, holding my head to her breasts. After a little bit of this wonderful torture, I continued my way down, kissing along her abdomen until I met with her neatly trimmed pussy.

I teased her as I reached up and rubbed her thighs while she felt my breath against her bare skin. I slowly kissed her inner thighs and legs while slowly working my hands towards her moist hole. After a few minutes of this treatment Katie spread her willing legs as far as she could.

I skipped right over her wet pussy and moved to her inner thighs, grinning wickedly as I could see the begging in her eyes for me to touch her, lick her, and eat her. I slowly and deliberately kissed my way along my thighs, as my wife's body shook as she began to raise her pelvis to me.

I once again found myself near her pussy, I lowered my mouth and lovingly licked the entire length of her wet slit, causing her whole body to writhe and twist. I placed your hands on her hips to keep her still and gently pushed the tip of my tongue through her inner lips. A series of moans and sighs escaped from her mouth as I slowly penetrated her with my tongue. Then suddenly I removed my tongue and licked up all her juices. An instant later I moved tongue as it lapped against my swollen clit, and then my mouth closed around the swollen organ. She responded by arching her back toward me as she hissed, "OOHhhhhh fuckkk yeahhh!"

Her hands were twisted into my hair, holding my face against her pussy while she begged, "Don't stop! Don't stop!" she moaned almost crying.

I looked straight up into her eyes as I ravished her willing body with my tongue. Her moans intensified as her legs tensed and I knew that she was very close to cumming. I gently bit down on her clit and pushed two fingers inside of her aching pussy. She was so wet as I began moving my fingers in and out of her quickly. Her juices began to seep out along my them and as I licked lower as I tasted my wife’s excitement. My tongue shot back up and flicked across her clit. Her body shook as she grabbed the back of my head.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh baabbbyy!" she yelped as her body grew closer to orgasm. "Lick it, lick it!" she moaned as she moved her hand down to her pussy and began to flick her clit under my tongue while my fingers slid in and out of her slit. Katie grabbed the back of my head and pushed me further down between her legs as she raised them high into the air. She raised herself so I was almost licking her ass. My wife had lost complete control as she ground herself against my face. I removed my fingers and pushed my tongue into her slit. The pressure from her hands on the back of my head was intense as she kept pushing me towards her ass. I had no idea that she could act like this way as I struggled to keep my tongue against her pussy.

"Come on baby! Make me cum!" as she pushed harder on the top of my head as my tongue danced around her taint. I stopped shy of licking her backdoor as her hand frantically was rubbing her pussy. Soon she was thrashing wildly in bed, unable to control the enormous orgasm that was ripping through her body. I slowly danced my tongue around the folds of her pussy as her orgasm subsided. I licked up every drop and then crawled back up her body, kissing her and allowing her to taste herself on my lips.

Katie looked into my eyes, "Slide it into me," she whispered as she reached down and slowly stroked my hard cock.

I wanted so bad to rise up and f***e my cock past her perfectly lipstick painted lips that looked so tantalizing in the candle lit room. Her angelic face just begged for me to shoot my load all over it but she pulled my groin into hers and again whispered, "Please put it in me!"

I lowered myself over her and slowly, so slowly, parted her moist, petal soft lips with the head of my cock. Her slit was already wet from her juices and my saliva. I slid my cockhead into the entrance of her pussy, holding back for a moment when she tried to pull me in, then I began easing it into her an inch at a time until I was buried deep within her wet warmth. I pulled back out and paused, then buried in her again, all at once. Again and again I thrust my cock into her, causing her to gasp and moan with pleasure. I began slamming myself into her as hard as I could. Katie grabbed my ass with her hands trying to pull me deeper into her. I pressed himself more closely to her and began rocking back and forth against her clit, my cock as deep inside her tightening walls as I could get. She felt so wet and warm, her pussy pulsating around me.

"Fuck yeah," my wife moaned, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" as I started slamming my cock into her. Her pussy was so hot and wet that the sound of our fucking echoed in the room.

I began to feel my balls tighten and knew I wouldn't last long, "I'm going to cum baby."

"Harder! Fuck me! Fuck me!" my wife panted as I continued thrusting my cock in and out of her dripping slit.

I thought I could hold out, but the pressure her inner muscles were exerting on me were too much as my engorged cock was screaming for release. She was so wet that my whole length slid quite easily into her. She wrapped my legs around my waist as I pushed myself deeper into and then out of her, her hips began to rise to meet my thrusts.

With one hand I reached down between us and rubbed her clit, while my hard cock was rubbing her from the inside. I felt her pussy tighten around me and knew that I would cum any second. Katie sensed my orgasm approaching, as she pulled me at the hips, "In me...cum in me!"

I began to protest wanting to cover her face in my spunk but Katie looked into my eyes, "I want to feel it..please..cum in me!"

"Baby, I don't want to get you knocked up!" I mustered as I slammed my cock deeper into her.

My wife grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her, "I need it. I dreamed of you doing it! Fill me with your cum!" she whispered into my ear, "I want you to cum in me while I cum!"

I pushed deeper into her as I felt myself explode. Stream after stream of my hot cum shot into my wife as I rammed my cock into her wet pussy. "Ohhhh yeahhhh," Katie maoned as she began panting hard as an orgasm shook her body. As we were cumming together our lips met in a passionate kiss that didn’t end until we both calmed from our shared ecstasy. Both of us muffled our moans of excitement by our deep kissing.

As soon as I regained control of my muscles I slowly began removing my quickly deflating penis and my cum began dripped from her pussy. To my surprise Katie pulled me back into her as she wrapped her arms around my back and her legs kicked up around my ass, "I love you so much," she whispered into my ear.

She again pressed her lips against mine with all of her extremities wrapped around me. She pulled me closer to her and I nestled my head on her shoulder, "I'm so glad you're home," Katie quietly revealed.

"Me too," as I gathered my breath. It was good to be home with my wonderful loving wife.

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